Tim and Abbie 35: An interesting evening adventure  

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10/26/2020 3:10 pm
Tim and Abbie 35: An interesting evening adventure

Monday mornings always seem come too soon. After the busy weekend working in the yard and taking the time to , it seemed arrive even sooner. Tim and Abbie wake return the work world. They are a bit sore from spending most of Sunday outside cleaning the front yard, cutting the grass, and getting some plants from Les begin their renovations. Not mention the breaks they took for mutual enjoyment.
Both are starting nice tans from being out in the sun. Tim’s face is already an attractive shade of brown. Arriving at work wearing a gray suit, light blue pinstriped shirt, and tie, he looks so different than he did four months ago. His happy and content demeanor adds to his new image.
It is like Tim is a different person than who his office was accustomed to seeing. He will often walk into the building with one or of the executives. Now having a prime parking space, Tim exchanges greetings and small talk with the brass each morning. Yes, Tim is a different man than what he had been for . What a difference a happy sex life can make.
The company where Tim works, Microga, is a midsize manufacturer of computer components. Motherboards, central processing units (CPU), memory cards, and network cards make up most of their inventory. The production plant sits behind the main office building where Tim works, all incorporated in a rather large work campus. The main office is a two-floor building with a lot of open workspaces.
Tim works in the Quality and Productivity department. He and his immediate colleagues make sure operations are working in a profitable and error-free manner. The systems and tools Tim created are a significant factor in the company moving into the top quartile for efficiency and excellence in their industry. None of Tim’s work has gone unnoticed.
In the past, Tim did not seem confident or influential enough. Nor did he ever seem motivated to apply for any posted positions for which he was more than qualified. So, appreciating Tim’s work and dedication, management is grateful that they had such a talent on their team.
Now, though, with this new look and confidence, perhaps would be the time to encourage him to take a more managerial position. Or is Tim being scouted and pursued by another company?
This Monday morning brings the executives together in contemplation. Tim’s manager is called in for his viewpoint. The wheels are turning at Microga for some big changes for Tim.
Meanwhile, Abbie is settling in for a new work week also. And in fairness, perhaps should tell more about her position and organization.
Pathway Center is a non-profit company formed in the early 2000s to help LGBTQ adjust, and if wanted, to transition to be who they feel is their real self. Pathway’s goal is to help all to be healthy and happy within society today. When it started, there were so many more roadblocks to achieving this aim, but with more social understanding and acceptance, the Center’s critical issues are much less. But just as the world likes to do, new concerns seem to arise almost daily to address and correct.
Abbie is the office manager, more involved in the smooth running of the Center than much one-on-one interactions or counseling of . Though when help is needed with filling out the paperwork and such, Abbie does then have some interaction with . And during the day, she will see many of the coming and going.
The Center where Abbie works is actually the Pathway Center’s main office. The site in London and twenty-five other locations around the United Kingdom are branch locations. So often, Abbie is working with the branches to comply with corporate policies and expectations. Abbie’s promotion to this position a few ago was a big step up in the institution. She was surprised and honored be the one chosen for this job.
Abbie's position somewhat explains why she was so surprised at the stipulation that existed for officially changing your gender or name on legal documents. Now more aware of such roadblocks, Abbie has been finding ways address and highlight these issues in the last few weeks.
Abbie spoke with the Director of Pathways, who understood her concerns. Together they are developing a team to address this area for LGBTQ individuals. The Director, also a doctor, was willing to provide the statement Abbie needed to change her gender and name in the United States. Doing so would also change her name and gender in the United Kingdom. So now, for Abbie, it is just a waiting game until she receives the official forms.
During Abbie’s chats with the Director, she recommends that Les be considered as an addition to the organization’s board. Abbie tells him about the work Les is doing at the community center. This morning, the Director pops his head into Abbie’s office and tells her that a letter has been sent to Les inviting her to be a board member.
Hearing this news, Abbie is elated and can’t wait to hear what Les has to say in reply. Abbie knows Les would fit right in here and bring new and creative ideas to the organization. Even open their eyes to some areas where the organization is wea It is a busy morning for Abbie after the weekend. It always is after a weekend make sure everything continues run smoothly. Even the extra work does not take away from Abbie having time chat and gossip with different staff members and colleagues at the organization.
Abbie never mentions this side of things Tim. She well knows the consequences of what Tim considers gossiping. But Abbie enjoys when interesting news, whether based on fact or not, is shared. Though now, there is this little voice inside her. Telling Abbie she shouldn’t be doing this, thanks Tim’s discipline for such things.
Both Tim and Abbie’s Monday at work flies by. Around in the afternoon, a silly but delightful idea enters Abbie’s mind. As the idea hatches, Abbie realizes it has been ages, maybe even a year, since she indulged in this activity. By the time Tim pulls up in front of the Pathway’s entrance, Abbie has the whole plan worked out.
