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"Some recreational"(several commentaries about different drugs and their effects, related to dating)  

Cammy2448 37M
3 posts
11/12/2021 10:10 am
"Some recreational"(several commentaries about different drugs and their effects, related to dating)

(this blog is meant to be, criticism and midly comedic as, as well as being graphic it is semi sarcastic on account of being a complex set set of questions with no claim of having answered anything. It was compiled from a few journal entry)

In this the current year and early years of the realization that people's conscious state can not only not be policed or regulated safely with a crime and punishment approach, nor should it be a matter of the state or institutions which are conflict of interests or just plain corrupt. We find ourselves with inadequate acceptance or language to use to be accurate about these things in most parts of society still.

Alcohol we have a context for talking about, we can talk about the effects of one of the most unpredictable and destructive drugs in jest with little recourse. The violence drug, it just breaks down your ability to hold the real animal that humans are in check, which is very enjoyable it gets exhausting pretending. It's basically a solvent, a good reminder that we are chemistry above all else.

Weed is legal in most of north America now, I was going to say civilized countries but it's not accurate. It's not hard to talk about it because, people who are super stoned couldn't describe it anyway so we just refer to the hunger inducing side effect or relaxation, in reality it shifts the way the mind works and our awkward relation with our inner dialogue so drastically that we can't put it into words, altered consciousness is doubly true of Canabis as a way to describe being fucked up. The harmless drug, it does a lot of things to people it makes a lot of people have a hard fucking time but the measurable harm you can expect from it is, better than things which are not even drugs or considered dangerous. Not super fun though, an amazing night high on Weed is usually just doing things you like doing anyway the best that can happen is that it enchances things in a way that is not really memorable. It's a drug but it's not drugS, there are some people who have not changed their mind about anything since Reagan was smiling on Tvs who still think it's nefarious but,the strongest negative opinion of Weed is that it is lame there is no grounds for morale objection to it.

Some recreational drug use, could refer to smoking a couple Js a week, but that could be like having tea at noon or somebody taking their medicine, or it could be doing bucket hits and drinking 4-6 beers with your friends and becoming completely incapacitated. It's woefully inaccurate. It is likely though that somebody will not reject you on the basis of marijuna use outright, unless they have had a negative experience with a heavy user or have an extreme aversion to intellectually focused activities.

Some recreational drug use, could be meeting up with this person and smoking an 8 ball of crack and having sex repeatedly for a few days, than parting ways to go back to work. It depends on how hedonistic they like to get but that seems like a very different proposition to eating a thc cookie and watching dune. It could be pharma drugs, those benzoes and adderall prescriptions are indecipherable from taking the same drugs with less regularity and calling it abuse. It is also very different to partying with intent, it could be just routine some people are just always on speed for the better, or it could be a debilitating addiction. Anyone can take those pills to feel better randomly also, and that is fine it's probably the most recreational effect to risk you can get as an occassional dabbler. It is out of site and mind the injestion of a few pills does not "look" like anything at all, you are not doing drugs you administer them.

Almost all people would probably feel immediate fear if they walked into a room where IV heroin use was taking place and be totally comfortable with the fact their parent passes out every night high on lorazepam and oxycodone, this is however where some recreational drug use is no longer an applicable term. Nobody with an opiate addiction is going to call it recreational that or they are in denial and won't call it anything.

Hey would you be the kind of person who wants to take LSD with me so we can REALLY get to know eachother, does the prospect of having an afternoon together turn into a deeply meaningful touching experience appeal to you? are you fine with having a complete loss of<b> control </font></b>scare you to your very core or being confronted with the thing you have spent your whole life trying to lie to yourself about? Is it something that you would never consider and distrust a person for their desire to do , would the sight of them looking all heavily drugged with saucer eyes make you think they are "out of reality" and upset you. It qualifies as some recreational drug use, even with exploratory intentions because you can also just have an immense amount of fun and pleasure, you can easily laugh the most you have every laughed for almost a whole day with your best friends. Or you can spend years in hospitals trying to get back to yourself again and being disabled from rare but very possible perceptual disorders.

The point I am getting at is, some recreational drug use means to many things, it is good to know if somebody smokes ciggaretes because the smell and taste of them is a reasonable thing to want to avoid. Somebody who drinks alchohol compared to somebody who does not at all ever, is very stark and considering alchohols life ruination is so tragically common of an experience I am glad for that specificity.

I kind of wish I was able to know if the person I want to meet is a tweaker nerd who would be happy to describe theoretical physics concepts in detail or masturbate in a house with blacked out windows for days or a "no mannn I only take natural things" person whose latent psychosis makes them become entangled in psuedoscience or health cults despite being the same level of 'some recreational drug' user as a monthy social doob smoker.

Or it could just be a super chill person who does some drugs generally has fun doing them and doesn't fit any stereotype. I just wish we could ask or talk about it more without judging everyone based on the tropes presented here. It just gets one field for all of it and nobody is volunteering things which might be really good for dating because it might also ruin any chance from prejudice or there could be a very valid reason to want to not be around certain substances for certain individuals. This is why people in recovery just date other recovering people because, "I did hard drugs for 25 years and went to jail but I am actually the most responsible, cheritable and accountable person within a 50 mile radius, " no matter how honest is hard to grasp for most or just doesn't seem to work on dates strangely.

13129 posts
11/12/2021 10:27 am

" The violence drug, it just breaks down your ability to hold the real animal that humans are in check "

That's the best description yet.

Good post.

Welcome to blogging

DyingAlone951 43M
9 posts
11/12/2021 11:19 am

You have to always be on that certain drug to get your jollies

1seeking1 57F
3767 posts
11/12/2021 12:05 pm

Easy put in your profile, myself, I am a light smoker,I am very light drinker, I am 420 friendly. Amazing how many here lie or hide. When I was meeting men, always found it strange that non smokers wanted to meet me. Turns out lots are heavy smokers with poor hygiene habits, it certainly never went further then a meet. Put in your profile ask the questions if they matter to you.

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