A Slave For Consideration  

Aslgeek 65F
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2/21/2022 12:35 pm
A Slave For Consideration

A master was considering this 65-year-old slave. He didn't like what he saw but knew there was potential. He needed her to be able to endure all of him. Good skin, good hygiene, long hair but not overly beautiful. Also, fat but of good stock. This was also past menopause so could not get pregnant no matter how much cum was shot into her by who or how many. So that was good. Maybe all his married friends or business could use her or maybe he would allow no one to use her but himself even if he fucked and used others. Maybe put her in a glory hole box he would build. But was she trainable? He believed so over time. He would have her cunt waxed and maybe later pierced. He would do whatever it took to make her desirable so she could earn her worth. If he decided to keep her, he may even eventually brand his initials on her cunt and force her to wear a chastity belt that only he has a key to. Only he would decide who fucked this and for his benefit. As only he controlled her every move to use for all his darkest desires

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