Answering An Anal Question  

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8/23/2020 9:51 am
Answering An Anal Question

this blog is help a bi friend. So I thought others may need this info.
Hi everyone, just a gay guy here, and today I want to tell you about how to bottom for better anal sex. I remember when I first learned that gay guys had anal sex, it scared the shit out of me LOL. My biggest concern was doesn't get messy. You poop out of your butt. If you stick a cock in your butt, don't get poop on it. That was my biggest concern was that I may have poop in my ass or worse when I was being a top! I did not even think about the pain until a while later when I felt how painful it could be. But it was definitely one of the things that I had the most questions about. And it was also one of the more taboo topics. So I definitely couldn't ask anybody, especially while I was still in the closet and didn't want anyone wondering why I was so curious about getting ass sex.

I want to give you an in-depth discussion on two topics about anal sex, how to clean , and how take that first insertion with minimal pain.

I remember back when I was in

In school, I had no one ask my questions. I went looking for more information about anal sex, and I found this one horror story. It wasn't even about gay sex. It was about a guy and a girl. But it just things started going wrong crap and bad angles. And by the end of the story, there was poop and puke and blood and guts flying over the room. And it really grossed out. And it actually made scared of anal sex for the longest time.

So let's get started with the first part, cleanliness. I recently talked an expert about this, he is a doctor who is bi, he gave some great advice. I was a nurse so now that I know what share this is what you need know.

As the food is digested and travels through your digestive tract, it eventually winds in your colon. And this is at the very end of the process. And basically, the colon's job is suck as much water out of your digested food as possible be recycled and use elsewhere in your body. When the colon has basically sucked as much water as it can from

digested food and passes that now poop into your rectum. Now the rectum is important to talk about because it's basically the field of when you're talking about anal sex. The rectum is a long, expandable tube that is designed hold your poop and then smoothly pass it from your colon out of your body into your toilet and hopefully not on a big cock and ruin the moment.

Basically, if everything goes well under ideal conditions your poop should be one solid, mostly dry mass that passes cleanly through the rectum through the anus and into your toilet. And the rectum is nice and self-lubricated, which means there shouldn't be any pieces left behind. The anus is not so lubricated. It's mostly skin and muscles. So you'll definitely still want to clean that area . Take a quick shower and make sure that your anus is clean. Now you really should be good go if you took a nice healthy poop recently. And in my experience, this is really how it works and what I call ideal conditions. You can achieve these ideal conditions with a healthy diet, no greasy food, and lots of fiber. And even if you want some added help, they have what they call now cleanliness supplements, which is basically a specialized fiber supplement that's made for men who have anal sex. The fiber in the supplement acts as a sponge that really soaks up all the material, it helps keep it even drier than what your colon could achieve, and helps a nice solid mass passed smoothly through your body. I found that the combination of a healthy diet and taking a fiber supplement every day really helps keep me good to go and sex or not it is good for you. As far as anal sex is concerned. You always need a shower to clean up the area inside and outside. Make sure you're clean down there.

Conditions aren't always ideal. So

When it is too late to basically change your diet or date is arriving in an hour. Too late to take a side fiber supplement, there are many other reasons why things don't run clean, you could be under a lot of stress. You could have<b> drunk </font></b>some coffee that day, you know those sorts of things sort of mess with your system and it doesn't work as well as it might. So sometimes you need to clean up and for that, they have what they call an anal douche.

