E126: A goodbye to the past: Part One  

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E126: A goodbye to the past: Part One

A year earlier, who could have imagined where Emma finds herself today. Yes, a year ago, Emma would have just attended the lecture by Professor Donald Ryan at the university. And then her emailing him complimenting him and asking questions. From that little start of email correspondences to now, colleagues at the Institute for Sexual Exploration, and much more in personal life. And soon to be married.
No, twelve months prior, what has happened would have been unfathomable to imagine. Life this last year has been so good, so many new discoveries. Expanding her knowledge into new areas, she would have never considered. Emma ‘blossoming’ as Donald calls it.
Donald, her wonderful Donald, Emma rolls on her side and stares lovingly at the man who is now the center of her universe. Who has been this last year, and now will be for years to come. She smiles at the sleeping man and leans to kiss him awake.
Donald stirs and smiles back at her. “That is a nice way to wake up,” he mumbles.
Emma laughs, and her hand slides under the sheet to find his awaiting cock, ready for her to harden with her fingers. “Oh, is that how you want to play it this morning?” Donald laughs as his hand finds Emma’s muff and beings to finger her as the sticky wetness begins to flow.
It does not take long for both to be ready to move to the main event for the morning. Emma, in a frisky mood, rolls on top of Donald and sits over his hips. His prick is against her wet slit, sliding back and forth. His glans is buffing her clit, making Emma start to moan.
“That feels so good, perhaps I don’t want you up in me, rather just you continue this,” Emma exclaims.
“Whatever my mistress desires, I am ready and willing to do your bidding,” Donald replies.
Emma laughs and leans to allow Donald to fully buff and polish her pearl with his tip dripping with her juices, and a bit of his precum. After a few minutes, Emma lifts herself enough to take Donald’s dick up in her. Pressing down against him to have it touch the door to her cervix, the place she so likes Donald to be knocking at.
Up and down, Emma rides Donald, both getting closer and closer to ultimate satisfaction. And when it comes to both of them, they shudder together as the climax cascades through their bodies. Spent, they fall together in mutual gratification. Another wonderful morning together.
Will they one day be too old to play like this? It will not matter as there are so many ways they have to pleasure each other now.
As they lie together, planning their day, Emma broaches something with Donald, “Ever since we finished my mother’s diary, two things have been concerning me. Well, two people who I need to come to terms with. My father’s secretary and lover, Grace, and my mother’s lover and dear friend, Susan. Both have secretly mourned my parents'<b> death </font></b>for years now, having no one they could share their feeling with. I think it is time I let them know how much, in the end, I appreciate what they each offered my parents.”
That day Emma spends hours going through the jewelry of her mother’s she has kept. Wondering over each piece until she finds two things she thinks will be perfect. The one is a gold necklace with an emerald pendant. Her mother rarely wore it, but something about it just reminds Emma of Grace. Perhaps it is the shining green, like Grace’s eyes.
The piece she chooses for Susan is a pearl ring her mother seemed to always wear. The band is wider. Along with the pearl in the middle, there are tanzanite and aquamarine chips on each side.
Both she shows to Donald after she makes her choices. He assures her that both women will like the remembrances. Donald suggests something also from her father for Grace. “Seeing that Edward was the important one to her.”
Emma agrees. After a search, Emma finds her father’s old money clip. Edward had always used for loose bills in his pocket. Emma is sure Grace knows nothing about the other side of Edward’s life with Charlotte. Though Grace didn’t see all the one-hundred-dollar bills Emma brought to the bank. Emma decides, whether Grace did or didn’t know, it doesn’t matter. Emma clips one of the valuable one-hundred-dollar bills in the money clip for Grace also.
Donald understands what Emma is feeling, the need to resolve things with both these women. So he isn’t surprised when two days later Emma comes to his office in the late morning and tells him she will be leaving for the day as she has scheduled to have lunch with Grace. He wishes her the best of luck as she is starting on Emma’s first mission.
