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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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Running in the rain, that's a wrap
Posted:Aug 24, 2021 5:52 pm
Last Updated:Aug 25, 2021 7:37 am

Sheets of warm rain lashed the roof above, it was so heavy at times, it sounded like squirrels scurrying across the shingles.

The steamy humidity outside was in stark contrast to the cool AC inside. My body reacted instantly.

Still dripping from the rain, I was instantly chilly, and my naked body responded accordingly, goose bumps prickled up across my skin, my nipples tightening into tiny spears.

I began to shiver despite the heat of arousal burning within me.

My neighbor’s cock bobbed and weaved in front of my eyes, like a serpent dancing to its handler’s flute, his hands cupping my head, assertively guiding my face toward his swollen peg.

I opened my mouth to receive him but shivered involuntary again as my body adjusted to the AC.

He paused, seemingly concerned that my involuntary reaction was some sort of hesitancy after seeing the size of his erect penis.

Looking down on me, kneeling before him submissively and obediently, with my open mouth waiting for his permission to pleasure him, he lifted my face so he could look me in the eyes, to affirm my assent.

I smiled hungrily, stroking his long hard shaft with one hand from its hairy root to its purple helmet, back and forth, encircling his girth between my thumb and index finger, while caressing his twisting balls, like a juggler, with my other hand.

Beg for it.

Defying his command, I opted to show him instead.

Rising to sit on my heels, now squatting, I spread my knees widely; my slickened pussy lips popping apart, like a kiss, breaking its seal.

Then I began rhythmically thrusting my hips upward, further exposing my opening to him, and alternatingly arching my back, pushing my boobs outward him, exclaiming my intentions for him to use me any way he desired.

The tip of his cock betrayed his stern look, and began leaking his pre-cum lube in heavy droplets, oozing forth with every stroke. Evidently, he liked what he saw.

Tormenting him deliciously, I leaned in and gently sucked in just the tip his throbbing helmet between my lips, licking the dewy droplets from his hole, tickling the underside of his cock head.

Beg for it.

I was literally dripping wet, but I don’t beg.

Quickly opening my mouth and lunging forward, I swallowed his bulbous head in a gulp.

Shockingly, he pulled back, popping out of my mouth, and lifting me to my feet, using my armpits as handholds, in one continuous motion, like a bizarre Karate movie moment.

Surprised and off-balance he shoved me toward the bed, and I stumbled backwards landing softly, bouncing to a semi-seated position, resting on my elbows, legs spreads, my pussy lips glazed with my own juices, I beckoned him to take me now, curling my index fingers, directing him toward my opening, sluicing my juices in anticipation.

He ignored me. Instead choosing to reach under the bed.

At each corner, he revealed a thick nylon strap, topped with a Velcro cuff.

Collegeboy got some game I thought but didn’t say. I just let him do his thing.

He wasted no time methodically and meticulously cuffing my arms and legs, cinching me down tightly, spreading me open widely and securely, restraining me completely.

I was gushing now. Writhing playfully in my restraints. Begging him with body language but denying him my words.

He stood over me, his cock drooling profusely now, and looked discerningly in my eyes, again affirming my assent.

My eyes twinkled as I grinned up at him. Take me. And be thorough. I wanted, and needed, a good fucking by this young stud.

Out of nowhere, like a magician, he produced a hood with only a mouth hole.

Abruptly, I was plunged into darkness.

Instinctively, instantly, fear stoked in my mind. I began to tremble. Sweat burst forth on my brow soaking my hood. I felt claustrophobic and began hyperventilating.

It was eerily quiet.

My panic passed. I calmed myself. I realized that I live next door and my hubby was on his way home and he knew where I was. I would be just fine. I hope.

I was sensitized to movement and any sounds.

I felt heavy knees crawling up front the foot of the bed and over my shoulders, pinning me in place, framing my head between them.

So now Collegeboy wanted his blow-job.

I opened my mouth, providing a fleshy pink target, in contrast to the surrounding black hood. My tongue flickered out, stabbing at the air, in search of cock to lick.

Finally, my reward was laid on my tongue, smearing its slipperiness across my lips, gently sparring with my tongue, jabbing at my open mouth teasingly, as my hooded head rolled side to side, trying to anticipate movement and catch this unseen cock.

The preliminaries ended with no fanfare.

Strong hands clasped my head, centering the opening in my hood and my mouth straight up.

And straight down it came.

In one thrust, its tip parted my lips, pushed my jaw open widely, and proceeded to use my tongue as a greased skid, sliding down my throat until it came to abrupt stop, balls-deep, hanging over my chin, as his pubic hair tickled my upper lip.

Once firmly implanted, he dropped his hips, pressing his full weight, and my head underneath it, into the mattress.

I couldn’t breathe. Really.

But he just rested there, adjusting himself, occasionally and randomly, without withdrawing, thrusting a little deeper into my throat.

Frantically, I thrashed against my restraints, tugging violently, twisting like a hooked gator.

He warned me not to bite, or else.

Then as suddenly as he penetrated me, he withdrew, roping out of my throat, like a cut anchor line, life-sustaining air rushed in, filling my burning lungs. I gasped and coughed and sputtered and gulped for air.

Good girl.

He positioned himself above me again, locking my head in place. I pleaded with him. I begged him.

That a girl. But a little too late.

I pursed my lips, squeezing them together in a futile attempt to deny his next entry.

Deprived of sensory perception, blind and deafened by my hood, I focused entirely on the pressure on my lips.

The instant his tip touched my lips, I felt something parting my pussy lips too.
I shrieked in surprise, dropping my guard momentarily, long enough for his cock to find its pathway.

My pussy was so wet, slimy with my own juices, it offered no resistance at all.

Two cocks slid easily into me to their hilts, grinding against my openings, intent on going deeper if they could.

They rutted into me like wild beasts, in synchronicity, and then alternatingly, there was no choreography, just lustful animalistic urgency.

The cock in my pussy found its rhythm and touched me in all the right places, stretching me and lengthening me, stabbing my g-spot and raking my clit, my entire pelvis was sparking with sensation, and despite my restraints, I began bucking back at this pistoning behemoth. This cowboy had best hold on tight.

The cock in my throat artfully deprived my lungs just to the point where my consciousness began to lose its grip but heightened my pleasure at the same time. I wanted to breathe but I didn’t want it to stop. I was giddy.

It this tweener-world of foggy pleasure, I could feel my orgasm growing with intensity, like a distant forest fire, consuming everything in its path as it raced to its cataclysmic finale.

It wasn’t just one switch that was flipped, it was all of them at once. Like a lightning point, everything was bright white, and then blackness.

My shuddering orgasm sent my body convulsing into asphyxiation, sending both cocks over the edge with me.

When I awoke, I could taste cum in my mouth and the tell-tale sensation of cum dribbling from my well-screwed pussy.

I laid there quietly, unmoving, enjoying to totality of my satisfaction, my hood still covering my head.

Then I heard muffled conversation, my hubby’s voice, and my neighbor’s and his ’s voices.

I will thank my hubby too for setting up this encounter, once they release me.

But that wouldn’t be for a few hours, and few more rounds.

Now that the jig was up, I got to watch myself live on video.
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Running in the rain, aftermath.
Posted:Aug 23, 2021 3:17 pm
Last Updated:Aug 24, 2021 11:54 am

A grimace of annoyance contorted my face as the futility of being locked out of my own house set in. Nonetheless, I aggressively twisted the door knob with both hands, dropping an F-bomb or two to punctuate my frustration.

Despite the heavy rain, my neighbor’s watched with delight as my naked titties jiggled as tried to force entry in my house. Seeing my keys on the kitchen counter through the window made it all the worse.

Defeated, I sat on the back steps, pulled my knees into my chest, and let the warm humid rain pelt my nudity, while contemplating what to do next.

My neighbor waved goodbye and hauled his wet hound back toward his house. His backdoor was wide open, taunting me.

It would hours before my hubby arrived home and there was no way I was gonna sit naked on this stoop that long.

I considered breaking a window. But then I imagined the horror of being arrested for breaking and entering and public nudity, at my own house.

Closing my eyes and resting my forehead on my knees, I hugged myself, hoping a solution would reveal itself.

I felt a presence that startled me. Cautiously, I lifted my head to see.

It was my neighbor, his blond curls matted to his forehead in the rain. He presented me with a towel to cover myself, quite the young gentlemen, and asked how he could help.

When I stood the wrap myself with the towel, I was standing a step or two above him, his eyes roamed all over my body, until my trimmed pussy held his focus.

I deliberately paused a moment longer than necessary so he could fully enjoy his view before unfurling the towel.

He brought me a hand towel, barely (pun intended) large enough to fully encircle my waist, leaving an ample gap in the curtain, allowing my pussy to peak through. His smirk revealed that his selection was not a mistake.

He asked if needed to use a phone.


It was next door.


He was wet to the bone, so to speak, his erection proudly on display through his soaked shorts. Evidently, sans underwear.

He asked if I needed, or wanted, anything else.

I asked who else was home next door besides his wet hound.

Home alone was his response, with a wink.

I could feel my nipples crinkle into pencil erasers as my pussy began salivating for this youthful hunk of prime beefcake.

I discarded the totally useless hand towel and we bounded across the yard to his kitchen.

Naked under the bright lights, I was concerned how I looked. Good enough to eat, I hoped.

My hubby laughed through phone. And made me describe in detail my situation. Totally naked except my running shoes. He laughed again. Be kind is all he said and hung up.

I turned to my host and explained I had an hour to kill before the cavalry arrived.

He offered me another towel. But this one was in bathroom off his bedroom.

He motioned for me to follow.

I guess this is the game they play in college these days.

He pulled off his dripping t-shirt as he went, dropping it casually midstride, revealing a very muscular back.

Next, he stepped out of his shorts, after shimmying them over his hard ass and down his legs. He kicked them aside as he turned to face me.

Facing each other, our eyes met first, my titties rising and falling on my heaving chest drew his attention, my gaze dropped too to his hard glistening pecks, stacked on top of his sculpted abs, like a ladder down to his pulsing cock.

I gasped. He was so big. And his body was so strong.

My knees were next to hit the floor, kneeling before his manhood, my hands clasping his cheeks, my nails digging in to his firm glutes, pulling him toward my open mouth.

More to cum?
Running in the rain
Posted:Aug 18, 2021 1:22 pm
Last Updated:Aug 19, 2021 9:51 am

I love running, just not in the high heat and humidity of the South in August, but I need to keep training for races in the fall. What’s a girl to do?