So an angel douche is a device here it is. It's basically designed to squirt water up through your anus, into your rectum to basically clean out any particles that may be hanging around in there. It's really very simple. You know, it's got a bottle and a spout. You fill the bottle with water, you put the spout in your hole, you squirt it up there,

hold it and then release and you basically do this two or times till the water runs clear and then you should be good go. They also have shower attachments that work very similarly, which is sort of a constant stream of water from your

shower and it runs a stream of water in you. If you don't have one of these devices in a pinch, you can actually get an enema from your local pharmacy having fleet makes a very common one. But if you are using those storebought Adam enemas definitely dump whatever liquid that they came with and use fresh clean water, because that liquid that comes with is usually filled with laxatives and other things that you don't need if you're just cleaning for anal sex. My best tips for evolution are use lukewarm water, nothing too hot, nothing too cold. Don't use too much. You know, really only half to -quarters of a cup is you need. You'll still want fill the whole bowl, simply because you don't want be squirting air in there. So you fill the whole bowl and then actually I like fill the stem as well because that can hold some air that you again don't want be squirting when you're cleaning out.

So fill the bottle, fill the tube or stem, and then apply lots of lube the tip and apply some loot your anus. And basically, you know you can do it in the shower. You can hover over your toilet wherever you can clean .

But basically stick that tube there and it squirts the half a cup -quarters of a cup of water. Hold it in there, let it sit for a minute until your body says okay, expel. And then basically let it go.

And repeat this process two or times until the water is running clear. And then once it is running clear again, always make sure that you're jumping in the shower cleaning the area with some soap and water before you engage in any activity. Now I want repeat the advice not use too much water because I think that's one of the biggest mistakes guys use. They want to squirt as much water as they can they what they think that's gonna get them cleaner. And actually, it could make things a little worse, because you actually don't need that much water to fill the rectum. And if you put more than you need fill it . that really does is it expands it It stretches it out or the water goes further and winds in your colon. And the problem when that happens is that might not come out right away. That might

not come out for another 10 half hour or two hours later when you really don't want that water be coming out. So don't use too much. And I think you can avoid that problem pretty well.

Every once in awhile is perfectly fine. But you don't want to do it too often. Because what happens is when you do push, not only are you rinsing any poop particles out there, but you're also rinsing out that natural lubricant that naturally lines your rectum. And if you wash away that lubricant too much that can lead to dryness, which can lead to irritation, which can lead to sometimes tearing during sex if you're not careful. And he also advised that sometimes no matter how many times you try and rinse and try and clean out, the water just doesn't run clear. Because you know what your body is a machine that you can't turn off and it's always turning and moving things through. And sometimes it's just bad timing and you're not going to be ready. So it's perfectly okay to say No.

There's still is a chance that there's gonna be some poop there, that's gonna wind your partner's dick. And this just comes with the territory. And if it happens, the important thing is to just not freak out, you know, it happens to everyone. Just both of you just go jump in the shower, clean , and then finish your activities and in a different way. You know, just don't freak out about it. Don't make them, if top, your bottom feels bad. It's just something that's gonna happen. So just say, hey, look, things got a little messy. Let's jump in the shower, and then we'll, we'll finish later, that sort of thing. But again, it is super rare that it happens. Just don't freak out if it does. Okay, so you're cleaned , and you're ready go.

The second biggest question I get is how do you take it in your ass and those big ones too. Does it not hurt you? I say

No, it hurts so much. I'm super tight. I can't ever get anything in there and it hurts. I don't want to do it most time yet it is what turns me on the most. Yet there's a lot of tips I've learned on how to prepare myself for anal sex.

The first is as a bottom, you are in control. And I know this sounds counterintuitive to the traditional top-bottom dynamic, but it's so very important for the bottom to be in control at the beginning of the sexual encounter when he is first getting comfortable with that insertion. Let's quickly go back to that anatomy chart for a second because the anus is made up of two muscle groups, the internal sphincter muscles, and the external sphincter muscles. The external muscles are the ones you can control by clenching and releasing. These are the easiest to relax and but you still may need some focus just to really relax them because your first instinct, especially when something is going up there is to clench, especially when there's pain that you want to clench. It's just that's just the body's natural reaction. So you really have to be conscious of it, and tell your body to relax as you're going through this process.

