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My Blog
Welcome to my blog!
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Welcum to my Naughty Mind and Wishful Spirit!
Posted:Apr 2, 2015 8:23 pm
Last Updated:Oct 23, 2020 10:02 pm
My blog is a weave of erotic fleeting moments; delightful memories; duty of pleasure for you and me; and a commingle of fantasy for amusement and celebration. If you choose to read particular blogs you may find some things you don’t comply with in its entirety. I bid you to have an open heart and mind as we are all still learning and growing in our sexuality. You may find all or part of blogs dissuading; as always, it is your choice to read the boodle or caucus to another blog any time you are ready!

Please at the very least if you made it this far cum, cum inside and leave a friendly comment for me to get to know you better so that we might all cum, cum a little closer and deeper to a higher level of understanding of our true inner sexual spirit-selves.

Thank you and happy reading

Amber's Spill on Vaginal Contractions
Posted:May 17, 2016 9:57 am
Last Updated:May 19, 2016 6:18 pm

It's really nice to taste sweet Amber juices but to feel the wild contractions of Amber's pussy contracting on your meaty cock have been described as no less than a glimpse of how heaven might feel. Be careful it can be addicting for some.

I use to cum when I felt the satisfaction of a man spewing his cum deep inside my wild wet pussy. Now my partners want me to cum first so they can feel the gratification and sexual bliss of optimum vaginal contractions hugging and kissing their throbbing pleasure stick.

These muscles do not grow overnight and are not for the timorous. Once experiencing the tone and strength of a woman's muscles over developed by proper kegel exercises, fucking techniques, and toy positioning you may just have landed a new ceremonious joy.

The sexual delight aspects of my vaginal contractions over time evolve with the continuance and on-going practice and exploration deeper within myself to find my true sexual spirit and sensual persona.

I am delighted now with the mirror reflection of you smiling and laughing on top of me. Your warm body embarrassing me like an infant for hours as your meaty cock paralyzes me with your brand of ecstasy sliding deeper into my love canal. With more practice the orgasms become more intense and more electrically intense and satisfying. Some orgasms lead into multiple orgasms and causes me to ejaculate what I like to call Amber Juice

I just want to take a moment and thank the Physician, Dr Grafenberg, for his discovery of the G Spot. I like to spend my personalized intimacy time engaging 4 different G spots - to which I like to arouse and satisfy each a few times on a daily basis.

For optimal satisfaction guys we (Women) may need to spend some time preparing for the engagement of such a fun fabulous sport. I like to lay on my back with my knees upward. Once this prep time is given its proper positioning diligence the fun can begin and grows with my vaginal contractions surmounting your pleasure 10 fold; gratifying both of our many erogenous zones.

Sometimes pillows under my hips aide in your accessibility depending on how tall and hung you are. My exposure is vulnerable, albeit the case, and I will want your fingers inside my pussy playfully exploring to find my many hot pleasure buttons just a few inches away. My spots can be identified by the feel of a subtle bump just within my juicy hotbox.

The most important factors for drawing up more Amber juice is: extensive foreplay; drawing/ holding my legs up as far as my chest; applying
a tender but firm pressure on the magic buttons.

The foundation to successful Amber contractions are more extensive foreplay. The greater the foreplay the better the arousal and excitement to refill Amber's juice box spots for more explosive sensations with intense vaginal contractions.

My many different g spots can be coaxed in concert with your fingers, tongue, and stealthy cock. I like to start with your tongue or fingers. When using your fingers, use a curling movement to reach my hot buttons. Apply gentle, soft pressure as you massage my most sensitivite areas. This can be done all night with numerous euphoric and dreamy vaginal contractions and squirting.

What are some of the comments you get after pleasing a partner sexually? What is your favorite?