Treadmills are a runner’s best friend when it’s super sticky outside.

I run at the gym and at home but I prefer the gym because I’m surrounded by other humans in motion, so it almost feels like a race, sort of.

Today, it was rainy, and inconvenient to go to the gym so I decided to run at home. Without even thinking about it, habitually, I changed my clothes into my running gear, laced up my shoes, and jumped on my Tread.

After a few strides, it occurred to me that I was at home, I didn’t need to get another outfit all sweaty.

Wearing nothing but running shoes, I jumped back on and began my workout.

I have smaller boobies that don’t flop around, they bounce a bit with each stride but not so much to be uncomfortable.

As I ran longer and harder, beads of perspiration burst forth from my skin and began rolling down my arms and legs, and down between my boobies and across my abs, disappearing into my pubic thatch, neatly trimmed but long enough to provide cover for these runaway beads.

Other rivulets ran between my shoulder blades, down my back, draining into the crack of ass cheeks.

Runner’s High is a real thing and soon I found myself pleasantly buzzed on endorphins as I increased my pace, my thoughts melting away into the rhythmic thumping of my shoes against the Tread, as the rain pelted the steamed window next to me.

Time flew by.

I was dripping wet as I cooled down after the hard run. Even with the AC blasting and a large fan whirling next to me, my pores were like a faucet turned wide open.

My nipples reported the indoor temperature as they hardened, crinkling into little raisins.

The rain called to me. I debated with myself for a moment. But who would see me? And, so what if they did? I have a great body and I am happy to share it.

I stepped outside and I was immediately hit with a wave of heat and humidity, and rain.

It was delightful.

Emboldened, I took a lap around my backyard, which isn’t fenced, but given the rain, it was unlikely I would run into my neighbors, so I thought.

Until nature called. Not for me but my neighbor’s dog. And like any good herding dog, a lost lamb needs to be corralled pronto. He shot across the yards as soon as he saw movement.

My neighbor’s college-aged drew the short-straw to take the hound out or so he thought until he saw what his saw first. He raced after his dog, through the rain, closing the gap between us quickly, when he realized that I was naked, except for my shoes.

He remained committed to retrieving his retriever but he approached cautiously, unsure of how to navigate the situation.

I stood still and upright so as not to excite his further, my arms at my sides, occasionally brushing away an inquisitive snorting snout.

He leaned and grabbed by its collar and his eyes were level with my pussy. And there was an awkward pause until he pulled his away.

His eyes darted back and forth from my face to my body, scanning me from head to toe, lingering at my breasts and my pussy.

A clap of thunder startled us both, causing me jump, drawing his eyes back to my bouncing boobs.

Confusion was written across his face and the outline of his arousal could be seen distending his dampening shorts.

Embarrassed and trying to justify myself, I blurted out that I was out for a run. Naked in the rain. It sounded as stupid then as writing it now.

As if it could get any worse, I felt the spark of heat between my legs. Now I was the one with darting eyes, not so slyly assessing the length and girth of his swelling appendage.

Oddly, he seemed very comfortable around naked women, and confidently responded that my effort was showing results, which snapped me back to awareness, causing me to instinctively flinch and try to cover nudity, but I resisted the impulse, because the scene was already so absurd, I am old enough to be his mother.

The least I could do now was maintain some semblance of control and deliberateness about my actions as crazy they seemed, being caught running naked in the rain in my backyard.

I calmly thanked him for the compliment and turned toward my backdoor. He would enjoy watching my runner’s ass all the way there.

My hand on doorknob, I turned to wave goodbye, only discover the door was locked.
Bedtime story part 3 for kinky1foranother
Posted:Jun 5, 2021 1:49 pm
Last Updated:Jul 18, 2021 11:21 am

In the back of my mind, I heard my Peloton instructor barking, "If you can't get out of it, get into it."

It was pony-ride time, so let's get into it.

For the four men surrounding me while I reclined naked on the chaise, it was a forgone conclusion.

"Pony, pony, pony," they chanted.

Caked in cum and stretched to the limits of my anatomy, I was as ready as I would ever be, for the Pony. Bring it on!

The four men disappeared and then reappeared carrying the Pony on their shoulders like an Egyptian god, one at each corner.

They lowered it to the deck with great pomp and circumstance, and presented me with my ride.

But it wasn't a Pony. It was, what appeared to be, a black plastic half barrel with a GIANT peg sticking straight up in the center. Oh my. Not again. Another capacity filling sex toy.

My host clicked a remote and the peg began to vibrate and oscillate. He squirted a generous stream of lube onto the post and waved his hand toward this Pony to show me the way.

I sat there mesmerized.

Curiously, my first thought was, if I managed get that thing inside me, straddling the pony, and I leaned forward, would there be enough room to take a cock in my ass too.

I dared not verbalize my thoughts because all four men would be happy to find out.

My host seemed to read my mind, when he pronounced, "Shots all around." Not Covid shots, just good old-fashioned Tequila shots.

The first one burned on its way to my belly but the splash of intoxication warmed me from the inside out, sending a rolling wave of alcohol buzzing through my mind. The second and third shots tasted sweet.

Rolling onto my hands and knees, I crawled across the chaise, like a seductive tigress, swinging my hips and my boobs, as I approached my prize.

With my ass high, my host leaned in and licked one cheek, while grabbing the other. I looked back over my shoulder and asked him if he'd mind giving me some extra lube before mounting this pony.

He saluted obediently, and tucked in behind me on chaise, slipping his erect pecker into my open pussy. He plunged deeply into me, stopping only when his hips crashed into my mine. He pumped me vigorously and urgently like he was a furtive fucker, not the star of his own show, his buddies watching intently, as my titties swung back and forth with each thrust.

But he was the star, and he knew it. After his last deep thrust, he pulled out and sprayed his goo on my asshole and my lower back in long arching viscous ropes, causing his cohort to applaud enthusiastically and cat-call loudly.

I could feel his hot goo coursing down between my cheeks, pooling in the crevices of my rosebud.

The hurrahs faded and there was an awkward silence, everyone unsure about what would happen next. They waited for me to lead them.

"Don't let your host's slick goo go unused," I scolded them. Someone fuck my ass.

My host looked crestfallen. He wanted my ass but his limp wiener needed a rest. And his friends wasted no time pulling him out of the way.

Big hands grabbed my hips and re-positioned my ass, lining me up for the next cock. I felt pressure for a moment, and then thanks to the man-lube coating my ass, the cock parted my tender anus folds, like a plug in a socket, until meeting my sphincter's inner tight ring.

Determine and unrelenting, he pressed on and in, until sinking his length into me to its depth. I gasped. He was bigger than I anticipated, as much of this afternoon had been.

He thrusted like a piston, revving his RPM, carving into my ass like a reciprocating saw on high.

Instinctively, I dropped from my hands to my elbows, raising my hips higher, giving him better access, to ply his trade. This man was an expert ass-fucker.

And he wanted to his friends to witness his skill and appreciate the spectacle. Lost in sensation and focusing on my building orgasm, I felt alone with this stranger.

Until someone abruptly grabbed my hair and pulled my face up from chaise. A pulsing one-eyed serpent greeted me. Before I could respond, it found its way into my mouth, and began winding down my throat.

The lid was off the jar as the saying goes.

Hands were all over me, slapping my ass, pawing at my boobs, twisting my nipples, and stabbing fingers into my open and available pussy like sword play.

Between the cock in my ass and the one in my throat, my body was volleyed back and forth. At first out of sync, it was like a perverse tug of war, as each rider tried to pull me deeper onto his peg, but there was enough to go around, I assured them, and we eased in to cadence that served everyone.

The cock in my ass erupted first, thrusting me forward onto the cock in my mouth, triggering a cascade of orgasms, and then finally my own.

Three of the four satisfied for the moment, I spread eagle on the chaise, staring up at the twilight sky, exhaling deeply as I pondered the pony again.

But my body language was an invitation, and the fourth took his place between my thighs, slipping into me, parting my glistening puffy lips, until he found the bottom of my pussy. I tilted my pelvis, giving him a little more depth, which he took greedily.

Since he was the last, he took his time, enjoying my bounty completely.

He drilled my pussy until I orgasmed again. And then flipped me over. My quivering anus offered no resistance, my rectum slick with a load of cum, but it was tighter than my well-used pussy, and he took full advantage of it.

He pulled me back up to my knees and pushed my face into the chaise cushion, as he mounted me.

With three fingers scooping the cum from my pussy, he slid in and out of my ass with long strokes, popping out of my open anus, presenting his swollen glazed rod to the crowd, hovering over my gaping hole, before dropping his full weight on his spear, stabbing deeply into me.

He bounced on my hips, the deck creaking underneath the chaise. Over and over. It was punishing pleasure.

I reached back and grabbed his swinging balls between my legs and squeezed them firmly, encouraging him to end his torment, and mine, and unleash his load. But he was in a rhythm. He could have been a band conductor, his cadence was so steady.

But enough was enough.

I wringed his ball sack, and I heard him groan with pleasure. I sensed that he was close to cumming. Another plunging drop in my ass. His weight straining my frame.

My hand climbed his sack until my finger found his asshole.

On his next drop, I returned the favor, jamming my manicured middle finger into his ass, pressing his male G-spot.

He grunted loudly before a torrent of cum hosed my asshole, mixing with his friend's first load, bubbling up around his impaling cock. I could feel the volume of goo filling me, like a broken faucet.

He stayed there, his heaving chest resting on my back, his softening cock twitching in my ass, finally pulling out of me with an audible pop.

Freed, I crumped on the chaise. He looked to his friends for their assessment. Thumbs up all.

My host shook me awake and politely told me it was time to go. It was night. How late, I didn't know.

He offered me a ride home but I'd been ridden enough for one day. We both laughed.

But there's always tomorrow, he said with a wink.
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Bedtime story part 2 for kinky1foranother
Posted:May 21, 2021 3:21 pm
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2021 3:56 am

My new friend motioned for the check with one hand, while three fingers of his other hand were still sawing in and of my pussy. The server nodded affirmatively but didn't give us a second glance as she weaved her way through the sea of crowded tables.

Unaware of my own body movements, I began leaning back in my seat, scooching my butt cheeks to the edge of the chair, parting my knees as wide as its arms allowed, and tilting my pelvis upward, to give him better access to penetrate me even more.

I wantonly humped his thick fingers, grabbing his wrist with both hands, driving his fingers more deeply into me, like a fist-shaped dildo.

