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Dusty and Lusty Man On Man  

Amcuriousguys 55M
2 posts
9/12/2020 12:03 pm
Dusty and Lusty Man On Man

0:02 this is a transcript and will have a few typos
Today I wanted to share a fun story. dusty and lusty. I this one.

The wind was blowing across the sand of the desert. I was in a cross country bike ride with about 30 other guys. The dust was bad and we all were getting it all over in our eyes, hair, mouth, and clothing. We stopped for the and most everyone used to pop up tend to sleep the height. Not . I always found a hotel. This time they were camping right next to the hotel I was . I immediately took a shower. Oh my god, the water was full of dirt. I felt so much better after getting cleaned up.

I heard a knock on my door and a dusty dirty men stood there. They asked if they would mind if they used my shower. I said okay, sure. The guys were happy. Their other choice was a garden hose. I thought they would get undressed in the bathroom one at a time before getting in the bath. No, they all stripped naked as soon as they came in. Oh . These men were sexy, , and dirty, naked all sitting around my room. My dick got a bit chubby. I offered beers to everyone and they were thrilled. Luckily, I had a pack. I disturbed the drinks and one a time they took a shower then came in a towel.

The clothing was air drying. I realized that point, they would all be in my room in towels a long time. These guys did not know I was gay. I did not want them to either. I was enjoying just a normal bike event. Things were going great. The guys were happy and talking. I was getting dick views as the towels often fell off. I learned by listening that they were all single men.

Then it happened. I saw it. I had a gay guide on my nightstand. I got nervous. so far. Nobody had no It just then a guy picks it up. He looks . He did not say anything. He set it down. He winked . We continue to have fun sharing stories of our adventures of the trip. The guy's clothing started drying.

It was down to two guys. The one that saw my and a sexy blonde guy. Let us him Tom and the man who saw the , let us him Mike. Tom handed Mike my . I got scared. These seem to be straight guys and disclosure of being gay before men undress before you would have been appropriate. I had not done that. guys get pissed if you don't tell them. Tom says this is an interesting Guide. Mike was not very happy, yet not angry. Mike says I would have liked to know you were gay. But you did not . Actually you did not do anything.

I told them. I did not expect them to be naked. I thought you would use the shower and undress in there. Tom started laughing and then Mike to Tom says, Well, fuck man, are you sure you are gay? Then said, Mike's imagine we popped into a 's room. How would we have showered? Mike green any starting laughing. Mike says, Oh man, I am sorry. I told him I wanted to stop you guys but did not want to get the looks or insulted. Tom said yes. That was probably a good idea. Mike says yes, three of those guys were pretty gangster looking. I said exactly.

Mike said something that made me laugh my ass off. How the hell did you not get a hard-on with all us in here? Tom spit up his beer and I just started laughing. After a minute I told them that I was not the kind of guy that would take advantage of the situation. Tom was confused. I said, Okay, I love sex drew Most gays, that's it sex. Follow? They nodded. I told them I am gay. I like sexy sure, but it is a man and what he is made of not just a body. That encounter makes my ass Twitch and COCK heart follow. Both Mike and Tom studied a bit. I could see as as they were, well, let's just continue. After what to seemed a long time. You could see it Tom and Mike really understood what I said. Not only that but what that really means on a larger scale.

The guys now we're very different. The boat sat on my bed and started a conversation full of questions. I spent that whole night telling them all about my life. They shared with me. Let me tell you something here. Men do talk and they do share. But they opened up to me much deeper inside the inside men probably understand what I am trying To say, we all talked as equals respect for each other. It was a great experience to feel what our world should really be like. No preconceptions. No social walls, no judgments, no lies.

After we had a great talk, Mike said to Tom, you ever been with a guy? Tom said I got a blowjob<b> drunk </font></b>in college. Mike said I have never thought too much about it except when Queen did that drag song. We all laughed. Mike said I would like to see it. You know a guy get fucked. The room got a bit quiet. Tom thank God said. Well, too to tell the truth. Then I wished he had not broken the silence. Both guys looked . I did not know what to say.

Tom said okay, I will make you a deal. I said okay. If we get you hard, we will fuck you. If we do not get you Hard What do you want? I thought about it and said you to kiss each other. Not a peck on the cheek. They said deal.

Now you might think I would get hard fast. Heck, I was going to win you know that. But I did think of dead puppies as they put on a sexy strip for . I could see first they were not into it. But they really started to get off on trying to turn the gay guy on more dead puppies. I was going to make these sexy guys give a real show before I got hard then got too Cox in my ass. The longer I fought it the more I could see them try. Oh, this was so . I began to lose my battle. my cock was hard.

You are going to get a real kick of this. This is one behavior I have only seen one time in my life. The guys both fived each other when they saw I had gotten the hard-on. Tom said to we gave you a show. Show us that s Did it and was not overly sexual when I did but a tad, the guys cocks were pretty hard. I knew the more or less The view was best. I made sure my balls and caulk were not viewed as moved to the edge of the bed and put my knees on the floor over the edge. The guys like the view, I opened my butt and slide the tip of my finger on my whole

Bam Mike dove in he looked up. Tom was next with putting his long thick caulk in my hole. The men competed to see who was best fucking. I was really loving it to next after they came. Tom says Please, could you blow me? Mike and Tom stood side by side and I sucked back and forth. I did the best I could. I could do a lot too. I wanted these men to remember not just what gay is but how the sex was two. They came a lot.

Mike surprised me as they were leaving in the morning. Mike told Tom you know that gay guy did not pick us up. We picked him up. Tom said oh man, well, oh shit That is true. They left soon after.

This was the most fun. I got to hang ours with naked guys then without trying to get late. I had great sex. Plus I had a great conversation. fun night.


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