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Tim and Abbie 36: An evening with Les and Phoebe  

Clairew1959 63F  
96 posts
12/31/2020 12:12 pm
Tim and Abbie 36: An evening with Les and Phoebe

Just a little more in the lives of Tim and Abbie to ring the year out. And so does 2020 need to hit the road. There are more to come of this story in the new year. I hope you are enjoying it.

Monday night, after devouring a throw-together dinner, Abbie and Tim meander to the sitting room with drinks. Both are thinking about playing with their new toys. After the reaction they had shopping, leading to primal sex; perhaps they will wait a while before experiencing their purchases more.
Instead, Abbie brings up her news about the letter sent to Les. She does preface her comments by stating she received this news as fact, not gossip.
Tim laughs a bit at her and tells her yes, this is not gossip. If Abbie starts to suggest what might happen as it is a fact, that would be gossiping. As he says this, he tickles Abbie, who squirms from his touch. She promises she is just relaying what happened.
“But Tim, maybe, tomorrow night, they could stop at the Peacock to hear what Les’s response to it might be,” Abbie shyly asks. As she says this, Abbie shifts, so she is sitting on Tim’s lap, straddling his hips, looking directly at him. Tim sees the pleading in Abbie’s eyes and does realize that what Les decides will impact Abbie. Her job, and recommending Les, will affect Abbie’s position.
Tim pulls Abbie to him, her head resting on his shoulder as he caresses her back slowly. Kissing her forehead, Tim tells her, “Sure, honey, we can stop at the Peacock on the way home tomorrow. I know this means a lot to you. But be prepared, Les beginning this with Phoebe, she might not want to take more on right now.”
Pressing against him, Tim feels Abbie’s head nodding in agreement with him. “I know Tim, but I do hope she will say yes. I think she is what is needed for Pathway to expand and move further towards the vision it originally had,” Abbie murmurs.
Tickling Abbie’s back, Tim continues in jest, “You seem to be filling our social calendar for this week a bit. Shopping today, at the Peacock tomorrow, what do you have planned for the rest of the week?”
Abbie, knowing Tim is teasing her, responds, “I haven’t got that far yet, but I am sure I can think of some more things. Besides, we can eat at the Peacock tomorrow, saving you from having to cook. I am craving their Devon Shrimp. It seems ages since I had it.”
It has not been mentioned, but the Wilde Peacock does have a fabulous menu of unique dishes. Their chef is superb. Just one more touch, Phoebe added to the pub.
“So it shall be for my angel. As long as you don’t press Les about the letter or her decision. Leave it to her to bring it up or comment,” Tim tells Abbie. As he says this, Tim is rubbing Abbie’s ass, which brings the point home. What could happen if she presses the issue with Les.
The next morning, Tuesday, Tim and Abbie head to work. Their morning routine is pretty much down pat now. At times there are some detours. Taking the time for early morning play in the bed or the shower. Even adding that they still manage to make it to work on time. Abbie is dropped at work at a quarter to nine each morning. Tim is walking from the parking garage to his workspace by five to nine.
Both Abbie and Tim’s days are filled, and they keep busy. Abbie does keep her schedule of checking in with Tim during the day. When Abbie feels her phone vibrate with the reminder of the time, she feels shivers of delight run through her as she types Tim a short message.
And before you know it, quitting time arrives. Tim pulls up, and Abbie climbs into the car, giving Tim a warm kiss in greeting and buckling her seatbelt. They are off for the short ride to the Wilde Peacock and what awaits them there.
Even though coming into the pub from daylight takes a minute to adjust her eyes, Abbie spies Les sitting at the end of the bar. They go over to her, and Abbie sits on the chair next to Les and Tim beside her.
There are greetings and hugs and kisses as Phoebe comes over to join them, sitting on Les’s other side. Phoebe calls to the bartender to make drinks for all of them. They fall into general conversation about what each has been doing.
Phoebe and Les complement Abbie and Tim about how lovely the yard and garden looks now. And what the addition of the greenhouse makes to it all. Les tells them that loving all the changes made to their house, she has hired the contractor to build a greenhouse for her too. With plans for much more work to be done on her home after.
Having worked with the contractor watching over Tim and Abbie’s house's renovations, Les knows she will be treated fairly. Les does go on for a while about how she would never have thought of putting in a greenhouse. Now, the idea of keeping and starting plants during the winter is such a great idea.
Between Abbie and Les, it will probably be a race to see who can get more plants ready this winter for spring planting. But that is far off now. Today, Les is just beginning to make her plans a reality. And Phoebe is included in all the choices Les is considering.