So lost in desire, I was unfazed by other patrons at the tables nearest ours, who could likely hear squishing and sucking sounds emanating from our table.

It was time to go. I needed to go. My situation was becoming desperate and urgent.

After paying the tab, we gathered our things in preparation for departure, but the sight of my bikini wadded up in my beach bag gave me pause, and I thought about what my hubby might think of me and my slutty behavior. But the thought was fleeting.

I had more pressing concerns. How was I going to get out the restaurant in my current state? My cover-up offered little to no coverage, my perky titties were exposed from the sides and my nipples poked out like darts, not to mention, the darkened circle of the wet spot on the back of my dress, where my juices had left their mark.

Hopefully, everyone would be too engrossed in conversations and with their meals to notice a nearly naked woman passing by.

My new friend grabbed my free hand, denying me the ability to use it to adjust my dress, and began to snake his way through the packed patio. With each turn, one breast or the other would swing out from my cover-up. Trying to keep them restrained was futile, so the sooner we got through this, the better. Until . . .

But of course, we were waylaid by a few friends of his, also enjoying their lunch a table near the hostess stand, where a long line had formed along the sidewalk.

After a quick glance around, I resigned myself to the inevitable shame of exposing myself to dozens of strangers in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

Oh well. Que, sera, sera.

During introductions, I leaned down and over the table extending my hand to each of his friends.

As expected, my cover-up fell away from my body, and with each pump of our shaking hands, my boobies bounced for all to see. Needless to say, the handshakes were lengthy and extended.

With each successive introduction, the handshakes became more enthusiastic, and my boobies began swinging around in circles and slapping together, it was as if they were applauding their own freedom from restraint.

I wondered if anyone I knew was also dining here today, to witness my show. My embarrassment would then be complete.

I was so concerned about exposing my perky tatas that it didn't even occur me that every time I leaned in to shake another hand, my short cover-up rode up my hips, exposing my bikini-less butt and glistening puffy pussy lips.

A guy seated at a table behind me craned his neck so much that he almost stuck his snout in my honey pot.

Finally, with the pleasantry concluded, we were free to leave. But as we departed, he nonchalantly called back to his friends, inviting them to by his beach house after lunch. Knowingly, after lecherously looking up and down, pausing their inspection my nipples, and again, my hips, they exuberantly accepted.

His beach house was spectacular, with stunning views from several balconies.
He offered drink, to "wash down the road dust" after our arduous three block strolls from the restaurant. My buzz waning, I happily accepted.

So where is this pony ride, I wondered aloud, as I explored his house, room by room, stopping each balcony and leaning over the rail to catch every angle of the views.

He handed my fourth Marg and directed to , with an open palm the small of my back, to the balcony and a set of chaise lounge chairs. The ocean breeze was cooling in the heat of the , the sun in the .

Since my cover-up left nothing to the imagination anyway, I peeled it off and tossed it at the foot of the chair. It felt liberating to put the pretense of modesty where it belonged.

He admired my body and reveled in showing myself to him, twirling like a drunken ballerina. My pussy was so wet and ready for sex, that it offered no resistance to any cummer, just a slick opening for repeated usage.

As I stretched on the chaise, arms overhead, and legs spread widely, soaking in rays, I closed my eyes, and let the warmth and rising alcohol buzz wash over .

Unbeknownst to , my host had left and returned with a gift for , that he laid between my legs.

He dripped icy droplets from his cocktail glass on my nipples to awaken from my stupor.

Rolling over to greet him, my knee bumped into something, heavy and smooth.
Rolling back and sitting upright, I peered down.

Grinning ear to ear, I hoisted its heft, measuring its girth by encircling my fingers of both hands around it. I'd never handled one this size before.

Temptation was overriding self-preservation. This would test the limits of my ability.

My host moved to foot my chaise, sitting alongside my thigh, and offered his assistance. It could be easily be a two-person effort.

He slid it toward my open slit, down the center of the chaise cushion, inching nearer like a giant inch worm. I reclined to my elbows, and peeked over my pubic patch, watching its forward progress, unconsciously spreading my knees, moving my thighs away from it, parting my lips and aligning my tunnel with its approach.

I could feel rivulets of self-lube coursing from my opening, dribbling across my rosebud, disappearing between the crevice of my cheeks, soaking the chaise beneath me.

But seeds of doubt began sprouting into a forest of fear and uncertainty, even my arousal and desire couldn’t quell the worry of what this behemoth would do to me physically and emotionally. Would I become a slave to it? How would anything else compare afterward?

Its tip collided with my outer lips, like a squared peg fitting into round hole, abruptly ending its advance, but my host diligently applied increasing pressure from its base, two giant baseball-sized black silicone testicles, and it began stretching my opening, slipping into me, ever so slowly, but entering nonetheless, until the increasing circumference of it bulbous head found my pussy’s limit.

I gulped for air, biting my lip, with increasing pleasure and pain.

I was literally dripping, so lube wouldn’t help me now. My pussy was resisted for the moment, but it was faltering will each passing second, millimeter by millimeter, this black beast continued it relentless onslaught, sinking slowly but certainly into my slickened tunnel, the rim of its helmet nearing the cusp of my opening.

My mind's eye envisioned me greedily taking it all in but my body screamed with defiance, revealing its physical limitations. Or not.

The giant black dildo perfectly proportional and realistic looking in every way, just enormous, bowed upward at its the middle, like a humpback, as the its head, stretching gaping hole, battled for admittance to my complete depth.

Dropping back to chaise completely, I focusing on relaxing my body and calming my mind, navigating the extreme sensations and fullness.

Then with a pop, like it was spring-loaded, the giant dong, snapped straight, my pussy’s surrender was unconditional and total, succumbing to my host’s determination, the giant cock slid into me in an instant, like a stone falling through water, filling me to capacity, forcing the air from lungs.

And then my host began pulling and pushing, sawing into me like a lumberjack, back and forth, in and out, slowly pumping me at first, with his cadence increasing with each stroke, like a piston. Waves of pleasure and pain crashed over me.

I was almost hysterical from sensation. I had never felt anything like this before. It was inconceivable that this thing was actually inside me. My eyelids fluttered as I was on the verge of passing out.

When his teeth bit down on my nipple unexpectedly, the added sensations sent me over the top, and I writhed in orgasm, my pussy clenching and releasing the giant bat within, over and over, until my expended body melted into the chaise cushion.

Exhausted and satisfied, he pulled it from me like a firehose, my pussy agape, twitching and spasming, trying to find its normal shape.

Lifting just my head from the chaise, I could see my host smiling from my heaving belly and chest; wiping sweat from his brow. Tough work, I laughed to myself.

Somehow, he managed to remove his shorts, and a splatter of his jism, covered my legs, the dido, and the cushion between them, languidly obeying the laws of gravity.

He brought his softening penis to my mouth, straddling my head on the chaise, tapping its tip against my lips, until I sucked him in and closed my eyes, enjoying the tangy taste.

I could feel him becoming engorged, stiffening on my tongue. I still got it, I thought to myself.

Impressed with his stamina, for an older guy, I redoubled my effort, intent on bringing him to orgasm again. He didn’t last long and his second load was easily swallowed.

I drifted off to sleep. When I awoke, it was just after sunset, but still . And I was still naked. My nether region throbbed, but no worse for wear.

My host and his friends emerged from the house and sat down around me, cocktails and cigars in hand.

My first impulse was to cover myself, but to what benefit, they had seen everything already. So, I sat upright and reclined into the chaise, my boobies proudly on display, the center of attention, but tender from his teething, bite marks and bruising noticeable around my nipples. But no worse for wear.

Still groggy from the sun, the booze, the GIANT invader, AND two loads, slowly everyone started coming into focus in the twilight, and all four men were stroking their erect cocks from unzipped shorts, except my host, who was still naked too. And he no tan lines, but who wouldn’t, if you lived in this house.
He regaled them with the story of our afternoon together. Two loads, he proudly proclaimed, in conclusion.

After his monologue, he announced to all, to enthusiastic cheers all around, that I was ready for a pony ride.

They looked at me with anticipation, waiting for my decision.

One of them was evidently overcum by the prospect of it, and ejaculated on my leg, for the second time today.

To be continued?
Bedtime story for kinky1foranother
Posted:May 20, 2021 12:51 pm
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2021 3:57 am

For the first time in over a year, and fully-vaccinated, I found myself mask-less and in line for lunch at a local eatery that had been a regular spot for me and my hubby.

Except today, I was alone. My hubby was back on the road making hay to afford my life of leisure. I missed him but I wasn’t gonna forego the culinary delights and potent adult beverages I’d been longing for.

was a brilliant summer day, warm and breezy, with a cloudless sky, and not yet too humid for comfort.

I spent the better part of morning basking in the sun on the sparsely populated beach until my grumbling tummy began to drown out the waves. Time to satisfy my graving.

My one-size too small bikini showcased my COVID-bod sculped by daily yoga studio and miles of pounding the pavement, revealing just enough of my tight butt and perky B-cups to turn heads but not too much to turn the jailor’s key.

I pulled on my semi-sheer cover-up with plunging sides that nicely framed by bouncing boobs down to my hips, the ties of my bikini bottoms rising above the bottom of the arm holes.

The restaurant was surprisingly busy, or not, given everyone’s rediscovered sense of freedom, so finding a table for one might have been a problem until an attractive older man waved to the hostess and pointed at an empty chair at his table. He was alone too. What luck.

She asked me discretely if I wanted to join him otherwise it would a 45-minute wait. Decision made.

He greeted me warmly like we’d known each other for years. Other patrons around us may have confused him for my hubby or boyfriend, we appeared to be intimates.

And he was a good guesser too. My favorite cocktail arrived minutes later, followed by his joking apology that he wasn’t being presumptuous, just hoping to quench my thirst.

The ice-cold booze found the bottom of my empty stomach with a splash that rebounded up my spine with an instantly warming buzz. My new friend made quite a good impression.

We ate and drank (a lot) and laughed and shared stories and began showing pictures on our phones, he was a charmer.

After my third Margarita, I somehow found myself sitting next to him, having moved from my original seat with the table between us.

From his vantage point, he now had an unobstructed view of my abs and belly through the open side of my cover-up. And with each burst of laughter, my little titties danced on my chest under the thin fabric.

He playfully tugged at the tie of my bikini bottom, jokingly cautioning me about not getting that bow accidentally caught on anything or I might inadvertently expose myself.

