Flight 490  

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Flight 490

Dave’s mind was racing after leaving Elli’s room he could not believe that he cheated on Samantha in this way, what was he becoming? For nearly he only had sex with Terri now since falling for Sam he managed be unfaithful twice or thrice now learning that what he thought was a dream was in fact real. Dave made it back his room and crashed in his bed.

Waking the next morning Dave remembered his promise John for breakfast at 9AM. Looking bleary eyed at the clock he realized that it was already 8:30, ‘Shit’ he thought himself throwing back the covers and slipping the bathroom brush his teeth, shave, shower and well take care of business.

Meeting John at the continental breakfast in the executive lounge Dave grabbed a croissant and a cup of coffee. John had already ordered an omelet, coffee, juice, fruits and a basket of breads. One thing that John enjoyed was a big breakfast.

“How was your dinner with the ,” John asked Dave?

“Oh you know typical restaurant affair, I managed find a steak and she had lobster,” Dave remarked.

“What about desert,” John joked.

“You know they just don’t have any good pie around here,” Dave replied with a crooked smir

John not missing a beat, “Oh I bet they have plenty of slanted pie,” John stated with a grin.

“Come on now John, let’s not be petty, besides you’re the expert on Oriental pie,” Dave joked.

“Oh yea right,” John exhaled, “Lucy would kill me if I decided try pie on a flight.”

“Well you know what they say,” Dave smirked.

“Yeah, Yeah, What happens at Flight Level 490 stays at Flight Level 490.”

Dave and John finished their breakfast before asking the hostess where pilots who didn’t speak a lick of Japanese could go have some fun. John gave her his typical, “If you only had 24 hours in Tokyo where would you go?”

She recommended the Tsukiji Fish Market but John could tell by Dave’s yuck face that was not what he was looking forward to. “What else?” She then recommended the Tokyo museum in which Dave just shrugged. She also suggested that Kokugikan, the sumo wrestling arena, which was right next door to the museum. She then suggested Akihabara or the electronics market and both John and Dave were sold. They were informed that the concierge desk could assist with plans for the day. Dave and John made their way to the concierge who assisted with transportation and locations to visit.

Dave and John ended up spending the day in Tokyo visiting the Tokyo museum then heading over to the electronics market. Dave thought he could get a good deal on some electronics but by the time he did the conversion between the dollar and the yen he realized that everything was as expensive if not more expensive than in the US. Oh and everything was in Japanese. Soon it was dinner time and Dave and John found a decent restaurant and after that they headed back to the hotel. Dave reminded John of the 5AM meet downstairs so they could get out to the jet and have it ready for Elli.

Dave checked his cellphone and did not have any missed calls or texts from the company. He entered his suite and checked his e- which had tomorrow’s updated schedule sent from the company. There were no significant changes so he decided to go over to Elli’s and make a check with her to be sure that she did not have any changes.

Elli greeted Dave at the door in a beautiful knee length black dress that glittered with tiny black sequins, spaghetti straps held the dress up on her shoulders. She wore a nude pair of hose and was mounted on a pair of shiny black heels which had be a good four inches. Around her neck she wore a double strand of Tahitian black pearls with matching earrings. Elli’s hair was let down in a straight mid-shoulder length style and she had on a light dusting of base and nude gloss on her youthful lips. Elli just watched Dave look her up and down before she spun on her heels inviting him in. Dave eagerly followed her watching the dress swish across her firm ass.

“Something drink,” Elli offered.

“Sorry, I am already twelve hours out from crew duties and can’t drink,” Dave replied.

Elli smiled, “A coke or something?”

“A Diet Coke would be wonderful.”

Elli prepared something strong for herself and brought a coke in a glass Dave. “I just wanted tell you that we are set for a 6AM departure tomorrow and with a four and a half hour flight tomorrow should have us landing just after 9:30. Do you have any changes,” Dave asked?

Elli seemed to take the entire briefing in before asking, “How far from the airport to downtown?”

“The airport is out on an island so depending on traffic and where you are meeting it can easily take over an hour,” Dave responded.

“I have a lunch meeting and don’t want to be too early can we push back 30 minutes,” Elli asked?

Dave took a sip of his icy coke watching Elli’s breasts as much as listening to her before answering, “I can slow it down enroute so you have options, I prefer to keep the take-off time if you don’t mind just in case we run into delays out of Tokyo or into Hong Kong,” Dave relayed. “I don’t expect it to be a problem but there is a front along our route to Hong Kong that may stack arrivals and I rather have the extra time if needed,” he continued.

Elli just looked over him as he related his preferred timeline to her; Dave swore that her eyes kept making their way down to his cock a few times. Elli took a swig of her stiff drink before agreeing to keep the take-off time at 6AM. Besides Dave knew that a 6AM take-off time to most meant that they showed up at the airport at 6AM as business jets, unlike airlines, waited on the passengers no matter how late they were running. Dave also made sure to get her passport from her so he could have her precleared by immigration.

“I should be going… I have an early day tomorrow,” Dave stated and Elli seemed to deflate hearing this.

Dave gulped down the remainder of his coke and Elli held out her hand to take his empty glass, as Dave handed it over her smooth silky hand caressed his before taking the glass from the bottom. Dave looked into her large dark brown eyes and Elli head cocked slightly, moved in and her lips parted just barely. Dave recognized the soft kiss me look on her face and more out of instinct then rational thought he closed the distance most of the way until Elli finished the move locking her soft lips on his.

Elli’s sweet aroma covered Dave all at once and he tasted the bitter alcohol on her lips. Dave’s hand naturally dropped to Elli’s firm ass and pulled her in tight against his body squeezing a chee The sound of glasses crashed in the background as Elli’s arms wrapped around Dave’s neck and she pushed her lips tight against his. Dave soon felt Elli’s hot tongue snake between his lips, more bitter alcohol invading his senses as his own tongue met hers, touche. The kiss seemed to last an impossible length of time and when it broke both were panting heavily. Blood immediately gorged to fill Dave’s organ.

“I really should go,” Dave remarked his hand never leaving Elli’s firm ass.

