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Always on my knees for your cock
Posted:Dec 10, 2021 4:30 pm
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2022 6:44 pm
I am on my knees in front of you
You stand in front of me
down at me
Your swollen cock in my face
Begging me to take you deep into my mouth

I am adoring your hard cock
Your round head and soft skin
Your thick veins and round balls
The hole in your cock stares at me
Begging me to suck you

Your cock delights me

I wrap my hand around your shaft
And let my lips brush your head
I feel you stiffen at the touch
As a soft moan escapes your mouth

I let your cock slide past my lips into my mouth
Where my tongue delights on the feel of you
Sucking you into my mouth
And letting you pull yourself out
While suctioning my lips around you
Your cock is in my wet warm mouth

You push back in and I feel your head at the back of my mouth
Slightly gagging me
And making my pussy pulse in desire

With my other hand I reach down to my pussy
I feel her swollen and silky with wetness
I push my fingers inside of me where I am so warm
And gently start to circle my already erect clit

As my fingers rub my hard clit
My desire grows
Pleasurable pressure grows inside my body

I tease your cock with my hand and mouth
My desire feeds your desire and your cock swells with heat

I am bold and let your head touch the back of my throat
The second your head is in that cavern
I come so hard that liquid squirts down my legs
I start shaking and suck your cock harder
As waves of pleasure roll through my body
And tears roll down my face

I'm cumming and cumming as I continue to suck you
I am literally your live cumming sex toy
The feel of your cock in my mouth
Is the only thing that exists

You feel your internal pleasure rising and rising
Lost in the sensation of my wet mouth wrapped around your hardness
You feel my body vibrating which pulls you into the vortex
The feel of my throat pushes you over the edge
And you cum so hard
Over and over you ejaculate into my mouth
You moan so loud and shake so hard
You can barely stand

I hold you in my mouth
And let your seed slide down into my throat
Swallowing every bit of your ecstasy.

You are mine.

Amber Love & Company
Copyright 2021
Oh baby boy - cum to mama
Posted:Dec 10, 2021 3:30 pm
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2022 6:44 pm
Oh baby
I know the world is hard right now
I know life is challenging.

Let down your guard with me.
Let me love you.
Let me hold you.
Let me gently kiss you.
Then let me feel down there you.
Let me touch your hard cock.
Let me rub your cock and soothe your worries.

Let me suck you and love on your cock.
an hour.
At the least.
Let me love your cock and soothe your weary soul.

Let me stroke your balls and touch your thighs.
And let you bask in some pleasure.
Its a tough world out there.
I your sanctuary.

Let me make you soar
And make you cum
Harder than you ever have

Because I love you, baby.
I love your cock and everything attached it.

And right after you cum
Let me hold you while you fall asleep.
Sweet dreams, lover.

Love you, baby !
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Evangelical Sex Surrogate
Posted:Dec 7, 2021 2:27 am
Last Updated:Aug 8, 2022 6:44 pm
I actually had a wild dream the other night. It really made me think.

But first, a backstory.
I can't tell this anywhere else.
So I will make it my kink.

So I was seeing a very evangelical, very horny divorced man a while back. He really wanted to get married, but I wasn't in the space of mind to commit myself in that way. Plus it was too fast.

He was so hot for sex with me, but he wasn't very good at it. In fact, he was horrible. He gave me a big sob story how his wife never liked sex and he always felt so ashamed. She'd let him get on top, missionary style and fuck for a while, but just she just lay there. She never let herself get excited. She never had an orgasm. After a while, she told him to get off, and he would finish himself off.

I didn't know marriages like this existed.
But I checked around.
They do.

He had a rather small cock.

He was a lousy lover. I didn't have the nerve to tell him that his wife probably didn't like sex because he was so bad at it. His cock had this nervous energy in it and it was just weird.

He liked looking at the little slit on my pussy.
That was all he needed to play with himself and get off.
He didn't want to see my lips or inside my pussy.

I gave him his first blow job at age 59.
He had never done 69 before.
So we did 69 for hours and he wanted me to cum on his face.
He never had sex doggie style.
So I let him fuck me from behind.

I was his second sex partner.
I called him the 60 year old virgin.

