Messaging in AFF  

Can_Armyguy84 38M  
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12/27/2021 4:27 pm
Messaging in AFF

I'm slightly frustrated at this site because of the catch 22 incorporated by limiting abilities of standard members.

How I thought the standard reply feature that I've paid for was supposed to work is as follows:
- pay for gold and standard reply.
- message whoever I want and they can me back.
- Get laid
- Rinse and repeat (always at least wash with soap and water).

How the option appears work:
- lots of people
- Bots and scammers reply back quick and start their usual path towards the give me money line.
- There are lots of real members that have jobs and lives on standard membership. Some advertise as ladies or couples with lady pictures on the profile, receive tons of messages. That is the same for gold members and up.
- There in many cases are situations when female/couples profiles just receive too many messages to sort through. It's a pain in the ass to go through lots of messages. Especially if your doing it on your phone like some. For some this is on an hourly basis since people can't read with their dicks.
- Standard reply members have the same problem but because they can't see most messages the easiest 2 solutions are to auto reply " email us " (where the fuck?), and/or delete in bulk. This ends up essentially skipping the gold members whom messages can be read from.
- Ergo, the paying member does not know if they have any interest since neither the message was read nor the profile seen.
- Would be nice to have a standard reply sort option for all.

This is sort of a frustrated rant since I don't know how the system really works, or I've just hit the nail on the head and things are that bleak. Is this site really for gold members to solely hook up with other gold members, or are other means ro contact the rest of the populous? I've read on several profiles like " email me on the site " with no link to click for email and no obvious address. Is this a feature that I'm missing or a trick that I've not learned?

Any assistance or input with this would be greatly appreciated, maybe even a sexual favor could be arranged the problem solver. Since we're on here lol.

Stay classy San Diego.

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12/27/2021 7:43 pm

You hit the nail on the head.

Senior Sizzle is a craigslist that charges.

EroticSexter999 62M

12/27/2021 8:37 pm

You would have better luck going to Wally World and flashing a $100 bill.

tomcat48123 71M
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12/28/2021 3:04 am

I agree this site is not that good anymore. I just now started reading the blogs.
So far I enjoy those.

TicklePlease 54F  
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12/28/2021 4:56 am

EnigmaInitiative gave you some good tips but honestly, that whole trope of "women get so many emails that they can't respond to them all" is bs. If a woman is looking to actually meet (that's the first hurdle, that they're not just a bot or need ego-stroking) someone, she'll read every email that she can. Granted, 75% of them will be from men who are outside of her desired parameters but she'll read them if she can. Of what's left, most will still be one liners or innuendo. Most get deleted because they're the equivalent of a catcall from a construction site.

I don't think it's ever been proven that a standard member can actually read an email from a gold member who's paid for that privilege. Instead of paying for that function, sending points along with an email is another way to help a standard member read your email.

WyoCowboy7751 69M
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12/28/2021 5:29 am

EnigmaInitiative " The only way to stick out is to read the profile, be sure you fit within their preferences, and write an email that references their profile in some way. " As You probably KNOW !!! Standard's can't view Profiles without 100 points to do so Or if they happen to be on I M , it is 17 points to ATTEMPT contact 😠🤠

luv2suk1966 62M/55F
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12/28/2021 5:31 am

Enigma said it all. We can't read most messages, but the ones that say they are paying for standard members to reply - I try to reply to those. Go to the Blogs!

Have a great day, and be nice to one another.

seems6666 51F
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12/28/2021 10:53 am

I think you have to pay for VIP membership to enable standard members to read your emails and reply,
I am a standard but I can reply to emails, but it costs me points to send one.
I wish I had 100's of emails to read I'm lucky if i get 10 a month!!

Sakwes77 68M  
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12/29/2021 9:56 am

Daunting isn't it.

When I look at the big picture I think it's not worth it.

The bots, the pandemic, the distances, they all combine to make contact with a real person a remote possibility even with a paid membership.

So I come here to read blogs and see whats' happening in the Alberta chat room.

More because hope springs eternal rather then for real contact.

Just looking at the view profile pop ups tell me I needn't bother reading 99.9% of the profiles.

Don't get me wrong, I see a lot of interesting people that way, but none that would be interested in me, from what I see in those pop ups.

Some day I will find what I seek, but probably not here, and certainly not while this pandemic rages.

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