Tim and Abbie 21: Friday morning  

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9/19/2020 1:58 pm
Tim and Abbie 21: Friday morning

Friday dawns clear and nice outside. The sun is shining, making the May air feel even warmer. After morning fun, Abbie and Tim are up and ready to head back to the apartment to finish emptying it.
Tim knows they need to get a rented truck to move the larger items, and going out the door, he mentions it to Abbie. As they reach the car, Les comes over and asks if they need help today moving? Tim realizes that a third person would be an asset considering what they want to move and thanks Leslie warmly.
Les drives, as it is her car, first to a truck rental where Tim gets a small truck that will hold everything. He motors it to Abbie’s flat as Les and Abbie in the car follows him.
It is fast work, starting at o’clock. The kitchen has nothing to worry about. The knick-knacks from the living room are boxed and ready. Only the desk is going. Tim does ask about the television, but Abbie tells him it was part of the furnishing. The bathroom and linen closet are emptied and packed, which only leaves the bedroom to finish. All the rest of Abbie’s clothes are carried out. Some in Les’s car, others in the truck.
The mattress and springs are off the bed, and the frame disassembled. Tim likes the idea of them keeping the bed they first indulged on. The sheets and comforter are rolled up and put into a large garbage bag to take and wash at their house. The pillows go into another bag. Everything is moved by the door, ready to be carried out.
They all transport the boxes and bags to the car. Then the desk drawers taken out and carried to the truck. The desk now is easy for the three to lift and move to the truck. Finally, first the mattress, then the springs, are carried out in the same way. Tim on the lead end, with Abbie and Les holding up the rear. Luckily, the apartment complex is empty at this time of the morning. The elevator is available at their ring, making getting everything down to the main floor easy.
The head and footboards are the last to leave. Then looking around the flat to see if anything is forgotten, Abbie reaches out to Tim and wraps her arms around his neck and kisses him. She says as she does, “It is sad to be leaving this apartment as it holds memories of us together from the start. But those memories will always be there. And moving forward to a wonderful life together in our magnificent house, I couldn’t ask for anything more.”
Tim hugs her as she declares this and responds, “I know what you mean, Abbie, and I will miss our time and discoveries here, but the future is awaiting us, and I cannot wait to start that adventure.”
Both happy, Abbie realizes she has forgotten one thing in the whirlwind move. Abbie runs to her bedroom and the vanity she has loved. The list of the rules she and Tim agreed to is taped to one side. She takes it off and rolls it up, not to crease it. But then Abbie stands for a minute as tears form. She calls out to Tim. He is at her side immediately. In a small voice, Abbie says, “I’m sorry, Tim, but in the turbulence of clearing everything out, I forgot about this. Could we take the vanity too? It would fit in the spare room also when we fix it up.”
Tim puts his arms around Abbie’s waist and squeezes her, saying, “There is still room in the truck, and this is not too heavy, I can carry it if you get the stool.” Les helps Tim move the vanity out to make sure the mirror does not get damaged. Abbie lingers behind. She looks over where she has lived for the last several years. Remembering all that in the recent past happened here.
She is not long. After dropping off her keys to the manager’s office, she is with Tim and Les as he closes the truck. It is almost when the truck and car make the short trip to Abbie’s new home. Unpacking is easy. The mattress and bed and vanity will stay in the garage until the room is ready for them. The desk is taken to the study, and it fits so nicely near Tim’s desk and printer. They will have to get Abbie set up for the Wi-Fi here.
It is incredible that at a little after , they have unloaded everything and put most away. Tim returns the truck with Les, always supportive, following him to give him a ride back home. In thanks, he invites Les to join them for dinner around -thirty. She accepts as they both go into their homes.
Tim calls to Abbie, who is upstairs. He climbs the stairs and is confronted with his small room in front of him. The door is opened wide, and he sees that Abbie has added the hairbrush he has used on her for discipline sitting next to the one he took from his ’s dresser.
Everything is unpacked as much as able to for now. After Les leaves, Tim and Abbie have a<b> bite </font></b>to eat. They are both aching for an interlude about now. They hadn’t played this morning, and yesterday feels so far away. And they are on vacation for a long weekend, well a working long weekend, but still.
The dishes cleared and cleaned, Abbie and Tim kiss longingly. Both are wanting each other so fully. Abbie bends over the kitchen table and tells Tim just to use a little olive oil sitting on the counter as lube.
Hearing Abbie say this somehow triggers Tim’s desire even more. He brings the bottle over to the table, lifts Abbie’s dress over her back, and pulls her pantie down to her ankles. He drops his pants and boxers. Tim pours some of the oil over his tip and shaft. Then drippling some down Abbie’s slit and over her back vagina. His fingers work for a while as both moans as he makes sure Abbie is well lubed. Just the action of his fingers up in Abbie does stimulate Tim immensely.
Hard and ready, with Abbie trembling in anticipation before him, Tim guides his cock to Abbie’s special vag. Just pressing in his glans to start. Tim waits for Abbie to relax and take him fully in. Both are learning how to maximize each sexual interlude for the most pleasure for both.
Abbie moans with contentment as Tim presses more and more of him in her. Filling her canal thoroughly. She pulsates against Tim, as Abbie feels Tim’s cock also throbbing against the sides of her cavern.
The first time acceding in this position, Tim does realize he cannot into Abbie’s eyes, but right now, it is an animal lust crashing over them. Tim does bend and kiss the back of Abbie’s neck, which she reveals in understanding Tim’s message.
Faster and faster, they pump together. Tim moves his hand to the front of Abbie’s bent body and grasps her clit/cock to jerk it. Tim is learning more and more. He does not want, in any way, to shortchange Abbie’s enjoyment too. He is becoming aware of the things which drive Abbie to the summit, and what he should do to help her along.
Hearing Abbie moan deep in her throat, Tim knows he has done the right thing. Together they plunge and thrust against each other until nature takes over, and they both . Tim up in Abbie’s ass. Abbie all over Tim’s hand and the floor.
Pulling from her, Tim grabs a wet rag and wipe up his cock, then the spillage over Abbie’s mons and stomach, and last the dripping on the floor. More is dripping of Abbie’s ass, Tim’s deposited there. Tim continues to wipe and clean their dalliance. Abbie, just leaning over the table trying to recuperate, feels herself still throbbing, but from Tim’s afterplay kindness.

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