I was high as shit on indica doing these activities with him. I had to, he was almost 280 pounds of fat and looked repulsive naked. He was so naive, he never knew. It was difficult to get turned on looking at him. He was usually drunk on a half bottle of alcohol almost every night. But once the lights were turned off, he was like a massive pillow.

But he actually started going to the gym and eating better.
He lost 50 pounds.

He kept feeling guilty for having sex outside of marriage.
I told him we could stop.
Sex wasn't that important to me to let someone hurt his own values.
But he wouldn't.
He kept playing out his personal drama with me.

He kept insisting we just go to the courthouse and get married.
I just couldn't.
Too many unanswered questions.

He was really geeky, but he turned me on because he listened well, flattered me constantly, and just adored me. And he always wanted me sexually. He rubbed my pussy one time for hours and made me squirt more times than I ever had. He said he didn't know a pussy could do that.

I believe him.

His parents were in their 80s and had been pastors and missionaries for decades. They were very nerdy. His mother was the quintessential church lady with pearls. His father was godly and knew his scriptures. His entire family was very religious and nerdy. They loved to gossip, and acted like they were better than everyone. The mother was constantly meddling in this man's business, she kept belittling me, and then both parents were asking us if we secretly got married. I had enough. I asked them to give us some privacy for a little while, we were trying to figure some things out.

The other problem is the man had erectile dysfunction much of the time. I wasn't going to get married to someone who couldn't give me my marital rights. So I was helping him try to get it up. I tried everything!

Since the man and I were spending a lot of time together, the family decided to spread vicious lies about me. I think they were afraid I was going to take him away from his family. But they refused to talk to us about what they had said. And that drove a wedge between us.

And I also think they believed him that we weren't sleeping together. Even though we were. He had adult who didn't like the fact that he was seeing someone new. His sister wrote him a letter condemning me and telling him that his thought he never loved their mother.

They knew exactly where to hurt him.
He started to shut down emotionally and became a different person.
He was angry and cold and wanted to drink more than ever.

He was so pissed at his family that he fucked me HARD for a week.

He even crawled across the floor to suck my pussy.
I came all over the floor.
And he stood in front of me while I deep throated him.
He actually held the back of my head and pulled me into his cock.
He came inside my mouth.

Erectile dysfunction CURED.

So anyway - he ended up breaking up with me soon after. He felt conflicted because of his religious values and he was honestly more than a little freaked out and embarrassed his parents were acting how they were. He became cold and distant. He refused to talk with me again and married someone else.

I was more than seriously hurt by all their behavior.
He kept wanting me but then feeling guilty.
But in the end he went back to his religion like I never existed.
I never knew Evangelicals were like this.
But I looked into it, and too many are.

So I had a dream the other night.

In the dream, I went to his eighty year old parents house. I was dressed in a black vinyl trench coat, thigh high stockings and black stilettos. I had a dominatrix style outfit on underneath. No panties. Shaved pussy.

His father opened the door in a robe and with a pipe like he was Hugh Hefner.
He let the front slide open and I could see his hard cock.
His mother was in a sheer baby doll lingerie with pom-poms lining the bottom. She had on eye makeup and lipstick. She actually looked cute.

They were so happy to see me.
They quickly pulled me into their bedroom.
You see, I went to their house as a sex surrogate.
They wanted me to teach them how to have hot sex.

I fucked the old man in their bed.
He had an enormous hard cock.
I was on top of him in the entire outfit I went there wearing.
I rode him hard for a very long time.
In my dream I could feel him inside me and he felt GOOD.
god, he felt so good.
I fucked him and fucked him and fucked him.
He kept thrusting inside of me.
Filling me up.

He was enjoying himself so much.
We enjoyed fucking each other so much.
I can still feel the turn on and my pussy is twitching as I write.
His wife just sat next to us, beaming from ear to ear.
She was so excited and happy.

He asked me to teach her how to fuck him like I just did.
I looked at her, wondering what I should do next.
I wanted her to suck his cock right then and there.
I was so turned on I wanted to suck his cock too.
I started thinking of all the things I could do for her.

And then I woke up.

I laid in my bed for a long time contemplating this vivid dream.
First I was mortified.
Then I was amused.

