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We had agreed the terms...
Posted:Apr 28, 2019 3:17 pm
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2019 4:19 am

We had agreed the terms. Three hours of struggle, each trying to dominate and then fuck the other. Essentially a struggle for dominance, with both of us trying to get the other helpless and immobilised, in order to use them hard. We were both in swimwear - him in Speedos, me in a string-tie bikini. The floor, bed and tables were liberally strewn with bondage equipment and toys - cuffs, gags, collars, rope, clamps, a humbler, vibrators, buttplugs, clothes pegs - whatever we had between us, essentially. All placed so that it would be ready to hand for whoever was on top to be able to use to make the most of their advantage.

To start, we advanced on each other from opposite sides of the room. We both danced round, side to side, before he went low and bull-rushed me. I dodged most of the rush but not all of it, and we struggled for a bit, rolling across the floor, trying to get the other into a hold. He was stronger but I was better at wriggling out of holds - overall we seemed to be pretty evenly matched, especially as I had more wrestling experience. I tried to line him up into a couple of holds, but he was strong enough to just resist them - this was getting worrying! He seemed to be thinking something similar - that he was strong enough to ignore my ringcraft and just straight overpower me, pinning me underneath him for long enough to get me cuffed and helpless.

His plan nearly worked. Rolling out of my attempted scissors, he managed to lie across my torso, pinning me down. With his legs over my right shoulder he had his face level with the top of my thighs... which was when he made his mistake. Thinking he had the win in the bag, he got a bit cocky and decided to pull my pants down and go in for a lick before actually tying me. Jerking my legs up, I managed to get him into a headscissor with his face buried in my pussy (fun times!), and while he was struggling to get out I got a pair of handcuffs onto his right wrist and then - just about - got the other cuff onto his left wrist, pulling them both behind his back.

He managed to pull out of the headscissors but with his hands cuffed he was pretty limited in what he could do! He tried to dodge past me to get to the table with the keys on, but I managed to judo-throw him onto the bed. Face-down in the duvet, with me sitting on his back, he was pretty helpless as I got another pair of cuffs, with a very short chain, onto his ankles, then a blindfold over his eyes. A strong grip on his balls (allied to a strategically-tied bootlace) let me lead him over to a strong table.

I tied the bootlace to the leg on the far side of the table, pulling his balls - and by extension him - tight up against the table. A released karabiner and a bit of ball-related persuasion let me get each ankle clipped to the table leg, and a proper rope tie at the ankle and knee saw him immobilised and spread wide.

Sitting on the table, I teased his nipples until they were hard... then clamped them and pulled the chain, making him bend over at the waist. There was already a rope tied to one of the front table legs: I pulled it across his back, under both of his armpits, and pulled it tight, pinning him to the table. I tied that off to the other front leg, holding him tight. He had long hair, so I pulled that back into a ponytail and tied it off with rope, the other end of which I used to tie his forearms together behind his back. I had a nice clear posture collar, so that went round his neck, and a ring gag held his mouth open. He couldn't make intelligible words, but he made up for it with drool!

Once he was secure I removed his blindfold and used his ponytail as a handle to force his head into my snatch to eat me out. He wasn't very good (the ring gag limited him!), so I crammed my panties into his mouth through the gag and went to get my little metal buttplug and lube out of the fridge. I put them both down on the table in front of him so he could see them, and snapped on a pair of blue latex laboratory gloves as his eyes widened. Picking up the lube, I moved round behind him and slowly drizzled the chilly lube over his arsehole, making sure he had time to realise what was happening. All the while telling him that he was my slave because he couldn't even take down a girl, loser that he was, and now I was going to fill his arse because he couldn't make me cum. I massaged the cold lube deep into his arse, gently probing his brown eye with my fingers, knocking on his back door. He clenched to try and resist, but I kept up a gentle pressure and eventually he relaxed and my blue-clad index finger slipped inside him. I flexed it, then withdrew and whispered 'Now you're ready' into his ear.

I worked the cold plug home - again, nicely gradual so that he could focus on his dilemma, telling him that it was going inside him whatever he did... he could resist, in which case he would lose, and suffer the indignity of losing to a girl again, or he could relax and let it in... which would let me know he liked being a little sub slut and having his sissy butt fucked.

