Supreme Court Ruling, Good, Bad and the Ugly  

Briannas_Legs 56T  
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6/16/2020 2:04 pm
Supreme Court Ruling, Good, Bad and the Ugly

I'm sure have heard about the Supreme Court ruling Employment Discrimination involving the LBGT community. First, let me say I have mixed emotions on why the Federal Government even got involved in this, But that's for another Rant. The Good: Justice Gorsich (Trump Nominee) wrote a positive thing which I think should of never had be written. I pointed out Trump because he also stated Gay marriage is not a concern or bother him, he may be an egotistic errogant douche, but gets it in that case. I think nobody should be discriminated against anything, race, religion or sexual orientation, but let's be honest in this society, that's unrealistic. Let's talk about the Bad, shall we. would I jump out of the closet at work immediately, NOPE. let me give some advice about that. Your Employer was just told he/she could not fire you over something they are totally against due to religion (will get to that later) or upbringing. However, they can either make your life a living hell at work or keep a very close eye on you for any screw up they can write you up which means after so many write ups, they have justification terminate you, so don't just jump out on this. Now, The Ugly, Like you employer, you have fellow employees that have the same beliefs as listed above, this can be even more problematic. Violent outbursts or setting you for failure could become common place. Even bad enough violence that bodily harm and even<b> death </font></b>could arise. So, yeah you see, it may not be the win we needed, especially in the T of LBGT community. Being older than many on here, I had an upbringing that was traditional, Men worked, got married a women and she cared for the mostly. That's called upbringing and a great deal of people learned from their family that is how it is, so understanding can be limited. Working in the industry I work in, I know this be true from races also, trust . When someone brings rumors of someone being gay , I just say so, they do their job, couldn't care what they do in the bedroom, which usually ends the discussion. Now religion, there is a discussion for days, but I'll keep it short. Most think all religious are diehard Conservatives, I beg differ, so religion has nothing do with politics. Catholics are kinda split, Christians, tradition conservative, united church of Christ excluded. Jewish are prodominately dems, Baptists as well. Southern Baptists are mixed for the most part, so religion has no aim at politics. But in religion it is said that of us are of God, but Many say that they LBGT community is a group of sinners, what? Huh? SI will not criticize those who seek faith in the church, I just don't believe in organize religion, I believe in God, just not the man made entity known as the church. They do a great deal for people that are down on their luck, and I do support that. As far as Hard-core Muslims, any form of Gay is be put death, so don't get started. Last, let's talk about the LBGT Community, I have said before, they themselves can't agree their own view points, so I am not a big supporter. Gay guys go for guys, they don't go for Trans. Lesbians and Bi women who are 3rd Feminists hate the Trans community, there is plenty out there watch youtube from main activists of the 3rd wave feminists movement proving that, so Trans, sorry girls, we are kinda our own. yes, I know I am mostly generalizing, but I have seem enough say the LBGT community doesn't have my thoughts and values in place. So, before you decide throw your sexuality in the face of work, I suggest you really think twice about it, I don't want anyone hurt. Because the Federal Government had make this ruling and force it people, there will be resentment. Mark my words now, there will be those that jump and throw it in peoples faces without thinking and the law suites, and violent acts will happen, I just hope nobody gets seriously harmed. Please, consider my words on here in this matter, I want nobody hurt. Maybe give it a year or so, feel things out at work before you make a decision, cause frankly what I do at home is my business as long as I do my job or above satisfaction, what is it their business anyway.

KeepingCadence1 47T

7/1/2020 5:23 pm

The Supreme Court may judge the actual law of the land, that never means that the lower IQ ass hats and idiots in our society will not find a way to argue against their findings. To this very day, they argue Roe versus Wade. It may be fact that no argument can be pushed past the SC... but that will NEVER keep any group from trying to reword or re-articulate an argument, so they can push the SC finds in their favor. Do NOT make brash, emotional decisions based on this new "legal revelation." All it will ever take is a single, properly articulated argument to convince a Jury of the Supreme Court that being prejudiced against trans people is somehow okay. While we may know it is not, our government is not known for judging fairly on cases where minorities of any kind are concerned.

Slicksix2018 67M

9/5/2020 12:12 pm

You cannot legislate hate or prejudice from anyone's heart, no matter what laws you pass. I agree with you on Trump not caring. He spent enough time in show business/ entertainment that he has probably been exposed to most of those lifestyles/orientations and doesn't care. He's never been an idealouge. Because of his business background he approaches things from a much more pragmatic perspective. One thing I've never understood is why so many LGBT people side with the dems against Trump. I mean Trump put Rick Grinnell an open gay man in the highes cabinet position of any other President including all those great dems. When the trans bathroom controversy was in the news he publicly stated Caitlyn Jenner was welcome to use whatever bathroom she chose in any Trump property. I've always wondered why gay people support the dems now who want to flood the country with Muslim refugees who believe anyone gay should be put to death. For sure in a devout muslim family if a male decided he really identified as a female, chances are his own father would either kill him or arrange to have him killed. So I don't get this blind support for a party that wants to flood communities with people whose beliefs are totally oppositie our constitution.
I agree with you about coming out to an employer. It may not even be your employer that has a problem with your gender/orientation but if your fellow employees have issues with it and they also happen to be very productive employees, well you are just one person and the employer will find a way around the law to get rid of you even if it's just making your life miserable. Make no mistake, employers know how to do this. They do it all the time for employees that don't pull their weight or fit into the company. And they know how to do it to get around the law. Once again always keep in mind, the government cannot legislate what is in someone's heart and laws can always be twisted and circumvented for specific purposes.

tina_w8296 39F
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11/5/2021 9:36 am

Once again I agree with you and the other commentator Brianna but not 100%. This goes back to last blog you wrote about people being put into boxes. I was very straight until after my divorce and now consider myself gay. I have nothing against the trans community and in fact I find many trans girls to be very sexy and also beautiful like like yourself. In fact I could see you and I dating if we lived closer!

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