I am grateful my brain gave me a totally different way to look at this situation.
I feel healed inside my soul.

I will forever cherish my time with the pastor and his wife.

Tags: Cuckoldress, Threesome, Religious Play, Older Men, Older Women
Anja and Amber in New York
Posted:Nov 9, 2021 1:59 am
Last Updated:Dec 7, 2021 3:43 am

Im posting a journal I wrote a few years ago about a lover I had in New York. I am not finished posting all of it yet. Its not too explicit, but I thought it was amazing the sensations and poetic musings this person brought out in me.

It brings up some bitter-sweet feelings as I read this journal I dont think I have ever fallen for anyone this hard ever. The friendship we had was amazing, while it lasted. The sex we had was out of this world. I can still feel him intertwined with me and inside my body.

The betrayal was the biggest hurt I had experienced up to that point. My heart went into a million pieces and shut down for a long time. As I type out my journal from my writing, I can feel how I was so full of love and hope but the present day me knows the depth of the pain I felt when I realized we werent meant to be.

Amber's Naked Night on the Town
Posted:Oct 31, 2021 2:15 am
Last Updated:Nov 9, 2021 1:41 am
I couldn't sleep and ended up leaving my house stark naked and barefoot in the middle of the night. I walked around my neighborhood for a bit and observed the quietness of the night. The full moon out and a few clouds were in the sky. All lights were out so it seems everyone sleeping, or maybe fucking in their beds. I love to think about my neighbors fucking.

I walked down to the beach and someone drove by me. In a frantic search to not get caught, I hid behind a tree until they passed. I wasn't yet sure if I had the nerve to go to the convenience store, so I had to walk around the corner a few more times. I kept wondering if someone would catch me being naked in public, but the sexy feeling of the air on my skin empowered me to keep walking.

I finally got the nerve to walk up to the store and go inside. The cashier's eyes got really wide, but he said nothing to me. I glanced at him and smiled, but said nothing to him either. I went to the candy aisle and picked up a box of Hot Tamales. I walked to the cashier and put my candy on the counter. The cashier eyed me and said, "Is there anything else I can help you with?"

I looked him straight in the eyes and told him, "I haven't had my fellatio yet today". He looked at me for a few seconds, then walked to the door and locked it. He took my hand and led me quickly into the storeroom.

He unbuckled his belt and unzippered his pants. His hard cock bounced out of his pants and lingered. I looked at him, he looked at me. We nodded and I got on my knees. I took him into my mouth like someone starved for food. My lips parted as I drew his cock into my mouth. His cock was so hard for me and so delicious. I loved this feeling of having a man I did not know inside my mouth. It made me feel on the edge and alive.

We settled into a rhythm of him fucking my mouth with intentional abandon and me sucking him with all the fury I could muster. My mouth was in love with the taste of him, and my pussy started to swell from his cock continually hitting the back of my throat. As he started thrusting his cock back into my throat, I looked up at him to communicate it was o I gagging, but it o His eyes were closed and he moaning. I felt myself cum down my legs.

Suddenly he shouted out, "I'm going to cum!" and his semen spurted out forcefully from his cock onto my face. It on my forehead, my cheeks, my chin, my lips. He came a second time on my breasts. He came a third time all over my hair.

He looked down at me and said, "You are a dream. Where did you come from?" I looked up at him, dumbfounded how good I felt sucking this man's coc He smiled and said, "My jizz looks good on you." I smiled up at him, not able to talk from the pure pleasure of the experience.

I certainly a cum-laden mess and tried to wipe it off. He said, "No, don't. I you to leave my cum on you until you get home". He rubbed his cum into my face and then put his fingers into my mouth and let me suck them. "You're so beautiful with my cum on you. But now I need to get back to work, so I need you to leave." He pulled me from the floor and kissed me on my lips.

"I to offer my jacket to you, because you look a cold". He reached for his jacket on a hanger and placed it over my shoulders. He kissed my forehead. "Please promise to bring it back to me. I'll miss you and to see you again".

I put on his jacket and gave him a long kiss before I left the storeroom. He said, "I love you. Thank you so much for sucking my coc I not expecting that."

