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3/4/2020 3:48 pm
N/A please read, No title

When I was in the Navy and on tour in Catania, Sicily, a shipmate and I went out on the town and went to a . She wasn’t particularly good looking. In fact, she was rather fat and homely; but we didn’t care. We were horny sailors. Horny sailors don’t care about such matters, especially when they’re<b> drunk. </font></b>At first she wanted to have a threesome with us, but we weren’t comfortable with that, so my friend went with her first and I second. She would only give oral sex (a blowjob) however, and refused to take down her panties a first. When it was my turn, I insisted that I wanted more than a blowjob. Reluctantly, I was finally able to coax and persuade her to lower her panties. I was sur-prised to find that she didn’t have a vagina. In fact, she had a little penis. It was very little, almost like a baby’s, but I didn’t care. Incidentally, it was circumcised, but that didn’t matter. Appearance didn’t matter that much to me, and it still doesn’t. I was horny, a horny sailor. She was obviously a he, a transsexual. I knew that he or she was not a hermaphrodite because of the lack of (a) vagina, as her-maphrodites have both male and female organs, naturally. I certainly couldn’t fuck her in the vagina, because she didn’t have one, so I fucked her in the ass. She, or he, also gave me a blowjob. When I was finished, my friend and shipmate commented that her blowjob was the best he ever had. I didn’t have the heart to tell him that she really wasn’t what she appeared to be. She really wasn’t a girl. He did try to coax or persuade her to lower her panties, but I don’t think that he was as firm as I had been when it was my turn. Perhaps his compliment and appreciation of her would have been different. Perhaps not. Nonetheless, both of us had a wonderful experience. There is no question about that. Whatever anyone may think, this was just one of many extraordinary experiences which I have had the pleasure to endure during my lifetime.

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nice post, glad I stopped by . . .

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