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Bedtime story part 2 for kinky1foranother  

BountyShared 57M/55F  
36 posts
5/21/2021 3:21 pm
Bedtime story part 2 for kinky1foranother

My new friend motioned for the check with one hand, while three fingers of his other hand were still sawing in and of my pussy. The server nodded affirmatively but didn't give us a second glance as she weaved her way through the sea of crowded tables.

Unaware of my own body movements, I began leaning back in my seat, scooching my butt cheeks to the edge of the chair, parting my knees as wide as its arms allowed, and tilting my pelvis upward, to give him better access to penetrate me even more.

I wantonly humped his thick fingers, grabbing his wrist with both hands, driving his fingers more deeply into me, like a fist-shaped dildo.

So lost in desire, I was unfazed by other patrons at the tables nearest ours, who could likely hear squishing and sucking sounds emanating from our table.

It was time to go. I needed to go. My situation was becoming desperate and urgent.

After paying the tab, we gathered our things in preparation for departure, but the sight of my bikini wadded up in my beach bag gave me pause, and I thought about what my hubby might think of me and my slutty behavior. But the thought was fleeting.

I had more pressing concerns. How was I going to get out the restaurant in my current state? My cover-up offered little to no coverage, my perky titties were exposed from the sides and my nipples poked out like darts, not to mention, the darkened circle of the wet spot on the back of my dress, where my juices had left their mark.

Hopefully, everyone would be too engrossed in conversations and with their meals to notice a nearly naked woman passing by.

My new friend grabbed my free hand, denying me the ability to use it to adjust my dress, and began to snake his way through the packed patio. With each turn, one breast or the other would swing out from my cover-up. Trying to keep them restrained was futile, so the sooner we got through this, the better. Until . . .

But of course, we were waylaid by a few friends of his, also enjoying their lunch a table near the hostess stand, where a long line had formed along the sidewalk.

After a quick glance around, I resigned myself to the inevitable shame of exposing myself to dozens of strangers in the middle of a crowded restaurant.

Oh well. Que, sera, sera.

During introductions, I leaned down and over the table extending my hand to each of his friends.

As expected, my cover-up fell away from my body, and with each pump of our shaking hands, my boobies bounced for all to see. Needless to say, the handshakes were lengthy and extended.

With each successive introduction, the handshakes became more enthusiastic, and my boobies began swinging around in circles and slapping together, it was as if they were applauding their own freedom from restraint.

I wondered if anyone I knew was also dining here today, to witness my show. My embarrassment would then be complete.

I was so concerned about exposing my perky tatas that it didn't even occur me that every time I leaned in to shake another hand, my short cover-up rode up my hips, exposing my bikini-less butt and glistening puffy pussy lips.

A guy seated at a table behind me craned his neck so much that he almost stuck his snout in my honey pot.

Finally, with the pleasantry concluded, we were free to leave. But as we departed, he nonchalantly called back to his friends, inviting them to by his beach house after lunch. Knowingly, after lecherously looking up and down, pausing their inspection my nipples, and again, my hips, they exuberantly accepted.

His beach house was spectacular, with stunning views from several balconies.
He offered drink, to "wash down the road dust" after our arduous three block strolls from the restaurant. My buzz waning, I happily accepted.

So where is this pony ride, I wondered aloud, as I explored his house, room by room, stopping each balcony and leaning over the rail to catch every angle of the views.

He handed my fourth Marg and directed to , with an open palm the small of my back, to the balcony and a set of chaise lounge chairs. The ocean breeze was cooling in the heat of the , the sun in the .

Since my cover-up left nothing to the imagination anyway, I peeled it off and tossed it at the foot of the chair. It felt liberating to put the pretense of modesty where it belonged.

He admired my body and reveled in showing myself to him, twirling like a drunken ballerina. My pussy was so wet and ready for sex, that it offered no resistance to any cummer, just a slick opening for repeated usage.

As I stretched on the chaise, arms overhead, and legs spread widely, soaking in rays, I closed my eyes, and let the warmth and rising alcohol buzz wash over .

Unbeknownst to , my host had left and returned with a gift for , that he laid between my legs.

He dripped icy droplets from his cocktail glass on my nipples to awaken from my stupor.

Rolling over to greet him, my knee bumped into something, heavy and smooth.
Rolling back and sitting upright, I peered down.

Grinning ear to ear, I hoisted its heft, measuring its girth by encircling my fingers of both hands around it. I'd never handled one this size before.

Temptation was overriding self-preservation. This would test the limits of my ability.

My host moved to foot my chaise, sitting alongside my thigh, and offered his assistance. It could be easily be a two-person effort.