“Yes, you should get your rest Captain,” Elli panted and with that Elli and Dave’s lips locked again this time kissing hard until Elli’s back reached a wall. Elli now supported by the wall threw her leg up and hooked Dave’s waist. Her knee length dress slipping up to her thigh as she did so. As soon as she did Dave could smell the her musk driving any chance of leaving her suite out of his mind. Dave had moved his second hand to Elli’s other cheek cupping her ass in his hands. With Elli’s leg now hooked around Dave’s back he soon found that he had direct access to her cunt. They continued to sloppily kiss each other lips soaked with saliva and Dave gently brushed Elli’s labia with his fingers.

Elli broke the kiss as soon as his fingers brushed her lips and let out a soft moan as heel of her shoe pressed hard against his bac Elli’s eyes were ravenous with lust as she pushed her lips against his. Dave caressed her labia and slipped a digit between her as she quickly wetted with anticipation. Again Elli broke the kiss and released another moan. By this time Dave’s cock had stiffed its full length and was painfully confined. Dave grabbed Elli’s ass hard as he straightened and lifted her into his chest, Elli wrapped her other leg around Dave’s waist and wrapped both of her arms around his neck for support.

Dave was amazed at how light this young woman was as he walked back toward her bedroom while she kissed him. Dave continued to chaotically slide a finger along her labia during the trip which seemed to just get Elli wetter. When they reached the door to her bedroom Dave made another swipe between her labia as Elli lowered her hips sinking Dave’s finger into her hot, slick cunt. Elli howled, “Oh gawd yes.” Dave had to steady himself as to not fall over or drop Elli. Dave could feel Elli’s Kegel muscles as she squeezed his digit in her cunt.

Dave finally made his way across Elli’s bedroom and carefully laid her down on to her bed her arms pulling him on top of her as she resumed pressing her lips into his. With a knee between Elli’s legs and her arms still wrapped around his neck Dave hefted Elli again depositing her into the middle of the bed as he crawled after her. Dave’s hand now free from her weight was finally able to explore the rest of Elli’s cunt as he traced up her slit running aground with a soft covering of public hair. Dave was surprised as four ago she was sporting a bald eagle. Dave remembering Terri’s words ‘It’s a cunt not a pussy it don’t have any fur’ made the adjustment in his mind, Elli’s wonderful, soft and moist pussy.

Dave released his pants with his other hand then slowly kissed his way down Elli’s body and slinked out of his pants and boxers. By the time his lips fell upon her ample bosom he managed pop his aching cock out, when he kissed through her dress onto her belly his trousers had made their way to his knees and by the time he lifted her skirt and gazed upon her womanhood he managed to slide them off completely.

The smell of Elli was overwhelming from this distance and Dave lowered his mouth kissing first one thigh working from where the hose ended up her leg just almost to her pussy before restarting from the other side. Elli’s breathing increased with each kiss and she huffed out when Dave abandoned her treasure for her other thigh. As he kissed his way up her other leg Elli’s panting increased again. Then Dave snaked out his tongue to lick the salty crease between her leg and her labia. Dave licked her first on one side, carefully across her tant then the other side until he found his way to her carefully groomed slit.

Elli sighed then moaned loudly when Dave’s tongue masterfully worked its way down her slit bumping her special pearl then back up again. Within a few licks Elli’s clit soon unveiled and Dave spent extra care on caressing and licking it. Elli’s moaning increased in tempo with each lick and her hips were squirming under Dave. He carefully sucked on her clit and Dave swore Elli almost sounding like a cat mewing.

Finally, the scent and wetness was too much for Dave to ignore as his tongue lashed harshly against her thin, tight outer labia. Dave then dug his tongue into her pussy fully tasting Elli’s juices, savoring the sweet, cream like taste. Elli again mewed as Dave withdrew his tongue and sucked on her labia causing her cry out again, “OH FUCK YES!”

Dave licked, sucked and buzzed on Elli carefully following her cues but also careful to try and hold her orgasm at bay for as long as possible. Elli had enough of his teasing and grabbed his head with both hands and held his face in her pussy which he lapped at with force, digging his tongue deep as he could into her tunnel. First Elli’s hands relaxed then her thighs slammed against Dave head as Elli shook hard moaning vociferously as orgasmic waves flooded through her body. Dave continued to assault her softness and Elli seemed to rise higher and higher until she was just screaming unintelligible nonsense.

As Elli started to descend Dave stuck fingers into her swollen pussy and finding her soft spongy spot assaulted her clit with his mouth and rubbed her G spot. Elli’s hands were batting trying to push Dave away her pussy over stimulated, but Dave held fast willing to take her beating to take this bronco to her highest limits. Elli was crying for Dave to stop, “Oh please, Oh please Dave stop, OH FUCK! GAWD DAMM!”

Elli’s pleading to stop soon turned into a chant of “FUCK DAMNS” until finally she just let loose with a scream. Dave was sure someone was going to call the cops on that one as Elli’s scream reverberated through the room and her pussy clamped down hard on Dave’s fingers. Elli’s pussy must have pumped at Dave fingers for what felt like five minutes as Elli panted out of breath.

“You… You… You of a Bitch,” she managed to belt out between pants.

Elli’s pussy then just seemed to slowly relax all at once and Dave slid her very slick fingers out of her box. Dave then crawled up between Elli’s legs and nearly had his cock at her entrance before she finally protested, “Where.. are .. you.. going.. with.. that.. thing..”

“Where the hell do you think,” Dave asked?

“I thought.. you hard.. had.. to get.. rest for.. tomorrow,” Elli protested between pants.

“I ain’t getting any rest with this thing,” Dave pointed. His cock was fully erect, the head a deep purple with the blood that pumped into its massive length and throbbing with a visible movement. The veins were popped out all along its length and it carried a heat of its own, burning with desire to push aside the soft folds of Elli’s pussy and power itself deep into her depths. Dave could feel his heavy balls stirring with his seed ready to spill it deep into Elli hosing down her insides with his powerful stream of thick ropey cum.

Ellis looked down at the pulsing thick cock and just smiled innocently, “I never agreed.. to a fuck Captain.”

“You got to be fucking kidding me,” Dave blurted, “what the hell am I suppose to do with this thing.”

“Well there are plenty of hookers,” Elli replied with a twinkle in her eye.

“Oh please you got to be fucking with my mind,” Dave pleaded with her.

“Humm,” Elli considered before reaching and hand down and tugging on Dave’s cock, “shame to allow such good wood to go to waste.”