As Abbie watches their car approaching, she feels her stomach flip in the excitement and anticipation of seeing Tim again. Since they bought the car and Tim picking her up each night after work, Abbie has been having these stomach flutters. Seeing their lovely car approach and knowing who is driving fills Abbie with such joy that it is the man she loves arriving.
Abbie does wonder, ‘when this feeling will stop? Will it become such a regular thing that it no longer affect her in this way?’ In reality, she never wants to stop this emotion on seeing Tim.
When she jumps in the car this evening, Abbie leans to Tim and kisses him asking, “We don’t have anything planned for this evening, do we?” Tim replies nothing that he knows of.
Abbie giggles in response, “Then I have this somewhat scandalous idea for right now.” Tim looking at Abbie with an eyebrow raised wonders what she could have in mind. Instead, Abbie just tells him to turn at the first intersection south, away from heading home. And for the next twenty minutes, she continues to direct Tim on the way to go.
Finally, they arrive at a small strip mall, where Abbie has Tim pull in. At the end of the row where Abbie directs him to park, is an Adult Toy Store. Tim blushes as he looks inquisitively at Abbie. She laughs and says, “I thought it might be fun to find some toys and such we can enjoy together.”
Tim, taking a deep breath, replies, “Lead the way as this is your idea. I am glad in a way that it is a bit of a distance from home, so hopefully, no one we know sees us.” Abbie laughs as they get out of the car to go in. And the little slap Tim gives her ass as they walk starts Abbie quivering before even entering the shop.
Tim is wide-eyed at all there is to see, this being his first time in such a shop. After picking up a basket at the front of the store, Abbie leads Tim up and down the aisles taking their time looking at all the possibilities. Some both shudder over and whisper together about that is not somewhere they want to go. But others they ponder over, wondering, and imagining.
The first things that catch Tim’s eye are cock cages. He is unsure of what they are or are supposed to do at first. Abbie quietly explains. Tim laughs a bit as he tells her that perhaps they should get one in Abbie’s size to wear when she is bad.
“Tim! You want me to be caged when I misbehave?” Abbie says with astonishment. Tim nods his head and looks closely at how each work and what size penis it would fit. Finally, he chooses a gold metal cage that looks like Abbie's appropriate size, not too big to fall off.
He hands it to Abbie to inspect. Abbie will not admit it, but she loves the idea of Tim caging her. Instead, she shrugs her shoulders indifferently and agrees that it looks the right size. She puts it in the basket. Tim is not finished here yet. He is looking over the different ones. Tim finds one, almost a twin of the first, but a larger size to fit his coc
He also drops it into the basket, saying, “It would only be fair for have one too so I can try it and understand how it feels.” Abbie, heartened by Tim’s willingness and compassion, hugs him and kisses his chee
Next, they come upon a variety of penis rings. Again, Abbie explains Tim what they are. This is all a totally new and foreign world to Tim. They pick out some metal and rubber ones that look both their sizes and add them to their bin.
The next aisle holds an array of vibrators, both for women and men. Abbie picks up one of the test wonder-wand-type vibrators and turns it on, holding it to the palm of Tim’s hand. He feels the strong vibrations running through his body and is a bit surprised to feel his cock start to harden. Abbie pulls Tim to her, turns him, so he is facing the display and her. Abbie lowers the vibrator and presses it against Tim’s trouser covered pric The feeling is amazing.
Abbie pulls it away after only a few seconds as she knows Tim would not want cum here. Possibly ruining his suit pants and have a wet spot on display in the shop. Abbie smirks at him and takes one of this model from the shelf add their growing<b> shopping </font></b>basket.
Further down the lane, there are different, smaller vibrators geared toward men. Having what was more or less a cock ring to hold the vibrator against the back of your coc Others are moving into a new area, vibes for stimulating prostates. They have a head to press against the p-spot and the other end to vibrate against the perineum. Abbie, winking at Tim, chooses an interesting looking one to add to their stash.
And following the order of the store, next in the lane are butt plugs. Ranging in size for tiny beginners, not even as big as a pinky finger, up to ones that are incomprehensible of being able to press it up into your ass. Double the size of someone fisting you, something neither Tim nor Abbie ever wants to experience. But the size is mind-boggling and makes them wonder if it is just for a joke or if someone ever had.
In the lower/mid-range, Tim and Abbie spend time over the options, looking at different ones and then at each other to see what level each would like to experience. They are both drawn to glass ones of a medium size, thinking about how chilled they would feel. Another they ponder over is an inflatable butt plug. Once the plug is settled in place, it can be inflated larger. Some even have a vibrator to add to the feeling.
Abbie is somewhat surprised that Tim seems interested in such items. She wonders if the night with Abe might have triggered something for him. Whatever the reason, Abbie is glad to see he is drawn to such toys. To the point that he throws of each of them into their growing basket, the glass ones, and the inflating vibrating ones.
In a low voice near her ear, Tim whispers, “They look like something we could have fun with together.” Abbie moves and kisses him fully on the lips and quietly says, “Yes, we could.”
