Flight During and After Man On Man  

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9/12/2020 12:30 pm
Flight During and After Man On Man

0:00 Transcription will have a few typos

This is a fun story when I was traveling. I was flying from Dallas to LA. It was almost an empty flight late at night on an odd . Tuesday, I think onboarding they said sit wherever you like. I went all the way to the back. Nobody except a couple and a guy. The guy was rather handsome. Typical business executive. Nice Ralph Lauren smoke gray suit, very nicely groomed. He also had a of power and accomplishment. I knew many people like him, straight married his wife with Steph and birth of a . As I passed him he did the standard and nod with a busy as he was looking his presentation. Probably investing by his . A very handsome family man fit from the . You get the picture. The married couple were considerably more interesting. The noticed I was gay right off the guy kind

, but you could tell not sure. They stopped as I passed and asked if I would take a picture. Of course, I did and went to about rows back and sat down. There was a bathroom close, but the center one and the bathroom in the front everyone used. We had a messed up flight due to fires in California. Major delays and route changes. I fell asleep. I feel a touch on my arm. The was sitting across the aisle. She smiled and said, My boyfriend, has fallen asleep. He's a championship karate expert. And I am anxious and just did not feel like sleeping. He just got through with a major competition and I just couldn't wake him up. I hope you don't mind bothering you. I said, Well, no, not all were delayed anyway. She left and said Yeah, well, you know it happens. To make a long story short, we had a wonderful conversation but eventually, it came around to this

She said my guy said you did not really check him and I said, Well, yes and no. She smiled and said, Okay, I am dying to know what that means. I explained that I scan a man's body fast, but I am not like a lot of gays. Well, in some ways, I continued by saying that it is not really all about the body with me. It is the eyes. She said like a color. I laughed just a bit and said no, lean in close and in my eyes. But before you do, don't for something. Just see what you see. Do you feel anything no matter what that feeling is? Do you follow? She said yes, I think I said now do not freak . I will into you through your eyes and I also can read the with extreme details. I worked in behavioral analysis for the state. She was very interested in the guy. Let's him jack and we will her Jill. JACK has got

up and move in close he smiles but indicated to us to just keep talking. So I did my scan. She looked just for what she saw. She smiled really big. She said I thought maybe you were joking or a mystic type guy. Well, I have to say I tried to see at first but the second you started looking I expected a stare. Well, no, it looked as if you were glancing in a store window. But what I saw was a pain for a second then it was like it flipped into joy. I saw it I felt it. JACK says bullshit. She says okay, honey, I will make you a bit. He says okay. If you look and don't feel or see anything, you win, no questions. Nothing. He says okay, but if you feel or notice I expect you to do a favor. Anything I asked for. He said deal. I was reluctant to in his eyes. karate champion stud gorgeous, sexy , sexy eyes.

I knew what he might see. Unfortunately, I can glance scan, but I cannot be deceptive. It just doesn't work that way. I cannot say anything in advance or it would not work at least on his end. JACK starts to move to get close. I said no stay there distance is not important. It's vision we use not magic. She says before I glanced, get ready to up. I knew he would be a bit more difficult. Just the fact knowing I am doing it makes it hard enough to get a result. He will not wish to really FYI, I have tricks to get them to and see how it is. That's what my soul reflects as I scan them the best way I think to paraphrase it I had to open up much more to light the way enough for him to it's light attractive like a nightlight. JACK looked I did not open glance right off till he started to being to say I see nothing. Just before he did

I opened myself with my eyes and he kind of made a . I had to stop. He said, okay, Shiv. She wanted to know. What did you see? He said first, but then I felt like well, horning. She said what Really? I kept quiet. JACK said I saw the response he has to a man. It's very erotic. She said he looked at the same I did not see flirting. His was stone. JACK says well , he stood up with a heart on she say well okay. I when I then say I am sorry but I must open myself to draw a close enough gaze to make it work. To see deep enough human attention span is in the seconds and only in those seconds Do you really see each other. We are exiting the plane all still chatting and we had the same hotel. at the hotel, we meet for drinks.

