Bad weather = JPL fun! 2/4/22  

CL_Love 49M/49F
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2/7/2022 8:48 am
Bad weather = JPL fun! 2/4/22

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CL_Love 49M/49F
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2/7/2022 8:49 am

Hopefully this version has less deleted words and other issues:

After being home for three days because of snow, I was looking forward to going out to dinner with hubs and another couple (long time vanilla friends). But hubs came down with a tummy bug and wasn’t up for it, so I canceled those plans in the mid-afternoon. And then at 4:15, JPL texts me “Hey, What are you up to tonight?”

Me: Not much
Him: Feeling better? (I’d been sick recently and had to beg off playing to avoid getting him sick)
Me: Yes
Him: That’s good to hear. Hadn’t heard from you in a bit. Wanna hang out sometime?
Me: Between sickness, catching up at work and this snowstorm…been a rough couple weeks..
Him: Need to release some stress?
Me: LOL always!
Him: Tonight?
Me: What time?

A few more back and forths with working out the timing logistics and we were set to spend the evening together. I asked hubs if it was ok before I had answered. JPL said the roads in his town weren’t great, but that he remembered I had told him I had all wheel drive (I do). I didn’t really expect issues getting there, but it is funny that we always seem to hook up when the weather is shitty. He said he was really horny and that we would be sure to get some good pics and vids for hubs. As I was driving, he was checking on my progress. I kept the texts back short since once I was in town, I had to pay attention to the road. He made a comment about being nervous every time before I come over which I found sweet but also a bit odd as I only really get nervous on the first time or two and after that just feel excited.

I made it to his place, texted hubs that I was there safe, tip toed through some snow in the street and on his stairs/sidewalk to the front door and let myself in. He was just inside. I kicked my shoes off and stepped in for a hug and kiss. He had a movie on the TV and had just poured himself a glass of wine and had a water on the coffee table for me. Good call! I don’t drink alcohol when I play, but water is pretty much always needed at some point. We sat and talked for quite a while about the most random topics. When I was telling hubs about it later, I had to think hard to even figure out how we got from one topic to the next. Talked about the snow and getting around…then his mom worried he’d drive off into the lake at the farm…to me telling him the story of my dad sliding a 2wd truck into the lake when I was a little kid….to the fact he didn’t know that particular local lake was that big…to us looking up the aerial view of the lake…to somehow talking about A-F-F and the crazy folks on there and how the site used to be better, but pissed me off a few years ago and how it has been swirling the drain for a while…And then I guess we must have sort of exhausted our topics of conversation because we started kissing….MMM….love making out.

We kissed for quite a while, and I was thinking to myself that hubs would be surprised I wasn’t already naked at this point. I loved running my hands over his short hair in the back of his head (so soft) and he smelled so good I just wanted to lay there and inhale him (he’d just taken a shower). The kissing was great…hands in my hair (love) and then a little boob groping. I had worn my black bra that is a bit snug on my giant 40DD tits and felt like he couldn’t get a good grope with it on, but I like how it makes my cleavage look good. LOL I had felt him hard through his jeans some and with him smelling so delicious, I just wanted to get a taste. I undid his belt and his jeans and reached in for an over-the-boxers stroke. Then he helped me get his cock out as I kissed his belly a bit and then took him into my mouth. Mmm…he liked that and so did I. It was obvious we had both missed this.

He leaned up and took off his shirt and I slipped off mine too. Left my bra on initially and went back to sucking him. I got a new wedding ring for Christmas, and I made sure to get a few good pics with it showing as I was sucking him. He took a couple pics with his phone and a short video too. Somewhere in there he shucked his pants, and I took off the rest of my clothes (except my panties and socks). We got a few nice pics of his cock between my tits and of me blowing him some more. I kissed his belly and chest some more and slid up to kiss his lips. I climbed up onto his lap and felt his hard cock between my legs against my panties as I kissed him deeply. The need was building, and I was very ready to go upstairs when he suggested it. It was all I could do not to pull my panties to the side and fuck him on the couch, but we didn’t have a condom. So I grabbed my vibrator out of my jeans, my phone and scampered up the stairs. He followed me up and I was kinda glad he left the TV off in his room as sometimes it can be distracting.