Emma is a bit nervous; she has chosen a quiet restaurant a bit out of town where Grace and she can be seated in a secluded booth. Grace arrives as Emma is entering the restaurant. She waits and greets the woman, surprising Grace when she affectionately hugs her. Grace returns the hug and kisses Emma on the cheek before being led to their booth.
They settle just chatting about everyday things, how things are going at the bank, etc. until cocktails are served and their order taken. Then Emma begins in a shaky voice.
“Grace, I don’t know how to begin, but I want you to know that I am now aware of what an important role you played in my father’s life for years. I found a diary my mother kept, and it revealed a very different side to both my parents which fully opened my eyes to things. If the changes I have been going through this last year hadn’t been happening, I am not sure how I would have reacted to what I have learned. But it is now something I can comprehend and accept,” Emma says.
Grace blushes deeply, understanding what Emma is telling her, many things and remembrances run through Grace’s mind as she takes a couple of sips of her drink. She replies, “I am sorry you found out that way, but you say it was from your mother’s diary? She knew what was going on?”
“It seems she saw you two together one day when she came to go to lunch with my father unexpectedly. She never told him she knew, and after a great deal of thought, she accepted the situation. There was another side of her too, so in the long run, she knew she could not fault Edward as Charlotte had another outlet for herself too,” Emma tells her.
She goes on, “I am not really sure about what it was between my father and you, but I knew you always cared for him a great deal and went out of your way to help him in all aspects of his work and personal life. I hadn’t known why, but I did from a young age know your full devotion to him.”
Grace blushes again, and a sip more of her drink gives her courage to tell Emma about it. For years Grace has been longing for someone to talk to. About the strange, but wonderful relationship Edward and she had. But there never was anyone she felt she could tell.
Until now. Emma, so changed, so sophisticated, beautify, and confident, not like the girl of a year ago. No now, she was fully a woman, and one obviously well cared for and love.
“Before I start,” Grace begins, “I want to say how wonderful this change that has come over you. Emma, you have a constant glow about yourself, and you seem so sure of yourself now. So lovely in every aspect. I know it is the result of that gentleman friend of yours. The one that has come to the bank with you. He has helped with these changes. I am so glad he has. For you to now fully live, not just as a handmaiden to your parents.”
It is Emma’s turn to blush as she tells Grace that yes, Donald has changed her life in so many ways. Not only are they soon to be married, but she is now working with him at the Institute.
Grace is overjoyed for Emma and giggles a little about Emma’s new job. She knows the focus of the Institute as they have accounts with the bank. The idea Emma working is such a field is amusing considering the control her parents had over her for so many years. Good for her.
After offering best wishes to Emma over the changes in her life, Grace returns to the main topic for their lunch and begins, “I always admired your father from the first day I came to work for him as a young woman. He was exacting in his expectations, but always full of praise for me as I seemed to offer more than he ever expected.”
“I did, from the start, have a crush on him. Everything about him was what I would want in a mate. Probably why I never married as no one else ever measured up to him. I started working for him when I was in my early twenties. It was just after you were born, and he had been made chairman of the bank. I was so thrilled that he chose me as I hadn’t any experience. Later, he told me he could tell I would be a hard and devoted worker. Little did he know how devoted I would be.”
Grace pauses for a minute staring off to the past before continuing, “It started in 1986. I knew your father was a very sexual man, though he kept that side of him hidden when at the bank. But that day, it seemed he woke very aroused and wanted your mother to satisfy his need. It was one of the few times it seemed that Charlotte refused. You had a school program that day, and Charlotte had to help you get dressed, so she promised Edward that night she would. It was a Wednesday, I remember.”
Emma shakes her head some, ‘her mother telling her father ‘no.’ Would a spanking be ahead that night – she needs to check the diary again to see if any mention of one on a Wednesday night that spring. Emma remembers that program and her mother fussing over her that morning. It was in late May, just before the school year ended.