Elli’s soft hands continued to stroke Dave’s length and he crawled back onto the bed allowing Elli to guide his movements. Soon she had him on his back in the middle of the bed and both her hands were stroking his dry coc Dave reached for Elli’s pussy but her hand quickly left his cock and slapped him.

“Fuck you’re dry stroking ,” Dave protested.

“Awe, poor lil Captain looking for some lube,” Elli teased.

Dave nodded and Elli just continued stroke his coc Despite the heat of her hands across his dry cock Dave was enjoying it and let out a soft moan.

“What was that,” Elli asked?

“Fucking suck ,” Dave blurted out.

“Well I never,” Elli replied in her most drawn out Texas accent.

Elli flipped her hair over one shoulder looked Dave right into his crystal blue eyes and sank her hot wet mouth around his massive purple cock head. Elli’s tongue swirled around and licked Dave’s head as she moaned “mmmm.” Elli’s hand was softly stroking the bottom half of his cock as her other hand was flicking her still very wet clit. Elli sucked hard on Dave’s dick and she pulled off his head with a very audible pop.

“That better,” she asked?

“I’d be allot better if you’d swallow it like you did last night,” Dave remarked.

Elli put on a look of indignation and both hands stopped working. Dave really feared she was going to toss his cock down and order him out like she did last night.

“I’m sorry,” Dave tried and with that Elli just smiled again and proceeded to suck his cock head in her mouth. Elli continued her lick, suck and pop maneuver at least a few dozen times and while it did feel good it was doing nothing to help Dave get his rocks off and only made him hornier. Elli on the other hand was soon rocking and moaning as her other hand continued to flick her clit. Dave had enough and grabbed Elli by her hips and raised her up then swung her around so that her dress covered pussy was over his head. Elli protested for a moment dropping Dave’s cock from her mouth until Dave tucked her dress with his chin and dropped Elli’s pussy right on his mouth. Dave full on assaulted her slit and pussy and Elli returned taking Dave’s cock much deeper into her mouth.

Elli’s moaning vibrated Dave’s cock and he could not wait to feel her moan with his cock buried in her throat. He pushed against the back of her throat and when Elli tried to escape she pushed her pussy hard onto Dave’s hot tongue. Elli relented and swallowed Dave’s cock as he drove his tongue hard into her pussy causing her to moan and choke his cock right back out of her mouth. Elli tried again but the angle was off and she choked again. Either way it was about all Dave could stand as she tried to swallow him a third time to find a full load of ropy cum launched against her tonsils. Elli gagged and Dave knew his cock was launching salvo after salvo of hot cum into the air but due to his face being planted between Elli’s legs and under her dress had no clue where his seed was landing. As Dave’s last few shots fired he felt Elli’s face slick and sticky as she kissed then sucked his cock again. Dave redoubled his efforts on Elli’s pussy and soon her legs stiffened and she shook with another powerful orgasm.

Dave awoke to a pussy right in his face, it was dark but the scent was undeniable. Dave’s tongue lashed out at the sleeping pussy which opened with little ease as his tongue parted the labia. The scent of the pussy caused Dave to fully awaken with a hard erection as he reached and pulled the sequined material up toward a beautiful, shapely ass. Dave realized that he was pulling up a dress and he then also realized that he must had fallen asleep after sixty-nineing this beautiful pussy. Dave swatted the ass and continued to lick the pussy in front of him and soon he was rewarded with a sleepy moan. Dave managed to slide out from under the wonderful smelling pussy and roll over the woman attached. That was when he recognized the cum dried face of Elli. Dave quickly glanced at the clock and it was already 4:30 AM. ‘Shit John will be waiting down stairs in an hour. But, then again how long does it really take for him to get ready?’

“Too long,” muttered Dave as he went to get up and push away from Elli’s hot disheveled body.

“Oh fuck a good morning poke can’t hurt,” and Dave crawled between her legs.

Dave grasped his meat and rubbed the bloated head along Elli’s labia and was rewarded with another soft moan. He continued to push and rub, 4:31. Dave felt Elli start to wet under him and moan a little louder and using just the head of his cock he pumped a little bit into her soft hot hole, 4:32. Dave pulled his cock out and went down and gave her a good tongue lashing to help wet things along until tasting her wetness, 4:36. Dave then pushed the head of his cock between her legs feeling the soft wet warmth parting to inviting him in as he slid a good long portion of his cock into her pussy. Elli’s face was shocked and Dave kissed her deeply.

“Good morning,” he stroked into her.

Elli’s face was a contorted ecstasy as she managed a “Good... Morning,” back with her own hip thrusts, 4:40.

Dave unleashed with powerful, long and fast strokes pounding Elli’s form into the bed. She moaned, then mewed and finally screamed out as her pussy clamped down milking at Dave’s cock, 4:45. Dave continued to fuck her hard and fast, her juices slopping as he continued to shove more and more cock deep into her belly until finally Dave felt his balls pump cum up his shaft and spray it hot stickiness deep into Elli, 4:47. Elli moaned loudly.

“Shit, I have to be down stairs in 13 minutes,” Dave protested and he pulled out of Elli.

They kissed and Dave hurried to his room, 4:50 took the fastest shower of his life, 4:57, brushed his teeth and dressed. 5:05. Dave just managed to toss his stuff into the Purdy, pull on his boot and shave with an electric razor on the way down to the lobby. By the time he made it he almost looked ready, 5:.

“Your late Captain,” John smiled.

Dave dropped his key at the Executive Desk as they caught the van the airport.

“Overslept,” Dave finally responded.

At least somewhere in the humping of last night and the hustle this morning Dave secured Elli’s passport so they could have her precleared by Japanese immigration. John as usual took care of the outside of the jet as Dave fired up the APU and took care of the inside putting the catering into the galley, starting some coffee and placing the handful of newspapers on the table before going forward and firing up the avionics to conduct his preflight checks. Through the SATCOM, ARINC delivered their flightplans and loaded the route into the flight management system (FMS). John finished the exterior checks and sat down in the right seat and started to read off the checklist in which Dave quickly confirmed were complete. A few minutes before 6AM Dave climbed out of the pilot’s seat and down the air stair door to the tarmac where he did a quick walk around before entering the terminal. Elli had already arrived and was being given the first class treatment by the handler. Dave scooped up the passports as the handler placed Elli’s luggage on a cart be whisked the airplane.