Twirling the tie with his index finger, his seemingly unintentional light caress of my bare upper thigh crease sent a spark jolting through me. Unexpectedly, I felt a twinge of arousal. My pussy moistening with approval.

I thanked him for concern and redirected his finger back to phone. His hands were large and strong. My delicate fingers instinctively grasping and encircling his thick digit as I guided his hand back above the table.

Another uncontrolled shudder of arousal sent a ripple of goosebumps across my skin. My nipples crinkled into little spears, tenting the triangles of my bikini top.

With both hands back on his phone, he began scrolling through countless pictures, in search of a specific one to show me. I leaned into his shoulder and watched the blur of images rolling under his finger.

What was that? I asked to him to scroll back. The image passed by so quickly, I thought I recognized something, but I wasn’t sure.

Seizing the moment, he abruptly asked “Truth or Dare?”

His eyes dropped my eyes to my heaving chest. Why was I suddenly breathing so heavily? A sheen of perspiration burst forth, my skin glistening in the sunshine. Unexpectedly self-conscious and nervous, I chose Dare, not wanting to affirm the question I suspected was on his mind.

“Untie your bikini” he instructed me with a tone of certainty of my compliance.
I reached under my cover-up and tugged at the bow behind my back, and then combing my fingers through my hair, I sneakily pulled the bow loose at the back of my neck. My top loosened and the triangles covering my boobs pulled away, dropped down a bit but hung up on my hardened nipples.

He smiled at willingness, but clarified, “Your bottoms, not your top.” And his eyes again dropped from my eyes to bow-tie on my hip.

We were sitting under an umbrella, tucked away in the corner of the outside patio. We both faced a sea of tables and umbrellas, our table between us and next nearest ones.

My Margarita buzz emboldened my risqué proclivities and I was already feeling randy and my juices were dampening the narrow swarth of fabric covering my pussy lips, so I invited him to tug away.

Unlike my top, which stayed pretty much in place, once my bottoms were untied, he hooked finger under the loosened strings and slowly and deliberately pulled them up and away until they slipped apart falling from his finger.

Instinctively, I crossed my legs to keep my bottoms from sagging down between my knees. When it appeared that no one was looking our direction, I discreetly wadded-up the crumpled fabric into a ball and tucked it away in my beach bag, for my top.

So, I sat in a busy outdoor restaurant wearing an open-sided cover-up that exposed my torso from shoulders to my hip creases. I felt deliciously naughty. I scooted in closer to him, to provide some more coverage and to get a better of his phone.

Now for the Truth I sought.

He scrolled back and opened the photo for me to inspect.

I squinted and leaned in to get a better view, enlarging the image with my spreading fingers.

His hand dropped to my thigh and began caressing it and moving his exploring fingers closer to the hem of my cover-up with each pass.

Unwittingly, I readjusted myself, leaning back in my seat and parting my knees.
His hand dropped down between legs, cupping the back of my thigh, and tracing its way up and inward toward my inner thigh, brushing my closely trimmed pubic hair with his extended finger back to the top of my thigh.

A rush of sensation caused me to twist in my seat, my eye lids fluttering.
I stared at the image.

It looked like an ol’ skool coin operated pony ride, except it wasn’t. was no pony head and in the center of the saddle was a peg sticking straight up. A BIG peg. My pussy gushed, leaving a wet spot on my cover-up.

Almost simultaneously, his hand cupped my pussy, his middle finger parting my slickened and swollen lips from top to bottom, finding my hole, entering me, as his thumb rubbed my clit. I shuddered again, my nipples almost piercing the gauzy cover-up.

“Truth or Dare?” he whispered, nuzzling my ear, adding his index finger to the one jamming deeply into me, the two curling upward, pressing my G-spot.
Either way we both knew what was cumming next, “Truth” I croaked.

“Do you want to go for a ride?”

I sucked my lower lip into my mouth, biting down on it, trying hold back my oncoming orgasm, and nodded my consent obediently.

To be continued?
The Plumber on Hilton Head #3
Posted:Apr 15, 2020 12:32 pm
Last Updated:Jun 18, 2021 3:58 am

Seeing my hubby through the driver side window, surprising all of men, triggered both the Plumber’s and the clerk’s orgasms. Like the furtive fuckers they were, they didn’t want be denied their release just because they had been caught in the act. Their cocks erupted simultaneously, spurting thick ribbons of jism, down my throat and deeply into my sloppy pussy.

With my lungs burning for air, the Plumber released the back of my head, and my head popped up from his lap, his softening penis slithering out of my throat like a retreating snake. I gulped for life sustaining air, sputtering the remnants of his goo in my spittle. Most of which was deposited in my belly, except for the milky glaze coating my tongue, my lower lip, and the corners of my mouth.

The clerk enjoyed his view of my ribs expanded as I inhaled and exhaled deeply, form his vantage point. Now long finished filling my vaginal cavity, he remained buried to hilt in my pussy, corking my opening, his fingers digging deeply into my hips, thrusting his hips forward, screwing his cock inward, keeping his spew from spilling out. He seeming intent on impregnation. My pussy, twitched and convulsed, clamping down in diminishing cycles, wringing every last drop from his waning wand.

The splatter of reproductive cream on the driver’s side window announced my hubby’s satisfaction with the performance he just witnessed. Everyone expelled a deep breath, content for the moment.

Relieved that I was safely home and from emptying his balls on the side of the Plumber’s truck, my hubby seemed very at ease with my new friends and invited them in for a beverage.

The Plumber knew the layout of the rental well as did the clerk, like they owned the place, which it turns out, he did. What a coincidence. Or not.
Hubby arranged for the rental and I didn’t question him much about it. I was happy for the weekend escape.

Sitting in chaise lounge chair on the veranda with my knees tented up, naked except for the new cocktail in my hand, my uncorked pussy, was finally free to spill its contents, flooding the cushion with a widening, darkening circle.

The men reappeared from within the house with handfuls of thick braided cords and a choker collar, the kind with the spikes facing inward, I believe it’s called a training collar. Since I was the only bitch in heat around, I must need training too.

Their refractory periods had evidently passed so it was time for round . Looking up from my seat surrounded by rigid one-eyed serpents, bobbing and weaving with every throbbing pulse, was another clue that there would be much more cum.

With the collar securely encircling my neck, even the slightest tug on the leash cinched the spikes into my tender skin, forcing immediate compliance. I was led around the house from room to room for my first training session. At first, I was permitted to walk upright but as my training progressed, I was quickly forced down to crawl on my hands and knees, wagging my ass up high for my masters’ delight. It was incredibly arousing.

I hadn’t done anything wrong, I was being totally compliant, but without warning, the spikes pierced me, tattooing a circle of bloody dots around my neck, I squealed in pain and fear. Frozen, my subservience unwavering, I was expecting commands and relief.

The leash pulled my head further backward, contorting my body, thrusting my boobs outward and my ass upward.

Looking backward over my shoulder, I saw my tormentor, the Plumber, lowering down to a squat behind me. His swollen cock, leaking pre-cum, tracing the crack of my ass, from the small of back, downward parting my ass cheeks.

Covered in sweat and oozing cum, my holes were already too slick to offer any resistance.

His purple pulsing head found my asshole, rutting into my crease as it passed, like a tire bottoming out in a pothole. I gasped.

Before descending too far into my ass, it popped out, and found my pussy hole instead. With a forceful thrust combined with a sharp tug on the leash, he buried himself deeply into my quivering pussy. I whimpered.

The tension on the leash was released and I breathed a sigh of relief and gratitude. I pushed back into him, my pussy swallowing his cock as deeply as it could possibly go anatomically.

He pushed my face downward to the filthy carpeting, my shoulders stopping my descent. If you’re familiar with it, I was literally in the downward facing yoga pose: Ass high, head down.

I knew what was likely cumming next.

With his cock implanted in my pussy, the Plumber roughly grabbed my ass cheeks and pulled them apart, revealing my asshole. He stabbed at it with his thumb, plunging it, testing its elasticity.

He spit a glob onto my puckered anus adding to the lubricants coating my skin.
Pulling his cock from my pussy, dredging up a mixture of my own self-lube and the clerk’s first load of cum from deep within my sloppy well-used slit, he painted my asshole with slippery goo in broad strokes using his cock as his brush. He fancied himself as quite the artist.

Satisfied with my preparation for his anal invader, he positioned himself above the indentation of my asshole, and abruptly dropped his full weight on his spear. The delicate folds of my asshole parted instantly unable to resist the pressure of his runaway train.

Once his cock head passed my anal ring, there was nothing to stop his onslaught until the root of his shaft bounced on my parted ass cheeks.
Then the thrusting began in earnest . . .

To be continued?
The Plumber on Hilton Head Part 2
Posted:Apr 1, 2020 3:49 pm
Last Updated:Apr 15, 2020 10:12 am

Hubby woke alone.

Groggy, he looked over from his lounge chair see my cell phone sitting next my empty cocktail glass. He went from room room in the small beach house searching for , his concern growing, finding himself in the open front doorway, staring at our car in the driveway.

Circling back the veranda, scan the beach for , hoping find skinny-dipping in the surf, he found my pocketbook the kitchen counter. Now he was worried. Where could I be? And where would he go next search for ?

The last place he would expect find would be in the shampoo isle, standing naked between two fully clothed men, one chewing on my distended nipple and the other jamming his finger knuckle-deep into my tight asshole.

The scene was so erotic I was dripping wet and desperate for orgasm. My inclination was to throw caution to the wind, and let these two studs ravage me any way they pleased, right here in aisle (-way).

Biting my bottom lip, convulsing and writhing in pleasure and pain, I whispered hoarsely between shudders for them to take somewhere more private.

The Plumber said he knew a place not from far here, a vacant house under repair. He instructed the clerk lock- and meet us at his truck. He complied eagerly, hobbling away in obvious discomfort from the erection straining against his jeans.

The Plumber snatched my dress from the floor and grabbed my hand yanking me forward, almost dragging me the ground, my boobies slapping around wildly, as we went. My alcohol buzz fading, I suggested that we grab some liquor the way out.

Bumping along, down the roadway, naked between two men on the bench seat of the pick-, my tits bouncing and down with every pot-hole, a bottle of Tequila in my lap, I was in disbelief about my situation. But it was from my own choosing.

After prying the clerk’s hands off my boobies, I thrust the Tequila bottle at him. Reflexively, he clasped it tightly around its neck with both hands. For a moment, I expected him start stroking it. We were so aroused that everything was sexual, even the act of holding a bottle.

