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A year with no live music  

ButteredCrumpets 37M
1 posts
9/30/2020 1:40 am
A year with no live music

missing out on dancing has hurt this year, but it do remember days where we could go out and let our hair down.. like Stuttgart in 2009. i never knew her name but she looked like the perfect girl next door. like Heidi from the mountains with a makeover.

As the beat of the music is felt in your chest my hand falls the bottom of your back, supporting you body as a pull you closer, feeling the strength of you thigh against mine..
The beat kept going.

I can smell your perfume and sweet smell of the cocktail on your breath, my large strong hand opens up across the small of your back, pushing firmly… assertively.. the heat from my palm starts to warm your spine causing tingles to fire up your spine, across your shoulders and into the base of your skull.

Your shoulder blades loosen and start to fall down as you arms glide gently next to your sides, your head drops gently to one side and rolls back and forth, pushing down your neck muscles, the warmth from your back travels through your hips and your legs start to feel light.. loose… open

The beat keeps going
Quickening as we glide closer to one another, that moment where our hips find sync and we are on a path to a deeper grove... under your curly blonde hair i see your soft red lips falling open, begging to be kissed as you feel the music take over.

the beat..

I move close and gently<b> bite </font></b>your ear, sending your neck into a gentle warm spasm, i can feel the hairs stand up against my cheek... your body rolls and thighs squeeze mine, my hand slides down to fully cup that gently rocking bottom, it fits perfectly in my hand, as I start to control your rhythm. Guiding you gently from side to side

Keeps going.

our hips finding more complex movements, subtle twists added to the gentle rocking. Moving closer I hold your body close to mine and start to nibble and suck your slender neck, as I rock you backwards my hand slides under the curve of your bum, supporting your weight, my fingers glide past the bottom of your light summers dress and I feel the warmth of sun kissed thighs, heated by the gin cocktails and long summer days, toned by the controlled movement, driven by the bass that is now encapsulating your long summer day

I feel the beat.

I feel your sharp intake of breath, I leave my hand where it is, and with the other wrap it around your back…. You slowly breath out.. it takes forever as your body relaxes muscle by muscle.. I can feel your thighs twitch as every cell in you anticipates what I am about to do next… we are discreet.. everybody is enjoying the music, friends, drinks..
and there is the beat

I trace my fingers back over those same inviting curves, occasionally softly, at times pushing my whole palm in, easing the muscles underneath that summer dress, I see your body change shape, with every trace of my fingers I can hear your breath deepen, limbs lengthen, almost hypnotic…. You begin to let yourself down on my thigh and your legs fall slightly apart.. i can feel your inner thighs now gripping my leg, getting noticeably hotter than any part I have touched, pausing… I carry on. Eager to move your body so I can explore.. but I am patient.. I want to tease you until you beg me to stop..

I feel the beat.

The tip of my finger rounds the inside of your left bum cheek, I slide it slowly down cupping the underneath of your muscular thigh, the trim of your silk knickers has ridden past the point I can feel, greeted with just soft naked skin I push and pull to the rhythm of the music, fingers digging deep and pulling your skin towards my body. Your hips rolling in sync. Your stomach muscles tense as you arch back..what I would give to explore further but I feel content,

I can feel the music in my chest
You run your nails down my torso. The fire in you is now visible in your eyes as they darken, your gaze locked to mine as we let our imaginations do what they need to.

and there is the beat...

With every change in speed and pressure I feel your pulse quicken. Your knees start bend more and I see your legs move ever slower now working to every other beat.. Our speed.
You throw your arm around my neck pulling me close, I lower my head to kiss your ear and nuzzle your cheek, your skin sticky with sweat as your hair clings to your angelic face, i feel your fingers run down the side of my face, still holding my gaze your finger tips follow the outline of my lips, coating them with a soft sticky liquid, I lean in and let your fingers slip into my mouth, sucking your sweet scent from each slender digit..

I missed that slight movement of your hand, I missed the rising of your dress. But I saw the look in your eye X and I felt the beat.

author51 59F  
130010 posts
10/7/2020 12:07 am

What a beautiful read..Thanks for commenting on my blog so I could return the favour..May the Beat Go On...xoxo

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