I slipped off my panties and laid on the bed. He stood next to the bed looking down and noted that he already had some good precum. I told him I knew…I could taste it when I was blowing him. MMM…yum. He leaned down over me, and we started kissing. He was kind of to the side of me as he kissed down my body and spent some time on my breasts. I reached over to softly and slowly stroke his cock. I LOVE feeling him so hard for me. He slipped a finger in me and that felt so good. He’s obviously been paying attention to things I’ve written about him in my blog. Hee hee. I almost asked him to just shift into 69 at that point but didn’t for whatever stupid reason. Next time maybe.

He kissed my belly and eventually moved around the end of the bed to come up between my legs. He kissed my thighs and then settled in to start licking my very wet pussy. Mmm…Yes! I so needed this. At first, he started a little too low and it felt nice but was not getting enough direct tongue on clit action. I reached down and spread myself a bit more open and then he shifted and was PERFECTLY where I needed him to me. Fuck yes! That felt so good! I hope my soft moans were a good indication that he was doing a good job down there. I was definitely warming up but couldn’t seem to get to the peak. After a fair bit of him licking me, he kissed me. Then he stood up and stretched a bit and I spun around on the bed on my belly and took him back into my mouth for just a bit more of a taste. He asked if I was ready for him to get a condom and I said yes.

He dug one out of his nightstand and put it on. I asked him how he wanted to start, and he said it was up to me. I said that I would ride him for a bit. He laid down and I straddled him. I was so wet that my pussy slid basically down to his balls on pretty much the first try. I took a little time riding him in a steady rhythm telling him how good his cock felt inside me, and he was telling me how good my pussy felt too. I picked up the pace a little and was really enjoying myself. Then I grabbed my vibrator as I knew I could cum with just a little more help. He grabbed his phone and took a short video of me as I started riding his cock with full abandon while buzzing my clit and cumming all over him. He does a great job of just letting me do my thing and thrusting just enough to keep me from squeezing him out as I cum. I kept buzzing as the orgasm rolled through me. Finally, I needed to catch my breath and turned the vibe off, panting as I hugged and kissed him. I kept riding for a little bit longer, but then he asked me to change positions.

As we changed, he confessed he’d gotten close to cumming so he was using the pause to calm back down a bit. I asked how he wanted me, and he said on my back with my hips at the edge of the bed so he could get some good pics/vid of him standing next to the bed sliding into me. He had his phone with the light on which made my pictures much better because you could see everything. He rubbed the tip of his cock up and down my wet pussy lips and then slid the tip in and then back to rubbing his tip around on me. Then he started fucking me while I rubbed my pussy with my fingers a bit. We tossed the phones aside and started fucking more earnestly. I told him he was hitting me fairly deep, and he backed off. I told him it wasn’t painful and to keep fucking me as deeply as he wanted. I was enjoying myself but can’t cum without that clit stimulation. He was starting to get close and so I thought we could cum together if I started up the vibe again. It wasn’t long and I was riding the edge. He said he was going to cum and I told him to go ahead that I was right there. I don’t think I actually came that time, but it was like 99.9 percent there. It felt SO good even if not the full release. He kept stroking after he came trying to help me get there, but I gave up. He pulled out and took off the condom and asked if I wanted him to put on a fresh one and see how long he could keep going. Sure!

He grabbed one out of the drawer (he has a variety pack and this one was “warming”). I could tell there was a little heat in the “lube” on the condom, but it wasn’t uncomfortable (though also not really a turn on – just something I noticed). I did wonder if it had that same “warming” on the inside. I forgot to ask. LOL. I flipped over onto my hands and knees, and he was back inside me without much of a break. I still find it so impressive that he can continue being hard for so long. He fucked me and I grabbed my phone and tried to get some pics and vids of us in that position. I even stuck the phone down under us to see if I could capture him going in and out (I didn’t get a good shot – we’ll have to try something else for that).

We kind of laughed about it and then I put the phone away so I could focus on my pleasure again. I put the vibe back to my clit. Fairly quickly I felt like I was back at that 99 percent point, and I was moaning into his bed as he was steadily fucking me from behind. I was trying to decide if the slightly harder and faster was helping or hindering as it felt good, but I couldn’t seem to break completely over. I could hear him breathing hard and wondered how long his erection would last like this. I know he was trying to help me finish again. I finally gave up but was RIGHT THERE for a really long time. When it feels that good – I don’t mind not getting over the edge. He certainly gave an A effort – not his fault that I am a difficult nut to crack sometimes. Poor thing said his calves started to cramp as apparently he was up on his tip toes fucking me (I wish he’d just told me to scoot forward on the bed so he could fuck me kneeling instead of standing – LOL ). Funny thing was that I think the cramp in my left hamstring was why I couldn’t hit the final high note. But he said the boner was done and we were both ready for a break.