His reward followed immediately as I unzipped his jeans and fished out his stiff cock, its swollen head purple and shiny, the sensitive helmet taut and smooth. I pumped his shaft a few times, cupping my hands over it like a cap and then sliding downward its root, hidden under a thatch of thick curly pubic hair.

With each stroke, he leaned his head back against the rear window in the cab and moaned loudly.

The Plumber watched with envy and burning desire. When I turned him, he had already unleashed his serpent, rising out from behind his zipper like a rattler responding a snake charmer’s flute. He was massive, thick and long, like most jocks I’ve been with, they have big hands, big feet, and BIG cocks.

I unbuckled his belt, undid the button on his jeans, exposing his abs, but I wanted more so I tried to pull down his pants as he wriggled between the seat and steering wheel. With the help of his free, the other on the steering wheel, we managed to push his pants down to his upper thighs.

Sans underwear, his giant balls squirmed independently in his hairless scrotum. I was mesmerized by the sight of this monster impregnator.

Growing impatient with being ignored, the clerk reached around from behind me, under my armpits, cupping my boobies, and began tweaking my nipples, twisting and tugging them. The surprise broke my trance and I shoved him back and leaned back against the seat, grabbing both cocks, encircling their girth with my outstretched fingers.

I really needed two hands for the Plumber’s thick trunk. The clerk would have been impressive by any measure, except by this comparison.

With each stroke of these engorged poles, they grew hotter and harder, the heads more bulbous, pre-cum bubbling up from their swelling balls. I was becoming increasingly concerned if I would be able to handle their size, especially if they had any intention of sharing me at once.

Excitedly, my pussy convulsed rhythmically, wringing out a slippery paste of self-lube, glazing my openings and pussy lips with viscous goo, probably inspired by an instinctive need for self-defense against these oversized one-eyed invaders, painting a stripe of slickness on the seat beneath me, inviting all cummers.

The sight of pre-cum dribbling down the Plumber’s shaft compelled me to taste its pungent goodness. I delicately dabbed at his pee-hole with my pointed tongue while increasing my pumping cadence to increase his flow.

The moment my head dipped into his lap, tickling his shaft and cock head with my tongue, it was as if a tap was turned on. Abandoning the clerk to focus both hands on the Plumber's cock and balls, I tried urgently to open my mouth wide enough to accept his pulsing purple head, and not waste a drop of his precious lube.

Turning away from the clerk, bending over into the Plumber’s lap, only exposed my slick crease to him. He needed no further invitation and wasted no time. His thumb slipped into my pussy at the same moment his index finger penetrated my asshole. I gasped in surprise. He pulled me up onto my knees, as casually as picking up a pack.

As I licked his cock from tip to base and back again, bathing him with warm saliva, I didn’t notice that we arrived at “the place.”

The truck’s brakes squeaked us to a stop in the driveway. But my attention remained focused on heightening the Plumber’s pleasure. With the truck now parked, the Plumber pushed down on the back of my head with both hands, forcing his cock more deeply down my throat. He began masterbating himself with my open mouth, bouncing my head off his lap.

Pinned to his cock, unable to lift my head, my arms flailing, the clerk mounted from behind, thrusting roughly into my pussy. Each thrust jammed my mouth down lower on the Plumber’s cock, like an unbalanced teeter-totter. I gagged, my protests going unheard, except for an unintelligible gurgle.

The clerk’s pace began increasing, loud squishing and slapping sounds filling the cab. He was nearing climax. I pushed my hips back to meet his thrusting hips, driving him even deeper into me.

I was determined to bring the Plumber to orgasm at the same time as the clerk, and began pumping his shaft and squeezing his balls. He was close and getting closer with every stroke to filling my mouth.

Then the tap at the window surprised us all.

My hubby peered in through the fogged window, his pants around his ankles, pumping himself vigorously.

To be continued?
The Plumber on Hilton Head
Posted:Mar 27, 2020 5:19 pm
Last Updated:Mar 29, 2020 1:59 pm

Impulsively, my hubby and I decided to drive to Hilton Head for a weekend away. We like to get of town occasionally where we can be anonymous and give our kinkier proclivities the freedom to roam and test their limits.

I am always up for drive, especially in the warming days of Spring, so I can begin to show off all my hard work over the winter spent in the and the yoga studio.

My favorite driving dresses leave little to the imagination, short and sheer, spaghetti strapped and elastic topped, they are perfect for giving my hubby unfettered access to my trove of womanly pleasures while teasing passing truckers and SUV drivers that are enough to peer down into our sedan while.

As we raced down the highway, the farther we drove away from home, the friskier I became. The first thing to go was my panties. Feeling the rush of air from the open car window across naked private parts gave me a tingle and a shiver.

With one eye on the road and one hand on the steering wheel, my hubby reached over and began stroking and caressing my left leg starting just my calf, moving up past my knee, squeezing my thigh, and then tracing his finger down between legs, along my inner thigh, until his fingers the edge of my mid-thigh hemline.

Like a little bulldozer, his fingers began methodically plowing forward, bunching up the hem of my dress until my neatly trimmed pussy lips were revealed from beneath the gathered fabric. I spread my knees and scooched down in my seat, inviting him to explore.

My Hubby’s index finger traced the outline of my swollen lips in the shape of a heart, dipping into the crease above my most sensitive folds, where my lips meet at the top to protect my hooded pleasure bead.

Impatiently I squirmed about on my seat, writhing in anticipation. I tugged the front of my dress up above my waist, tucking it my seat belt, and spreading my legs to give him access to my moistening hole. With my hands free, I began massaging my labia, squeezing the together, rubbing my clit between the puffy lips; a clit sandwich, growing saucier by the minute.

Every time he looped around, the heart-shaped circle became smaller, his finger pressed lower and deeper between my parting lips, raking the hood of my clitoris, sending sparks of sensation and pleasure shooting through my body. I shuddered uncontrollably, as goose bumps rippled across my exposed skin.

Each pass brought his finger closer to my love hole, stoking my inner, releasing more and more viscous self-lube, until it began trickling down toward my bunghole.

The spaghetti straps of my dress were already off my shoulders, dangling loosely around my elbows. There was nothing to keep the front of my dress up, and my boobs from being exposed, except the shoulder strap of my seat belt.

Trucks and SUVs roared by only to be seen slowing ahead until our car caught up with them. Eager voyeurs leered down in our car at my exposed pussy adding to my arousal. My need for orgasmic release was becoming desperate.

But my Hubby was unfazed by these passersby or my twisting and convulsing hips, he was enjoying himself and he wasn’t to be rushed.

Countless passing truckers salivated at the view of my naked pussy, glistening with a glaze of my juices, as my Hubby and my hands wrestled for access, coating our fingers and smearing my nether region and inner thighs with flowing my self-lube.

Already fully exposed from the waist down, it seemed silly not share the view of my boobs as well. Besides they ached for attention.

I surrendered my loins to my Hubby, and began caressing my own breasts, squeezing them together, and pinching and twisting my nipples between my thumb and index finger, pulling them outward, in rhythm to my maestro’s ministrations down .

My nipples crinkled into dark brown raisins underneath my sheer cotton dress, as my hubby continued swirling his finger inward and downward toward my now sloppy pussy. Nearing his goal, he began slowing sawing his fingers across my inflamed pleasure button, pulling back on its hood, sending bolts of pleasure through me, like lightning.

Writhing against the restraint of my seat belt, my arousal burning intensely, a sheen of perspiration to burst forth across my skin, dampening my dress, clinging it to my body.

Frustrated and desperate for relief from my rising inner heat, I flailed my arms about in a tantrum and clawed at my dress, that now only barely covered my boobs and upper abdomen.

My hubby’s finger finally had zeroed in on its prize. As he plunged the first of two fingers deeply into me, I tore away the top of my dress, ripping the buttons apart to free my boobs, exposing my entire body, except for my seat belt, to him and every passing truck.

My orgasm was deep and long, shuddering and satisfying, and I drifted off to sleep in a afterglow, naked to anyone who glanced our way, as we sped down the highway.

When we arrived our rented beach house, it was a letdown. The price online seemed too good to be true and it was. It was badly in need of basic repairs and the furniture worn and torn but least the mattress in master bedroom seemed newer, with elaborate iron head and foot boards, which was peculiar given that the rest of the house was a dump, but that’s where we would be spending most of our time anyway so we were glad for it.

We dropped our bags and mixed a couple of cocktails and enjoyed a beautiful sunset from the veranda. All was well. Adding to my buzz with a second cocktail, I felt the tell-tale tingling sensation climbing up my spine and rolling across my head, like a wave. I combed my fingers through my hair and massaged my scalp lazily. . .

Then it occurred to me, I forgot my shampoo at home.

Hubby was napping on a beach chair on the veranda overlooking the ocean as the sunset dipped the horizon. He looked so peaceful in the twilight, despite his erection straining against his shorts, that I didn’t want to wake him.

Because if I did, I would never get of there to get my shampoo. But my arousal was sparked again. I could feel the rekindled heat and moisture smoldering and simmering within me. In my mind, I could taste his on my tongue.

The nearest grocery store was only a short walk away, so I decided not to disturb him and get my necessary sundries before he awakened. I would be quick. He wouldn’t even notice that I was gone.

Assessing my appearance in the bathroom mirror, it was very apparent that I wasn’t wearing any underwear at all. When we left home, I was bra-less, and I lost my panties somewhere in the car on the drive down.

I debated my attire for a long moment. But the thought of changing my clothes to go only to the grocery store seemed unnecessary so I rebuttoned my dress, pulled up my shoulder straps, and smoothed the front with my hands as best as I could.

Hell, I was anonymous, so who cares who I meet.

As I walked, my unrestrained boobs swayed back and forth my thin dress, my nipples hardening from the sensation. Naughty thoughts popped into my head, like showering with my hubby, lathering up his body, and paying close attention to his cock and balls, played in my mind’s eye.

The grocery store’s parking lot was empty except for a lone Ford pickup with a plumber’s logo on the door and some risqué slogan about hand-tightened nuts and clear pipes. It was one of those small beach resort stores sold everything from Kool-Aid to condoms. I giggled as I passed the truck, envisioning its owner.

As the automatic doors parted, a frigid blast of AC enveloped me, sending a shiver through me, sobering me up like being doused with a bucket of ice water. Goosebumps popped up across my skin like little teepees and my nipples poked at my dress like spears. Instinctively, I hugged myself as I strode headlong into the store. Walking with certainty, despite knowing where I was going, I passed by a hunk of a man, built like a former jock, but still rockin’ the chiseled body. He took pride in his appearance and it showed. I like that. A lot.