“I didn’t expect you be on time,” Dave grinned coyly.

“Well Captain, someone woke me up early,” Elli smiled bac

The Japanese insisted on taking them out the plane in a little VIP Van. When they arrived at the jet the ground agent was taking Elli’s bag the aft baggage compartment, “Just bring it on up and I’ll place it in the cabin store,” Dave stated. As the bag was brought on board the handler had Dave sign the paperwork stating what services they provided so their company could be billed. Dave quickly looked over the paperwork and signed it, it was not too important just to make sure what the agent said they provided was provided. The company’s budget personnel would handle the costs based on their agreement with this handler.

Dave secured the door and made sure that Elli was good to go in the cabin as John started the engines. Dave informed Elli of the weather south of the Korea Peninsula that they would have to climb over but other than that it should be a smooth ride. Dave arrived back in the cockpit and John informed him, “We are ready to taxi.”

Dave did a quick check of the flightdeck making sure that everything was set where it was suppose to be before asking, “Taxi clearance?”

John called ground who of course gave him an alphabet soup of taxiways to follow which Dave highlighted on his Jeppesen airport diagram. Once John completed the read back Dave had him release the parking breaks and with a nudge of power and a turn of the tiller the mighty jet was making its way across Narita airport towards the take-off runway. Dave called for the Taxi Before Take-off checks which were done in the typical challenge and response system. Dave lined up behind a few other jets waiting their turn for take-off and soon they were handed to tower and cleared to taxi into position and hold. Dave nudged the power again and called for the Lineup checks, nearly as soon as those checks were complete Narita cleared them for take-off.

Dave pushed the power until stabilizing the engines as the big jet lurched forward, as power neared take-off the auto throttles took over fine tuning the power. John called “V1” and Dave removed his right hand from the throttles placing both hands on the yoke, at this point he was committed to takeoff no matter what. The yoke had already come alive with the large elevator flying so when John quickly called “Rotate” all Dave had to do was ease back on the column setting a nice leisurely degree climb pitch. Dave called for gear and flaps be retracted in accordance with the climb schedule then executed the climb checks. The auttothrottle system settled in at a 250 knot climb until above ,000’ in which the FMS directed the climb schedule. Dave decided this point was far enough for hand jamming the jet and switched on the autopilot with its Vertical and Lateral Navigation, placing the jet in the hands of the FMS.

Soon the departure controller handed off the jet to radar then the upper radar controller who cleared the Gulfstream to its 45,000’ cruising altitude for this flight. “Flip for who prepares breakfast,” Dave asked?

“I got it,” John replied pushing his seat back before stepping out.

No more than had John left the cockpit then Elli came forward her eyes fixed on the many glass screens across the wide expanse. Dave of course had donned his oxygen mask since one pilot had left the cockpit.

“Want to have a seat,” Dave motioned to John’s recently vacated position?

“If it is OK,” Elli asked?

“Wouldn’t be the first time,” Dave smiled motioning to the seat. Dave’s voice had the canned talk around a oxygen mask sound.

Elli was wearing a black business jacket with a thigh length skirt which hiked a little as she sat down. Dave handed her the copilot’s headset so he could easily speak with her using the microphone in the oxygen mas Dave told her how to adjust the seat forward so she could reach the column and the rudder pedals.

“Should I be wearing a mask,” Elli asked nervously?

“Nah just procedure when one pilot departs the cockpit,” Dave explained before asking, “Ready to fly?”

“Wha… ,” Elli stated shocked.

“Sure, why not,” Dave asked.

“What do I do?”

“Well you see that purple chevron there,” Dave pointed the Flight Display.

“Yes,” Elli stated.

“Simple, you keep the yellow triangle in the purple chevron. If the chevron goes up you pull back, if it goes down you push forward, left and right… Well I am sure you got that,” Dave smiled around the oxygen mas

“Ok,” Elli stated placing her hand on the yoke. Dave placed his left hand on the yoke and then turned off the autopilot which replied with a “whoop whoop” in the cockpit.

“What was that,” Elli asked.

“I just fired George our autopilot from flying the plane,” Dave replied.

Immediately Elli’s hands flew away from the yoke. Dave laughed, “It’s OK you’ll do fine I am helping you along.. Now not too much, be gentle with her it does not take very much movement at all.”

Elli’s hands nervously returned to the yoke and she started to make small corrections to the airplanes flightpath to keep the triangle in the chevron. Dave continued to coach her needing to override her less and less until finally he was able to take his hand completely off the yoke. After about five minutes Dave announced, “She’s all yours.”

Elli of course got out off the chevron, “You’ve been flying for the last five minutes” and Dave gave her verbal instructions to bring the jet back on course.

John arrived shortly thereafter and tapped Dave on the shoulder, “You replace me already Dave.”

“Yea and she is a hell-of-allot better looking too,” Dave joked.

Elli just peeked over at that and asked, “Is my breakfast ready, I’m starved.” She never once got off course while dividing her attention.

“Yes ma’am,” John replied while Dave remarked, “She’s a natural.”

“You want to take back your airplane,” Elli asked. Dave just reached up and flipped the autopilot back on and the airplane hardly bucked at all as it readjusted itself. “My controls,” Dave replied more out of habit.

“Yes Captain,” Elli said with a grin.

Once they swapped position Dave asked, “You eat.”

John smiled, “But of course.”

“Good mask up,” Dave smiled as he pulled off his mask securing it and John pulled his mask on.

Dave went back to the warmer and pulled out plates and put the various items onto china. He then poured himself a large cup of coffee before filling up a carafe with orange juice. Dave had to make a couple of trips before bringing everything out to the table. Dave joined Elli for breakfast but quickly devoured his so that he could make it back to the flight dec The company rules did allow for short breaks from the flight deck for physiological needs and since they were without a steward on this flight that included preparing meals and serving the passengers.

Dave took his plate back to the galley and informed Elli to just leave everything when she was through as they would clean up in a little bit.

The thunderstorms south of Korea were not as bad as Dave had worried and they easily sailed over the tops. John excused himself again to clean up the cabin and Dave once again got to suck oxygen. Soon they were handed off to China Radar and descended into Hong Kong. The Chinese of course vectored them in for the instrument landing system (ILS) approach and they touched down nearly four and a half hours after they left Tokyo. As they taxied in to the ramp they were met by a follow-me truck who took them to their parking spot in the general aviation ramp. As soon as the engines were shutdown the airplane was met by the handling agent and Chinese immigration.