He resisted for a bit, but then relaxed with a whimper and let it impale him. I worked it gently in and out, pumping him as he groaned through the pantie gag, before sliding it inexorably all the way home. I grabbed my feeldoe strapon and went back round in front of him. I put it just out of his sightline, and told him that I was going to give him another chance. I would ungag him, and if he could make me cum, then he could cum too, and I'd unplug his arse. I pulled my panties out of his mouth and unbuckled the gag, before edging myself into his tongue range. To his credit he really went to town and made me cum hard! I lay back and wrapped my legs around his head as I enjoyed it... then sat up and buckled his ring gag back on. He began writhing and making sounds, dribbling on the tabletop, as I slid the feeldoe into position right in front of his face. Running my finger down his flanks, I moved round behind him and - true to my word - pulled out the buttplug. It came out with a little 'pop' and he let out an almost-orgasmic sigh, followed by another as I untied the bootlace around his balls.

He must have been pretty close to the edge anyway from the way he'd been treated, because when I snapped a condom onto him, cupped his balls and gently fingered his shaft and head, all it took was a few subtle hand movements before he spurted hard. Once he'd finished convulsing I eased the condom off and force-fed it to him through his gag, dipping my finger into the gooey mess and transferring it into his open mouth. What he didn't swallow I smeared over his face in a lovely facial. I wiped up his dribble and all the leftover cum I could find with my panties, and once more forced them into his mouth.

Then I went back round behind him and lubed him up again, easing the feeldoe deep inside him as he had no choice but to accept. His cock started leaking again - dribbling down his legs foolishly- and I came for a second time...
Last weekend's adventure!
Posted:Sep 2, 2016 8:00 am
Last Updated:Apr 28, 2019 3:19 pm

All this week I'd been in need of release, so I got in touch with my fuckbuddy Francis. He's into the same kind of rough sex and submission/dominance play as me, with a liking for roleplay kidnapping and struggles for dominance. Although he was a big guy, and claimed to be switch, whenever we'd roleplayed before I'd had no trouble subduing him. He'd ended up variously fully sissified, tied up, buttplugged, wearing the humbler or a chastity tube, nippleclamped, strapon-fucked, forced to cum in his own face, and eating me out. I was in the mood for more of the same!

Turned out he had no plans and his flatmate was out for the weekend, so mid-morning on Saturday I was ringing his doorbell. We set the groundrules for the session - hard limits, safewords, etc - and decided that, from the moment I entered the bedroom after getting changed, we'd be roleplaying the struggle for forced dominance until teatime, 7pm. Each of us was allowed to try to subdue the other, and when one of us was immobilised - however briefly - the one on top could do anything to the other, subject to the hard limits. But the loser was always at liberty to try to escape and subdue the other - we'd played it before and it's a great power play.

We got the room ready - lengths of rope and cuffs scattered around to help with the immobilisation, everything else tucked away, and our two bags of toys placed next to each other on the side. Whoever was on top would have free range of both bags... but the contents would stay a mystery for now. One of the rules we played was that clothes could be cut off, so I went down the corridor to change into my old lycra cycling shorts and a baggy old t-shirt, over my plain white cotton bra and panties. My hair was tied back into a tight ponytail, I was ready to kick arse.

Limbering up, I padded quietly on bare feet back to his bedroom, hoping for the element of surprise - as soon as I entered the room, the struggle would begin. I pushed open the door, stepped inside - and my world went back as some sort of sack was pulled down over my head! Reflexively I threw both arms up to pull it off and kicked out behind me, but a thick arm went around my arms and head, pinning them together, and a hand grabbed my ankle and held it in mid-air. Off-balance and unable to see, I was helpless to resist as I was pushed forwards and thrown onto the bed.

He'd let go of my arms but kept hold of my ankle, and I felt the grip change as he leapt onto the bed and squatted across me, pinning my body to the mattress. I flailed the other leg but he caught that too, and I felt both ankles being folded into the crook of one of his arms. I managed to scrape the sack off my face, in time to see a flash of silver as he grabbed handcuffs from the pillow. I felt the touch of cold steel around one ankle, then the other, as I was held tight, helpless to kick out.

