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Tim and Abbie 37: Something different  

Clairew1959 63F  
96 posts
1/2/2021 7:31 pm
Tim and Abbie 37: Something different

The next week or so is calm. A couple of evenings each week, Tim and Abbie spend cleaning the house and washing clothes. They are doing it in the evenings have the weekend work in the yard and play more. But the task of keeping up the house while both are working is rather time-consuming.
Abbie does not complain, but it only took an hour or so for her to clean her apartment weekly. She sent most of her clothes to the dry cleaners so there would only be one or two loads needing doing. Tim put a stop to the dry cleaning of clothes that could be washed by them as a waste of . Abbie knew this was true, but which is the real savings? The have them dry cleaned and done, or the hours wash load after load of laundry?.
Tim notices this also. A little over a month living together, the time needed to keep up the remodeled house is even more than what he did in the past. Usually, the living room, sitting room, and office were left closed up most of the time. Maybe once a quarter or so, Tim would vacuum and dust those rooms and what had been his mother’s bedroom and the spare room. Now Tim and Abbie’s living space is much larger, and the upkeep is arduous. Time Tim would rather spend with Abbie playing and relaxing together.
After thinking about this issue for a while, one night about a week later, when Tim picks Abbie up from work, he tells her they have an appointment in a half hour. Abbie looks at him questioningly as he drives to a small office building near their house. Once inside, they go down a hall to a door reading, ‘Maid for You.’
Abbie looks at Tim with a massive grin on her face, hugging him, and says, “Really?” Tim returns the hug and opens the door for them to enter. They are quickly taken to the owner’s office. After greeting them, she explains there are some questionnaires to fill out to help match them with the right housekeeper. The questions range from what tasks they would like done to when they would want the cleaning done. If they were confident having the work done when they were not there, the requirements and characteristics they were searching for in a maid, and other questions along these lines.
It takes over an hour to complete the survey, but well worth the time as it makes Tim and Abbie focus on what they were looking for and their expectations. The owner looks over their forms with a smile starting to spread to a big grin as she peruses their answers.
“I think I have the perfect candidate for you,” she tells Tim and Abbie. “She is a college student who needs income to for her tuition and such. I trust her completely, and I think she fits all of your requirements. Grace is twenty-three, just finishing her last year of college, but intends continue for her master's and then Ph.D. She is available now on Tuesdays and Thursdays during the day, though the actual days might change as her school schedule does.
“Everyone she has worked for the last two years praises her highly. The position she just had cleaning two days a week ended due the family moving Scotland. She was responsible for all you are looking for. I think Grace would be a perfect fit for you. Would you like meet her and talk with her yourselves?”
“Yes, we would like that. When would be a good time?” Tim replies.
“How about Saturday afternoon around three? Grace could come your house so you could show her around and explain what is needed. After that, we can work out a schedule and rates for her, and if acceptable, she could start next week,” the owner suggests.
It's all settled for Saturday. Tim and Abbie, pleased with how easily this was arranged, say their good-byes. Shaking their hands, the owner smiles warmly at Abbie, and after they leave has a bigger smile on her face. I hope they will appreciate the irony of Grace as a choice, she thinks. From this short interaction with Tim and Abbie, she feels sure they will. After the initial meeting with Grace, she is confident they will approve of her, but only time will tell.
By the time Tim and Abbie get home, she is so overjoyed with what will happen, Abbie can’t contain herself. Barely through the door from the garage, she flings herself into Tim’s arms and kisses him over and over.
“How have I ever deserved someone like you?” Abbie says between kisses, “You give me everything I could ever dream of, and more. It is a beautiful house to live in, a wonderful garden to tend, taking all my woes away from me, offering me the guidance and discipline I am so lacking, and now also someone maintain the house for us. But all these things are small side things, compared you being someone I can love fully and loves me unconditionally.”
Tears start fall from Abbie’s eyes as she realizes just how much Tim in this short time has given her. Tim’s eyes are glazed over also as he hugs Abbie and kisses her in return, “My love, all that you say I have offered you is insignificant compared what you have bestowed on me. Such a life you have given me I would have never imagined could have been possible. We are both incredibly lucky that we were brought together. Even if it was over a spilled drink.”
Saying the last, they both laugh, and while they have not had dinner, neither is hungry. Well, for food, they aren’t, but for each other, they are ravenous. They race themselves upstairs to their bedroom, where clothes are tossed aside for them to be able to be fully together. Kissing and roaming start things off as Tim’s cock grows, and Abbie’s ‘clit’ keeps up. Squeezing each other’s member, precum is soon evident, and they both back off some to savor this moment.