‘And a Wednesday? Mother and Susan would have been together that afternoon, probably why Charlotte did not suggest Edward coming home for lunch to fulfill his needs.’ The dynamics of the situation whirl in Emma’s head.
Grace goes on, remembering that day as she spoke.
Your father was in a grumpy mood all morning, when he came back from lunch, he wasn’t any better. He called me into his office for dictation, and when I went into his office, I asked him if there was anything at all I could do to help him feel more relaxed.
“Anything?” Edward asked me with a strange look on his face.
“Sir, all I really care about is your happiness and satisfaction. If there is anything I could do, please, tell me,” I replied.
I don’t know why I did, but I glanced down at his pants as he stood in front of me, and I could see a bulge. He was grinning at me when I looked up at him.
“Anything,” Edward asked me again. I nod my head, knowing what I was offering.
He walked to the door and closed it. And locked it. I was surprised but suddenly felt a rush building in me, realizing what was about to happen.
Now realize, I was not a virgin. Come on, it was the late eighties. I have had a few affairs over the years. None lasting that long as I said, they never really measured up. So I knew the ropes, so to say.
Your father took me by the hand and led me to the couch. “Grace, open my pants,” he commanded. I did not hesitate but undid them and lower them to his knees, and he sat down.
“Kneel in front of me,” Edward ordered as he tossed a pillow down for me to kneel on. Again, I just did what he wanted, and I wanted so too.
He took my hand and put it on the bottom of his shaft, then the other to cover his balls. I did begin jerking and squeezing. After a minute or so, he put his hand on the back of my head. Edward pressed my lips down to take his glans in.
I have to say having him in my mouth for the first time was earth-shattering for me. I began sucking at once, taking more and more of his now hard dick in my mouth, trying to take it all in, letting the tip press against the back of my throat.
He pressed my head down and down as I sucked as hard as I could. It wasn’t that long until he fully came. I tried to swallow as much as I could, pulling back some to help, but some did spill down the front of my blouse when I leaned back from him.
He did wipe the sperm away with his finger, then bring it to my lips to lick clean. He patted my head, like the good little pet I was for him, took his handkerchief out and wiped his cock. “Grace, will you see that this is cleaned for me? I don’t think I should take it home in this condition,” Edward said, handing me the handkerchief.
He stood and pulled up his pants, and then helped me to my feet. “You probably should clean your blouse a bit too, there is no need for any dictation right now,” he stated. As I turned to leave, he did spank one of my ass cheeks firmly in dismissal. Why that act added to my churning arousal, I do not know.
He had done nothing to satisfy me, not even a kiss, just that spank in leaving, and the wetness that came over me as I sucked him. But for some reason, that was enough. I would do whatever he asked of me, in any way, to please and pleasure him.
From that time on, until your mother got sick and everything ended between us with no explanation, but I did understand, about once a week or so, often on Wednesdays, he would lock his office door, and we would be together. It was not always just me sucking him, often he would lift me on his desk, pull my panties off, spread my legs, and begin to orally gratify me.
I do have to say he seemed to lust for the smell and taste of a woman’s lower lips. He did know what he was doing. My cunt would be buzzing with pleasure as he sucked and sucked on my pudenda, swelling them double their size, so red from the blood rushing in them. His lips and tongue on my inner thighs until he went back to my lower lips.
To be truthful, Edward never really kissed my lips. Only on my lower lips. But the hour or more he would spend licking and sucking my pussy, me on his desk, legs spread wide for him, him sitting in his leather chair leaning forward to take all that he could in. He kept me flowing the whole time, even after he finished. I would climax two or three times whenever he did this.
When Edward was done, he would put my panties back on me, walk me to the door, with a swat on my behind – how he always dismissed me when we were together like this. Leaving on those occasions, I would hear Edward lock the door behind me. A while later, he would bring out his handkerchief to me, asking me to clean it, please. It would be full of his semen.