Unwittingly, my eyes locked on him and my head began to turn as I passed him, like on a swivel, to maintain contact until I bumped into a display of Twinkies and Ho Ho’s. I fought to maintain my balance as my alcohol buzz played with my equilibrium.

My flushed with embarrassment as I fumbled with the sweet treats, unsuccessfully trying to rearrange the display.

The two men chuckled as they their eyes scanned my body from head to toe and back, pausing at my nipples. To deflect their attention, smiling weakly, I barked a question about the whereabouts of shampoo. And then darted off down the aisle in the direction of the store clerk’s pointed finger.

The hunky Plumber followed . I presumed he was the plumber since there was only one vehicle in the parking lot. Maybe he needed shampoo too and my arrival was just a coincidence.

We stood side by side, too close for strangers but neither of us moved from our spots. I felt as though I was swaying slightly, which might have been the booze.
Intently, I tried to focus on my task of selecting a shampoo, surprisingly the selection was quite impressive but I was acutely aware that he was unabashedly looking down my top, at my B-cup cleavage.

Unexpectedly, my heart began racing and began feeling twitchy, and took several deep breathes to calm myself, my heaving chest only pushed my little titties up and farther. I didn’t know why he had this effect on but I was so horny, despite my drivetime orgasm. Or maybe it was because of my orgasm. Fingers are fine but I wanted something bigger, more filling.

Maybe it was my buzz or maybe it was something else but I turned to him, looked up, and asked him if he was finding everything alright.

Shockingly, he complimented my me on my boobs, and noted that I seemed chilly, given my hard nipples, or maybe there was some other reason, possibly him. And since he’d seen so much of them already, he asked me to unbutton my top a few buttons more. And then he just stood there waiting for me to respond.

With a huff of feigned indignance and disbelieving him, I glanced down at my dress, a button-down from chest to hem, and sure enough, the top two buttons were already undone, the widely flapping opened neckline barely snagged on my erect nipples.

Confused, self-conscious, and aroused, my heart began racing like a thoroughbred, pounding so loudly in my ears, I was certain he could hear it thumping in my chest from where he stood. Short of breath, suddenly lightheaded and dizzy, I was on the verge of passing . My consciousness was swirling the drain to blackness, my knees buckling.

Inexplicably, my pussy was piping , wringing forth its viscous self-lube, as my labia became swollen and puffy, evidently acknowledging its acceptance of his highly inappropriate request.

I reach with both hands to stabilize myself. Two sets of hands laid hold of my forearms, cupping my elbows. Securely supported, my panic attack passed, but I was still fuzzy from my cocktails.

From where the store clerk appeared, I cannot say but there he stood, propping up by the elbow, across from him, clasping my other elbow with his giant hand was my Plumber jock.

Politely, I shook them free of . Standing on my own, I looked back and forth each of them. And then my hands found the next button on my dress and undid it, then the next and the next, until my dress flapped open to my belly button.

Pulling the sides apart, I presented my upswept titties with their hardened nipples poking my heaving chest.

My Plumber turned to and adroitly slipped his index fingers the straps of my dress and slid them to off my shoulders, dropping my dress in a heap my feet. I resisted the impulse to cover myself, focusing on his eyes instead, and stepped away.

Both men stood silently admiring my body. The clerk deferring to the Plumber to make the first move.

My neatly shorn pussy lips slick with my juices, glimmered the store lights.

Slowly, as if not to spook his prey, he leaned in and bent down, sucking a nipple into his mouth, biting down on my distended nipple just enough to prevent from pulling away, causing just a twinge of pain. He toyed with my nipple, alternatively suckling and then raking his teeth along the delicate nubs, then biting hard enough for to yelp but not so hard that I would push him away.

His hand found my other breast, cupping it, as if to measure its heft, tweaking the nipple, to exact a response, testing my limits. I was overcome with sensations of pleasure and pain, uncertain which would come next.

The Plumber’s other hand reached down between my legs and traced my crease from my swollen lips to my ass cheeks, front to back, probing for points of entry, and finding two.

My head fell backward, exposing my neck submissively, my eyes closing as I moaned softly.

A finger found my pussy hole and dipped into me shallowly, massaging my opening, preparing me for the inevitable to . I was lost in waves of sensation but something was amiss.

Hands groped my ass, my tit, my pussy, too many hands for just the Plumber.

My eyes snapped open to see the store clerk behind me, fingering my slippery asshole, while he pulled roughly at cheek to spread me wider.
How long had I been gone, when would my Hubby come looking for me?

To be continued?
What goes around cums around
Posted:Sep 19, 2019 9:38 am
Last Updated:Mar 30, 2020 4:27 pm

We booked a hotel room a few hours away, as we always do, to assure anonymity.

A spicy role-play was on tap for tonight. I dressed like a pro in a tight, very short black dress with a deeply plunging front that formed a vee just below my belly button, no panties or bra. Five-inch stilettos completed my outfit.

Hubby instructed me to strut to the elevators, come back, and knock on the hotel room door, like he was a paying customer. He’d be waiting for me. And I would do his bidding. Nothing would be off limits.

My pussy was already dripping with excitement and anticipation. My skimpy dress barely covered my B-cup boobs, my hard nipples tenting the thin fabric, helping hold the dress in place, but still not enough to cover the outer rings of my brown areolae from peeking out from underneath.

The door closed behind me with an ominous click, I didn't have a key.

I tentatively started walking toward the elevators, unconsciously rolling my shoulders inward in a futile attempt to shield my boobs from view, hoping that I wouldn’t encounter anyone on my hubby's mandatory walk of shame.

Dressed like a slut, my tiny dress squeezed my boobs out toward my midline, like a vertical push-up bra, but I wasn’t wearing one, and the too short hem of my dress just barely covered my ass cheeks.

Compulsively, I tugged at the hem, as it hiked up my backside with each step.

Unexpectedly, my smoldering arousal began burning hotter with each step, pushing aside my self-consciousness, emboldening me. The farther I walked away from the safety of my hotel room, the giddier I became, drunk on euphoria. The risk of being caught was becoming my reward.

I started to own the character I was playing that night. Unwittingly, I began pulling my shoulders back, pushing out my chest, my dress straining to its limits to contain my wayward boobies, as I strutted down the hallway, like a runway model at a fashion show, or more appropriately, a stripper on the catwalk at a club.

My heartbeat raced. High on natural adrenaline and endorphins pumping through my veins, the urge to pull the front of my dress wider apart compelled me to free my nipples from the constraining fabric. I tucked the edges of my dress around outside of my boobs, pushing them inward, exposing them completely.

Delirious in my exhibitionism, I knowingly and wantonly let the hem of my dress ride higher up my ass with each long stride, exposing my firm round glutes (I am an avid runner), now protruding below the hemline.

I deliberately wriggled and contorted my hips with each step, intentionally coaxing the front hem to ride up to the crease of my thighs, revealing the bottom of my shaved pussy lips, already visible from the back between my exposed ass cheeks and now the front too. Anyone I encountered now would have no doubt about my intentions.

Only a few doors from the elevator bay, I now hoped that someone would pass me in the hallway. I light sheen of perspiration glistened on my bare chest and exposed nipples.

The ding of the elevator shattered my illusion. Reality came screaming in. WTF was I doing? I am a middle-aged married woman and mother.

Before the doors opened, I could hear two men laughing and talking loudly under the influence of a few cocktails. Panic washed over me like a crashing wave.

My first instinct was to cover myself with my hands, which would have be futile, given my state of partial nudity. My next best option was to run away but hobbling on stilettos made that method of escape both improbable and comical.

Taking yoga off the mat, I inhaled deeply, expanding my chest and exhaled calmly and completely. I faced the parting elevator doors with serenity, willing to accept the inevitable humiliation that would surely come.

My presence stopped them in their tracks. My presentation was an unexpected surprise and both men keenly inspected my offering with broadening lecherous smiles. One even unconsciously licked his lips like a Pavlovian hound.

We stood there in a triangle facing one another for a interminable moment contemplating the peculiarity of the situation.

My heart pounded like a kettle drum. The light sheen of perspiration glimmering on my chest gave way to a cold sweat, beads of perspiration popping forth and rolling down my brow to my chin, and down my back and my chest between my exposed boobies.

They seemed mesmerized by the languid roll of each rivulet as it meandered down my torso, their eyes tracking its path until disappeared under my dress.

“We told you to meet us in the bar” he said matter-of-factly.

Before I could articulate my response, abruptly, he reached out and tweaked my bare nipple, and then cupped my exposed boob, as if he was determining its weight and density. Shocked by his overtness, and unprepared for physical contact, I recoiled, momentarily losing my balance, wobbling on my stilettos.

His other hand stabbed at my partially revealed pussy. I was dripping wet. My lips parting easily as his middle finger slipped into me deeply, impeded only by his knuckle. I gasped. Then his index finger joined in. My knees buckling, I felt instantly woozy, as if I would pass out.

Hooked by a pincer, between his two fingers jammed into my pussy, and his thumb, grinding down on my clit, he literally pulled me forward and upward toward him by my pussy, tugging on my pinched nipple with his other hand to guide me.

My eyelids fluttered as I unconsciously submitted to his will, tilting my hips upward, offering his long thick fingers better access to pussy hole. His plunging to a new depth.

Evidently satisfied with his impromptu inspection, he withdrew his fingers and nodded his approval to his colleague.

Spinning me around toward the hallway, the three of us, me in the middle, walked urgently to a room at the end of the hallway. I passed my door, my hubby waiting inside, unaware of my predicament or maybe not.

As we walked, the back hem of dress was yanked up to my waist, completely exposing my ass. A hand caressed my flexing glutes from top to bottom, forcefully grabbing my cheek and pulling it apart, exposing my asshole. A hard slap broke the silence as we walked on, a bright red hand print rising on my alabaster cheek.

While prancing on my toes to keep pace, from behind, thanks to my flowing juices, two fingers mapped the contours of my pussy lips, gliding smoothly from front to back, probing the sensitive inner folds within.

Looping back and forth, from clit to asshole, over and over, pausing at my opening, sinking a finger or two into me, to assess my readiness and sample my heat.

I was growing hotter and wetter with each pass. My nether region and upper inner thighs were smeared with viscous self-lube.

Lost in heightening pleasure, it seems as if they were carrying me between them, my feet floating above the carpet.