The possibilities open to them here in this treasure chest is amazing to Tim. They turn to the next aisle and find all sorts of items for BDSM. Tim winces, as does Abbie, over some of the more intense bondage and discipline items. The whips, canes, cuffs, nipple clips and clamps, and spreader bars. They look at each other, and the expression on each of their faces and eyes tells it all. No, this is not a place they would want to go.
Moving quickly down the aisle, which had they entered at the front end, they would have seen the tamer items first. Now they are in front of different paddles. They are made of wood, leather, a combination, or some even plastic. There is also a collection of hairbrushes nearby. Looking at the leather paddles, Tim now is the one winking at Abbie as he picks different ones up.
Abbie squirms with a combination of ‘oh no, what might Tim be considering’ to feeling herself now arousing at the thought of being over Tim’s lap, panties down, and him spanking her over and over with the leather paddle. When he settles on what to Abbie looks like the perfect one, he smiles as he places it on top of the basket's items.
Though Tim has no idea, Abbie comprehends immediately what having a paddle on top of the basket is announcing. Abbie, more experienced in this world of deviant behavior, knows that to go to the register to with the paddle foremost and first be rung up is shouting out that Tim has complete control punish her as he sees fit.
Abbie is almost as hard as she can get. Even with the bottom half of her dress billowing out, her full state of arousal is apparent if anyone looks closely. She blushes as she feels those incredible sparks of electrodes running through her body. Abbie knows they need to get home soon before she explodes. Or at least to the car.
The idea of a mixture of shame for being someone’s sub, more or less, and the excitement of announcing her wanting and accepting this role makes Abbie quiver with pleasure. Not that she is Tim’s subservient all the time, but making it look such brings precum dripping in Abbie’s panties.
As they move towards the checkout, Tim puts his hand on Abbie’s ass. Again, Tim, unknowing, is announcing that Abbie’s ass is his alone.
As all their purchases are rung up, Abbie knows the scenario she is running through her head is all just fantasy. But the idea of the dozen or so shoppers in the store, all seeing and judging her, is a real turn-on. Abbie wonders if she can/could tell Tim about this flight of fancy she just had.
It surprises Abbie, this little<b> shopping </font></b>trip to, okay, maybe forbidden jungles, is giving her such sexual satisfaction. Yes, she is at the point now. The pinnacle from which she does so need to release. Abbie is surprised that looking at different ways to pleasure each other gets her to this point. Tim her to for the purchases added this sense of embarrassment and sensual excitement. Announcing everyone that Abbie must for the items with which she will be disciplined.
Tim’s cock is still stirring also. Especially as he has notices Abbie’s excitement. They get out of the store and into the car, just in time before things go too far. But both know they are so close, and neither wants this stirring high to be wasted.
Tim starts the car, looks over at Abbie, and tells her, “Just a minute.” He drives behind the strip mall to the alley behind the stores used for deliveries. It is after general business hours, so no one will come upon them. As he does, Abbie is reaching up under her dress, grabbing her panties by the crotch and pulling them down off her. She doesn’t care if she rips or destroys them in her frenzy right now. She cannot be thwarted.
Tim lifts the steering wheel enough, pushes the driver’s seat back as far as possible, and leans the backrest all the way down. He undoes his pants and lets his cock see the light of day. It does in all its glory as it stands at full attention.
Tim helps Abbie over the console. She is straddling him now as his stiff cock finds its way to her love hole for them. Tim’s precum offers enough lube, though in the state that they are, lubed or not, doesn’t matter.
Both moan deeply as Abbie starts to ride Tim to their mutual climax. They are both so close from all that has preceded this moment. More or less beyond reason, Tim and Abbie push and push toward the final goal. Abbie is able to pull Tim’s shirt and tie up to his nipples as her clit is rubbing against his mons, ready to burst, and she doesn’t want to stain them.
Clinging to each other, Tim and Abbie explode together. And explode is the only way to describe it. After the strange foreplay of seeing, and for Tim, learning about all these different ‘tools’ you might say, presses them to an unusual sexual pea They kiss and embrace each other for several minutes until they calm again.
As Abbie shifts back her seat, and Tim pulls his trousers back up and tries push in his shirt look more respectable, Tim tells Abbie, “The next time you decide surprise with such a vivid side trip, please, just give a hint so I can prepare myself.”
Abbie starts, and Tim joins in, laughing over his comment. Abbie responds, “Well, we do have many toys ahead for us to try. A return visit here won’t be needed for a while unless you feel we missed something.”
They arrive home, and Tim is glad they have the attached garage so no one might see them getting out of the car in a somewhat disheveled state. Abbie grabs their bag of new fun from the back seat, and they head into the house.
“What’s for dinner, Tim?” Abbie says as they enter, “I’m famished right now for some reason?” She winks at Tim as she runs up the stairs to put their purchases near at hand to the bed and change into something loose and simple.
Tim is behind her to take off his suit, surprising, still in decent shape. He changes to just shorts. Tim heads downstairs and throws some things together for their dinner. Abbie is not the only one ravenous right now.

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