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Tim and Abbie 01: Friday  

Clairew1959 63F  
96 posts
8/22/2020 2:04 pm
Tim and Abbie 01: Friday

In the bedroom, Abbie, just turning thirty and starting be unsure if still desired, finishes applying the last of the makeup. The lips, always the last. Starting with the brows, then mascara, the eyeshadow, eyeliner. Down the powder and blush. Abbie really wishes didn’t need as much as that, but it is necessary create the allusion.
And now that the lipstick is added as the finishing touch, steps into the rather short dress, well mid-thigh, low neck to show off the new firm breasts enclosed in a lace shelf bra. The silk panties and sheer stockings attached to the garter belt finishes the loo Yes, still have a come-hither look attract someone.
Well, a little is pressing against the panties, but the flowing bottom of the dress will hide that.
Ready, Abbie walks down about a half a block from the apartment. The bus comes, Abbie climbs on and walks toward the back, not really paying attention to anyone. In a couple of miles, Abbie stands and walks forward to get off the bus at that stop. Abbie does feel someone coming down the aisle also and getting off. But Abbie but doesn’t look bac Within a block, Abbie is at the entrance of the club. Abbie’s favorite bar hangout on a Friday night. Not that anything had happened that way in a while. But Abbie on Fridays, like this, is always hopeful.
Abbie finds a barstool to perch on near the bar stand. This is always a prime spot for chatting with those coming up for a drin Or the barmaids getting an order for the tables.
Truth be told, Abbie is not picky, while liking the men the best, Abbie could enjoy a woman if they became interested. Abbie is a slut in any way you want to take it. But is happy with any encounter found. Sometimes Abbie gets caught up thinking, ‘this is the one,’ but no relationship really lasts that long.
Abbie looks so good tonight. There is a glow. Not totally aware, Abbie is primed to get more than ever could be imagined tonight, and in a way, best enjoyed.
Meanwhile, Tim comes home from work for the day, thirty-four, a shy, bit naïve, young man. Well, no, not so young anymore, but just not that experienced yet. The weekend ahead of him. And he has come to hate this time. Just sitting around with no real direction. Or giving in and going out with his mates, which never really feels filling enough.
So wanting someone to share things. And sex. That is something Tim longs for. The few times he has never lasted long. He has this strange longing he can’t even express to himself about what he really wants.
No, this weekend will be different. Tim is going to go out tonight and find someone, someone, to love tonight. Okay, perhaps not ‘love’ but to hopefully go all the way or close to with.
So the dance is primed to begin.
After an earlier stop, Tim stands at the entrance of the club. Not really understanding what type of club it really is, he walks in. The first thing he sees as his eyes adjust to the light is the profile of this exquisite woman at the bar. One long leg crossed over the other, her dress lifted some from the stool that he can glimpse a bit of the top of her stocking and thigh showing.
Her breasts, while not that large, see to stand up in her low-cut dress, giving off much more than a hint of her cleavage.
Tim is hooked. Just from seeing her from afar, he feels something swelling in his pants. Well, not ‘something’ he knows what is happening, and he stands there for a minute, thank goodness it is dark in here, composing himself.
The thing is he knows who she is. Not, ‘who’ she is, but for months he has gazed longingly at her as she rides the same bus back and forth to work with him. Many nights he has envisioned her, and he had seen her tonight on the bus going the other way when he took the bus this evening.
He can’t believe his good luck, no one is sitting next to this vision. Once more in hand, shall we say, Tim walks to the bar trembling the whole way and pulls out the seat next to this beauty.
As Tim sits and swirls in the seat, he bumps against Abbie’s leg.
Finally, the workday is over. Tim shuts down his computer and heads out the door.
Tim is thirty-four. About six feet tall with brown hair and a goatee beard. He is a slight bit overweight, a tiny beer gut beginning to show. Overall nicely built, and rather attractive, though not that stylish or well-groomed.
He doesn’t realize how attractive he is, much like he is unsure of many things. Due to the nature of his birth and upbringing, he is shy and quite naive. He often feels people are judging him harshly and so his on life is not the best. Nor has it helped him gain confidence in the skills, abilities, he possesses. Making him not try achieve more in life or develop a true relationship.