Your Sexy Secret,
I love you
I want to marry you
Your the best lover I've ever had
Oh my God, that's the first ever
I have never had a woman make me cum like you do
No one has made me cum so quickly
Can we do it again
Your awesome
So Damn Hot
2 Comments , 38 votes
Amber Pick up Lines. Do you have a favorite?
Posted:May 16, 2016 8:12 pm
Last Updated:May 17, 2016 9:18 am

Oh yeah, you must be a really, terrible, no good, very bad boy to be able to catch all the pretty girls first... wink.

Sharing is caring. Right? So I'm gonna do some REACHING out to you and share SOME OF MY VERY OWN WARM WET KISSES AND BIG CUDDLY SNUGGLY BEAR ON VIAGRA HUGS AND BUZZ

ok baby. I'm spreading my legs wide. Can you push them a lil wider for me?

I can cum for you again. One more time if you like? I can spray you with Amber juice all over you face, fingers, and cock while my vagina muscles involuntarily contract harder than ever before exploding in your face.
My head before Amber's pick up line
My head after Amber's pick up line
2 Comments , 9 votes
Amber confesses to being an avid cocksucker...
Posted:May 16, 2016 7:18 pm
Last Updated:Mar 27, 2017 9:23 pm

Guys, You are AMAZING! Thank you all for voting on the previous story. Your votes and comments mean alot. And not to mention I miss some of you.. wink Biggest warm Bear Hugs and Sweet Red, wild lips all over your sexy bodies!

I love to suck cock. Did any of you really know that about me,really? Hmmmmm, Honestly, in fact, I dream about sucking cock. Im not exactly sure what it does to mean metabolically speaking but the indorphins have been an addictive RUSH for me all my life.

Wow! I really can't get enough. For all the dick out there that I ever sucked in my life - I SALUTE YOU, ME FAMILIA.

For all the dicks out there I still need to suck; I really wish you could all dial in to MY PARTY STATION so I can start sucking
Amber is a good Tiger Hunter. By the way.. What does one need to catch a Tiger?
Amber left out the fucking.. It should read fucking and sucking all the way through.
Amber, I need some of your warm bear hugs and wild wet kisses
Amber, where do you cum up with this stuff
2 Comments , 27 votes
Amber Joyrides the Lonely Tiger Within
Posted:May 14, 2016 8:11 pm
Last Updated:May 16, 2016 6:36 pm

Lately, sometimes in the middle of the night, I notice that some of you guys are up all night long. Do you sleep with full body erections? I like to think I have a high sex drive but I think some of you are the real night owls so to speak should we ever stop and think that we may not be considered sexually normal?

If you’re anything like me – I know you do. Sometimes I do strange things in my sleep. And then I find myself. AWAKE! Like the night I startled myself back to sleep again.

Do you ever do strange things in your sleep? I don’t know, maybe I should let the light of heart off with just a little warning… While, the rest may just be a little too much for some and yet not enough for others.

Last night, I was startled by the Grimm Reaper himself on top of me. Rubbing me between my legs with his hands, tongue and cock. All his movements together made one rhythmic long sensual bed dance. By the time I register what the devil himself is doing, he stops and goes back to snoring. It is a disappoint, to say the least, because it feels so good I just want him to keep going… and going… And going all night long. LOL

Some nights, I awaken with his force all over me and it is too much for me. He overtakes me with his passion and skill until I submit my body to our greater pleasure as he explores my body completely in his sleep. In doing so, we elevate to higher levels of sexual consciousness and exotic beings through the different levels of an orgasmic journey of the unveiling of our sexual spiritual intercourse.

The First level of orgasmic bliss I notice is when his hands ladle my labia until my body shutters and moans in celestial bliss as my vaginal walls contract involuntarily.

The second level is when we float on the bed with his lips kissing mine softly in a soft pecking folk dance to the hoedown of his promenade.

The third level of ecstasy enlightens when I surrender my body to his tongue. It elevates me to squirt and gush Amber juice all over his face as my lower lips labiate into the opening of my most intimate flower.

