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Tim and Abbie 26: Taking Les out  

Clairew1959 63F  
96 posts
9/30/2020 2:31 pm
Tim and Abbie 26: Taking Les out

Saturday morning is sunny and pleasant when Abbie and Tim awake and start their day. In the high seventies, it is cool enough not to be overheated as they walk through the outside market.
After a quick breakfast where Tim tells Abbie he wants to learn to do the prostate massage properly for her enjoyment, they find themselves aroused again. They will have to put some reins on things, but for now, in the early days, it is fun giving into longings and desires.
Back upstairs, their clothes discarded, they fall together on the bed jerking each other as they kiss and kiss. Tim is jerking Abbie in the way she showed him early on to treat it like her clit. Abbie has a firm grasp on Tim’s shaft and is working it hard. They are getting rather good at calisthenics. They can shift their bodies as they play to be in a position to take each other into their mouths.
Sucking just on the glans to start, circling the head, running their tongues back and forth over their slits. It is like a well-choreographed dance each in perfect sync with the other. Their mouths move down the shafts to take more in. It is not difficult for Tim to get all of Abbie’s clit in his mouth. He can even take one or the other of her labia in to suck on too.
For Abbie, Tim’s cock is larger and thicker. To take it all in the head is butting against her throat. She loves this feeling knowing how well he fits in elsewhere for her also. But this morning, there is only time for oral.
This is more than enough fun for both of them to start the day.
Sucking and licking each other in time, they both get to that lovely summit they are striving for. Together Abbie and Tim let out a low wail as they both shoot out into each other’s mouths. Yes, the day ahead does look even sunnier and brighter.
They clean up each other quickly, then after a few lingering kisses, redress and are downstairs ready to go. Tim starts the car while Abbie runs to ring Les’s doorbell. She is also prepared, and from the look of first Abbie and then Tim, Les smiles at what the morning has brought so far.
Les’s mind wanders back to Cyn and her when they had the luxury of waking together and having a bit of a snuggle before the day began. She misses Cyn so much still, but Les is starting to realizes that mourning over the dead is not how to keep living.
Telling all to Tim and Abbie last night did bring back so many memories of Cyn, but the one part she did not tell them was the time they shared shortly before Cyn died. Cyn made Les promise to go on living to the fullest, find someone new who she could enjoy things with before it was too late. Les had pledged to her but had not felt ready to do so yet. And Les remembering it realizes that eight years is long enough to wallow. It is time to open her eyes to the world again.
Tim tells Les he thought they would take her car, rather than the bus, if okay with her. In case they find larger things they want to buy, it would be easier to get them back home. Les agrees, and actually is not that fond of depending on buses when she has her car.
They are soon at the outdoor market fair and walking around. Tim realizes this must have been where his father had seen him. He looks questioning at Les, and she smiles and nods, confirming what he thought.
It is funny, Tim again finds himself between two women he loves. This time he is holding each of their hands, rather than theirs around his shoulders. How things have changed, but in some ways, stay the same. They spend several hours looking at all the offerings. Tim buys some more spices, saying he is going to try something special for dinner.
Abbie and Les find some lovely straw summer hats for the season ahead. Both fit their different personalities perfectly. One vendor has wonderful bright and different ties for sale. Abbie spends her time over them and ends up buying six of them for Tim telling him they will go perfect with his new suits.
Tim feeling the ties he already had were enough does not stop her but does reminder she is supposed to now be on a budget. Abbie sticks her tongue out at him in humor and tells him it doesn’t count if she is buying things for her lover.
Hearing Abbie call him her lover stirs Tim. It is the first time she has said anything that way, and it does send a flush through his body. Abbie giggles and tells him he is well worth what she is spending on him.
They have kept their purchases small up until they come to a booth of beautiful ottomans. All sizes, shapes, colors, and textures are on display. Abbie wiggles with delight, seeing them. She thinks about the comfy couch and chair in the sitting room. An ottoman to put their feet on as they watch tv or for one of them to sit on to lean over to pleasure the other would so add to the décor.
Abbie finds one she feels is perfect in color and size. She tells Tim she wants it to complete the sitting room and something for her contribution to the room. Tim shaking his head and laughing, agrees it looks perfect. So now Tim is toting it back to the car. It is a good thing it fits in the back of the vehicle.
Once the ottoman is tucked away, Tim asks Abbie and Les if they would like to go back to the market to find some lunch or go to the nearby Wilde Peacock for a<b> bite </font></b>to eat and drinks.
Both women vote for the Peacock. Abbie because she likes it there so much, and Les, curious about the place from what she has heard. They get and the car and drive over to it to have the car close when ready to leave.
It is already late afternoon, and none of the three are that hungry thinking about the special dinner Tim is planning on making. But a drink would be good to wet their whistles. Abbie is thrilled to see that Phoebe is behind the bar, and as they take seats there, she introduces Les and Phoebe. Both are amicable with each other.
The bar is somewhat empty at the moment. Probably all out at the street market or other places to enjoy the lovely day. With just a couple down at the other end of the bar, Phoebe has time to chat with them as they enjoy their drinks.
Abbie is the one talking a mile a minute, telling Phoebe all about Tim’s house and their new relationship. She tells Phoebe she must come over soon to see it. Abbie goes on and on, telling her about Les some as she sits there smiling at Abbie’s account of her.
But it is not just Les who has her whole story to a degree told. Abbie does the same about Phoebe, telling Les all about her. It is like the two women are not there to speak for themselves. But it does lead to understanding smiles between them.
