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Moonlighting Catalogue model  

CityLightsCpl 65M/67F  
92 posts
1/21/2021 3:37 pm
Moonlighting Catalogue model

If you have read first installment of my early life as a model in Toronto you will have read about dramatic incident at my first Christmas party with and how myself and another French Canadian model named Nicole were turned into the toys for a couple of dozen men. If you haven't read , please do as it leads into this event.
After that Christmas party my career took off as I was seen as a ' who would go along ' . It was Seventies and men still ran modelling agencies and controlled the advertising world. I back that time in my life and realike it was simply of having a career that I had always wanted. Enough about that.
After the events of that Christmas party Nicole never worked as a model again, she floated around and couch surfed for a couple of months before joining a end companion in Toronto. We stayed in touch and had dinner together often as that shared experience bonded us in some way. Nicole, who was petite with long blonde straight hair and a natural beauty with no enhancements whatsoever was popular at the agency. Nicole was always bringing back clothes and gifts from some of the exotic trips she was taking with well heeled . She was often in Florida, California, Caribbean and Europe with her , flying private jets or first on the airlines.
One Friday morning, it was about 6 or 7 years after that Christmas party where we first met, Nicole rang and said she had a huge favour to ask, I said I would do anything for her and then she told me a she had been partnering with had come down with a bug and couldn't join her for a meeting with in New York that was going be an all weekend event and would I fill in. I told Nicole that wasn't the favour I expected be asked , she told she knew that but also told me how much I would make after her agency took their cut for the weekend and she said there was always an incredible tip from the as well. I was hesitant, I was married to my husband Mark at this point and he hadn't left for work when Nicole rang so I asked his opinion. He said if it was a one off and we'd get enough for a week away somewhere that I should go for it as he was working all weekend on a project anyway. So, I told Nicole I would go and asked her what I should bring for clothes. It was February so it was cold. Nicole told me to bring cocktail dresses, stockings,heels, lingerie , twice what I would normally need for a weekend in case I needed to change often and she told me wear business attire as we were flying first from Toronto to New York.
I met Nicole airport and she had our tickets, we checked our bags and such, boarded our flight, Nicole and I almost matched in Navy blue Chanel suits , I was wearing a skirt and she wore pants and we both had boots with heels and navy hose , with my long red hair and her with her long blonde hair we attracted attention and I remember how sexy that felt.
Nicole gave me details as to what the weekend would entail, we would be joining executives from a Canadian energy company to attend some private cocktail parties and dinners, we would have most of Saturday ourselves. She also said we might be asked put on a show for the men and their guests and she asked if I was comfortable with that, Nicole and I had never slept together and I told her that it appealed to me, she kissed me on the cheek and then told me I would have sleep with most or all of the and their guests depending on what transpired as she still wasn't sure.
We arrived in New York and went straight to the end hotel where there was a message for us to meet the 6pm for drinks in the hotel bar. We had about an hour get ready. We dressed each other, I wore an electric powder blue off the shoulder knee length cocktail dress with my pearls, a strapless tight black bustier that Nicole buttoned in the back, black lace panties, black lace garter belt , opaque black stockings and black suede stilettos with a four inch heel. Nicole wore a sparkly gold short tight cocktail dress that accentuated her perfect shape and she wore white lace lingerie, garter belt , opaque shiny stockings and gold stilettos , we both wore our hair down.
We were prompt arriving downstairs at the bar and Nicole recognized the immediately and they greeted us and introduced themselves, I noticed wedding rings on their fingers, I had left mine home. Nicole and I were in our mid twenties at the time and these men ranged in age from late thirties into their sixties and there were about a half a dozen of them, a lot of pinstripe grey suits.
The next few hours were drinks, followed by dinner at a steakhouse, then Playboy Club ( it wasn't my first time in one but that is another story) and then back to the hotel around midnight, Nicole and I had sipped wine or sparkling water all evening so we were sober while the men were well lubricated, one of ones and one of older ones were almost a passed<b> drunk </font></b>stage so that left four for Nicole and to contend with.
We went to a suite that they had rented,separate from our rooms, and that was to be the plaything suite. The oldest of the gentlemen, a tall broad shouldered ruggedly handsome man in his sixties told us to put on a show while he and the others got comfortable on sofas facing the bed after pouring scotch for themselves .
