We had agreed the terms...  

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4/28/2019 3:17 pm
We had agreed the terms...

We had agreed the terms. Three hours of struggle, each trying to dominate and then fuck the other. Essentially a struggle for dominance, with both of us trying to get the other helpless and immobilised, in order to use them hard. We were both in swimwear - him in Speedos, me in a string-tie bikini. The floor, bed and tables were liberally strewn with bondage equipment and toys - cuffs, gags, collars, rope, clamps, a humbler, vibrators, buttplugs, clothes pegs - whatever we had between us, essentially. All placed so that it would be ready to hand for whoever was on top to be able to use to make the most of their advantage.

To start, we advanced on each other from opposite sides of the room. We both danced round, side to side, before he went low and bull-rushed me. I dodged most of the rush but not all of it, and we struggled for a bit, rolling across the floor, trying to get the other into a hold. He was stronger but I was better at wriggling out of holds - overall we seemed to be pretty evenly matched, especially as I had more wrestling experience. I tried to line him up into a couple of holds, but he was strong enough to just resist them - this was getting worrying! He seemed to be thinking something similar - that he was strong enough to ignore my ringcraft and just straight overpower me, pinning me underneath him for long enough to get me cuffed and helpless.

His plan nearly worked. Rolling out of my attempted scissors, he managed to lie across my torso, pinning me down. With his legs over my right shoulder he had his face level with the top of my thighs... which was when he made his mistake. Thinking he had the win in the bag, he got a bit cocky and decided to pull my pants down and go in for a lick before actually tying me. Jerking my legs up, I managed to get him into a headscissor with his face buried in my pussy (fun times!), and while he was struggling to get out I got a pair of handcuffs onto his right wrist and then - just about - got the other cuff onto his left wrist, pulling them both behind his back.

He managed to pull out of the headscissors but with his hands cuffed he was pretty limited in what he could do! He tried to dodge past me to get to the table with the keys on, but I managed to judo-throw him onto the bed. Face-down in the duvet, with me sitting on his back, he was pretty helpless as I got another pair of cuffs, with a very short chain, onto his ankles, then a blindfold over his eyes. A strong grip on his balls (allied to a strategically-tied bootlace) let me lead him over to a strong table.

I tied the bootlace to the leg on the far side of the table, pulling his balls - and by extension him - tight up against the table. A released karabiner and a bit of ball-related persuasion let me get each ankle clipped to the table leg, and a proper rope tie at the ankle and knee saw him immobilised and spread wide.

Sitting on the table, I teased his nipples until they were hard... then clamped them and pulled the chain, making him bend over at the waist. There was already a rope tied to one of the front table legs: I pulled it across his back, under both of his armpits, and pulled it tight, pinning him to the table. I tied that off to the other front leg, holding him tight. He had long hair, so I pulled that back into a ponytail and tied it off with rope, the other end of which I used to tie his forearms together behind his back. I had a nice clear posture collar, so that went round his neck, and a ring gag held his mouth open. He couldn't make intelligible words, but he made up for it with drool!

Once he was secure I removed his blindfold and used his ponytail as a handle to force his head into my snatch to eat me out. He wasn't very good (the ring gag limited him!), so I crammed my panties into his mouth through the gag and went to get my little metal buttplug and lube out of the fridge. I put them both down on the table in front of him so he could see them, and snapped on a pair of blue latex laboratory gloves as his eyes widened. Picking up the lube, I moved round behind him and slowly drizzled the chilly lube over his arsehole, making sure he had time to realise what was happening. All the while telling him that he was my slave because he couldn't even take down a girl, loser that he was, and now I was going to fill his arse because he couldn't make me cum. I massaged the cold lube deep into his arse, gently probing his brown eye with my fingers, knocking on his back door. He clenched to try and resist, but I kept up a gentle pressure and eventually he relaxed and my blue-clad index finger slipped inside him. I flexed it, then withdrew and whispered 'Now you're ready' into his ear.

I worked the cold plug home - again, nicely gradual so that he could focus on his dilemma, telling him that it was going inside him whatever he did... he could resist, in which case he would lose, and suffer the indignity of losing to a girl again, or he could relax and let it in... which would let me know he liked being a little sub slut and having his sissy butt fucked.

He resisted for a bit, but then relaxed with a whimper and let it impale him. I worked it gently in and out, pumping him as he groaned through the pantie gag, before sliding it inexorably all the way home. I grabbed my feeldoe strapon and went back round in front of him. I put it just out of his sightline, and told him that I was going to give him another chance. I would ungag him, and if he could make me cum, then he could cum too, and I'd unplug his arse. I pulled my panties out of his mouth and unbuckled the gag, before edging myself into his tongue range. To his credit he really went to town and made me cum hard! I lay back and wrapped my legs around his head as I enjoyed it... then sat up and buckled his ring gag back on. He began writhing and making sounds, dribbling on the tabletop, as I slid the feeldoe into position right in front of his face. Running my finger down his flanks, I moved round behind him and - true to my word - pulled out the buttplug. It came out with a little 'pop' and he let out an almost-orgasmic sigh, followed by another as I untied the bootlace around his balls.

He must have been pretty close to the edge anyway from the way he'd been treated, because when I snapped a condom onto him, cupped his balls and gently fingered his shaft and head, all it took was a few subtle hand movements before he spurted hard. Once he'd finished convulsing I eased the condom off and force-fed it to him through his gag, dipping my finger into the gooey mess and transferring it into his open mouth. What he didn't swallow I smeared over his face in a lovely facial. I wiped up his dribble and all the leftover cum I could find with my panties, and once more forced them into his mouth.

Then I went back round behind him and lubed him up again, easing the feeldoe deep inside him as he had no choice but to accept. His cock started leaking again - dribbling down his legs foolishly- and I came for a second time...

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4/28/2019 4:26 pm

GhostofH 63M
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4/28/2019 6:25 pm

Great story! *clapping*

WazzaB0B 52M

5/13/2019 5:01 pm

A struggle for dominance or to avoid humiliation ...?

Lounge_w9 60M
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5/29/2019 3:29 am

mmmmmmm - i'd have pretended to resist but you'd have prevailed eventually i'm sure

AGK2 62M
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4/5/2020 10:04 am

Very erotic... makes me hard each time I read it... keep it "up"... ...\8

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