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Leather Daddy Boy In Training Man On Man  

Amcuriousguys 55M
2 posts
9/12/2020 12:35 pm
Leather Daddy Boy In Training Man On Man

0:00 Transcription will have a Few Typos

I was not sure I would share this story. It is pretty sleazy and not something I did more than the one time. I had written a list of all the sexual things I knew of and vowed to try all of them once. This next story was arranged by a leather by my request years ago. I want to say again, this is not my normal sexual behavior. I wanted to try everything once. I had a house full of guests arranging a gay pride float for a bar I had been a bartender at there were several lover couples and one guy from another bar that was a leather SNM place. He was over to see if I could draw the blueprints for him.

I was the local gay Egghead.

I knew most people in the city but I've never seen this leather .

Let us him Tom.

He stood against the back wall in the room where we were all working. He just kind of stood against the wall watching us. I caught myself peeking over at him all the time at this point In my life I had never been with a leather guy and I had only been to a leather bar once. I was a trim cute guy with a nice body. People normally said I was cute. I did not feminine or act that way. I was masculine looking, but not in a burly way.

More like a swimmer.

FYI, he had been a professional ballet dancer.

Tom was a man. just huge.

feet four inches least. What I seem to notice the most were his big hairy chest and it was a jungle of thick black hair. It went well with his muscles and square jaw . He had no shirt on but wore a leather jacket and pants. I noticed on his boots a stud spur. He looked like he jumped of a Tom of Finland poster. He scared some to me kinda like that. I was extremely busy with my friends doing rather complicated work and I knew he was just standing there patiently waiting. I thought I better go see If he was okay, as I walked up to Tom, he seemed to puff up. His dark eyes looked at me and it felt different. It was like he was thinking of all the things he wanted to do to me. It was kind of and<b> weird </font></b>the same time. I said, Sorry to make you wave. He said in a deep voice. My knees got weak the sound. No problem. You seem to have your hands full with the Queen's next he said that he did not mind waiting. He was enjoying the view. Then he winked at and I could see his touch lick his lips.

Very suddenly to

I stammering said okay, and scuttled back to work. I was thrilled but scared of him sorta. I did like how he looks so lustily . The Queen's were full of questions. But I noticed one of the Queen's didn't ask any questions and was looking very intensely. We finished up all but the one Queen left.

She says for to walk her .

As I do, she says for to be careful. Tom is a good guy but is a leather . I sent your she said that you never do anything with a leather guy unless you know them well. She stopped and put her hand on my arm and

said, Tom is safe.

Okay. He is very too and I saw him looking you.

He is going to try for you. I will I never had done leather. She smiled and says,

just be sure you want it before you agree to anything. I said, Well, I probably will just tell him No. She smiled at and said

Good luck with that. And left.

Tom had moved to the desk and hand his poorly drawn blueprints for to make work. Well, I said, Okay, great. You see that trashcan?

He said, Yes.

I told him to put this in it and come sit next to me. Tell me what you want and I will create it. Tom smiled and sat next to me I had put the chair a bit far away.

He noticed that and smiled.

I designed a fantastic float.

Tom was impressed.

He tips back in his chair and as he does I see in his leather pants a nice thick caulk. his jacket opened as leaned back, showing a sexy body. His was so sexy guys sorry, but I lacked the writing skills to really describe how manly and the gaze was. I almost melted then remembered the Queen said,

Good luck with that. It sunk in then he saw me drool, smiled even more.

We talk some now and I told him my lack of leather experience. Tom got even more turned on. I was scared to death yet wanted it to. Then Tom really surprised me. He said forward in his chair and told me I want you to know a few things. You should not go with a leather guy any place other than public until you set rules.

I asked Okay, why?

Tom said Well, some are into very extreme things. If you are not careful, it can be bad. Then some leather etiquette rules so on and so forth. I found it very interesting.

Tom freaked more now.

Tom continues to tell that he hasn't been in town very long that he just got through filming a movie.

porn movie too.

I said, cool. Where is it? I want to see it. Tom laughs saying now Where do you think I would have a VHS tape in this outfit? Then I don't know what happened. I guess my slot switch flipped on. I sent to Tom is that an invitation to ? He was shocked a second. Then he stood up and stretched his arms up and to the side. He filled the room it seemed. He said I could not stop looking you. You can have anything you want. I was kidding. Kinda. But it was so . I felt him all over. He did not move. Then it Holy crap, I have a porn stud letting explore him all over. I knelt before his crotch bulging in those leather pants. He looks down at and says, I will let you suck your 's COC. First, you need to ask . Do you understand what I am asking for?

I said I think so.

Tom picked up then and carried into my bedroom. He told while laying down on my bed, I want you to know something. You are not just meat like most guys, I fuck. It might be all . He paused a bit then said I was thinking of all the sex I wanted with your cute s. But then I looked a bit more. I want you not just to play with. I know I scared you. You terrify . We had sex not leather sex but romantic sex.

It was awesome.

Okay, next week we go to his leather bar. Tom says to me, do you remember the rules I said yes. He reminded me that I only do what he says.

I replied, Yes sir.

Tom had been teaching me all the things about leather life. He also expected me to only have to show off as his . That also could mean I had to have sex with others have told. Tom promised he would not have me do anything much this first time.

We walk into order a drink. I hear. Hey, I see

you did not have much luck with that. I turned around and the queen is grinning from ear to ear. Tom say you to talk I need to around before we go to the back.

Queen tells

I knew it as he was looking you along the wall your house. Tom fell in love with you the second he saw you. I was afraid it was less but I can tell he loves you. I blushed and she tells that he had been in several times and did not do anything.

I said Really? What do you mean? Tom was walking back

Queen points or the crowd as Tom walks up. I got it then. Everyone knew who he was and he could have guy's much better looking than me. I turned to my queen friend and said,

oh crap.

Queen says you're in deep should now love to make SNM like candy. Tom showed off and around as he picked what interesting men were there. I was treated well by most but I saw a few that scared me. Tom grabs two guys and tells me to talk to them. See if my would like a couple of toys. The guys were doing their best to impress . They wanted Tom

he noticed that in my . He whispered in my ear. They may want but I want you

play with the menu like and remember it's me that you go home with Tom was a good . And sure enough, he did love . We all forego to the back and I noticed my queen friend right behind us. We go In the back room and I hear her sing

backup voice. This is not a public voice and training.

I felt special and Tom asked the two guys to kneel before him to suck us both off.

The did

Tom Gabs my ass then tell one to lick and get ready for a show.

Tom had them watch as he fucked .

He came in whispered to me step one being watched. Are you okay ? I said yes what now sir? Tom was thrilled.

Tom says from the to shotgun mouth and as hard as it was good. I watched Tom and he liked seeing get it.

That's what turned on. Pass. Step two.

Step three was harder for . I watched Tom fuck on as the other suck .

first, I was jealous.

I noticed that just like . Tom was not watching the guy whose eyes were on . I smiled. Tom then put on a show. I will never Forget he fucked all of us then had fuck the guys on the way home. Tom says okay You were an awesome . I will warn you now that you might have issues watching with others pop up.

I will do that only if we are playing or a movie.

I said okay. He kissed we get home.

In my bed is a cute bottom naked. Tom says a present for you. I know you like to top Queen told . I did not particularly want him. But the voice stared flirting and he was just too . Tom say in a chair and said tonight you boys will be my porn movie. I really like the year I was Tom's


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