As he prepares leave work for the weekend, a lingering thought comes back his mind. ‘What is it,' he wonders? 'Why do I feel on edge this evening? All that is ahead is a usual Friday night at the pub.’
Tonight, on a whim, he heads to the barber to get a haircut and his beard trimmed. Even doing so, though, Tim does need to be groomed some in his dress and overall appearance. Tim wonders why he felt to do that tonight? As far as he knows, ahead lies an evening in the pub with guys he thinks of as friends. Stopping at the barber’s makes him catch a later bus than usual going home.
At home, after eating, he showers. While often disheveled looking cleanliness is important to him and has become a habit. He hopes there will be a reason for the effort he has taken tonight but doubts it.
Having got dressed in a shirt and casual trousers, he heads out the door to get the bus to the pub. Sitting, he remembers that redhead who is often on the bus when he goes to work each day. That is in the other direction than where he is headed tonight.
Every time Tim sees her, he wonders, ‘Today, will she notice me? Will I have the courage to sit next to her?’ Up until now, he has just worshiped her from afar. Even when a seat is open next to her, he stumbles back behind her, or across the aisle at best. He is too scared to ever approach her.
As the bus pulls up to a stop a couple after Tim got on, he notices her there waiting. He is amazed to see her at this time of day and on the bus. It is like he conjured her up thinking about her. Tim regretted not catching a glimpse of her on his way home from work due to taking a later bus, but to be rewarded with seeing her now.
She gets on seeming deep in thought as she usually appears. She walks down the bus past him without a loo Tim sits there, shaking a bit with the realization she is so close again. She is up and getting off before him at the same stop. He walks behind her at a distance.
Tim watches as she walks into a club near the bus stop. He is rather surprised by her going there. He has heard a few things about that pub but does not know if they are true or not. Surely pubs like that only exist in cities and not a town like the one he lives in.
He thinks, one day, I’ll have the courage to go in there and find out, but not today. My pals are waiting. Now with the added incentive seeing that she goes there, perhaps one day it will happen.
Getting to his pub, down the street a bit, he finds his friends are already there. By the looks of it, they have been there a couple of hours already. As usual, some of them are trying to chat up women. This bothers Tim as most doing it are married to nice women but seem to think that cheating on their wives is no big thing.
Tim joins the table, and their chat but he doesn't really feel in a mood for their normal laddish tal After a couple of pints, he decides he has had enough and leaves.
Getting outside, Tim decides walk for a bit, a couple of bus stops even. Maybe stopping and getting some cans to take home. Perhaps all tonight will be is just watching one of his favorite videos while wanking himself. As he walks, the redhead comes back into his head, someone who does feature in his fantasies since he started seeing her on the bus.
Without realizing it, Tim is soon approaching that club, the one he saw the redhead of his dreams enter earlier. Maybe it's the beer, but he finds himself walking towards its entrance. Realizing what he is doing, he hesitates, but then the door opens, and a man walks out. Holding the door, the man smiles and says, "Go on, go in, they won't<b> bite.</font></b>"
Smiling at Tim, he holds the door, waiting to see what Tim will do.
Emboldened by this guy's friendly encouragement, Tim goes through the door. Taking a few seconds to adjust to the dim interior, Tim looks around. The pub is busy, but the general feeling is one of friendliness.
Going further in, he heads to the bar to get a drin Looking for a space, he sees one beside a woman on her own. As he approaches, he realizes it’s the red-headed woman from the bus. What are the chances that the opportunity of sitting next her is before him now?
Tim tells himself, ‘Don’t be an ass and miss this chance. Take it, it is like fate tonight.’ Tim screwing up his courage, continues to the bar, wondering what to say.
As he leans towards the bar, she swings around, holding her drin Accidentally, Tim bumps against her leg, spilling her drin Thinking he has blown any chance, he quickly apologizes and offers buy her a replacement.