Nicole and I kissed and embraced and then we each undid the zipper on our dresses and we slipped them off and let them fall to the floor, then we sort of floated onto the bed as one of the executives scooped up our dresses and I saw him hang them in a closet, for some reason it had occurred to me that particular fellow was Gay as he was giving off that sense , he was very sweet to us during the whole evening and very attentive to our needs . Anyway, Nicole and I began to kiss and caress and our hands began to explore,one another, we became quite passionate as I think we both realized that we had always wanted one another. We took the show we put on for the executives to a whole new level as we slowly removed each other's lingerie and stripped down to our garter belts, stockings and heels and our hands and fingers were working each other's pussies feverishly as we took each other to orgasm,completely into one another and hearing the appreciative comments from our audience , we came together, it was wet and sticky, Nicole had squirted, I had my juices flowing of , we were literally gasping for breath and each other's mouths as we kissed deeply and roughly and our moans had our audience all with their cocks out. Nicole and I kissed and then sat on the edge of bed and our audience, now ,naked and hard, clapped, except for two who had passed out and the fellow who I did establish was Gay and who was on his knees in front of his boss, the older tall broad shouldered man, sucking his cock. The remaining two guys moved towards us, mine was in his fifties, not unattractive, Dad body, nice cock, Nicole's was in his forties, she got the better of deal, he was really handsome,fit and hung. We knew what was coming next so we lay back on the bed and took them inside us, mine just pumped himself into me in about 5 minutes and then collapsed on top of me while Nicole's took another 5 minutes to come. After that the older gentlemen still getting his cock sucked waved us away and said they'd be in touch tomorrow. We gathered our lingerie and dresses and purses, put on a couple of hotel robes and made our way to the elevator and down to our room. We showered and got into bed and made love again, sweetly this time, we each went down one another, it was lovely.
The next morning we were awakened by a phonecall around 8am Nicole answered, I listened as she said yes several times,,commented this wasn't regular but understood the request and she copied down some numbers and then she hung up and looked at me " look Meredith, this is kind of an unusual request that I don't usually get, that was the older requesting that we go take care of the two fellows who passed out last night's morning wood " . I laughed and said ' why not, won't take us long and we can go for breakfast and shopping ' . Nicole laughed and tore the paper in two and asked which one I wanted and I asked which was which and she didn't know so I just took one of the room numbers. Nicole said we didn't have get dressed so we grabbed a quick shower together, tied our long hair back in ponytails, put on sneakers and our hotel robes, each took a room key and said we'd meet back in our room when we were finished.
The rooms were on different floors so Nicole got off on her floor before me. I got to the room I chose and knocked on the door, took a moment for him to answer and when he did once again I had drawn short straw with the other guy in his sixties, a tad overweight, bald and not that tall being my assignment.
He grunted at me come in, he was wearing a robe as well, he got on the bed and lay on his back and opened his robe and told me to get to work. A pleasant surprise was that he had a large fat cock, too fat to get my mouth around so I had to lick him with my lips and jerk him off, he got hard quickly and that thing turned into a monster, I was actually getting quite aroused at this point as I was solely focused on his cock. At some point he told me to get on him and I did because I wanted that thing in me, it didn't go in without difficulty because of his girth but I was incredibly wet which made it somewhat easier, I was facing him with my hands on his fat chest and belly and I began to ride him, slowly at first, he asked me to let my hair down so I reached behind me and did so, he told me I was the same age as his da----ter and he began lift his broad body and thrust into me as he was getting aroused as well. He pushed me off of him and told me to get on my hands and knees on the bed and then he knelt behind and shoved his fat prick into me again with such force I whimpered . Then he grasped my long red hair and gave me a proper going over, I came, and then he came, a lot, and then we both collapsed on the bed with him rolling over on his back . I leaned over and kissed his cheek and got up, slipped my robe and sneakers back on and left the room. As I waited for elevator I felt his juices start to leak out of me and run down the inside of my legs, there was a lot of juice. I got on the elevator and it was 8 floors down to my floor and I hoped no one else would get on. It stopped at the next floor and a cute couple my age got on , they looked at me oddly and I smiled and then they said they were newlyweds and I said so was I ( I'd been married a few years at that point but thought would explain looking like I was freshly fucked with juices running down my legs ) . I got off at my floor, wished the couple well and went to our room. Nicole still wasn't back so I showered and dressed and waited, after waiting an hour i went downstairs to the restaurant and had the breakfast buffet. I went back to the room just as Nicole was arriving back, her had wanted a couple of rounds with her, I told her what happened to , we laughed, Nicole showered and dressed, she grabbed a bagel from breakfast buffet and we went shopping for rest of .
Nicole and I dressed for evening when we returned our room. I kept it simple with a black silk blouse, black leather short skirt, chunky gold jewelry and earrings, underneath I wore a black lace camisole, no bra, black crotchless panty hose and black patent leather stilettos with a four inch heel. Nicole wore a red very low cut in the front and back cocktail dress, which showed lots of cleavage and side boob, no bra, her tits at that age were magnificent, no underwear, red lace garter belt, red stockings and shiny red stilettos.
