Oh the places you'll go...  

Badgers79 42M
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1/9/2022 2:57 pm
Oh the places you'll go...

Been toying with the idea of videos. The first would be a simple, well-tread-territory story. Something quick, and not something I (as a viewer) would care to watch myself. As an experiment though, it has merit. I zero interest in exploring an OnlyFans or manyvids account at the moment, but am doubtful of being able upload a narrative on Senior Sizzle. Doesn't seem fit the bill. That, and I lack microphones and a proper camera, much less a the tricks of the trade prevent the video from being a nausea inducing experience. But again, perhaps worth attempting for the sake thereof.

The other would be try and live-stream. Again, I lack the tool of the trade, like proper lighting or a plethora of toys to keep any potential audience actually entertained. But is a curiosity see how goes. shows up. What they ask of me. As a viewer you're free walk away if the proceedings don't tickle your fancy. On the other side of the camera, 's a different set of<b> games. </font></b>Being an entertaining host ... well, could be very boring if no one shows up. Or could spiral out of control quickly if anyone shows up. Or knows? we'll some fun.

But yeah, that's what's on my mind for now.

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