And then the conversation shifts, and with it, something a bit strange happens.
Les looks at Abbie and says, “I got a very interesting letter, well more an invitation, yesterday, and for some reason, Abbie, I think you had a hand in it.” Abbie blushes at the comment and mumbles that perhaps she played a small role in the request being extended to Les.
“So, what do you think about the appeal? Is it something which you would be interested in? I know you would be a wonderful addition to our board,” Abbie gushes.
What follows probably is due in part to Les and Abbie’s joyful vision of Les as part of Pathways. While Abbie makes her last comment, she swivels her chair some just as Les does, and their thighs bump against each other.
A leg bump is not that uncommon when at a bar, but the electric charge running through Abbie’s body as they do is startling. Les feels the same wave through her and catches her breath just as Abbie is. Right now, the logical thing is for them to turn their chairs, so their thighs aren’t rubbing against each other, but this momentary exhilaration keeps them frozen in place.
Abbie’s breathing is low and slow. She just lifts and lowers her thigh against Les to feel a second shock crash through her. It is like time is standing still. In a flash, which seems to take minutes to run through, Abbie imagines kissing Les, letting their tongues mingle together as their hands reach out to each other’s breasts. Both are about the same, smaller size, but squeezing and pinching Les’s nipples makes more raptures run through Abbie. She feels her panties dripping with precum.
For Les, it is much the same. Feeling Abbie’s thigh against hers, both them rubbing against each other. Les’s hands are not far behind Abbie’s as she takes Abbie’s tits in her hand to caress and tease. The imagined kisses additional charges through Les’s body. The two strange but erotic onslaughters overtake Les, one starting at her lips and mouth, the other at her thigh and moving to her cunt and out over her body, hurtling against each other. Les’s panties are just as damp.
Nothing more than that original brush of thighs actually happened, but in the nano-second, which followed, Abbie and Les play out the whole scenario. Neither are attracted to each other in that way, really. Phoebe’s arrival into Les’s life is all she wants. And Tim is what Abbie craves and loves. It is just a strange momentary thing.
Like suddenly dreaming a hot dream with someone you are acquainted with but have no feelings about. You wake shaking your head over the memory, but nothing more.
Back on firm ground, chairs turned away from each other, Les starts to talk. The only sign of what just happened/imagine is Les catching her breath before speaking in a husky voice to start.
“Abbie, I have been thinking about what it would mean, how perhaps getting the community center activities paired with Pathway’s offering. It could be a bit of work, but not that much. I plan to call the director tomorrow to talk more about what is involved.”
Abbie squeals with delight and hugs Les. “Oh, I am so happy you will. I know you can offer great new ideas and programs,” Abbie gushes. Abbie then stops herself before stepping over the line Tim has drawn for her.
They all order dinner and go to a booth with fresh drinks to enjoy their meal. Talk is back in general, mainly about what Les is considered doing to her house.
That flash between Les and Abbie is brushed aside by both. Never to be mentioned to each other or their mates. Abbie feels Tim’s hand on her thigh, gently moving up and down, she leans to him, putting her head on his shoulder, and her hand covers his as she squeezes it.
Phoebe, now feeling confident and open about her relationship with Les, places her arms on the back of the booth behind Les’s shoulders and squeezes her, sending the message of her pleasure.
All four of them are in a state of bliss. Together, tonight over a good meal and conversation, other times just in passing chatting, the four have become almost family for each other in these last few weeks. It is good to have a safe haven to come to when the rest of the world seems to go crazy at times.
Dinner finished, Abbie and Tim take their leave. Telling Les, they will be eager to see the developments of her greenhouse and other work on her house. Les laughs, “Well, since I helped Tim with the work on his house, I had decided to redo mine, but was concerned about living there through it all. But it seems that some kind woman (hugging Phoebe as she says this) has offered me a place to lay my head while the renovations take place.”
Tim and Abbie smile at this as they, with Les accompanying them, head to their car. Les hugs Abbie and whispers, “And when the modernizations are finished, I think Phoebe will be coming to live with me there.” Again Abbie lets out a little squeal as she hugs Les one more time and climbs into the car.
As the drive towards home, Abbie does so want to share what Les just told her with Tim, but does not, because while not really gossip, she is trying to wean herself from speculating – as Tim calls it – about things she has no control over.

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