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Running in the rain  

BountyShared 57M/55F  
36 posts
8/18/2021 1:22 pm
Running in the rain

I love running, just not in the high heat and humidity of the South in August, but I need to keep training for races in the fall. What’s a girl to do?

Treadmills are a runner’s best friend when it’s super sticky outside.

I run at the gym and at home but I prefer the gym because I’m surrounded by other humans in motion, so it almost feels like a race, sort of.

Today, it was rainy, and inconvenient to go to the gym so I decided to run at home. Without even thinking about it, habitually, I changed my clothes into my running gear, laced up my shoes, and jumped on my Tread.

After a few strides, it occurred to me that I was at home, I didn’t need to get another outfit all sweaty.

Wearing nothing but running shoes, I jumped back on and began my workout.

I have smaller boobies that don’t flop around, they bounce a bit with each stride but not so much to be uncomfortable.

As I ran longer and harder, beads of perspiration burst forth from my skin and began rolling down my arms and legs, and down between my boobies and across my abs, disappearing into my pubic thatch, neatly trimmed but long enough to provide cover for these runaway beads.

Other rivulets ran between my shoulder blades, down my back, draining into the crack of ass cheeks.

Runner’s High is a real thing and soon I found myself pleasantly buzzed on endorphins as I increased my pace, my thoughts melting away into the rhythmic thumping of my shoes against the Tread, as the rain pelted the steamed window next to me.

Time flew by.

I was dripping wet as I cooled down after the hard run. Even with the AC blasting and a large fan whirling next to me, my pores were like a faucet turned wide open.

My nipples reported the indoor temperature as they hardened, crinkling into little raisins.

The rain called to me. I debated with myself for a moment. But who would see me? And, so what if they did? I have a great body and I am happy to share it.

I stepped outside and I was immediately hit with a wave of heat and humidity, and rain.

It was delightful.

Emboldened, I took a lap around my backyard, which isn’t fenced, but given the rain, it was unlikely I would run into my neighbors, so I thought.

Until nature called. Not for me but my neighbor’s dog. And like any good herding dog, a lost lamb needs to be corralled pronto. He shot across the yards as soon as he saw movement.

My neighbor’s college-aged drew the short-straw to take the hound out or so he thought until he saw what his saw first. He raced after his dog, through the rain, closing the gap between us quickly, when he realized that I was naked, except for my shoes.

He remained committed to retrieving his retriever but he approached cautiously, unsure of how to navigate the situation.

I stood still and upright so as not to excite his further, my arms at my sides, occasionally brushing away an inquisitive snorting snout.

He leaned and grabbed by its collar and his eyes were level with my pussy. And there was an awkward pause until he pulled his away.

His eyes darted back and forth from my face to my body, scanning me from head to toe, lingering at my breasts and my pussy.

A clap of thunder startled us both, causing me jump, drawing his eyes back to my bouncing boobs.

Confusion was written across his face and the outline of his arousal could be seen distending his dampening shorts.

Embarrassed and trying to justify myself, I blurted out that I was out for a run. Naked in the rain. It sounded as stupid then as writing it now.

As if it could get any worse, I felt the spark of heat between my legs. Now I was the one with darting eyes, not so slyly assessing the length and girth of his swelling appendage.

Oddly, he seemed very comfortable around naked women, and confidently responded that my effort was showing results, which snapped me back to awareness, causing me to instinctively flinch and try to cover nudity, but I resisted the impulse, because the scene was already so absurd, I am old enough to be his mother.

The least I could do now was maintain some semblance of<b> control </font></b>and deliberateness about my actions as crazy they seemed, being caught running naked in the rain in my backyard.

I calmly thanked him for the compliment and turned toward my backdoor. He would enjoy watching my runner’s ass all the way there.

My hand on doorknob, I turned to wave goodbye, only discover the door was locked.

mc_justmc 62M
6929 posts
8/18/2021 8:29 pm

That's hilarious!!!

CHSguyNextDoor 58M  
35 posts
8/19/2021 4:59 am

good neighbor

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