Since their<b> shopping </font></b>trip, Tim and Abbie have played with some of the toys they bought. With a cock ring on, Tim feels the sensation of a more intense prick banging of Abbie over and over. Abbie runs the wand vibrator over his cock, head, shaft, and balls, getting Tim hard and ready quickly besides giving him an intense climax. When Tim uses it on Abbie, she cries out and shudders from its attention. “Tim, you are arousing my clit so much,” Abbie says as she trembles with the next wave.
Tonight as they calm from their first onslaught, Abbie gets Tim to lie on his stomach. “Sweetie, let me introduce you to a butt plug to see if you enjoy it or not. Nothing big to start, just a first step,” Abbie coos to Tim.
She fully lubes Tim’s asshole and the small starter plug. She presses it against his rosebud and gently pushes it up in Tim. As she urges it in more, Abbie can feel Tim’s sphincter resisting entrance. Abbie gives Tim a minute to accept this intrusion and relax. After a moment, the plug moves up in through the sphincter to rest nicely in Tim’s rectum.
Abbie motions Tim to turn and hands him the plug to use on her. It is a bit larger than what she used on Tim. He repeats Abbie’s actions, lubes her hole nicely, and the plug. Tim presses it into Abbie, who does not resist. Both now are feeling the plugs filling their anus. While at this moment it feels so full up in them, they know this is just the beginning.
They are rolled on their sides, looking at each other, enjoying this different pleasure. Their members, both at full strength, rub against each other as they lean together to kiss. Both sign deeply as they feel their rectums contract against the plugs over and over. Each time one of them clamps against their plug, both seem to feel the aftereffects.
Abbie is the first to turn around and take Tim’s glans in her mouth. The warm, wet haven with her tongue licking over and around the glans makes Tim tighten against the plug, making his cock and glans twitch some. Abbie holds his glans securely in her mouth as her tongue begins a downward trend, taking more of his shaft in with each round.
“Come in my mouth, baby,” Abbie mumbles to Tim. “That’s the only place available to you right now.”
Tim cracks up laughing at that statement, which makes his cock in Abbie’s mouth stiffen even more, and his ass filled with the plug makes him squirm as he does. This is so different. He is so close but still trying to hold back to savor this moment more and more.
Abbie sits up for a minute, leaving Tim’s prick to feel the cool breeze waft over him. It is a wonderful feeling, but to be in Abbie’s warm mouth cavern is so much better. But she surprises him. Abbie bends over the side of the bed and picks up one of the vibrators they purchased. She turns it on and ups the speed some. As she places it below Tim’s sacks, pressing against his perineum and also the bottom of his balls, Tim visibly quivers, feeling this.
Before he can even say anything, Abbie’s mouth is again over his cock, taking more and more of his shaft in. It is better than heaven at this moment for Tim. Feeling the plug up in him, his cock being so serviced, and now this constant tremor against his most vulnerable area is idealistic.
Tim moans over and over. Abbie tastes his precum starting and smiles to herself. Yes, these toys do add to enjoyment more and more, she thinks.
It doesn’t take long now as Tim’s build-up has been happening for over an hour. When Abbie clicks the vibrator up one more notch as her mouth is sucking more and more of Tim’s cock in, he trips the light fantastic, and an avalanche erupts from him.
Abbie swallows as much as she can, then laps up all that spilled. The taste of Tim’s cum is one of Abbie’s favorite treats now that it happens regularly. As Tim brings himself back down to earth, Abbie gets him to roll on his stomach again. Back where this all began.
She gently pulls the plug from him, and then, to give him one final treat for the night, she ‘tosses his salad.’ Licking and sucking, sticking her tongue in just a bit, Abbie cleans up Tim’s rosebud from his first experience with a plug. Though totally spent at the moment, Abbie’s last decadent act has him moaning, feeling something different.
Tim is in no condition to salute again so soon, but tremors cascade through his body in reaction to what Abbie is doing to him. It is like an orgasm in such a different way. When Abbie finishes, and Tim pulls her to him to kiss and hold, he tries to describe what just happened to him.
Abbie explains that in different situations, like when she gave him a prostate massage, the reaction is different when the cock is not the center of what is going on. Instead, other body parts are experiencing something just as electric. Especially if the body part in question is the ass.
Abbie explains what she just did, in certain circles, is called ‘salad tossing.’ Tim laughs and says if it can feel like it just did, Abbie can toss his salad whenever she wants. Abbie, joining in the amusement, replies, “Well, that might be the only cooking that I know how to do.”
With that merriment, the two cuddle together and fall asleep, with visions of them playing more like today and having a clean house that they do not have to fret over.

jerryp4_5 72M
8 posts
2/4/2021 4:54 pm

Great story. Well written. I lived it.

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