The forth and most paramount parallel of sexual enlightenment (for me) is when his long slithering snake caresses the deepest parts of my cervical inner lining. I am born into a state of infancy for hours that brings about the wildest of sexual self-indulgence that can be imagined; an authentic, raw mixture of sexual conception and commingling of impure, interminable spiritual experience. For his celestial navigation we celebrate and howl and moan beside of the moon.

As I awake the next day and return to consciences my body still shivers with the muscle memory taught me by his passionate brush strokes over my body in a single night. He works me the whole night through until the break of dawn.

I remember thinking how much I enjoy my sleepless nights and sleepy days with the devil. I am amazed by how much pleasure we can amiss as sexual beings until we are face to face with the mirror reflection of our sinful sexual souls.

As I deflect my sweet surrender each time the curvature of my curvation bends and twist with each passing hour of the night. I never feel violated and he knows that if he were to wake up with a need, I would be happy for him to take me. Do you enjoy a little variety in your sexuality? I don't object to a little forceful action sometimes.

I have asked the devil about it and Lucifer swears he doesn't even know that he is doing it and I really have to believe him, because what Angel would start something like that for a couple of minutes and then go back to sleep without satisfying his himself? Plus, again, I let him know that if he does realize that he is doing it, I would actually enjoy it if he keeps going, so he has no reason to stop the exploration of our journey or lie about it.

I am curious; do you ever have sexual experiences that unshackle your sexual inner desires? You know the ones I am talking about. An undergoing or unraveling of your paradigm… a singular illustration where you encounter a raw enlightenment that forces you to liberate the lonely tiger within.
Yes, I want to transport orgasmic pleasure with Amber all night long.
No, I have never been enlightened by a single sexual experience Amber.
Amber, I sleep with full cock erections and would like to slip my cock into your inner vaginal flower for but a single night
Sounds kind of crazy to me… what the hell are you talking about Amber.
0 Comments , 12 votes
Amber Stories?
Posted:May 11, 2016 10:34 am
Last Updated:May 16, 2016 2:06 pm

I have been away for quite awhile and struggling with the lost of my muse. It just seemed somehow that I lost my muse and couldn't write or post anymore. I would like to try and pick up where I left off with my fans and see if there is still any interest or even a spark for Amber's naughty, creative juice. Please give me feedback here as I need your guidance to light Amber fires once again.

I will need you to be patient and understanding with me as I try to take baby steps again to juicing you up again. And of course fan points help with motivation and gives me a gear to mark your current interest levels.

May all our dirty, naughty, and untold desires cum true.
I am interested in finding out what makes Amber cream
I want to be in an Amber Amuse-ment
There are never enough Amber stories
To the wonderful creative binds that intertwine an author to her muse
I wonder what happen to Amber's muse... Hmmm, Id like to help Amber find her edges again
4 Comments , 28 votes
Amber's Tiger Clan Game
Posted:Oct 9, 2015 5:25 pm
Last Updated:May 11, 2016 10:44 am

On the way home I stop at my favorite club, The Tiger Claw. I sit down at the bar and order my favorite glass of wine. As I look up I notice a handsome man walk in, wearing a well-tailored suit. We make eye contact and I look away to sip my drink. A few minutes later the bartender brings me another glass of wine and says, "It’s courtesy of Mr. Saber Kronos, the man sitting at the other end of the bar." I look his way, smile with invitation and nod my head with gratitude.

He comes over to sit by me and after a fun flirty greeting suggest that we go back to his hotel room. He is a photographer and suggests that we might have fun role playing with his camera.

I learn that he is only here for a few nights on business and desires the company of beautiful woman like myself with “hypnotic eyes”. Back in his hotel room he unzips a large suitcase full of costumes and ask me to pick one out. I really like the color contrast of the Tiger costume and put it on. He whispers in my ear, “I anticipated you were a Tiger.” I ask, “Why?” He replies, “Because they are wild sexual predators.”