Elli coordinated for all of them to stay at The Peninsula which was much closer to the Kai Tak airport then the new one. Since they arrived so early in the day Dave and John again coordinated an excursion into Hong Kong. Right outside the doors of the hotel they were accosted by a Hong Kong street urchin who called himself “Sammy Can.” He may have said Chan but Dave swore it sounded like Can.

“You want good time, Sammy Can set it up for you,” the little hustler worked them.

“If you only have 24 hours to spend in Hong Kong what would you see,” John asked Sammy.

“You want pussy, I take you red light, you get top dollar pussy,” Sammy continued.

John and Dave just laughed as the cab pulled up, “You regret, I can get you best Hong Kong pussy,” Sammy continued.

“Fine get in,” Dave announced.

“You’re paying for the urchin,” John responded as Sammy hopped into the front of the cab.

“What type of pussy you want, big pussy, tight pussy, pussy, I even get you young virgin pussy you want?” Sammy never stopped his chant.

“No really we just want to see Hong Kong,” Dave replied, “now you want to be our tour guide?”

“Yes, yes Sammy Can tour guide, I take you all over, show you best sites in Hong Kong,” Sammy chanted.

Sammy’s whirl wind tour was complete as they racked one hell of a taxi bill. John and Dave went to shops that they were sure are not on the normal tour guide approved list, and even got to see the infamous red light district although both kept out of the thoes establishments.

“You want iPhone 3, Sammy Can get it wholesale, very cheap,” Sammy chanted.

Dave decided to give it a chance and Sammy brought them down some back allies with mean looking Chinese street thugs moving around the group.

“Oh shit,” Dave hushed to John, “I think we have just been had.”

Sammy seemed to tell that Dave and John were nervous and yelled at the thugs in Chinese. “I tell them back off you Sammy’s customers.”

Whatever Sammy told the thugs they seemed to become disinterested in Dave and John. Sammy finally ducked into an unmarked shop and Dave followed in. Sammy chatted to a young lady who then hollered something into the backroom. Soon out cam a tough looking with iPhone boxes.

“These real,” Dave asked.

“Yes,” Sammy chanted, “they are special fall off truck deep discount since Apple no want.”

John was a little nervous but Dave scooped up the phones after making sure they worked. They even demonstrated that they could make calls and surf the internet. “It jailbait phone work no problem,” Sammy remarked.

Sammy continued show Dave and John around Hong Kong and they bought the dinner when he took them to “real Chinese restaurant not that American Chinese bullshit.” Dave and John arrived back at The Peninsula at around 9PM.

“Later flight tomorrow,” Dave injected as they took the elevator to the executive floor.

“Meet you about noon for lunch then off to the airport,” John asked.

“Better make it ,” Dave replied, “Hong Kong traffic is hell.”

John laughed as he departed a floor below where Dave was staying. Dave entered his room and found a note slid under his door with a room number, ‘Elli’ he thought.

Dave freshened up before heading down Elli’s suite at the end of the hall. He knocked on the door and a young good looking Chinese woman with dark straight hair and dark eyes answered the door.

“I’m sorry, I must have the wrong room,” Dave apologized.

“Is that you Captain?” Dave heard from within.

“Elli,” Dave called out.

“Come on in,” Elli replied, “Oh by the way that’s Kimberly X.”

Dave smiled at the young round faced girl who was wearing a floor length white dress. Dave held out his hand and Kimberly smiled back offering her thin delicate hand bac

“Do you speak English,” Dave asked?

“Do you,” Kimberly replied.

“My dad is British and my mother Chinese,” she continued with a Chinese twang her perfect Queen’s English. It was really an exotic sound something that is difficult describe. Dave entered the room with Kimberly, not Kim as Kim is a Chinese surname. Once again Elli’s suite was immense with a sitting area and then a bedroom off in one direction.

“Pour yourself something drink,” Elli’s voice came from the bedroom.

Dave found the well stocked bar and offered Kimberly something and then poured a Jack on the rocks for himself. Dave and Kimberly sat in the sitting room as Dave asked, “How do you know Elli?”

“My Dad has been a business partner for a long time will Bill,” Kimberly replied, “I have known Elise for some time.”

Dave and Kimberly chatted for a while before Elli finally finished whatever she was doing in the back and joined them in the sitting room. Elli saw Dave’s drink, “What not going to pour one for me.”

Dave just held up his drink to Elli who grabbed it and took a deep swill. Her lips then puckered as she swallowed hard, Kimberly laughed at the sight. “Damn don’t you cut that stuff with something,” Elli protested.

“Ice,” Dave replied smartly.

“I think he is trying to get us squiffy hopping to bonk us,” Kimberly replied.

Dave did not know what squiffy meant but figured it must mean<b> drunk </font></b>but he was sure what bonk meant.

“Me, no never,” Dave innocently protested to which both women giggled. “I just come by to take care of our best and make sure she has no changes to her flight tomorrow.”

“Oh bollocks,” Kimberly protested.

Dave just looked confused until Elli translated, “She does not believe your story.”

Dave gave his trademark crooked grin, “Come on now, can’t a guy catch a brea”

Elli and Kimberly looked at each other before turn back Dave and both replying, “No.”

Elli finished mixing her drink before sitting next Kimberly directly across from Dave. She was still wearing her thigh length pinstriped black skirt but dispensed with the jacket and was wearing a white silk blouse. As she sat down her skirt again hiked up slightly but Elli kept her legs tight together preventing any free shot.

Kimberly’s white long dress was tight on her showing every bump and curve of her thin body. Her breasts were nothing to write home about being grapefruit sized but the rest of her was alluring and that exotic voice was worth hearing. Dave wondered how she would sound in bed, her proper English, her Hong Kong accent.

His staring must have attracting Kimberly’s attention, “Would you like us to model our dresses for you?”

Dave shook his head, “I’m sorry?”

Elli laughed, “You’re staring Captain.”

“I’m sorry,” Dave apologized.

Kimberly smiled, “As long as you remember we are posh not slappers.” Dave of course looked confused, ‘Posh’ isn’t that a Spice Girl or something,’ he thought.

