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Ways to figure out a fake/scamming account.  

Brettjet4 26M
0 posts
11/26/2019 2:09 am
Ways to figure out a fake/scamming account.

These will be my personal thoughts on hints that I've found on accounts that are fake/scamming. Not everything I list will be a telltale sign that an account is fake or scamming, but from my experience, it's a very convincing sign.
This will be more of a list than anything, hopefully this may help out others that read this.

1. No Profile Picture
- Is it really that difficult or humiliating to post a picture of yourself/body/privates without your face?

2. The profile has only one picture.
- Now I have only one picture on my profile, but I'm also Confirmed, meaning my real life ID was sent in and verified by Senior Sizzle. Otherwise it's a suspicious red flag.

3. Pictures on a profile that can be reverse searched using
- I've used this site to quickly click and drag a profile photo onto the search area, and BLAMO, it either lists results of other sites that have the exact same photo or there are no results, meaning it's been modified slightly or it's a legit photo. Modified could mean the photo was cropped to be smaller, bigger, or cutting out something like a face, or just a couple pixels of the image, possibly even depleting the quality of the original photo.

4. The profile information isn't completely filled out.
- Like come on... if they're seriously looking to find someone or multiple people, they'd at least put some time into letting everyone else know why they're here.

5. The profile information has multiple grammatical errors.
- A lot of this stuff is what even a high school could fix...

6. The profile information directly talks to "you", as if it was a Direct Message or Instant Message.
- Who would fall for that, honestly..

7. When IM or DM chatting begins, and they want to take the chat RIGHT AWAY to hangouts, kik, gmail, or phone texts.
- The messaging system on here isn't terrible, I've never had any problems with it personally, other than the IM blocking certain phrases, and other people having the window crash on them. This isn't a huge red flag, but it's suspicious from my point of view.

8. When they ask for money or other forms of payment.
-If the account is asking for Gift Card Codes, Western Union transfers, Senior Sizzle Points, or other forms of payment that can be transferred over the internet and not in person.
- This is pretty much a dead give away that the account is a scam. They may ask this over IM, DM, or more likely through a different messaging service.

9. Along with DM's and IM's, the account uses the same script over and over.
- This could be, "Get in here" "I'm<b> drunk </font></b>lol,<b> drunk </font></b>drunk drunk" "Have you seen my site?" "I want you NOW" etc. Those are just examples, but the main point is that the account continues to say the same phrases every time they are contacted. This may mean they are a real/non-scamming account, but have no interest in chatting or meeting in person and only wish to advertise their cam site.

10. The profile location and where the account user says they are don't match up.
- If the account user states that they are on some mission to save in some 3rd World Country and won't be back for weeks/months, and they don't include that information in their profile, status, or change their profile/cupid locations, then that's a very big red flag from my experience.

These are a few things that should be easily recognizable that something is wrong with the account and/or the one using that account. I've had the most success personally after chatting through IM's and DM's for a while, then sharing a pic or two, AFTER ruling out all of the possible fake/scammer account variables.
One last thing, just because someone doesn't respond, doesn't mean they're fake, it could just mean they aren't interested, are not looking at the site at that time.
Feel free to post any other suggestions for users to see.
HAPPY MINGLING! happym;happyf;

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