Standing at their door, as one of them fumbled with his key, the other plunged his fingers into me from behind. Two, maybe three, fingers pried at my opening, working their way in, stretching my pussy, as his thumb sinking into my asshole to the knuckle. I could feel the thinness between my pussy tunnel and my rectum as he squeezed his thumb and fingers together.

I started bouncing on his fingers, instinctively thrusting rhythmically back into his hand, squishing and slapping sounds announcing my desire.

My dress disappeared as we crossed the threshold but my stilettos stayed on, that was the order.

For the next two hours they enjoyed my bounty individually and together, repeatedly filling every orifice. Their stamina amazed me.

Every time I tried to excuse myself, they took that as an invitation to mount me again and again.

But presumably satisfied now, they thanked me for my enthusiasm.

Cum oozed out of my well used holes, and dribbled down my inner thighs in thick globs, my pussy still gaping from repeated penetrations, as I searched for my dress.

Finding it half tucked under the bed, bending the waist to retrieve it, I felt hands on my hips, jockeying for position, fingers digging into me, aligning my body for re-entry, as his hard, pulsing cock, slipped into me again.

Sinking deeply into me to its hilt, his swollen peg displaced the cum pooled within me, dredging up earlier deposits with each stroke, like piston, squeezing the goo out of me between the tight ring of my opening his swollen shaft. How much more cum can I hold?

Impaled on his cock, he spun me toward the bed and pressed my head down into the mattress as he reamed me in long strokes.

Not wasting an opportunity, his friend scurried across the bed and shimmied and under my face, presenting his cum caked erection to my mouth. He was large and long. And I was intent on taking all of him down my throat this time.

They volleyed me back and forth between the cock slamming my pussy and the cock buried in my throat, my nose eventually flattening against his abdomen, finally taking it all. Back and forth, growing hotter and thicker with every thrust, I was about to enjoy yet another toe-curling orgasm.

Fear of missing out, they insisted on switching positions. I paused for a moment, pushing myself up to my palms, while his cock twitched below my hanging boobs. The other cock continued to casually glide in and out of me from behind as they silently debated.

New plan. My tender titties, covered in bit marks and bruises proved to be too enticing. The man beneath me reached up and clamped my raw nipples between his fingers and tugged me up onto the bed by my boobs, pulling me the rest of the way by my ass cheeks, parting them widely, presenting his friend with an obvious target.

He kissed me deeply, his tongue exploring my mouth, as he repositioned me so his cock could fill my open hole. How was this better for his friend?

I needn’t have been concerned, he fell on my ass with his full weight, his cock filled my ass in one heavy stroke coming to rest with his chest heaving on my back, his ball sack slapping against my pussy and the cock filling me from underneath.

My eyes bulged as the enormity of these two cocks tested my capacity at once, as the air was squeezed out of my lungs sandwiched between these two men.

Sawing in and out of me first alternatingly and then simultaneously, I felt as if the end of the fireworks show was building to its crescendo.

I wasn’t sure how I would handle it if both cocks thrust into me together but I soon found out.

Overcum by pleasure and pain, exhaustion and satisfaction, I drifted off.

When I awoke, they were gone. The room was empty and my dress was missing. As I thought about the evening, I didn't recall seeing any bags or toiletries in the room when we first arrived. Evidently, whoever they were had rented a separate playroom and now that the games were finished, they vanished.

Was this part of my hubby’s plan all along? Was he planning on joining me here for his turn? It was very coincidental and convenient that this room was down the hall from ours.

I rolled over onto my back and stared at the ceiling, replaying the highlights in my mind, curious about how the evening would end. Stretching my arms overhead and my legs wide, cum drained out of me saturating the sheet underneath me.

Those two men really enjoyed themselves. My pussy and ass throbbed as a testament. My boobs were tender to the touch and my jaw ached too.

I dozed off again. When I awoke, my hubby was still not here.

It was still dark outside so I decided to risk the walk back to my own room. I didn’t have a key or a dress or a cell phone. All I had were my stilettos. I was quite the sight, welts, bruises and teeth marks beginning to show on my cheeks and boobs, and dried cum caked on my body and in my pubic hair even at the corners of my mouth and chin.

I peeked into the hallway and all was clear. But what would it matter if someone saw me in the state anyway?

Smugly, I walked back to my room, globs of cum plopping out of me and onto the carpet with each stride, and knocked on the door as my hubby instructed a few hours ago.

No one answered but the door was ajar. I pushed in.

Asleep on the bed was my hubby and a naked woman, about the same build as me, B-cup boobs, short brown hair, and wearing five-inch stilettos. A tiny black dress crumpled on the floor at the foot of the bed.

I stared at them for a long moment. It was 1:30am.

I felt a twitch or a twinge. Unbelievably, yet undeniably, a spark of heat began smoldering in my flooded pussy.

Stealthily, I approached the bed and leaned in and down. I could smell sex everywhere. Hubby and his had some fun here tonight.

Snatching the dress from the floor, I pulled it on and it fit well enough. A little less discreet than my dress, exposing even more skin, if that was possible, but then I am not really a pro, I was just role-playing as one.

I smoothed and adjusted my new second-hand dress and combed my fingers through my hair loosely, checking myself out in the full-length mirror.

When I walked into the lobby bar a few minutes later, I found my two new friends, among a group of other men, crowded around along the bar. As I approached, they leaned in together and whispered among themselves.

It was last call. And I knew of another place to continue the party. And the next rounds were on the me (or in me, actually).
The Package
Posted:Mar 1, 2019 7:18 am
Last Updated:Sep 18, 2019 11:59 am

Inside our mailbox was a medium sized letter, about the size of a greeting card, but thicker, so I guess you could it a thin package. The return was China.

I wasn’t expecting anything from China so I was suspicious and cautious when I opened the envelope.

To my surprise it contained a very small sheer g-string bikini and top. It was so small that all the fabric combined barely covered the palm of my hand. And it was so sheer, it was made of a fine mesh, that I could see my skin through it.

Holding the bikini top up to my boobs, it seemed like the triangles were so small that they barely covered my areoli, let alone providing any coverage for my boobs.

Unexpectedly, playing around with these tiny pieces of fabric began to turn me on, so I stripped down naked in the foyer, inside our front door, and tried on my new bikini.

No matter how much adjusting I did, my areoli protruded around the edges of the tiny triangles. All of my manipulations had awakened my nipples which were hard and protruding, like tent poles, popping up the sheer, see-through fabric.

The g-string provided even less coverage, the top of my camel toe, albeit covered by my neatly trimmed pubic hair, peeked out from over the bikini bottoms.

I felt flushed and short of breath, my heart began to beat faster.

Standing in front of my bathroom mirror, I was almost naked. My overflowing pubic hair distracted from the lines of the bikini, so I reached for my razor to trim away my excess hair. The more I shaved, the more obvious it was to me that I should just shave myself entirely because the bikini bottoms were so tiny.

Now totally hairless, primping and posing in front of the mirror, I liked how my body looked but I worked hard, running, and weight training and doing yoga, to keep my 8-pound body trim and fit.

My B-cups looked huge in this tiny top, spilling out all around the sheer triangles.

I spun around to see my hard ass totally exposed except for a single strap around my hips and one that disappeared between my cheeks. Running has been very good for my ass. I had never worn something so small but I liked what it revealed.

I was wet and getting more aroused by the minute. Naughty thoughts flitted through my mind. I wanted to share my new bikini with the world.

We live near the beach and it was a warm weekday.

I pulled on some shorts and a tank top and jumped in my car for the short ride to the beach. There was plenty of parking since it was a weekday afternoon.

As I walked toward the surf, I became self-conscious about shedding my shorts and tank top, effectively stripping naked on a public beach, but not many people were around and from a distance the see-through fabric actually looked solid. Only within a few feet would it be obvious that it provided no coverage at all.

It was exhilarating to first remove my tank top exposing my tiny top. My nipples jumped to attention, almost poking through the mesh fabric (quality Chinese product).

After a few more steps, off came my shorts. From behind, it looked like I was totally naked. My heart was pounding in my chest and my breathing became shallow and rapid as I pranced down the beach.

To prevent myself from covering up, I stashed my clothing behind a dune, and resumed my beach walk.

Occasionally, I would get judgmental looks from other walkers about the appropriateness of my tiny swim suit but no one came close enough to really see that all my wares were on display.

Until someone did.

He was a surfer dude and he made a bee-line for me from far away. We were on a collision course and no matter how many times I changed my path, he adjusted his to assure that we would meet.

A panic attack was welling up inside me. My impulse was to run the other way but my growing arousal commanded me otherwise.

His smile revealed the moment his eyes could see my nakedness through the mesh fabric. We came to a stop, face to face, a couple of feet apart, and he survey me from head to toe, taking his time, staring at my nipples and freshly shaved pussy.

I enjoyed my view too. His muscular body was a joy to behold, especially his growing erection, in his hip hugging board shorts. His washboard stomach was a ladder I wanted to climb.

We stood there for what seemed like an eternity, without saying a word.

I was old enough to be his but my pussy was reacting like a teenage , my juices soaked my tiny bikini, changing its color and almost disappearing, becoming translucent.

Shockingly, abruptly he reached out a tweaked my nipple. Dumbfounded, I was a loss for words.

Then he reached down and took my hand, leading me back to the dunes.

All he asked was, “DTF?”

Not knowing what that meant at the time, I said nodded in agreement.

Walking back to my car, with two loads of oozing from my pussy and ass, since I couldn’t find my clothing, was not as shameful as I feared. Everyone who saw me knew that I was the horny middle-aged slut, I proved myself to be.

Later my hubby asked about a package he was expecting. It was lingerie for me, to spice things up in the bedroom.

Or a bikini for the dunes.
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Roadside store
Posted:Feb 28, 2019 4:25 pm
Last Updated:Mar 29, 2020 8:09 am

Writing sexy stories is such a turn-on for , I don’t know why I haven’t posted one in such a long time.

I was inspired to tell this tale after a someone inquired if I frequent adult stores.

My hubby and I love to travel the backroads and explore the less well-traveled parts of the Southeast. During these road trips sometimes we’re the only ones in a diner or a gas station, which can be kinda eerie, but also very arousing for me because with fewer or no witnesses, I am free to do as I please. And I like pleasing myself.

We rolled on this desolate adult store, at first, it looked closed. It was a one-story cement block building with peeling paint, no windows and only one door, which was dark glass. The unpaved dirt parking lot was empty. But we stopped to stretch our legs and curiosity was getting the best of us anyway.