Dave emptied his Jack as the woman chit chatted some more. When he got up to pour another drink and offer them something he noticed the women looking at him. Dave refilled his and both women’s drinks and as he went to sit back down he noticed the women watching his every movement, almost judging him. Dave took another big swill of Jack, “Turn about fair ?” The girls just smiled coyly.

They continued make small talk and Dave refilled drinks twice more, he could tell that all were loosening up some. Then Kimberly blurted out, “Elli says that you have one hell of a stonker.”

Again Dave was confused at what was supposed to be English. “She means that I said you have a huge willy,” Elli translated. Dave understood willy.

“Ahh thanks,” Dave then added without thinking, “you want to see.” Oh hell he just did not ask these women if they wanted to see his dic Damn it must be the alcohol talking.

Both women just looked at each other than turning Dave they slowly nodded their heads. Dave did a double take. Elli licked her lips as she uncrossed her legs which parted just enough so that Dave could tell she was not wearing panties. Her pussy was already glistening in the light of the suite, “Would you like my help?”

“Uhhh,” was all Dave could get out as Elli stood up and walked right over to Dave. She leaned forward and placed a soft kiss directly on his lips. Dave could feel the heat from her mouth as Elli kissed him deeply as well as his own erection building in his pants. Elli gently pulled Dave up off the sofa and then kissed him again sliding her tongue into his mouth. Meeting their tongues danced and fenced. Dave’s hand slid down to Elli butt as he squeezed and pulled her short dress up exposing her.

“Hand on the bum,” Kimberly stated almost keeping score.

Elli’s hands quickly worked at the button and zipper on Dave’s pants as his hand squeezed her now bared ass. Soon she worked his pants open and was sliding them down and off his ankles. Elli returned and then gently squeezed and tugged at his cock through his boxers. As Elli squeezed his cock Dave slid his hand between her buttocks gliding his fingers across her slick labia as Elli moaned in approval. Elli then slid Dave’s shirt off before reaching for his boxers and removing them as well.

Kimberly stood up as Dave’s shirt went over his head and by the time Elli had removed his boxers she was within a few steps, her eyes locked on his coc

“Crikey,” Kimberly exclaimed when Dave cock bounced out in front of the women.

Elli stood back up and Dave reached behind her and unbuttoned and unzipped her skirt which fell off her narrow youthful hips. Elli smiled and removed her blouse now fully naked in front of Dave and Kimberly.

Elli whispered something into Kimberly’s ear and Kimberly then turned around and Elli unfastened the buttons that clasped the chocker material that kept Kimberly’s dress up and then let the sheer silk slowly fall down her body. Dave watched in amazement as the material feel from her flat butt and down her shapely legs to the floor. Kimberly had on a pair of white lace panties with a see though flower pattern. She turned around before become a little bashful, feasting her eyes on Dave’s massive member.

Through the lace material Dave could see her thick black bush covering her mons where Elli on the other hand must have taking sometime to woman-scape as she removed the hair from her pussy once again returning it to a cunt. Elli dropped to her knees in front of Dave and pulled Kimberly down next to her. Elli put one of her hands on Dave’s meat and encouraged Kimberly to do the same. Kimberly carefully and nervously reached out and gently caressed Dave’s meat like she was handling eggs.

“It’s so bloody hot,” Kimberly gasped as she caressed Dave’s coc

“You think that is hot,” Elli remarked before leaning forward and stretching her lips around Dave’s pole. Elli then sank his cock into her hungery mouth removing her hand and only stopping when she bumped into Kimberly hand which nervously petted Dave’s length. Dave felt his cock slide into Elli’s hot moistness, slide past her tonsils and inch into her throat which was swallowing and milking his coc Kimberly’s eyes widened in disbelief as her girlfriend gobbled up more than half of Dave’s coc Dave moaned in pleasure encouraging Elli continue, but she slowly uncoiled his cock from her mouth sucking it hard with a pop sound as it exited.

“You want try,” Elli asked Kimberly.

Kimberly’s eyes scanned up and down Dave’s meat with almost childlike fear of his cock before she responded, “I don’t know if I can fit it.”

“Oh hell,” Elli dismissed, “it’s easy. You open your mouth and suck it on in like a noodle.”

Kimberly continued examine Dave’s cock nervously, “I never saw a noodle that big.”

With encouragement from Elli, Kimberly slowly made her way Dave’s cock and gave it a few kisses gently on its big purple head. She followed the kisses with a few licks like a kitten lapping milk from a bowl.

“Are you going suck it or what,” Elli finally tried.

Kimberly parted her red lips and took Dave’s iron hard manhood into her mouth. Kimberly’s mouth stretched tight against Dave’s dick and her teeth scraped along its length as she tried to suck more of it into her mouth. Kimberly only managed half before tapping her throat in which she then slid it back out completely.

“Is that all,” Elli exclaimed. “Fucking suck it with passion, make love to it with your lips, pull it inside of you like it is the only dick your will ever suc”

Kimberly reattached Dave’s cock and again sucked it in till it hit her tonsils then spit it out again.

“I can’t get it down,” Kimberly protested.

Elli explained to Kimberly the finer of deep throating and proceeded use Dave’s cock as a demonstration tool in her mouth.

“It all about controlling your gag reflex,” Elli explained before swallowing Dave to the hilt. Dave could feel pleasure shoot through him starting in his cock bathed in warmth and being milked by the swallowing action of Elli’s tight throat. The feeling shot through Dave’s body rising like a storm in his belly, her chest, the feeling overwhelmed his legs and even his arms until finally a moan escaped Dave’s parted lips. The feeling of absolute pure pleasure rocking him from head to toe but the concentration of the pleasure was on his cock buried deep into Elli’s mouth. She finally spit his cock out and the pleasure ever so slowly started to fade like a thunderstorm that was passing. But, the pleasure was also like a plateau once Dave reached it Elli’s hands just perpetuated the retreating storm as she stroked his cock while she explained the of cock sucking Kimberly.