We talked standing there naked for quite a while. Another wide range of topics. Family, friends, colleagues, etc. In my post-coital haze…the specifics are less clear. But it was nice. I did run down to go to the bathroom and clean up (also grabbed a big gulp of that water sitting on the coffee table). I laid on the bed and had thought he’d come cuddle some, but he said his calves were still hurting and he was standing so he could stretch. We were there naked talking for a while until he went back downstairs to clean up and pee. He didn’t come right back up, so I put on my panties and went downstairs to check and he was fully dressed. He’d apparently been freezing. I wasn’t really that cold, but I slipped back on my clothes (no bra) and we sat on the couch for a bit. He flipped through Netflix, and we talked about what we’d seen and not seen. We started watching a stand-up comedy special and shared some laughs. He started a bit of chewing tobacco (eww – but at least it isn’t smoking). So the kissing was pretty much done. I tried to put on my bra but the hooks weren’t cooperating, so I just decided to sneak in the house without it on. I kept kind of touching/groping him which he said he didn’t mind, but he also didn’t really seem interested in starting anything back up (and probably a bit because I told him I couldn’t stay late).

So about 9:40 we both looked at the time and agreed it was probably best I head out. I slipped my shoes back on and he gave me a really nice hug (with some back rubbing) goodbye and a peck on the lips. He told me to be careful and text when I got home. I carefully got back to my car and texted hubs I was about to head home. I stopped by the McD’s on the way out of town as I had never had dinner (their parking lot did not appear to have been plowed – ugh). But I made it around the drive thru and headed home. I got home and my daughter was still out with friends, so I didn’t end up needing to sneak back in anyway. Hubs said he was feeling mildly better, and I got him his glasses so he could look through the pics while I gave him the cliff notes summary of the evening. I told him he’d be somewhat surprised that the “play” portion was a fairly small fraction of the evening, but I had had a really nice visit. I didn’t want him to think I had a 4-hour fuck fest when really it was probably more like an hour.

He looked through the pics. JPL had texted me some of his pics and videos, but the videos didn’t come through very good – they were like 2 seconds long and I know he took more video than that. I am guessing the files were just too big. We’ll have to figure out a better way of sharing those. But hubs still got a kick out of everything and was about half chubbed after looking at the pics. I asked if he felt up to me taking care of that and he said yes, let’s go to our room. He had me get down on my knees and blow him for a while after I quickly stripped off my clothes. At first, I thought he might blow pretty fast, but he didn’t. Then I worried he wouldn’t finish at all so when my knees screamed for mercy, I got on the bed and told him to see if that pussy was still at all wet from my evening adventures (it was damp). He climbed on top of me and fucked me for a bit. I started talking about how hot it was having my friend fill me so good with his big cock and hubs came pretty hard at that thought.

The next morning, hubs told me he’d wanted to blow in my mouth the night before but couldn’t for some reason. I guess not enough pre-teasing since I had only sent him like 4 pics before I got home and hadn’t texted him while driving since the roads still had some nasty patches (worse going south than when I had gone up there). I blew him some more, then we fucked again (missionary and doggie) and he couldn’t cum. He took a shower and then came back, and I blew him again until he came in my mouth. I love that he always wants me more when I have been playing. Until next time - hopefully it won't be another THREE months!

SilverFoxMark66 67M  
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2/7/2022 9:45 am

What a great hot adventure you've had, maybe consider posting this in Erotic True Stories too? Big warm hrny hgs from London, UK, Mark x

boobwhisperer69 59M  
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2/7/2022 9:59 am

Pretty dang hot!!!!!!!!!

CleavageFan4U 65M  
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2/7/2022 11:22 am

Dang, JPL got ALL that, and you even did the driving.

One of my favorite stories is the time I was in the hometown of a lady I'd met a few times, but this particular time it was group business trip, and I didn't have access to a car. NO PROBLEM - she drove to my hotel, and brought pizza and beer, and of course her yummy body.

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2/7/2022 1:22 pm

Nicely written. I hope share more. Thank You.

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2/7/2022 11:33 pm


PonyGirl1965 56F
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2/8/2022 12:35 am

Oh yes! Fabulous. Thank you for sharing! I'm horny now

jc_powerman 61M
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2/28/2022 2:28 am

All I have to say is "DAM"!!!!! 😉

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