Saber Kronos continues, “Tigers are initially shy, and spend all of their lives alone.” “Tigers spend their entire lives trying to procreate and only have need for sex, cum, and frolic” “Tigers do not need help but are always ready to bareback.” “Welcome to my Tiger Clan my hypnotic feline. I want to impregnate you in my wild Jungle.”

Before you know it, my toes are tap dancing on the headboard and I’m roaring in orgasmic pleasure.

Do you have a favorite Amber Tiger Picture? Do you have a favorite role play scenerio you would like Amber to consider next? Maybe....

Doctor - Nurse
Teacher Student
Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf
Officer Frisky and the Naughty Nurse
Amber and the Suckler
Amber Tiger pic1
Amber Tiger pic2
Amber Tiger pic3
Amber Tiger pic4
Amber Tiger pic5
Amber Tiger pic10
3 Comments , 56 votes
Amber Celestial Larceny
Posted:Oct 4, 2015 7:35 pm
Last Updated:Feb 2, 2016 11:54 am

This has been the craziest month of my entire year. I am thinking there is only one explanation. The disruption of cosmic forces that define the solar lunar eclipse. The very night and time the lunar eclipse hit in Colorado all hell broke loose…. At least for me….. My world was turned upside down for an entire week but hit the apex at the exact time the sun is swallowed by the moon. I feel there is some cosmic order trying to once again return to my little piece of the universe and am so grateful for it!
Our apparition…. The sun and moon do something they shouldn’t be doing and we have another Shakespearean tragedy.

I took a hike up the mountains to have the best view of the eclipse. I noticed I was being followed and too winded to cry for help. I run and trip on the winding rocky trail. My pulse begins racing as my heart thuds against my chest. My eyes widen as they close in on me and tears begin to swell as I hear them chuckle, taunt, and curse me. My body shivers as the first angry man yanks me up by my hair and pushes my face into his smelly crotch. My fate in his hands as he unzips his pants to force his cock in my mouth. I begin weeping and he slaps me. I try to slap back but another man grabs my hands. Now they are angry and the men handle me to my knees with my ass in the air. I go limp as they lay me on the ground and rip my clothes off. Six men have their way with me. I taste sweet semen in my mouth and feel a large cock pounding my throbbing pussy hard and fast. As the men take turns I begin to yell as another extra-large cock takes me from behind. I can feel both men fill me with their warm loads of sperm. Another prick pushes past my lips to stop my screams. I can hear others saying, “My turn. My turn is next.” One cock helping the other go even deeper, I can feel their warm seed spewing into my vaginal and anal holes. I begin to choke on another cock as he skull fucks my face and gushes his rich load down my throat forcefully and I pass out. I wake to three new pricks pushing and pressing into me as the sun and moon commit larceny. My drool mixed with their white semen flows down my lips as two more men cum filling me with their white warmness. I can feel cum running down my inner thighs and know that I must have been fucked many, many times and pass out again.

Please share with me if you experienced anything crazy or spectacular for the solar lunar eclipse.
I so want to plan a hiking-camping trip with Amber and protect her
I want some Amber sleeping booty in the moonlight
To hold Amber in my hands so she can choke on my cock madly while others take her from behind would be a lunar experience for me
I need Amber for myself and don't want to share with anyone else
I can share Amber with many other lovers if it makes her happy
I want more Amber on cam with all her toys
I want to charm Amber into some celestial trouble with me
I just want to be the camera man and video the shenanigans
2 Comments , 23 votes
Sex Toys.... Why Use Them?
Posted:Sep 8, 2015 11:02 pm
Last Updated:May 16, 2016 8:22 pm

Will you tell me about your experience with sex toys? Not just the good sex toys -- but the bad ones too? Tell me why you use sex toys and what you get out of it, what was it like when you were first experimenting with them and how do you feel about them now?