Soon Elli’s expert mouth was replaced with Kimberly’s much tighter novice lips as she again attempted suck Dave’s cock into her. Dave felt his bloated head hit her tonsils but this time she only pulled back then sucked again hard on his coc Soon Kimberly was bobbing up and down on his cock her tongue flattened against his length. Kimberly slowly and deliberately set Dave’s cock against her throat before attempting to swallow it. Kimberly failed and chocked on Dave’s cock spitting it out and gasping for air. The pleasure of Kimberly sucking his cock just continued to drive Dave’s closer and closer to the point in which he could no longer control the storm of pleasure and his eruption would soon take over.

Elli congratulated Kimberly on a good try and asked if she wanted another go. Kimberly agreed and again slid Dave’s length into her mouth. Again she bobbed her head up and down before she took it deliberately against her tonsils. She pushed again and Dave could feel his cock break through sliding into her throat. Kimberly’s throat clenched hard on his cock and again she chocked it back out.

Kimberly finally threw in the flag, giving up on trying to deep throat Dave’s cock, “It’s just too massive,” Kimberly panted.

“It’s just mind over cock,” Elli nonchalantly suggested before sinking Dave’s cock deep into her throat again swallowing and milking his cock hard. Dave felt the storm of pleasure hit him hard and he let out another loud moan. With almost telepathic precision Elli spat his cock back out, “Not yet.”

Elli grabbed first Kimberly’s then Dave’s hands before leading them back to her bedroom with a large king sized bed overstuffed duvet and fluffy pillows. Elli pushed Dave down on the bed before turning into Kimberly and gently kissing her on the lips. Kimberly seemed as shocked as Dave with this kiss as his cock twitched in response to the sight.

Elli gently slapped Dave, “Get on up there.” Dave complied by climbing fully onto the bed. Elli then pulled Kimberly onto the bed with them all now occupying the oversized mattress.

Elli looked evilly at Kimberly, “So you want try fucking it.”

“Shag that… you think,” Kimberly sounded shocked.

“Of course silly, I still have him for at least four more days so I don’t mind you taking a ride,” Elli replied.

Kimberly was still in her panties so she knelt up and slid the last remaining article of clothing off. The fully black bush covering her pussy now fully exposed Dave’s inspection. The cock sucking despite her chocking seemed get Kimberly wet as Dave could see the moister on her full meaty labia. Elli grabbed Dave’s cock aiming it straight up and told Kimberly, “Climb aboard.”

Kimberly climbed on Dave placing both hands on his chest, her ass high in the air as Elli swabbed her thick labia with the bloated head of Dave’s coc As soon as Dave’s cock touched her labia Kimberly mouth parted and she silently moaned. Soon Kimberly was pressing herself down on Dave’s cock her wet labia parting as her tight cannel gripped hard allowing only an inch to slide in. Dave could feel every bump in her cannel as she painstakingly lowered herself onto his coc Kimberly seemed have one method in sex and that was slow and deliberate. Kimberly continued sink the massive cock into her tight expanding pussy, the hot meat separating her and filling her as it slid deep into her.

Dave felt the tell tale nub of her cervix and Kimberly stopped and held Dave’s cock squeezing it with in her tunnel. “Damn that is hot,” Elli remarked before climbing over Dave and dropping her cunt onto his lips. Dave did not complain in the least as he went to work gobbling up the sweet nectar before sliding his tongue around and into Elli’s cunt. Kimberly’s pussy continued to pulse around Dave’s cock as she started a slow bouncing motion. Already taking to high pleasure Dave knew he would not last long especially not in a pussy as tight and wet as Kimberly’s.

Dave continued to suck and lick at Elli’s tight labia wondering how Kimberly’s would taste as she continued pump up and down harder on his cock each pump sliding another half inch or so into her. With a loud moan Kimberly pressed down hard and Dave felt his cock slide deep into her, wetness flowing freely down his balls. Dave felt like his cock was in a velvet vice grip as Kimberly bounced like mad on his cock moaning in a continuous stream. Dave drove his tongue deep into Elli’s cunt and the moaning was soon echoed with Kimberly moaning and Elli replying in her own mew like moans.

The intense pleasure was unbelievable as David felt like hot oil was flowing down his cock squeezed hard by the tight pussy then flowing down his balls before cooling and dribbling along his ass. The tight soft mink like pussy of Kimberly’s, the moaning of the women and the musk sweet nectar of Elli finally caused Dave exceed his pleasure threshold. Lifting Elli up Dave let out a guttural growl as he pushed his hips up hard against Kimberly before unleashing a tidal wave of cum splashing hard against Kimberly’s cervix. Kimberly ground her hips hard against Dave as fire hot streams of cum burned her insides with desire and lust. She rotated her hips in a circle and could feel the cum slam into her innards and with nowhere to go get forced between her tight walls squeezing his cock before coating her labia and dripping between her legs. Dave’s guttural animalistic growl set off her own primordial beat deep within her belly, awash with his fiery seed. Kimberly leaned forward exhausted into Elli, her pussy clamping hard on the massive dick gapping her wide and plunged deeper than she ever felt before. Seeking Elli’s pouty pink lips she laid a gentle sweet thank you kiss.

Elli kissed Kimberly back and then watched as she slowly fell off to one side and Dave’s wonderfully powerful cock pulled from Kimberly’s insides. Elli was hot with desire and Dave’s little nibble did nothing to quench her lust. Dave’s cock finally popped free from Kimberly and her pussy ejected a massive amount of cum as soon as it was unplugged. Elli was burring with desire from the inside she needed cock, had to have that cock in her. With her cunt still over Dave’s face she fell forward the salty scent of Dave’s cock calling to her, it’s still massive length demanding her.

Her mouth opened around it head and she soon tasted the mixed thick cum of Dave and the light juices of Kimberly. As soon as her mouth wrapped around Dave’s cock she felt the hot powerful tongue lap at her slit, soon it found her clit and Elli body seemed to just lift like on a cloud, her nub sending pleasure ricocheting through her body. Elli took a breath relaxed her throat and slide Dave’s cock deep into her throat. She felt so powerful by swallowing his cock as it slid past her throat and made it way toward her belly. Every time she did this she could see or feel the pure ecstasy wash over Dave. She alone had this power over his cock, she alone could give him a pleasure that could cause him to cum so hard and powerful. Elli felt the cock stiffen harder in her mouth like wrought iron with the heat of her forge.