That evening, similar schedule, the had been at a conference , we arranged meet 6pm in hotel bar, it was our gentlemen, they said we were going be joined by colleagues of theirs from another energy company, Nicole glanced the older , the one in charge so to speak and he quickly told Nicole their colleagues were bringing their own ' friends '. We were joined about 20 minutes later by a of about men, Americans unlike our of Canadians, they had women with them ( Nicole found they worked for a New York end agency ) . The American men were in their thirties to sixties as well, the women were an interesting mix and ranged in age from mid twenties late forties, gorgeous and lovely, Nicole and I had some entertaining conversations with them over the evening, they were a unique mix of teachers, nurses ,secretaries moonlighting, 2 were married like me.
We had cocktails and then dinner at a lovely Italian bistro followed by another visit to the Playboy club. The men were more 'handsy' this night our plus Americans didn't care who they groped or put their arm around, none of our got as tipsy as they had the night before and the American crowd was better holding their drink.
We arrived back our hotel, again the same suite as the night before was arranged, Nicole and I weren't sure of the plan so we watched as the Americans took lead, the American women stripped down to their lingerie and began, all of them, on the bed together, Nicole and I followed suit and stripped down to our lingerie stockings and heels like our American counterparts and joined them on thebed.
Interestingly one of older American gals took a fancy to me,she had been paying a lot of attention to me during course of evening. The girls were fondling, kissing and going down on one another but this older brunette sort of peeled me off the pile and led me off the bed to a divan upon which she reclined on and told me to kneel in front of her, she was gorgeous, brown curly hair, not shoulder length but not short, brown eyes,very pretty , lovely curvy body but tall and wearing expensive silk opaque stockings, white Satin garter belt and bra , gorgeous cream coloured pumps , a white Satin thong that she told me to remove , I was mesmerized and did as I was told, after removing her thong she reached down and lifted me up to her and we kissed passionately and then she told me to go down on her, I did as I was told, she was delicious and responsive and I was completely lost in her smells and taste and had tuned rest of room until I felt hands on my bottom and fingers in my pussy as I was completely exposed by my crotchless black panty hose. I lifted my slightly to my lover while still maintaining my lips firmly on the lips of her pussy and notice her bra was now off and she had such lovely full breasts and a cock in her mouth as someone was standing over her. Then I felt hands on my ass and a cock making its way into my very wet pussy, slowly first and then the thrusts became more rapid, I didn't remove my mouth from my lovers pussy but my was being driven deeper into her thighs and crotch with each thrust causing to gasp for air times. Then she pushed me away and the cock that was in her mouth replaced my mouth in her pussy, she was being fucked by one of the Americans, I was on my hands and knees and I turned around to see who was fucking me and it was the handsome guy from the night before who had been with Nicole . He eventually filled me with his just as the fellow who was pounding away the woman whose pussy my mouth had been on moments before came. He got off of her and she motioned for me to crawl over to her, I was still on my hands and knees, and she grabbed my hair and forced my down in between her thighs again and my tongue founds it's way back into her, I licked all of that man of her and she came from my attentions, my was covered with her and his scent. I stood and kissed her again and we smiled a knowing smile just as I was pulled away by two more of Americans and taking me to the bed to be spit roasted by them.
I had sex with almost every man there that night and most of the women, a couple women( including the mature woman who took a shine to me) brought strap on dildos with them and took turns fucking each of us women as the men watched or recovered their strength to go at us again.
We were released from custody, so to speak, around 3am, Helen, the mature woman I had been with, asked if she could spend the night with Nicole and me as she was too tired to go home, she wasn't really, she just wanted to have me and Nicole. We got back to the room, undressed, showered together and climbed into bed, Helen told us she was 50,divorced, a schoolteacher trying to make ends meet and she lived outside New York in some suburb I'd never heard of . We collapsed into each other's arms , Nicole fell asleep in the other bed, I went down Helen again and then she put on her strap on and went to work on me, and my gawd I remember how many times she brought me orgasm to this . Helen left next morning, she had a large handbag with her with street clothes in it, we promised stay in touch and wrote for awhile but then I just never heard from her again.
Nicole went for about 20 minutes that Sunday morning before we went to breakfast, she handed an envelope which included my fees plus tips, my husband and i went Vegas that March with my ' earnings ' . Nicole got married a few years later when she was about 30 to a 28 year old tech geek who had invented something which was making him rich, he was a of hers, they fell in love, she had and grandchildren and they are still married and both still friends of my husband Mark and me . I went on one more encounter for Nicole after that New York trip and almost, almost became a part time Meredith.

Trapper69 65G  
2657 posts
9/23/2021 11:34 pm

Meredith, I wanted to thank you for the comment you made on my erotic story today. It's been a very long time since we last "talked" I hope your life has continued to be wonderful! I enjoyed reading this blog post....I've always loved reading about your experiences...... I enjoyed reading Francie's post too.... I really need to visit Canada some time soon......Tom

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