It was a stiflingly summer afternoon and wearing a sundress sans undies and sandals was doing little to help me cool off. As soon as I exited our car, we were enveloped by humid air, like standing in a sauna, I could feel beads of perspiration welling and rolling down my back, between my shoulder blades, and down my chest, between my unrestrained bra-less boobs. My cotton sundress was eagerly soaking the moisture and becoming more transparent with each drop.

I needed to pee, badly. And since there were no cars in the parking lot, I assumed the store was closed so I squatted where I stood, hiked my hem, and relieved myself in the center of the red clay parking lot, watching the parched earth drink in my urine. Conveniently, I didn’t even have to bother with panties, since I wasn’t wearing any.

My hubby cupped his hands around his eyes, as he tried to peer through the dark glass door. He shouted to lights were on inside, but he couldn’t see anyone. He pushed on the door and it opened. He waved over, urging to join him inside.

The AC was on full blast and my damp dress became instantly cold, perking my nipples and raising goosebumps across my exposed shoulders, I began to shiver, crossing my arms across my chest, pressing my boobs into my chest for warmth.

The store was small. We could survey the whole place from the entrance. To the left was a theater with a curtain closed across the doorway. My hubby part the curtains and walked in to check it out and then stuck his finger back through the curtain, curling it slowly, in a -hither motion.

Like a snake charmer, entranced by his curling finger, I followed him in and was plunged into darkness, except for the porn movie showing on the far cement block wall, which cast a glow on the empty rows of seats.

The action on screen was and heavy, two studs pounding away a waif, one cock in her ass and another jammed down her throat. I was instantly mesmerized and felt a spark of arousal, and a growing warmth between my legs as my juices began to flow.

Startling me back to awareness, my hubby embraced me from behind cupping my boobs and tweaking my hardened nipples through my thin damp sundress. Without a word, he slipped my straps off my shoulders and pulled my dress down to my waist and then resumed massaging of my bare boobs, tugging playfully at my distended hardened nipples.

No so subtly, he pressed his growing erection pressed into my lower back, announcing his intentions. I reached back to caress it through his shorts, fumbling with his zipper, intent on freeing his beast. Our fingers jousted between us as his right hand dropped to the hem of my dress and pulled it up, exposing my naked ass cheeks.

He placed his hand at the small of my back and began caressing my lower back and the top of ass. Slowly and purposefully, his hand began its downward descent, cupping my ass with the palm of his hand while inserting his middle finger between my cheeks, channeling his probing finger directly toward my puckered bung hole.

His finger tested by resistance as it crossed my asshole and quickly finding my moistening pussy, which he sampled with tentative shallow stabs between my puffy pussy lips. Now cupping my lips, he stroked by clit from between my legs from behind. His hand and wrist rubbed my lips, parting them as he tickled my clit.

I wanted to him to push his fingers into me, but he decided to tease me instead, increasing my desire. My heart raced as blood rushed to pussy, my heat rising, and my juices now audibly squishy, as he squeezed my pussy lips together, massaging my clit between my slickened swollen lips, like a hotdog in a steamed bun.

I wanted him to bend me over the theater seat in front of me and plunge his pulsing cock into me but again he chose to tease me. But I had other ideas.

Spinning around within his embrace, like stripper doing a lap dance, facing him now, my bare breasts now pressing into his chest, I shimmied downward onto bended knees, spreading my knees wide on either side of his legs, into a squat, parting my pussy lips, opening my fuck tunnel. I tugged at his zipper, desperate to release his cock and eager to taste his manliness.

But he hoisted me to my feet almost immediately. WTF!

With his big strong hands encircling my biceps, he spun me around, facing me away from him, and lifted me up to my tippy toes, almost carrying me. As if late for an appointment, we urgently scurried out of the theater across the store to the other side where above the doorway, a sign read Gloryhole.

My dress was still hanging around my waist, it looked like I was wearing only a skirt, my boobs exposed for all to see. Except no one was there. The store was still empty.

My hubby directed me to go around the wall to the other side and wait for his cock. Before I left, he demanded my dress. He wanted me naked as I serviced him at the Gloryhole. I was happy to oblige hi Given how aroused he’d become, I was anticipating a lot of sticky gooey jism to be sprayed my way, and it was probably best my dress be safely stored elsewhere, out of ’s way.

I waited the Gloryhole for his cock, first leaning in toward the opening, my hands spread wide above my head, pressing into the wall above the Gloryhole, supporting my weight, as I eagerly awaited my prize.

Why was he teasing for so long? Tired of waiting, I decided to take matters into my own hands, and began rubbing my clit and puffy lips and plunging my fingers into my wet and ready pussy hole. The sensations and the scene, squatting naked at a Gloryhole in some backwoods adult store, hungry for a cock to gobble on, were sending me down the literal slippery slope, my orgasm was building.

I didn’t have to wait much longer, a big long swollen cock appeared, bigger than normal but understandable given my hubby’s arousal. The one-eyed beast was weeping precum and swaying back and forth like a snake, preparing to strike.

I grabbed it with both hands, like a wrestler in a takedown move. I began pumping the shaft in long strokes from its furry root to its swollen purple helmet, and back again, purposefully licking its length as my tongue trailed my hands, until my nose was buried in musky pubic hair. It pulsed in my hands, its veins distended atop the hard, engorged muscle, leaking more pre-cum with every stroke. I kissed and sucked at the pee hole, trying to taste its treat buried deep within.

I was so for cock, I forced its head into mouth, bobbing on it, gradually opening my throat to allow it in farther. I was intent on taking his entire length as I had done many times before, but I was struggling with it. My hubby was evidently very excited about the Gloryhole.

Only able to manage about half of his length into my mouth and throat, I tickled the underside of its shaft with my tongue as I choked it down.

My ministrations were having the desired effect, as this meat bat grew hotter and larger on my tongue and pre- bubbled out, coating my mouth with its viscosity. I wanted to taste his so I doubled my cadence. My boobs swung widely as braced myself against the wall with open palms.

I sensed a calm, like birds flying away from a volcano, his desperate erratic thrusts became one final push deep into my throat. The eruption was intense and flooded my mouth and throat, squirting out of the corners of my mouth. I met the final thrust with equal force, throwing my head onto this impaling pike, sucking the cock as deeply as I could manage, sealing off air from my starving lungs, feeling the rhythmic convulsions in my throat pumping, what seemed like, gallons of semen into me.

Softening, the flaccid, now sated serpent, withdrew from my throat with a pop. I gasped for air and used my fingers to gather the gobs of goo at the corners of mouth and clinging to chin onto to my searching tongue, popping like a Prairie from its hole.

The cock disappeared from the Gloryhole. I sat back on my heels and leaned into the wall with open palms, bowing my head, breathing deeply, filling my lungs, my boobs hanging heavily, in front of the open Gloryhole.

I expected my hubby any second to around the corner and take care of my business. I waited impatiently. My pussy was on fire, in of a hose.

Still waitin I looked around the room and noticed a video camera in the corner with a red light glowin I felt self-conscious for a moment but calmed myself by rationalizing this shop was in the middle of nowhere. Who could be watching and if so, would ever recognize ? It was probably broken.

My hubby entered the small room, naked from the waist down, with a massive erection. I was impressed he could get big and hard so quickly. But I wasn’t gonna question it. I needed cock now.

He slipped behind and mounted in one continuous movement, lifting me from my squat, bending the waist in front of the open Gloryhole, and filling , balls deep in my pussy. It almost knocked the wind out , it happened to fast and forcefully. He plunged into with long deep strokes like a piston, smacking sounds filled the roo I had to brace myself against the wall, my fingers clawing into the dingy peeling paint, to spare my head from banging into the wall. Clenching my hips like a rutting hound, digging his nails into my hips, drawing a trickle of blood, he forced his knot deeper into . Each thrust lifted off my feet to my toes.

Using the wall as leverage, I pushed back to greet his impaling cock, plunging to new depths in my pussy. Each stroke dredging a mixture of our juices splattering across my pussy lips and ass, glazing our loins with our slippery concoction. My boobs slapping together like applause.

A free hand slapped my ass in quickening succession with increasingly sharper stings, it felt like a rider’s crop compelling to give everything for the finish.

A few more strokes, from the cock and the crop, would send over the top. Leaning into the wall with one hand to support the weight of my bend body, I reached back with one hand, between my legs, grasping blindly for his swollen swinging balls as they slapped against my juice smeared puffy pussy lips.
Another sting of the crop burned across my ass cheek.

My head dipped and I looked back between my swinging boobs to the cock frantically reaming my pussy. Finding my target, I snared his ball sack in my clutch and squeezed hard, trying to trigger his orgasm, and with it, my own. My index finger stabbing into his sweat slickened asshole, hunting for his prostate,
the ’s g-spot, his go button.

Sting! Down came the crop again.

Through a fog of pleasure and pain, looking back between my legs, as my boobs slapping together and then parting with each thrust, the vision appearing and disappearing, like a flickering light, I noticed another man standing behind my hubby stroking his cock. Panic flashed through my mind.

My head snapped to attention, my eyes stared forward, as I tried to process the image of the man behind my hubby. I glanced over my shoulder to get a better unblocked view.


My hubby held firmly with both hands, keeping in alignment with his piston-ing cock. I felt his grasp so who was whipping my ass!?!

The growing pleasure in my pussy and my impending orgasm clouded my thoughts. All I could think about was the expectant shuddering release. And then it came.

A new stiff cock appeared in the Gloryhole before my eyes. Almost as if on que, my hubby bore down into me with one last thrust and grunted loudly as he spewed his load into my pussy, triggering my own orgas

As waves of pleasure washed over , radiating from my pussy, rhythmically clenching down on my hubby’s cock, wringing out every drop.

My hubby pulled out of but was quickly, leaving a gaping stretched hole, soon to be replaced by the next in line, the one holding a crop. A quick substitution for a fresh player, and the thrusting resumed.

Once accustomed to the cadence of my new rider, and I could keep my balance, I grabbed for the swaying cock in the Gloryhole with one hand and smiled for the camera before sucking him into my mouth.

My video is still playing in the theater.

The Grove in GA
Posted:Jan 1, 2019 3:25 pm
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If you've been, how was it? Planning a trip when it heats up.

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StPauli66  74M1/23
Phatazpaul  64M1/20
CHSguyNextDoor 58M1/11
poolerman83 61M1/6
allen5559  63M1/5