I confess the weekly gift of his handkerchief meant the world to me. I would stuff it away. As soon as I got home those evenings, I would sniff and lick it all up. Sometimes I would first undress and rub it up and down my cunt feeling his cum mixing with my juices. That would always make me climax one more time.
I know, I know, telling this it all sounds horrible. And I probably never should have told you, Edward’s , such details.
Why did I do it? I was in love with the man completely and totally, I would do anything for him to win his affection. And to be honest, I was rewarded regularly for my extra service. Each year I would get a large raise, besides bonuses at other times and shares of the bank’s stock. In the end, your father made sure I was financially secure for my future.
We never had intercourse, he never kissed me. The one spank on my ass in dismissal was the closest he ever got to showing any affection. Knowing Edward so well, his outlook on things, I understood. For us to kiss or have penetration, to him, would be stepping too far away from his wedding vows. Besides feeling it would be an affront to your mother.
I was content with the role I played for him and would not have changed anything. I knew he loved your mother with a passion. He would never consider me as an important part of his life, Edward did, at times, surprise me, showing his pleasure with me by giving me lovely gifts. I knew he selected just for me.
Or, did he have your mother choose them, as he had me shop for gifts from Edward to her? Charlotte was always kind when we met and interested in my life. I think she felt sorry for me as I was never married. I always wonder if Charlotte had known what I was doing how she would have reacted. It is so nice, in a way, now knowing Charlotte was aware of what was going. And still, be so kind and nice to me.
Grace winds down her story, and it takes Emma a moment to collect herself. This picture of her father, this other side of him. That she never knew or suspected makes Emma’s head spin. Emma feels so much compassion for Grace, for the little she accepted for giving so much in How cruel her father really was, but he was always inner focused, only concerned about himself and his needs being met.
Finishing their meal, and Grace’s confession, which she could finally share with someone, Emma took the two boxes she had wrapped for Grace out. “This isn’t much Grace, but I wanted you to have something, to remember my father, and to thank you for all you did for him. While he never really showed it, I am sure he valued everything you did above and beyond what was called for a great deal,” Emma tells her.
“Actually, you should know, one of the last few days of his life, when he was in and out of consciousness, he called out, ‘Grace, oh Grace, yes, thank you, oh, thank you,’ in a strained voice,” Emma comforts her. Tears begin to fall down Grace’s face, hearing this. Could it be, in the end, besides longing for his wife, he also treasured her too?
Grace opens the first package, the necklace, and smiles and then laughs through her tears, “This was one of the gifts your father had me buy for your mother like I mentioned. He generally bought her gifts himself, but at times he would be wrapped up in work and realized an occasion was at hand. He would throw hundreds of dollars at me and tell me I knew Charlotte well enough to get her something nice that she would like.”
Grace confesses, “This necklace was one of those. And to be truthful, I fell in love with the emerald and envisioned Edward putting it around my neck instead. But I knew it was something she would probably like, so chose it.”
Emma smiles at her, realizing there was a hidden reason why that piece spoke to her to give to Grace. And as Grace opened the other box and saw the money clip around the special one-hundred-dollar bill, she sighed deeply as tears fell again.
All Grace could say was, “Thank you.” And that was more than enough. Emma knew that Grace could find peace now, cherishing the little she had from the past, but enough for her.
As they walk to their cars, Grace tells Emma one more thing, which leaves them both laughing as they hug and say goodbye.
“You know Grace, your father is not the only one who occupies the president’s office who needs to have his handkerchief cleaned from time to time. Not that he ever would ask me to do so,
Every time you visit the current president, you leave an after effect. As soon as you are gone, I can hear the door lock and mumbled sighing for several minutes. When he unlocks the door and opens it, I am always amused to see the flush on his cheeks, and his shirt and pants a little skewed. I don’t think he will enjoy learning about your pending marriage, but I am going to enjoy telling him. Which will probably be followed by some ‘private time’ for him.”

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