That evening and they have a friend with them. He is breathtaking. It is a trainer that worked for jack. He taught self-defense all over the world in workshops. The second I sat down, I said hello and introduce myself. Jill says I remember our bed. Well, guess what I asked for? I shrugged. I told him to find you a guy to go on a date with just then. Let us him Tom says with a very sexy smile. Hey guys, he could find a date easy. I have probably said before in my stories from the past, that flattery seems to work pretty well with . especially coming from a beautiful start of a man and then Tom asked about the bed. He seemed interested. I did not want him to . Tom say Why? I said Should I glanced he immediately noticed and said oh my

I see you open yourself like for real. Tom was smarter than I expected. He says, Okay, what did you see? I said You're bisexual. Before I even looked, I noticed you check my package in my s. You did your own type of glance and notice my facial expression was kind and reacted in your own with the same kind of appearance. Now Tom was really intrigued and you scan the room many times as if you were looking for someone or something. Then I realized that's probably a side effect from being in karate and being bisexual. Tom gasped. I could also tell by your first reaction to me you were hoping I would be larger in size that indicates to me You probably like a dominant top. jack and jill look at each other. Tom looks at them looks at me and says yes. I smiled at him and say, but in luck because every so often you like a nice piece of ass. that point, it

Tell them I really would like to stop. I'd much rather enjoy getting to know someone with experience rather than using clinical analysis and opening myself up to get them to enough that I can use it. We talked for hours and had a wonderful time Tom was enthralled with me, I was enthralled with him. jack and jill were charming. I explained to them that I worked in a very restricted research area for the Department of Mental health and behavioral analysis. And I had special training to do that. I also told them that I learned the technique of reflecting myself through my eyes to get enough attention to make a true analysis, but that's something I did on my own. It was a mistake, I was only able to hold that job and keep from going crazy for about five years. It's very draining and I told them if they really wanted to learn about it, all they had to do is up behavioral analysis. up analysis. Do you remember guys I told you Tom was pretty darn smart? Tom tells me you know that good.

Be kind of dangerous to be able to analyze someone that well, especially if you took advantage of it, and I chuckled and said Don't ask me to go to Vegas with you. FYI, I cannot go to Reno again ever. But that's a story for another . Oh, sex. I forgot running through memories. jack and jill. Well, they need to get a pail of water. No, they had major business to do before his next match, which was in two days in NYC. Tom and jack had to run to the car to get some papers that he needed. Jill told me when you went to the bathroom, Tom said he is smart and very cool. He listened to me. What really got me is him knowing I like a top for sex most. Nobody knows that. He could not tell that from how I act or . He also said during your glance him, his dick got hard and he felt like fucking you. I said no shit. I missed that.

It was his I was looking . She continued with Tom is definitely by but only a tiny few know it, you know self-defense and he competes in karate to Semi-Pro. I got it. I said, Jill smiles and says, jack fuck better than he ever when we landed. I ask him why? He told , you know the gay guy. I could see he is submissive. It makes a guy want to bang him. I would not I am not gay. But damn it did turn on my sex drive. Just then we noticed the guys had already returned and as they stood behind her heard it awkward. But Tom just took over. He said Well, I think I would like to show him the studio. JACK smiles hands Tom the keys and we leave. Tom was awesome. First he tells me that he wanted me to check his karate routine. He changed into his outfit and displayed an amazing

series of complex moves. I was beyond impressed. he exited the ring and as he wiped the sweat from his said, you know I never have shown off for a guy. I thought of how you watched with so much attention to detail. I tried to be perfect. I looked at him smiled and sent to him how impressed I was. He was happy and seemed to light up that I enjoyed it. He said opened those beautiful eyes for . Let again and this time Do not shy away. Tom, I said, Let's get you in the shower and you can see more than my eyes if you like. Tom grabs my hand and rips off my clothing and we are in the shower. His body was amazing. With that fit. . Only daily massive training gets a body. As the water poured down our bodies. I felt his hands on my ass. He lifts off the ground and I wrap my legs around his waist. He rammed his big cock in my ass and as my arms around his neck, I held on he