He slid it toward my open slit, down the center of the chaise cushion, inching nearer like a giant inch worm. I reclined to my elbows, and peeked over my pubic patch, watching its forward progress, unconsciously spreading my knees, moving my thighs away from it, parting my lips and aligning my tunnel with its approach.

I could feel rivulets of self-lube coursing from my opening, dribbling across my rosebud, disappearing between the crevice of my cheeks, soaking the chaise beneath me.

But seeds of doubt began sprouting into a forest of fear and uncertainty, even my arousal and desire couldn’t quell the worry of what this behemoth would do to me physically and emotionally. Would I become a slave to it? How would anything else compare afterward?

Its tip collided with my outer lips, like a squared peg fitting into round hole, abruptly ending its advance, but my host diligently applied increasing pressure from its base, two giant baseball-sized black silicone testicles, and it began stretching my opening, slipping into me, ever so slowly, but entering nonetheless, until the increasing circumference of it bulbous head found my pussy’s limit.

I gulped for air, biting my lip, with increasing pleasure and pain.

I was literally dripping, so lube wouldn’t help me now. My pussy was resisted for the moment, but it was faltering will each passing second, millimeter by millimeter, this black beast continued it relentless onslaught, sinking slowly but certainly into my slickened tunnel, the rim of its helmet nearing the cusp of my opening.

My mind's eye envisioned me greedily taking it all in but my body screamed with defiance, revealing its physical limitations. Or not.

The giant black dildo perfectly proportional and realistic looking in every way, just enormous, bowed upward at its the middle, like a humpback, as the its head, stretching gaping hole, battled for admittance to my complete depth.

Dropping back to chaise completely, I focusing on relaxing my body and calming my mind, navigating the extreme sensations and fullness.

Then with a pop, like it was spring-loaded, the giant dong, snapped straight, my pussy’s surrender was unconditional and total, succumbing to my host’s determination, the giant cock slid into me in an instant, like a stone falling through water, filling me to capacity, forcing the air from lungs.

And then my host began pulling and pushing, sawing into me like a lumberjack, back and forth, in and out, slowly pumping me at first, with his cadence increasing with each stroke, like a piston. Waves of pleasure and pain crashed over me.

I was almost hysterical from sensation. I had never felt anything like this before. It was inconceivable that this thing was actually inside me. My eyelids fluttered as I was on the verge of passing out.

When his teeth bit down on my nipple unexpectedly, the added sensations sent me over the top, and I writhed in orgasm, my pussy clenching and releasing the giant bat within, over and over, until my expended body melted into the chaise cushion.

Exhausted and satisfied, he pulled it from me like a firehose, my pussy agape, twitching and spasming, trying to find its normal shape.

Lifting just my head from the chaise, I could see my host smiling from my heaving belly and chest; wiping sweat from his brow. Tough work, I laughed to myself.

Somehow, he managed to remove his shorts, and a splatter of his jism, covered my legs, the dido, and the cushion between them, languidly obeying the laws of gravity.

He brought his softening penis to my mouth, straddling my head on the chaise, tapping its tip against my lips, until I sucked him in and closed my eyes, enjoying the tangy taste.

I could feel him becoming engorged, stiffening on my tongue. I still got it, I thought to myself.

Impressed with his stamina, for an older guy, I redoubled my effort, intent on bringing him to orgasm again. He didn’t last long and his second load was easily swallowed.

I drifted off to sleep. When I awoke, it was just after sunset, but still . And I was still naked. My nether region throbbed, but no worse for wear.

My host and his friends emerged from the house and sat down around me, cocktails and cigars in hand.

My first impulse was to cover myself, but to what benefit, they had seen everything already. So, I sat upright and reclined into the chaise, my boobies proudly on display, the center of attention, but tender from his teething,<b> bite </font></b>marks and bruising noticeable around my nipples. But no worse for wear.

Still groggy from the sun, the booze, the GIANT invader, AND two loads, slowly everyone started coming into focus in the twilight, and all four men were stroking their erect cocks from unzipped shorts, except my host, who was still naked too. And he no tan lines, but who wouldn’t, if you lived in this house.
He regaled them with the story of our afternoon together. Two loads, he proudly proclaimed, in conclusion.

After his monologue, he announced to all, to enthusiastic cheers all around, that I was ready for a pony ride.

They looked at me with anticipation, waiting for my decision.

One of them was evidently overcum by the prospect of it, and ejaculated on my leg, for the second time today.

To be continued?

kinky1foranother 63M  
6 posts
5/23/2021 7:55 am

I don't know if I can handle another "to be continued"...So fucking erotic. I want cum on your leg

magictonguesc13 52M
56 posts
5/26/2021 7:08 am

Your writing is so erotic. It seduces you into the story and makes me feel like I'm enjoying the sexual scene with you!! Very hot!!

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