We walked out of the storeroom and he unlocked the door for me. He kissed me on the forehead and said, "Thank you". He then went to his post as the cashier. He noticed the candy on the counter and said, "I know you came in to buy the Hot Tamales, but they are on me!" I went to his post and took the candy. I looked at him one last time and smiled.

We had made each other's night.

I walked all the way home barefoot with cum all over me. My legs could barely function from all the wild sensations, but I got all the way home. Well worth the journey.
Babydoll Amber Loves Worshipping Your Cock
Posted:Oct 30, 2021 11:12 pm
Last Updated:Nov 9, 2021 1:43 am
There is nothing that turns me on more than you standing in the doorway with your erect cock pointing at me. The sight of your hard-on gets my attention and a wave of delight runs through my body. My nipples are hard and my pussy flutters like a butterfly. When you get hard me, my mouth waters and I want take you in my mouth as soon as possible.

I drop my knees and crawl across the floor where you are standing. I gently place my hand around your base and look up at you lovingly as my tongue touches your tip. I lick underneath your ridge as a surge of pleasure goes directly to my pussy. I feel my pussy swell and reach down to find myself moist, silky and puffy. My clit is and standing at attention begging be touched.

The feeling of your head slipping into my mouth sets my senses on fire. I want to take as much of you inside of me as I can. The skin of your cock is smooth and wet against my lips while you are so firm inside. I let my lips work your head and the first few inches of your cock. I hear you moan. One hand is on your base while the other is pinching my nipple and rolling it between my fingers. I feel pressure build inside my body. My mouth continues to water and I suck your cock in to the entrance of my throat.

My lips grip the base of your cock as I let you slip into my throat. The sounds of me gently gagging makes your cock swell. The swelling of your cock sends me over the edge into rolling orgasm. I gently moan as my body vibrates and cum drips down my legs. I look up at you with my baby blues and am pleased to see penetrating desire in your eyes. I want to submit to you in this way as much as possible. I am grateful you let me love your cock.

I continue to suck your cock as you brace yourself in the doorway. You start to thrust your pelvis forward into my mouth and we drop into a rhythmic trance of your cock fucking my mouth. I continue to pinch and squeeze my nipple tightly, driving myself into more waves of orgasm. The divine feeling of your cock... thrusting in and out of my mouth, sliding back and forth against my lips, briefly touching the back of my throat with the ever-present threat of you gagging me sends me over the edge again and again. I lose my senses as my entire body shakes and I ejaculate down my legs.

My pussy is engorged, hot you, and so ready you me silly.
Pinching My Nipples: Amber Love’s Oxytocin High
Posted:Oct 30, 2021 9:48 pm
Last Updated:Dec 10, 2021 3:26 pm
I first started pinching my nipples as a adult self-soothe. Massaging them when I was stressed helped calm me down and made me feel warm and happy inside. I learned along the way that stimulating the nipples creates oxytocin in the body. This is nature’s way of bonding a baby to its mother. Oxytocin is called the “love hormone” adults as its cultivated during kissing, hugging and having orgasms. Not only does empathy, trust, and relationship-bonding happen because of oxytocin, but health aspects such as reduced anxiety, stress and pain as it helps regulate the emotional center of the brain.

So – there you have it. Pinching your nipples is GOOD you!

I love pinching my nipples and rolling them between my fingers. I start out slow but get more and more aggressive with them, pulling on them and twisting them. It feels so and I can feel my pussy start swell the more I pull, tug, and my nipples. It feels really good once the nipples get a raw and swollen. I love the feeling later as I go out without a bra on and can feel my nipples brush against the fabric. My lips also tingle and swell after a thorough nipple play session.

That’s not mention my lips in my pussy. I can come orgasm alone by pinching my nipples. I like them being softly pulled at first and massaged around my areola. Then I start pinch deeper into the tissues and massaging my breasts makes my clit stand at attention begging to be stroked.

As the oxytocin takes effect, I find myself stroking my clit and labia and pinching each nipple one by one to give myself harder and harder orgasms.

In fact, I’m pinching my nipples right now and am getting aroused. I’d love it if you sucked on my clit and lick my labia while I soar high and cum really hard. I can do this hours.

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