Fuck holding in front of him. My whole body felt rippled muscles pulsing as his cock dropped and then I felt his come filling my s. We got all dry and dressed. I figured he had fucked me and he really wanted a bush top. I was getting ready to ask for a ride to the hotel. But before I did, Tom grabs me kisses me. He touched my bulge. I feel his hand reach in and grab my cock. He saw the surprise in my . He grins and tells you did not see this. Neither did I. But you do not have to be a big top. Your cock is really big. I thought fuck yet, and I top that man. He told afterward, you fucked as good if not better than any dominating top. Needless to say, I hoped he would contact . He did only a few times. I get a in San Diego from jack a year later.

He tells jail is in some big meeting and cannot come with him. He has to have everything you know shows dinner and tickets and vouchers and marketing stuff. We had fun and it was all normal till after his fight. He won. We are in my hotel a tad<b> drunk </font></b>too. JACK has me fixed up his dressings on a few cuts. He then just kissed me with his hands on my head. first, I tried to pull away. I was held in place. Then I melted. JACK says I want to fuck you badly. I asked why. Jill is awesome. He says Oh, hell yes. I love her. She told me I need to see you. I was not expecting that. He said then I saw that submission in you. Tom still mentions you. I said okay. If you want to dominate me we have rules for that. JACK fuck the living holy hell of . He loved to handle

They'll be really rough. I liked it. But he never hurt . And it was a knockout for all the way. JACK filled up over and over every place and way. Jail calls. JACK puts on the phone. She says, Did you have a good time? I said, unbelievably. So she says, Okay, good. Did he find what he needed? I said I think so. She says then, okay, cool. I put back on and they seem to be all good. He fucked until I had to catch my flight. I had fun a few more times with Tom years later, but jack I talked with NGLS friends only. Oh crap. I totally forgot about the businessman. When I was having lunch, he came over to my table and said he remembered me from the plane. I said How did your meeting go? He looked at me funny. We never talked. He said okay, I got the deal.

Now the pressure is on. We talked about business and he was a great guy. He said that his wife and he had been so messed up with the Boo and his were all busy in . He went on to say he wanted to go to a stripper bar. I told him I knew one clothes. I had not been in it, but it looked nice. He said, Really? I took him to it and he wanted to go in with him. I said, I am gay and I will go in with you if you want, but you should know. He looked . Then he looked up and down. He said you don't gay. You are good looking. I sent you so let's get you some fun. He was thrilled. I forgot what a straight place was like, you know a gay guy in a strip club. Well, in case you do not, within a short time, every not working was talking to . The guy's had a . I have seen many times of being puzzled. Why does that gay guy have

The girls. My friend was in heaven as I introduced him as this is my straight buddy. He needs some fun. He is so stressed . Three girls moan and say, Oh no, we can't have that. Three lap dance on him free. The owner came to me and said my girls all him for the dance. They did. I offered to . He said, No. They never did that. And if they wanted not to have you , that's okay. This time. We left and he wanted to get a nightcap. He took me to his office. It was awesome with a skyline view. He tells me he had a blast. And I said I did too. Then he freaked me and he said, Come here and Suck my cock. I said what? He tells me that he would never cheat with a woman on his wife. But since I told him I was gay. He paused. Well, I have been looking at your S

I see why a guy would want you. I have said many times before, flattery works pretty well with me. He moves in front of the skyline wall. He pulls of a sexy thick cock. I just went for it. I sucked him off several times. Then he threw me over his desk. He fucked me till he came. Okay, that is the flight and after the events that happened, I did not join the Mile Club on this flight. that is a story for another .


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