Oh the places you'll go...  

Badgers79 43M
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1/9/2022 2:57 pm
Oh the places you'll go...

Been toying with the idea of videos. The first would be a simple, well-tread-territory story. Something quick, and not something I (as a viewer) would care to watch myself. As an experiment though, it has merit. I zero interest in exploring an OnlyFans or manyvids account at the moment, but am doubtful of being able upload a narrative on Senior Sizzle. Doesn't seem fit the bill. That, and I lack microphones and a proper camera, much less a the tricks of the trade prevent the video from being a nausea inducing experience. But again, perhaps worth attempting for the sake thereof.

The other would be try and live-stream. Again, I lack the tool of the trade, like proper lighting or a plethora of toys to keep any potential audience actually entertained. But is a curiosity see how goes. shows up. What they ask of me. As a viewer you're free walk away if the proceedings don't tickle your fancy. On the other side of the camera, 's a different set of games. Being an entertaining host ... well, could be very boring if no one shows up. Or could spiral out of<b> control </font></b>quickly if anyone shows up. Or knows? we'll some fun.

But yeah, that's what's on my mind for now.

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