Amber Dolce loves sex toys! I am especially turned on when I am acting out a fantasy or dressing up in a sexy costume or outfit! They are all such hot turn ons and have really helped me relax and cam more for fans!

Are there any sex myths you would like to talk about?
I use sex toys because sex is a priority in my life and I like to orgasm
Sex toys and outfits help me be more relaxed and creative with my partners
Dildos and vibrators are a good tools for men and women alike!
Lube helps when I'm not as wet as I'd like to be
Sex products, outfits, toys are natural and erotic
Sex tools are as natural as fucking and sucking
Using sex tool means your a more experienced lover
All of the above
Dolce needs to retake the course
I dont know... Hmmm, Im not sure.. Im too busy stroking and thinking DOLCE thoughts right now!
8 Comments , 36 votes
Amber GB (Gang Bang) Fur-Burger Fiesta!
Posted:Aug 29, 2015 9:12 pm
Last Updated:May 17, 2016 8:06 am

While perusing the Senior Sizzle top fans and bidders list it is most notable we have new mysterious fans and bidders. How odd are these profiles that one might think they are most peculiar and have caused many site changes.

Ok now that I have said my peace there let’s move on to something more proverbial and aesthetically pleasing to all the dedicated Amber Pervert Sensualist.....

Recently while in the hospital I was put under a sedated sleep. While the medication calmly soothes my nerves I am extremely horny and want to be taken advantage of… Hmmm, all I can think about is my sexy top fans! I become tingly as the doctor and anesthesiologist perform a medically induced coma.

While lying in my cozy bed in room 5-2 I begin to wonder why I signed up for this undertaking and remember the Senior Sizzle ad reading something like…. ‘Top fan gets away with Amber’s Fur-Burger and Moon in the Mile High Club!

Lucky for me I’m in the Mile High Club! I can’t imagine sex on the moon; but I can imagine a slippery wet juicy Fur-Burger because I have one! Can you imagine tasting an Amber Fur-Burger or Moon?

I lay here thinking of each of you taking advantage of me in your very own special way and I become exhilarated with lust and naughty desire to have my very own GB. I dream of gangbangers that fill all my holes with their oozing hot loads of creamy cum as the pleasure train goes from the top of my Fur-Burger to my Holy Hottie! What a joy to be the pleasure spot and center of all your attentions...

Wow! What an explosive party this is! What a dream! I think I have a pretty good buzz and must be hallucinating as I feel your face buried in my crotch... Hmm Your tongue so sexually soothing and erotically pleasing to me.

I lay on the hospital bed completely naked while one of you massage my bum and the other massage my Fur-Burger. This is such an erotic aphrodisiac. I am so turned on because this feels very taboo. My body language is completely uninhibited and inviting for you to send me over the edge. A Big Guy caresses and fondles my ass and puss as my hips began to rise and gyrate in a dance of desire in the stirrups.

Peaceful Waters softly begins kissing my swollen clit while another is licking and stretching his icy hot tongue over my perineum. I gasp as the two, maybe three or even four men pickup rhythm. This is such a novel experience for me and is so steamy I build more and more carnal yearning for my first gang-bang Fur-Burger Fiesta!

I want all your tongues on my Fur-Burger right now! I shudder to think of your tongues licking me from my toes to my mons vulva. Please cum caress my pussy with your tongues and make me wetter than ever before.

Can you imagine tasting an Amber Fur-Burger or Moon? What about her Holy Hottie? Anyone interested in group sex? I love to have many aspirations of such taboo sexy stuff with you!