When Elli went down on Dave his softening erection seem to suspend, when she swallowed his cock it reversed itself. Elli uncoiled his cock from her mouth again before slinking away like a cat. Kimberly was a pool of flesh next to them. Elli had a wicked look in her eye as she rounded Kimberly she dipped her hand between Kimberly’s legs and scooped up a Dave’s cum mixed with Kimberly’s juices. Elli dipped her had between her legs and smeared the juices around before returning for a second and third helping. Kimberly just moaned as Elli used her for lubricant. “Come here stud,” Elli hissed as Dave.

Dave hopped up and made his way behind Elli who was kneeling doggy style. Dave was excited as his cock wagged in front leading him toward Elli’s delight. When Dave saw what Elli had done with the juices he was stunned. Elli had smeared the juices on her rosebud ass slicking it up. Dave just knelt there unsure what to do, “You going to fuck my ass or you going to look at it,” Elli hissed.

“I never fucked someone’s ass… I always thought I was too large to try,” Dave admitted.

With the words fuck and ass Kimberly took notice and was slightly perched up watching what was about to go down.

“Hell you never know unless you try,” Elli cooed.

Dave moved in deciding to lube himself on her cut juices before attempting the other hole. Elli moaned as Dave sunk his meat deep into her tight cunt stroking long, deep determined strokes. It did not take long before Dave was buried deep inside of Elli’s cunt his balls slapping hard against her clit and Elli mewing like a cat in heat. Dave pulled back and reached a hand between Kimberly’s legs scooping up more of her still flowing wetness then smearing it directly on Elli’s roasebud ass before sinking a finger into her. The pitch and moan of Elli completely changed. Dave took his cock out with a wet slop and then aimed the large bulbous head right at her asshole.

“Crikey you’re really going to do this,” Kimberly stated eyes glued on Elli’s ass and Dave’s coc

With the cock at her backdoor Elli pushed into Dave relaxing her rectum, at first nothing happened and Elli pushed back even harder then she felt her ass spread, spread wider than she ever felt before and she wondered if it was too late to back out and just take a good cunt pounding. Dave answered that for her as he pushed forward and the large head entered her dark side.

Elli hollered as Dave’s cock plowed into her backside pulling away from him and popping his cock out of her tiny ass. “Owe that hurts,” Elli complained.

Dave grasped Elli’s hips when she pulled away from him in protest, she got him all riled back up and he needed to fuck something. Pointing his cock right back at her he pushed forward again his head pressing against her thin labia which quickly spread allowing him to sink his erection deep into her soft hot hole.

The pain of Dave’s large cock in her ass was too much, it felt like he was ripping her apart, when he pulled back at her hips she worried that he was going to try to force his meat into her again. Elli clenched her ass until she felt his cock back at the entrance of her pussy. Elli released an animalistic moan and pressed her hips against him as she felt his strong cock push aside her labia, open and fill her fully. Elli fully relaxed her cunt and allowed Dave to drive his cock home stretching her wide open and filling her full with his hot muscle. She loved sucking Dave but enjoyed fucking him even more, the first time Dave fucked her he hurt her but he also filled her so full she knew she had to have this cock in her again. Now four later she was going enjoy every moment in which Dave’s cock filled her causing the heat inside of her burn, burn with desire and lust. As Dave’s cock drove deeper toward her womb Elli rotated her hips slightly and started to pump her cunt along his length.

Elli felt a soft hand on her face and hadn’t realized that she closed her eyes when Dave’s strong cock drove deep into her womanhood. She opened her eyes to see Kimberly’s roundish face in front of her with her desirable red lips. As Dave’s cock pumped harder and harder into Elli slowly stretching her innards to his length Elli kissed Kimberly gently on the lips. Elli could feel the heat in her belly spread through her body a warm wash like water flowing over her causing passion and pleasure throughout her. Kimberly broke her kiss with Elli and soon touched her lips with her soft little hand that left a glaze of wetness on her lips. Elli tasted the wetness and identified Dave’s salty seed with a light bitter sweet taste as well.

Dave was pounding hard into Elli and his balls were soon slapping against her bare cunt as Kimberly dipped her fingers into her pussy and dribbled their contents onto Elli’s lips in which she lapped up. The sight drove Dave crazy with lust and desire and he grabbed Elli’s thighs and drove his cock into her hard and firm which resulted in an “OH!” from Elli and then he repeated again increasing the tempo. Dave was power fucking Elli who was responding with “OH! OH! OH GAWD FUCKKKKK!”

Kimberly moved under Elli and her sweet face lifted up lashing her tongue on Elli’s clit and when Dave’s dick would pull out of Elli’s cannel she also took that opportunity to bath it. Elli’s chanting, moaning, and mewing went off the scale with the double assault on her cunt.

Soon Dave felt Elli’s cunt clamp down hard along his shaft as she started to shake below him. Dave kept fucking her and Kimberly’s eyes nearly popped out when Elli’s cunt clenching hard on his dick was drug outward. Dave drove back in again and then pulled her cunt with the next withdrawal in which Kimberly eagerly lapped with her tongue. Elli then just went limp her front half falling onto Kimberly and her ass still weakly supported by her knees.

Dave pulled his cock from Elli’s cunt then placed the tip on Kimberly’s lips. Kimberly opened her lips to lick the cock and received a mouth full of cock for her efforts his head pumping against her throat. Kimberly seemed totally relaxed and when Dave pushed against her throat again he was rewarded with his cock sliding down her esophagus. Dave felt Kimberly swallow more and more of his cock and slapped Elli’s wonderful ass as he groaned loudly. Elli moaned loudly and when she dropped her head a second time it landed right into Kimberly’s well groomed bush. Elli lapped out at Kimberly’s slit returning the favor from earlier. Kimberly’s hands locked on Dave’s ass her nails biting in as she guided his cock pumping in and out of her throat.

Deep inside of Kimberly’s milking throat it did not take long before Dave unleashed another round of hot sticky cum into Kimberly’s belly which she accepted without chocking. Despite Kimberly’s harsh sucking Dave felt his cock soften in her mouth. Dave’s cock had completely softened when Kimberly finally let out a guttural cry and Elli still licking and sucking her sweet pussy sent her over the edge.

They finally lay down for the night with Dave’s flaccid cock between Kimberly’s thighs legs and Kimberly spooning Elli. They each shared tender kisses before falling asleep.

Dave still had more stops with Elli and he could not even consider how Manila or Singapore could get any better than this.

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