1st meeting  

BubbaNSA 61M
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11/5/2021 8:16 am
1st meeting

You walk into the room. I put my hand around your neck and push you back until you are against the wall. Holding your neck, I lean down and lick your lips. Then I slowly slide my<b> tongue </font></b>in your mouth and meet yours. We start<b> tongue </font></b>kissing as I lower my other hand. It slides in the waistband of your shorts. I move it down further until I can feel the heat from your sweet pussy. I pull my<b> tongue </font></b>from your mouth and begin to lick your neck, sending shivers thru your body. I finally reach your ear and suck and nibble on it. My other hand has finally found your clit, so hot and wet. I begin circling my fingers around it, hearing a moan escape you. When it is totally hard, I begin to pinch it. Just enough for some slight pain, but great pleasure. I now move my head to your other ear, while still holding your head against the wall. Next I slide 2 of my big fingers, in your shorts, into your soaking pussy. I begin to slide then in and out, feeling your juices running down them onto my hand. I then, take my hand off your neck and slide your tube top down. I take my hand and bring 1 of your big tits up to my waiting mouth. I begin to tease and nibble on your nipple, feeling it growing in my mouth. I continue sliding my fingers in and out of your now dripping pussy, the juice is running down your thighs. Your nipple is now completely hard, I bite it, just enough for the pain/ pleasure sensation to make you quiver again. Then I move my hand to your other tit and begin sucking and nibbling on it. I pull my fingers from your pussy and offer them to you. You open your mouth and suck them in. You swirl your<b> tongue </font></b>around them tasting your sweet juice. I begin to fuck your mouth with them as I now bite your other erect nipple. Now it is time for you to please me.......
I put my hands on your shoulders and push you down onto your knees. You look up at me and smile as you slide my shorts off and find my naked dick in your face. You lean forward and lick the tip slowly with your<b> tongue. </font></b>My dick begins to get hard from your teasing. I put a hand on your head and the other around my dick as I guide it into your hot wet mouth. I begin to fuck your mouth slowly as you suck hard. You reach under my dick and find my balls. You begin to caress my balls as I continue fucking you sweet mouth. After a few minutes, I pull my dick from your mouth. You look up at me and I smile, you smile back knowing what I want next. I turn around and bend over, you move up behind me. Then you start licking from my balls up across my butthole and back down. As you continue to do this, I reach down and slowly stroke my hard dick. You do this for a few minutes, then I tell you " just my butt". You slobber and tease my butt with your<b> tongue </font></b>until I feel the cum wanting release from my balls. I turn around and you swallow my dick and suck hard as you caress my balls more. I begin to shoot my hot cum in your mouth, you swallow fast trying not to choke or lose any. When you have sucked all the cum out, I pull your hair until you are standing before me smiling. I reach over and slide your tube top up and over your head. The I lean down and slide your shorts off leaving you naked. I remove my tee and shorts and join you naked. I put my hand around the back of your neck and guide you to the bed. I turn you around and have you sit on the bed. I tell you " slide back on your back". I reach down and pull your ankles apart spreading you wide open before my view. " now show me your hard clit" I say. You reach down and pull your pussy lips apart. I see your wetness and your clit standing up. " now tease it for me" I command. I watch you begin to circle it with your fingers as I lean forward and slide a finger into your hot wet pussy. We continue this until I can tell you are about to cum. " stop" I say and pull my finger from you, leaving you begging to let you cum. I smile and lean forward. I begin to spank your clit, sending sparks thru your body. Then I lean forward and suck your clit until you squirt all over my face. I look up and see the passion in your eyes. I smile and say " smoke break"

After we have a smoke, I tell you to lay on your back on the bed. I give you a blind fold to put on. After you put it on, I spread your legs wide. I begin kissing your right ankle and slowly kiss and lick my way up until I reach your knee. I then do the same thing to your left leg. But this time I continue kissing and licking until I reach the top of your thigh. Once I get there I lick the crease between your stomach and thigh and you begin to tingle. Then I use my hand there and find the pressure point that makes you squirm. I tease you like that for a while watching you jump around. Then I take my hands and spread you pussy. I begin sucking and licking you lips as I slide 1 of my fingers slowly in you. I move it in and out as I continue sucking your lips. Next I pull my finger out and suck it clean. I move up and stick my<b> tongue </font></b>in your belly button and fuck it slowly as I run my fingers up and down your sides, teasing and tickling you. I move up and lick the left side of your neck, then suck your ear lobe in my mouth and swirl my<b> tongue </font></b>around and around. I do this several times and then move to your right side. Your are moaning loudly and I suspect the juice is running out of your hot wet pussy. Finally I move down and cup your right tit, lower my head and begin sucking on it. My<b> tongue </font></b>circles your nipple as I feel it growing. I continue this until it is hard as a rock. I lift my head and pinch your nipple, making you jump and moan from the pleasure. I do this several times and then move to to left. I cup your left tit and begin to suck and squeeze it. My<b> tongue </font></b>circles your nipple as it grows in my mouth. Again, once it is rock hard, I pinch it watching you jump and moan from the pleasure. The I move up and lick your lips, you part them and my<b> tongue </font></b>slides in. We kiss like we haven't ever done before. I know you are so fucking hot and ready to fuck. I lift the blind fold, look at you and begin to laugh. You look at me and say "fuck me now" I smile and say "smoke break". 😈😛💦😘

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