I felt his weight lift and tried to roll over, but he had just turned around to face my head, and pressed me face-down into the mattress again. Grabbing my flailing arms, I felt more cold steel as he cuffed my right wrist, and desperately tried to push my left arm beneath my body, out of reach. It was in vain though - I felt him grab my elbow, pulling out the rest of the arm, and it quickly joined the other in the metallic embrace. A third pair of handcuffs was brought out from under the pillow, and the chains between my ankles and my wrists were cuffed together, pinning me into a tight hogtie. He leant forwards and whispered into my ear "My turn today Liz", and I realised it was going to be a long day...

He climbed off the bed, leaving me to writhe, trying to escape, but the bonds were tight and strong, and I was going nowhere. He came back with a metal ring gag and forced it between my teeth, strapping it tight round my head and buckling it at the back as I began drooling uncontrollably almost immediately. It was followed by a length of rope tied into my ponytail - he was giving me a running commentary - which was then tied back to my handcuffs, pulling my head back. Then I felt him between my knees and tried to clamp them shut, only to find a pillow propping my legs apart. "Spreader bar time" he called out cheerfully, and I felt the leather straps go round my right shin, just below the knee, followed by another around my right ankle. I was still trying to clamp my knees together, and felt him changing position behind me... but it was just in order to tickle me! I couldn't help but relax as the tickling made me wriggle, and he got the leather cuff around my other shin, holding my legs wide apart at the knees. I felt the cuff on my left ankle come loose and tried to kick out, but all I managed was to get my legs even wider apart, and the ankle spreader bar was quickly in place as well, with the hogtie cuff linked to the middle of the bar. I was comprehensively beaten and it was barely five minutes into the session!

I felt big hands roll me over onto my back, and pillows were pushed underneath to prop me up. He showed me that there was a big pair of scissors in his hands, but I was helpless and immobilised, completely unable to resist as he cut away first my t-shirt, then my cycle shorts. Three more quick cuts and my bra was history, and he turned his attention to my one remaining piece of clothing. I was expecting a quick couple of snips and off, but he had clearly decided to spin this moment out. He pulled my panties up as far as they'd go, so tight it was almost painful, so that they clung perfectly to the outline of my puffy pussy, and held them there with one hand while his other explored, rubbing gently up and down the cameltoe he'd created, making me jerk as his fingers grazed my sensitive clit through the material.

"You know, Liz, this will be the first time I've ever seen your pussy? Every time before, you've blindfolded me. But this time you're all mine..." I realised it was true - I'd teased him plenty of times, rubbed it in his face, made him eat me, but always when he was my tied-up, blindfolded victim. I began to comprehend how different today was going to be...

The combination of my predicament and the pussy massage was getting me wet, and with my panties pulled up tight, a wet spot was appearing. "Oh look, Mistress Liz is enjoying being my little fuck slave" he crowed. I felt the flash of cold scissors on each hip in turn and he peeled off my damp knickers, revealing my hairy blonde pussy to the cool air. He spread my lips wide and I jolted like an electric shock as his fingers found my hard little clit.

"You love this... Beg me to fuck you". I tried to reply, but the gag made it incomprehensible. "I'll take that as a yes" he said, standing up and stepping out of his clothes. His cock was rock-hard and dripping pre-cum as he moved up and rubbed his cock head up and down my wet snatch. I writhed but there was nowhere to go and he drove himself deep into me in one movement. A few thrusts later and I could tell he was already getting close, when he stopped pounding my pussy and reached around the back of my head to the gag buckle, undoing it and pulling it out of my mouth. Pulling out of my wet snatch, he shuffled up the bed and wiped the mixture of our juices on my cheeks before forcing his bell end into my mouth. "Lick it" he grunted, twisting my nipple to reinforce the message, but a few tongue-swirls later he pulled out and finishes himself off all over my face. The hot, sticky strands seemed to just keep coming - the first jet splattered my forehead, the rest coated my cheeks, nose, screwed-shut eyelids - everywhere! I felt his weight change as he sat back to admire his handiwork. I heard "open wide Mistress" and damp cloth was forced into my open mouth. From the taste I realised that it was my own knickers, juicy from the wetness of my anticipation earlier. That had definitely backfired...

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