Tim finally gets Abbie to wind down, and when she does stop to breathe for a moment, Abbie begins to laugh at herself, saying she cannot believe how much she has just shared.
Both women tell her it is alright and did save awkward moments between them, trying to tell their backstories to each other. They all laugh over this, and an incredible feeling of friendship runs over them. Phoebe and Les do chat between themselves some, as Tim keeps Abbie occupied by stroking her thigh and whispering to her the fun he can imagine with the ottoman.
Phoebe asks Les if this was the first time she had been in the Peacock? Les tells her that she had heard about the place for a couple of years now and had wondered what it was like, but this was her first visit.
“I thought so if I had seen you here before, I am sure I would have remembered,” Phoebe tells Les with a wink. Both women just stare into each other’s eyes for a moment before blinking.
“I am sure I would have remembered you also,” Les replies, they both blushing some.
Tim suggests one more round. Then they do need to head home for him to make dinner. Abbie asks Phoebe if she has to work this evening, or does she have someone to cover the bar? Phoebe replies that the bar is covered for the evening.
Abbie then invites her to join them for dinner too. It would be the four of them, and Phoebe could see the house. All agree it would be a great idea. Phoebe goes to talk with the other bartender and is soon back without her apron, ready to go. She had been working all afternoon, but Phoebe has a way of always looking exactly right.
The four go to the car, and Les drives with Phoebe in the front seat, Abbie and Tim in the back make the short trip home. There once more, the car is unpacked, not anywhere as full as the last couple of days, and Tim carries the ottoman into the sitting room. Then he heads to the kitchen to start fixing dinner.
Abbie is in her hostess mode again, this time showing the house off to Phoebe. Les follows along, enjoying the pleasure Abbie has in giving such tours of ‘their’ home. Phoebe is impressed and tells Abbie over and over how lucky she is to have met Tim. Abbie, somewhat shy at such statements, quietly agrees that she is luckier than she ever could have imagined having found such a perfect man.
Les smiles at Abbie’s comments, making her happy that Abbie feels this way about Tim. Regardless of all which was revealed last night, Les still has a maternal instinct about Tim and does not want him to be hurt. But the better she gets to know Abbie, Les is becoming sure that Abbie would never do that to Tim. Well, at least not intentionally.
Les and Phoebe both are spending time glancing at each other, measuring each other up to see if the attraction both are feeling could be mutual. Abbie is jumping up and down inside as she comprehends that both women seem interested in each other. She takes them back to the living room and tells them to relax, and she will bring them drinks while Tim is finishing their dinner.
After giving each a drink, she disappears, saying Tim needs her help. Both women laugh as she leaves, knowing how much help Abbie could ever be in the kitchen. They fall to talking together just about everyday things. Enjoying each other’s company and sizing each other up.
It isn’t very long when Abbie announces that dinner is ready. Both are a bit shocked that an hour has passed while they were chatting. Dinner is a delicious stuffing-filled steak, which does include all different flavors and spices which mixed well together. Some seasoned rice and gravy, and a fresh medley of vegetables.
The dinner conversation adds to the enjoyment of the meal. Tim and Les telling about the work which had been done on the house. Tim gets out his tablet to show the before and after pictures, the contractor had shared with him. Abbie was probably the one most impressed with the change that had occurred.
After dinner, Phoebe thanked them for having her over, but she needed to get back to the Peacock to oversee the closing of the Pub. Les quickly suggested that she give Phoebe a ride back, so she did not have to call a cab. Phoebe's acceptance of the offer is just as swift.
In the car, it is a short drive back to the Peacock. The women did not talk much on the ride, but when they arrived, Phoebe asks Les if she would like to come in for a nightcap. Les replies that it would be nice. Phoebe showed where Les could park behind the Pub near the back entrance to the bar and her apartment.
Together they walk into the Peacock from the back. Phoebe explains that for now, she is living in the apartment over the bar. Les comments that it might be a bit noisy if the Pub is still running being up there. Phoebe assures her that she had put in insulation, so to muffle a lot of the noise.
They chat happily for the next hour as they sit at the bar, Phoebe keeping an eye on her employees and customers. Les tells Phoebe about Cyn, explaining that the old feeling had come back to her from yesterday’s confrontation with Tim. Phoebe sympathizes, commenting that it must have been difficult for Tim to learn this out of the blue.
Les agrees but then shifts to telling Phoebe about the box of letters. Les had stayed up reading them well into the night. There are still many to sort out, and she wants to match each up to the letters she had kept from Cyn. Les would like to get them all organized to give to Tim. Give him a chance to understand about her and Cyn’s relationship thoroughly.
Phoebe laughs some and tells Les, “I would be careful about what is said in those letters. You won’t want to give something to Tim that is very racy.” This makes Les smile and laugh some too, but tears are forming in Les’s eyes.
Phoebe puts her hand on Les’s and tells her she understands the emotions going through her. Having all these emotions churned up again after grieving in private for eight years. Les’s eyes are blurred some from her tears. She confides in Phoebe that it is like she is saying goodbye to Cyn finally, and now ready to open up again.
Still holding Les’s hand, Phoebe looks deep in her eyes and tells Les, “I am glad I was here when you decided to look around again.” Les blushes, and even more so when Phoebe leans to her and brushes her lips across hers. Not wanting to be too forward, but to let Les know she was extremely interested in getting to know her better.
Les lifts her other hand and caresses Phoebe’s cheek as she thanks her, then leans in to kiss her again. No open mouths, no tongues yet. Just sweet lips are touching each other, allowing the excitement to begin to rise.

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