Tim reaches the bar stand and grabs some napkins and begins wipe the liquid from the redhead’s thigh. In seconds, as he feels her firm thigh under her dress, he realizes how bold he just was and perhaps inappropriate. His hand flies back, and he blushed deeply, apologizing even more.
The woman laughs deeply in a sing-song manner and tells him sit down. As Tim does, she reaches out her hand shake his. Her nails are not too long, but nicely polished.
“I guess after that beginning I should introduce myself. I am Abbie, and you are?” Abbie says.
“I’m Tim,” he stammers out, “And please, let me buy you a drink to replace the one destroyed.” Abbie still lingers, holding his hand tightly, looking Tim in the eyes and realizing he is a rather attractive man in a way. And seems somewhat familiar.
The waitress comes over, and Tim motions her to get Abbie another drink and him a pint. After wiping up after the spilled drink, the waitress clears the mess and brings them their drinks,
Abbie finally let’s go of Tim’s hand, which he regrets, he did like holding her hand, so soft and smooth. He realizes he still has the napkin that he rubbed her thigh with, in his other hand, and for some reason just sticks it in his pocket as a souvenir of this meeting.
“Tim, I seem to recognize you for some reason. Do you come here often? No, I don’t think it wasn’t here that I saw you. But somewhere I think,” Abbie ponders.
Tim blushes and tells her, “We seem to ride the same bus often, I remember seeing you getting on and off, even this evening.”
“But that was over an hour ago, have you been someplace else?” Abbie inquires.
“I was at another pub having a couple of drinks with my mates, but I was just not into it that much tonight and was walking towards home when I came across this place and decided to come in for another drink before heading home,” Tim tells her.
“I’m very glad you did,” Abbie tells him as a hand moves to caress his thigh now. Tim jumps a little at the touch but welcomes it as it feels so nice what Abbie is doing. And he had rubbed her thigh already.
Too soon, Abbie moves it away and picks up the drink to sip. Tim gives out a small sigh of regret when it’s removed. Abbie smiles at him over the drin
‘This guy is a real possibility. I am a bit surprised he would frequent this place, but I guess he is interested, I think,’ Abbie pondered.
“Tell about yourself, Tim,” Abbie prompts him.
Tim begins tell her a bit about his job, what he does. How he lives alone now. Never married and only dated a girl in high school and then one for a while in college really. Since working, he allows it fill his time, along with a night out with his pals now and then.
As he tells this, he can’t keep his eyes off Abbie. Looking down at her shapely ankles and calves, shimmering in the silk stockings, they look so smooth, he imagines them rubbing against his bare legs and more. Up to her thighs, oh, the one felt so good when he tried to clean up the spill. And her hips and waist, so slender. Her breasts, not the biggest, but shapely, and as he sneaks a peek at her low-cut dress, he sees the soft flesh of the top of her breast pushing out.
Her neck so lovely, her lips full, and as he finally raises his, her eyes staring at him are delightful. He could stare into them for hours. They were mesmerizing green.
This woman, this vision who he has seen and thought about so many times. He is now so close to her. As he makes an assessment of all of her charms, Tim feels his cock start to harden some. Again he blushes from the realization.
Abbie begins to tell him a bit in return, “I work as an office manager for an organization, a lot of run of the mill stuff assisting and keeping the office workflow running smoothly. I do help the also, which is the better part of my job compared to overseeing all the operations.”
Abbie continues, “I’m single too, I live in an apartment over on King Street, I have dated and had partners off and on over the . But I am not seeing anyone now.”
Tim thinks, ‘King Street? Then Abbie lives only about blocks from .’ That makes sense him based on where he finally saw she got on from tonight. Somehow that sends a warm glow through him, thinking how close she is to him. And he even knows which flats she must live in.
Abbie does the same as Tim has and checks him out more. Abbie likes his height, his face is kind looking. Abbie notices he must have just gotten his haircut. It looks like it is recent from the pale telltale border around his nec Tim’s neck, ears, and especially his lips look so kissable.
Nice chests, not too bad of a stomach, and oh, his crotch, Abbie notices the bulge there and slyly smiles. That a good sigh. Yes, Tim shows real possibilities.
