A complete stranger.  

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2/4/2022 8:49 am
A complete stranger.

She sat on the edge of the hotel room bed, waiting for him.

They had met online, and knew nothing about one another aside from the fact that they were both married and could be relied on to keep this meeting secret. She had chosen his profile based on a frontal picture of him from the knees to the<b> chest </font></b>naked, and she had posted the same on her profile. She did not know what he looked like and had studiously avoided learning anything else about him, or telling him anything else about her. They had only had one or two short conversations on an instant messaging app, using disposable aliases, to set this meeting up. They would never meet again, by previous agreement.

She sat on the edge of the bed, her feet and knees together, nervously waiting. Again by previous agreement, she was blindfolded. He would not be.

Her anticipation spiked as she heard footsteps coming down the hotel corridor. It was mid-afternoon. The hotel was nearly empty. It was probably him. Surely enough the steps stopped at the door and she could hear it opening. She began to tremble a little. Nerves, fear, anticipation, and lust. She knew she was lubricating already. She heard him walk across the room and sit on the bed beside her. By previous agreement, no words were spoken, nor would they be.

His hand under her chin turned her head toward his and she felt his lips on hers. With a shaky sigh she opened her mouth and they began kissing one another passionately. They kissed a long time, how long she couldn't say. A red haze of desire was descending on her and she was losing track. She lifted one arm and put it behind his neck, pulling him to her as his hands began to explore her body through her thin summer dress, lingering over her erect nipples. Electric shocks travelled from the tips of her breasts all through her body, but especially down to her groin, which began to ache with need.

She felt him stand up and move in front of her, and firm hands on her shoulders pushed her down on her back. The same hands pulled her knees up above her chest, sliding her dress up, above her hips. Suddenly she gasped and lurched, as a finger scratched her clit through her panties. He continued, pressing harder, until she had to make an effort to keep silent. His hands slid up the sides of her hips and gripped the waistband of her panties, and he knelt and began to kiss the insides of her thighs, back and forth across her groin. He began to pull the panties down, slowly slowly oh so slowly, and she could feel his lips kissing and nibbling her pussy and clit through the fabric, until she had to fight to stop herself from screaming:

'Just pull the fucking things OFF!'

When he did pull them off, which felt like it took an hour, he paused, teasing her, the fucker. Then she had to clamp a hand over her mouth as his tongue pressed against her clit and began to make small circles on it. Pleasure coursed through her, an aching need and fire, like she never felt with her husband. Hubby was a nice man but indifferent in bed, and he had never made her feel like this. She could feel her belly and thighs start to shudder and knew that an orgasm was coming.

My god, so fast.

She heard him stand up, listened to the sound of a belt being unbuckled and a zipper being unzipped, and she knew what was coming. She could hardly breathe. She felt him enter her. Just the tip at first. A few inches. For what seemed like forever he entered her shallowly then pulled out, rubbing the tip of his cock against her clit, then entering her again. Each time he entered her he went deeper, and she wanted to reach down, grasp his hips, and pull him all the way in, hard. But they had agreed that she would be passive, a recipient, and he would do what he wanted.

She felt his hands grasp her thighs and pull her toward him and suddenly he rammed himself into her, forcefully and all the way. He then fucked her with hard thrusts, each thrust separated by a pause, and she had to place both hands over her mouth to stop herself from moaning or calling out. He himself was admirably silent, although through the red haze she could hear his breath whistling harder and harder through his nostrils, and the intervals between the thrusts got shorter and shorter. Eventually he was just fucking her like a ram, and despite his promises intermittently humming through his nose.

When she came it felt like her bones were melting. Simultaneously, every muscle in her body clenched, and she could at last not hold herself back from a long, but quiet 'Aaaaaahhhhhh!' She felt suspended in time and space, lost control of her body, and even lost consciousness for just a few seconds. he was still hammering away at her, prolonging the orgasm, making it go on and on. After who knows how long he gasped and held his breath, grinding out a very quiet moan, and she could feel his cum jetting into her pussy for long moments. A feeling of peace and content spread through her, and her body finally relaxed, exhausted, on the bed.

Again by previous agreement he said nothing, but stood up, put his clothes back on, and left the hotel room, while she grasped her knees and pulled them toward her feeling his spunk trickle down past her anal rosebud and onto the bed.

She wondered if she had at last succeeded in being bred.

*Author's note*

This scenario, I confess, is completely imaginary.

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