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Paradise Lost...Paradise Found!  

BorderLinne 63M
18 posts
4/27/2021 5:02 pm
Paradise Lost...Paradise Found!

So, I've given you the basic landscape at Paradise Valley. And, like I said, it's literally crawling with swinging couples on the prowl.

That said, I'll also tell you that there are general groups that the naked folks fall into at the Valley: the Rock Stars, and the Trolls. You don't have a chance with the former, unless you are a Rock Star yourself. And, the latter, well...let's just say that there are many things in life that you wished you could unsee...but you can't!

Every once in a while though you'll meet a normal couple. You know, people who are just like you and I. The problem I always had was my age. I was already in my late fifties at the time and, while I felt that I looked pretty good for my age, it didn't change the fact that I was competing with plenty of better-looking guys who were twenty younger. Let's face it guys. On the rare occasion that a woman actually gets a little horny and daydreams about having her way with a strange's usually not my fifty-eight year- face that she'll see.

Yet on one particular day it happened!

My wife and I were laying out by one of the pools and there was a good-looking couple doing the same next use. He was in his early forties and she, I later learned, was thirty-. She had a really cute figure, long dark brown hair, and a very pretty face. My wife immediately saw my interest and smiled when she said : "you'd like fuck her, wouldn't you?" I replied with a smile, "yeah, like that's gonna happen."

All at once my wife saw an man walking away from the outdoor bar some distance away. She gasped with a startle and said : "take a damn look at that!"

I looked over and saw with my own eyes what I am quite sure was the longest dick in the natural world. I will absolutely shit you not, this guys dick was hanging down far below his knees as he walked away! I said my wife something along the order of: "I can't believe what I'm seeing."

At this, the thirty- year cutie said : "oh, you can believe it honey, we saw that earlier." And she laughed. The conversation was then on between us four, and it became obvious that this gal was truly interested in me (I mean in terms of playing). I couldn't believe it. It turned out that we four actually lived close to each other and the husband, at his wife's request, exchanged with us.

Over the next several weeks we all four took turns at texting (provocatively) with each other. The guy would flirt back and forth with my wife, and his wife and I would do the same. We had a few meetings at a local dance bar where things almost happened a couple of times, but fate just didn't allow.

Finally, a year after we had first met, we all just made a firm date meet at Paradise Valley, hang out by the pools during the day, and then retire to a rented condo and . And that's exactly what happened.

There were twins beds in the condo, next to each other. I got in the bed with her and my wife got into her husband's bed. All four of us had already been heavily flirting and fondling each other all day in the pools. Fortunately I had quite drinking altogether several years ago, so things progressed very well for me. This young beauty practically fucked me to<b> death. </font></b>I mean it.

At one point she was on top of me cowgirl style and riding my dick so damn feverishly I was actually scared that she was going to break it. Her hair was long, thick, and it (and she) smelled soooo good. She tasted very good as well. (kissing her I mean...wink)

There is no one in this world who I'd rather make love to than my wife. There is no one in this world who is as good at it as she. I am supremely convince that my hot wife could get milk out of a damn crowbar!


This little vixen who was on me at the moment was far more than an guy like me could typically hope for. To this day I can't understand what interest she had in me, but I'm just glad she had it. She was great!

My wife's partner, on the other hand, didn't fair as well.

He'd been drinking all day and had also taken more than a few hits off of a vape pipe that had whatever form of pot they put in those things. He gave it his best effort, and my wife did likewise. She sucked his dick like no king had ever been sucked. But alas...the drinking and pot had won the day and my friend wasn't able get hard. My wife consoled him and promised a raincheck some day.

We all went our separate ways with big smiles on our faces.

author51 59F  
130010 posts
4/28/2021 4:52 am

Nice story and read....

BiSussi 61F
1405 posts
5/4/2021 3:42 am

I truly feel bad for your wife
What a waste of time, how sweet of her for not blowing up, but it does happen with mature men, I guess she had her experience already with them.
This is one reason why I keep to my college boyfriends, they are always ready, regardless of what they drink or smoke Do they run dry sometime, yes indeed, but this is why I have more than one in my house Have not been short changed since the 2nd one moved in
___________________________________________-_____________ __________ _________
All I wish for are men I can fall in love with and who like Making Babies and not just want Sex! After all, when it comes to Virgin, Experienced or Very Tight I have 2 out of 3 to offer

I love pussies and adore nice dicks

Leegs2012 49M
96134 posts
5/5/2021 11:12 am

Swinging is a great lifestyle. Unfortunately what happened to you wife, on occasions will happen. Either way glad you had a good time.

BorderLinne 63M
12 posts
5/10/2021 3:04 am

You are so right, Leegs. Swinging is no different than anything else in life...s*** happens, right.

One of the many things that I find endearing about my wife is her grace and poise. Rather than ridicule, she would go out of her way to make her partner feel at ease with whatever had happened to in terms of coming up short. She truly was a "Lady Diana" of swinging.

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