Abbie finishes the cocktail and stands. ‘Oh no,’ thinks Tim with a frown on his face. ‘She is going to leave before we even get to know each other.’
He stammers out, “Wouldn’t you like another drink? You don’t have to go already, do you?”
“That would be nice, I’ll be right back, I just have to tinkle,” Abbie giggles. Relief flows through Tim as he smiles at Abbie as she walks away. ‘What a nice ass she has too, so round and shapely.’
Tim watches her head to the lavatory as a puzzled look crosses his face. It is a unisex bathroom, and that seems the only one they have here. ‘That is unusual, rather progressive,’ Tim thinks. ‘I wonder if I would feel comfortable using one. Perhaps this place is more inclusive. That is what he had heard about this pub.
And as Tim looks fully around, he does see a table with men with their arms around each other. Another with women leaning kiss each other. But there are plenty of tables of men and women together. And some with or more drinking and in conversations.
‘That’s fine, everyone is entitled their own sexual preference,’ Tim believes.
He gets drinks for them both and looks the lavatory door to see Abbie walking toward him. She is really lovely. Could something happen with her? It has been so long since anyone has aroused Tim, and she seems to do it so well and quickly.
Tim admits to himself that he wasn’t really exactly sure about his partialities about sex. He would masturbate a couple of times a week before falling asleep. That was about all. He had sex with the girl he dated in college, but only a few times. It was alright, but not all that thrilling. And the few times since, the same way. Perhaps that is why he has a more open view of other’s predispositions.
As Abbie comes back, she holds on to Tim's arm to steady herself as she climbs on the stool. The feeling of her touch sends electric currents through Tim. And again, he blushes as Abbie had been featured in many of his fantasies as he masturbated since seeing her on the bus. To be here with her now, talking and getting to know each other was like a dream come true.
The next hour they chat and joke and laugh, just enjoy being with each other. Closing time is approaching, and the buses will stop running soon. Abbie regretfully remarks that they should get going probably.
Tim agrees but is disappointed that this is coming to an end. “Abbie, could I take you out to dinner tomorrow night?” He asks.
Now Abbie is torn about how to answer. Abbie is enjoying spending time with Tim and would love for it to lead to something more, But there are things Tim knows nothing about, and Abbie is not sure how he would accept them. But he is such fun.
Abbie takes a napkin and writes on it. “This is my address and phone number. How about around six tomorrow night?”
Tim is elated. As they ride the bus home, as they approach Abbie’s stop, Tim offers to get off there too and walk her home. Abbie declines, saying they would see each other tomorrow, but he could when he got home.
Tim accepts this verdict and can’t wait be home and texting her. Standing leave the bus at the stop, Abbie leans and gives Tim a soft kiss on his chee It feels wonderful and enough for a start, he guesses.
That night when Tim gets home, he texts Abbie right away.
Tim: Hi there, Abbie, this is Tim. Thank you for a lovely evening.
Abbie: Thank you, Tim. I had a nice time also. I look forward dinner tomorrow night.
Abbie: I am getting ready for bed right now. I think I will take a warm bubble bath before. Laying in the warm soapy water rubbing my skin with a soft cloth will make sleepy.
Tim: I'm looking forward dinner as well. Thinking of you in that bath might keep awake, though rather than sleepy.
Abbie: You should have one too. Think of us both in nice soapy baths.
Abbie thinks, ‘Oh shit, what am I saying to him. I should be careful. But he just might.’
While Tim is also thinking: ‘God, I can't believe this. Should I say what I want to say?’
Tim: I just might do that, Abbie, but I think a cold shower might be more in order for .
Shit. Is that too forward. I don't want her to think I'm a perve or something.
Abbie smiles, reading the cold shower comment. ‘If only he knew. He might need more than a cold shower.’
Abbie: Tim, sweetie, don’t freeze yourself for me. Get in a hot bath, and we can chat while we both are bathing. Do you have some bubble bath?
Tim: Abbie darling, being honest, I don't have any bubble bath, I tend more to jump in the shower when needed.
