I did it again . . .  

Carmel_Delight72 50F
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12/5/2021 12:12 pm
I did it again . . .

Well I did again. . . I fucked a friend's husband. happen last night. I was over their house and we had been drinking. He said that I should not drive home so they offered me stay in the guest room. After much back and forth, I agreed. My girlfriend offered me a nightgown but I told her I would just sleep in my birthday suit. She giggled and said, I better not get up and go to bathroom, like that.

I was about to drift to sleep, when I heard a knock on the door. I thought it was my girlfriend but was surprised that it was her husband in his boxer shorts. He said he wanted to 'tuck me in". I could see his cock popping out of his shorts, so I let the sheet down to expose my breast and said it was a nippy in here. He came in and said from what he could see, "I looked !" He caressed my breast and started kissing and sucking on them. I pulled down his shorts and asked if could suck ?? He said if he could me with it. He told me that his wife told him I was sleeping in the nude and he always wanted to me and thought this was perfect time. I agreed, I need be fucked good, was happy he came in. His cock was so good. He eat my pussy with out me even asking. It was so hard be quiet, as he licked my clit and made me explode. He flipped me over and eat me from the back, then fucked me doggie style. It was as if he knew exactly what I liked. At the end, he said that he was glad he came and tucked me in properly. I told him that this was something we had to keep between us.

This morning, I quickly left their house before anyone was up. I don't know what I am going to do when I face my girlfriend, knowing I fucked her husband. Dont get me wrong, I enjoyed it greatly but it is going to be hard to see him again. Thinking of what we did and his cocking is getting me all wet all over again.

mutualbenefit69 47M
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12/5/2021 1:29 pm

Great story. Reading your recap of the nights events got me excited too. Thanks for sharing. I would enjoy giving you a tongue lashing and making you explode.


Unzipmeslowly51x 52M
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12/5/2021 1:58 pm

A real gentleman should tuck a lady in at night😉

Bc20223 34M

12/5/2021 2:28 pm

Lucky guy

Rideinc 49M

12/5/2021 3:24 pm

well just see how it plans out i am sure he will fuck you agian

69ereatwetpussy 60M
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12/5/2021 5:55 pm

your lucky night that happen with me and my friends girlfriend. we had a party at my home. and he live two home over she past out in my bed. he went home so i went up to check on her she was under the blanket as i turned on a low light she removed the blanket and was laying there naked. she told me to come over said you like i said always did. she said turn the light off and get naked so i did. we sucked and fucked till we could no more. we got a shower and she went over to my friend her boyfriend home we never did it again but i'ld sure would doit again if we ever see each other again. she not married to him either.

boobwhisperer69 59M  
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12/5/2021 6:02 pm

She had to know the possibilities!!!!!

LadiesR2B1rst 59M  
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12/5/2021 6:25 pm

I'm guessing your friend knew he was with you . They both may want to have a threesome. But, I'm just guessing. Thanks for the hot story.

G000dbuddy 34M  
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12/5/2021 10:15 pm

. Dont get me wrong


fidellis009 44M

12/19/2021 5:24 am

Fantastic story really enjoyed it

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