So just inside the anus are the internal sphincter muscles. And those are sort of a series of ring muscles that open like a fist if you're going in the fray and you know these muscles, you can't control their involuntary muscles, so they need to be coaxed into relaxing and opening up. And that coaxing process can be a bit painful at first, so it's very important to approach it with lots of patience, and lots of lube.

You know, and really, the process starts with foreplay. foreplay is designed to get the area used to being touched and you know, just to start having it relax and start opening up for the eventual insertion for play can start with just sort of rubbing the outside of the anus with some lubed up fingers. You can lick it directly if you want to, and or you can get a toy involved. Fingers are sometimes okay as long as they're clean hands and the fingernails are cut very short. I advise

Against fingers just because of those fingernails, and they can do some tearing if you're not careful. But if you get short fingernails, and then you're probably fine and don't need to worry.

But let's talk about how to start this process using a small toy because that is the recommendation is that you start with a toy about a width that's no bigger than the width of your thumb. So it's not too small that it doesn't really do anything but not too big that you really can't get it in for that first time. And really, start with lots of lube. So put lots of lube on both the toy and on your anus. And slowly insert that toy and push it in until it really starts getting uncomfortable and painful. And just let it sit there for a second and hold it and your bottom should really try and relax. And this is really the hardest part because this process can often hurt. And really the first instinct when you feel pain is to clench up. And that's normally what you know guys do.

So you have to just sort of keep that in mind and tell your body to relax and allow this to happen. You push it in until it's really starting to get uncomfortable. Let it sit there for a few seconds and tell your body to relax and get used to that sensation. And then pull the toy out, and then relax again, and settle down. And then repeat the process. lots of lube on both the toy and on the anus. Insert it again, until it really starts getting uncomfortable and a little painful. Hopefully, you get a little farther the next time. Again, let it sit there, try and relax your body. Try and get used that sensation and then pull it out again, and sort of repeat this process until you can get that toy in without it being super uncomfortable. This could take five times it could take 10 times depending on how new you are to the process and how tolerant you are of the pain as you're trying to get this working. But the point is you really should just keep going and doing this insert and removal process until the bottom is comfortable.

Without insertion and they can take it without pain. And then after lots of warm-up with the toy, if you're ready to move on to an actual penis, the process is very much the same lots of lube the insert until it gets uncomfortable, hold it there, and then remove and start the process over again. Just because you weren't up with a toy doesn't mean you can go right in and stick it right in because a penis is probably going to be a little larger and girthier than the toy was.

Now for those of you who are completely intolerant to pain, there is some sort of numbing creams that you can use as a sort of dull the pain in that area very localized, that can help you get through this initial warm-up process. You know, it's not recommended that you use it as often because you know pain is a good indicator of your body. You want to know when it's in pain, but this sort of can help you get through this initial insertion until you're comfortable. And once you've used it a couple of times you probably won't need it anymore. Now I think this is a good time for a quick side topic about dick size because

When it comes to dick and anal sex bigger isn't necessarily always better. You know, think about it this way, there are two types of pleasure triggers for the bottom during anal sex. First, there is the cluster of nerves that is, you know, clustered around your anus and throughout your rectum. And then there's the prost which is what they call the male pee spot. The prostate feels really great be massage, especially when you're erect. And that can really enhance an orgasm if it's the during the middle of an orgasm. But the thing about the prostate is, it's not very far in there, you know, if you look at this image of anatomy, you can actually reach the prostate pretty easily with a finger. So you actually don't need a very big dick in order to get that pleasure sensation from your pee spot. Now, I'm not saying that big decks are bad because big dicks can feel really good because you do have all the added sensation of the nerves throughout the rectum that you're playing with. And also a lot of guys feel that sort of filled feeling that they get from anal sex and a big with a big dick. But again, everybody is different.

Everything feels different each body. So it's always important experiment around with different sizes and different shapes and see what you like best. But if a dick is too big, it actually can slam against the back wall of the rectum and that can be quite uncomfortable. So again, bigger necessary isn't necessarily always better.

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