Abbie: Well, we might have to change that.
Tim is a little shocked and pleased by her response. Shakily pouring himself a slug of JD, he ponders what to say in reply.
Tim: Abbie, I'm not sure how I should respond to that.
Tim sips his drink, awaiting a response, wondering how far he should flirt tonight. Wondering if he should tell her how the thought of Abbie in her bath is affecting him, how he is jealous of her soft cloth.
Imagining what the feel of a soft cloth on him would be like. The idea arouses him, and Tim carries his drink into the bathroom and starts to fill the tub. He squirts a lot of liquid hand soap he has into the water. He finds a nice cloth and strips his clothes off. His cock is standing tall.
He sets his drink and phone by the side of the tub and climbs in feeling a bit silly, but the warm soapy water does feel good. He lifts his phone and texts, Abbie, that he is in the tub now too.
She replies right away that it is nice they are taking a bath together with a smiley face.
Tim: So Abbie, here we both are naked in our own baths.
Abbie: Yes, are you washing yourself? I am running the cloth across my breasts - you do your chest.
Tim: Mmm, yes, I am, dare I say I wish it was you washing me?
Shit shit shit, why did I say that?
Abbie: The same sweetie. In time perhaps that can happen if you can accept me.
Tim: Abbie, what is there to accept about you? I have thought of you more than I care to admit.
Now it is Abbie’s turn to regret what was said.
Tim: Abbie darling, I hope you don't mind, but I have a glass of Jack here, and I apologize if the alcohol talks. Why would I not accept you? You are all I could dream of in a woman.
Yep, the alcohol is loosening my lips too much. All I could dream of. Darling. I need to pull back some, or Abbie will be turned off probably.
Abbie: Let’s not talk about that tonight. Let’s just enjoy our baths now. I am moving the cloth down between my legs. That’s okay, about your drink, I am having a glass of wine as I bath.
Tim: Good, and I understand if your wine talks as well.
Tim: Abbie, how come a beautiful woman like you was in that pub tonight?
Abbie: Just relax, enjoy the water and soap. It is too bad you don’t have bubbles, though.
Tim: Maybe I should join you there in your bath.
Damn fucking hell, why did I say that?
Abbie: Are you hard? Are you washing yourself there?
Tim: Maybe, Abbie.
Abbie: I’m rubbing myself.
Oh my god, Tim thinks, imagining it all.
Abbie: You need to be honest with me, Tim. Maybe is not an answer
Tim: Okay, yes, I am.
Abbie: Good, let’s just lean back and stroke ourselves for a while.
Tim: I'd rather have you stroke me
Tim is a bit embarrassed by his comment about Abbie stroking him, but she seemed to take it okay and even suggested using his imagination. Well, he has masturbated over her many times before, but now he knew her name, could still smell her heady perfume, and knows what her hands and lips on him feel like.
He looks at his phone and gasp as he sees what Abbie just sent him. A picture of her breasts, well not all of them but just a hint of a nipple showing.
He takes a sip of his drink, holding the phone with the picture in one hand, and using the cloth does imagine it is Abbie’s lovely hand that was jerking him to climax. And the picture now adds to it too. It doesn’t take long for Tim to spurt his load into the tub water. He does feel such relief.
He considers texting Abbie once more but decides not to tonight. He is going to see her tomorrow.
Meanwhile, Abbie not getting a reply to the picture sent worries a little, but so close to a climax puts the phone aside and concentrates on the task at hand. Abbie tips the summit and feels juices running out. After rinsing off and climbing from the tub, Abbie looks at the image in the mirror and wonders, ‘Will Tim like me for who I am? I do hope so. I wonder why I never really noticed him on the bus. Well, my head is usually in the clouds when I get on it.’
Both Abbie and Tim go to bed, imagining each other together as they fall asleep.

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8/22/2020 10:34 pm

good story

Time4SomeFun_71 51M
33 posts
8/22/2020 2:47 pm

Great start to your new story...look forward to hearing more about Tim and Abbie...

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