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Bedtime story part 3 for kinky1foranother  

BountyShared 57M/55F  
36 posts
6/5/2021 1:49 pm
Bedtime story part 3 for kinky1foranother

In the back of my mind, I heard my Peloton instructor barking, "If you can't get out of it, get into it."

It was pony-ride time, so let's get into it.

For the four men surrounding me while I reclined naked on the chaise, it was a forgone conclusion.

"Pony, pony, pony," they chanted.

Caked in cum and stretched to the limits of my anatomy, I was as ready as I would ever be, for the Pony. Bring it on!

The four men disappeared and then reappeared carrying the Pony on their shoulders like an Egyptian god, one at each corner.

They lowered it to the deck with great pomp and circumstance, and presented me with my ride.

But it wasn't a Pony. It was, what appeared to be, a black plastic half barrel with a GIANT peg sticking straight up in the center. Oh my. Not again. Another capacity filling sex toy.

My host clicked a remote and the peg began to vibrate and oscillate. He squirted a generous stream of lube onto the post and waved his hand toward this Pony to show me the way.

I sat there mesmerized.

Curiously, my first thought was, if I managed get that thing inside me, straddling the pony, and I leaned forward, would there be enough room to take a cock in my ass too.

I dared not verbalize my thoughts because all four men would be happy to find out.

My host seemed to read my mind, when he pronounced, "Shots all around." Not Covid shots, just good old-fashioned Tequila shots.

The first one burned on its way to my belly but the splash of intoxication warmed me from the inside out, sending a rolling wave of alcohol buzzing through my mind. The second and third shots tasted sweet.

Rolling onto my hands and knees, I crawled across the chaise, like a seductive tigress, swinging my hips and my boobs, as I approached my prize.

With my ass high, my host leaned in and licked one cheek, while grabbing the other. I looked back over my shoulder and asked him if he'd mind giving me some extra lube before mounting this pony.

He saluted obediently, and tucked in behind me on chaise, slipping his erect pecker into my open pussy. He plunged deeply into me, stopping only when his hips crashed into my mine. He pumped me vigorously and urgently like he was a furtive fucker, not the star of his own show, his buddies watching intently, as my titties swung back and forth with each thrust.

But he was the star, and he knew it. After his last deep thrust, he pulled out and sprayed his goo on my asshole and my lower back in long arching viscous ropes, causing his cohort to applaud enthusiastically and cat-call loudly.

I could feel his hot goo coursing down between my cheeks, pooling in the crevices of my rosebud.

The hurrahs faded and there was an awkward silence, everyone unsure about what would happen next. They waited for me to lead them.

"Don't let your host's slick goo go unused," I scolded them. Someone fuck my ass.

My host looked crestfallen. He wanted my ass but his limp wiener needed a rest. And his friends wasted no time pulling him out of the way.

Big hands grabbed my hips and re-positioned my ass, lining me up for the next cock. I felt pressure for a moment, and then thanks to the man-lube coating my ass, the cock parted my tender anus folds, like a plug in a socket, until meeting my sphincter's inner tight ring.

Determine and unrelenting, he pressed on and in, until sinking his length into me to its depth. I gasped. He was bigger than I anticipated, as much of this afternoon had been.

He thrusted like a piston, revving his RPM, carving into my ass like a reciprocating saw on high.

Instinctively, I dropped from my hands to my elbows, raising my hips higher, giving him better access, to ply his trade. This man was an expert ass-fucker.

And he wanted to his friends to witness his skill and appreciate the spectacle. Lost in sensation and focusing on my building orgasm, I felt alone with this stranger.

Until someone abruptly grabbed my hair and pulled my face up from chaise. A pulsing one-eyed serpent greeted me. Before I could respond, it found its way into my mouth, and began winding down my throat.

The lid was off the jar as the saying goes.

Hands were all over me, slapping my ass, pawing at my boobs, twisting my nipples, and stabbing fingers into my open and available pussy like sword play.

Between the cock in my ass and the one in my throat, my body was volleyed back and forth. At first out of sync, it was like a perverse tug of war, as each rider tried to pull me deeper onto his peg, but there was enough to go around, I assured them, and we eased in to cadence that served everyone.

The cock in my ass erupted first, thrusting me forward onto the cock in my mouth, triggering a cascade of orgasms, and then finally my own.

Three of the four satisfied for the moment, I spread eagle on the chaise, staring up at the twilight sky, exhaling deeply as I pondered the pony again.

But my body language was an invitation, and the fourth took his place between my thighs, slipping into me, parting my glistening puffy lips, until he found the bottom of my pussy. I tilted my pelvis, giving him a little more depth, which he took greedily.

Since he was the last, he took his time, enjoying my bounty completely.

He drilled my pussy until I orgasmed again. And then flipped me over. My quivering anus offered no resistance, my rectum slick with a load of cum, but it was tighter than my well-used pussy, and he took full advantage of it.

He pulled me back up to my knees and pushed my face into the chaise cushion, as he mounted me.

With three fingers scooping the cum from my pussy, he slid in and out of my ass with long strokes, popping out of my open anus, presenting his swollen glazed rod to the crowd, hovering over my gaping hole, before dropping his full weight on his spear, stabbing deeply into me.

He bounced on my hips, the deck creaking underneath the chaise. Over and over. It was punishing pleasure.

I reached back and grabbed his swinging balls between my legs and squeezed them firmly, encouraging him to end his torment, and mine, and unleash his load. But he was in a rhythm. He could have been a band conductor, his cadence was so steady.

But enough was enough.

I wringed his ball sack, and I heard him groan with pleasure. I sensed that he was close to cumming. Another plunging drop in my ass. His weight straining my frame.

My hand climbed his sack until my finger found his asshole.

On his next drop, I returned the favor, jamming my manicured middle finger into his ass, pressing his male G-spot.

He grunted loudly before a torrent of cum hosed my asshole, mixing with his friend's first load, bubbling up around his impaling cock. I could feel the volume of goo filling me, like a broken faucet.

He stayed there, his heaving<b> chest </font></b>resting on my back, his softening cock twitching in my ass, finally pulling out of me with an audible pop.

Freed, I crumped on the chaise. He looked to his friends for their assessment. Thumbs up all.

My host shook me awake and politely told me it was time to go. It was night. How late, I didn't know.

He offered me a ride home but I'd been ridden enough for one day. We both laughed.

But there's always tomorrow, he said with a wink.

mc_justmc 62M
6929 posts
6/16/2021 3:59 am

This is some of the best erotica I've ever read. Thank You!

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