What a cool idea to have sex with Amber’s moon outside Earth’s orbit… Hmm we might have to share a space suit
I dream of being an Amber Gang-Banger Fur-Burger Fiesta participant and can fill all her holes with my shooting hot loads
Definitely want to be an Amber Banger and fuck her with all her admirers on a train of pleasure enjoying Amber’s Fur-Burger
I have experience as a Gang Bank Host/ Coordinator and can make all the logistic arrangements so that Amber can enjoy herself
I am an avid voyeur and have read all of Amber’s stories so I can keep an eye on Amber and the participants to ensure safety
I want to be an Amber GB Fluffer! I am really best at arousing men and can keeping all the Bangers aroused to maintain hardness
I just want to dispense lube, condoms, and other supplies during Amber Gang Bang.
I need to be lost on a peaceful sea of being used for your sexual pleasure!
I want to explore my slutty side and have group sex in Amber’s fuckfest before becoming a guest of honor with my own GB
I want to be Amber’s significant other, help coordinate/ host, participate, monitor, and be emotionally, physically supportive
3 Comments , 24 votes
Amber's Elated 'O'
Posted:Aug 7, 2015 12:00 am
Last Updated:Jan 14, 2016 3:57 pm

Amber sleeps in today because she is off work for the weekend. Her patient load is overwhelming and she is looking forward to her weekend break. Last week daddy tells her he is coming to visit and that always means a weekend of fucking! Amber is very excited all week until he calls to cancel. Thursday evening daddy tells her he is joining a swinger couple and is taking them to Jamaica for a getaway. Amber loses her cool and says, “God-damn it, daddy, you are going to take that fucking bitch and her husband to Jamaica?”

“WATCH YOUR MOUTH YOUNG LADY!” “I will come up there and take my belt off and blister your ass 50 shades of cherry red!”.

Amber replies with joy, “Really Daddy? Do you mean it?”

Daddy continues, “Amber, I am taking them to Jamaica and I am going to fuck every lady I find and that is final.”

Needless to say Amber is pissed and heart broken. She wakes up Saturday and is terribly horny. It has been months since she fucked daddy. Amber lays in bed upset when she hears a loud buzzing. “What the fuck?” It was coming from her window and getting louder and louder. Amber walks to the window; she is totally naked as she always sleeps in the nude. She pulls the curtains and there is a drone buzzing and hoovering at her window taking photos of her naked. She looks down across the street and her little brother has the controls. Amber opens the window, “Davy, what the fuck are you doing?”

“I am taking photos of my naked sister, what does it look like I am doing?” David yells with a sinful grin.

“Get your ass in the house and I'll take care of you promptly.” Amber is starting to get excited because she likes fucking her little brother as much as daddy. She likes the fact that she can dominate Davy and control him. Amber gets in the shower, shaves her legs and pussy getting ready for what she knows will be cumming. She opens her closet and gets her sexy black leather skirt, white blouse and Silk Reflection thigh high hose with garter belt. She gets dressed and slips on her black stilettos. Amber marches down stairs where Davy is sitting. Standing in all her glory with her hands on her hips, she ask, “Where did you get that drone young man?”

“I bought it at the mall and thought, what a golden opportunity to get nude photos of my sexy sis. I am sure I should be spanked for doing such a thing.” Davy says with a sly grin.

“Oh yeah!” Amber screams with a smile and wink! “

Growing up Amber always enjoys spanking and fucking Davy when he is a naughty brother. Amber always says, “Bad boys need spankings when they are naughty and I just love me some bad boys!” Mom always has Amber spank Davy when he is rowdy or mischievous. Mom doesn't know that Davy secretly enjoys Amber beating is ass and teaching him how to fuck. Amber likes keeping up the naughty girl image for her biggest fans and brothers!

As a grown man, David now, still enjoys a good spanking. David lived with Amber until he was about twenty years old. She is always very strict with him and he never gets away with anything. Every time she bends David over her knee, pulls down his pants and spanks him, his dick gets hard. The harder she spanks the more he likes it; especially if she has on sheer soft hose. Eventually it gets to the point where David cums while she spanks him.

What twenty year old still gets spanked with their pants down?

After flying the drone and taking photos, Dave knew he is in for a beating. Amber sits in the chair and motions for Dave to drop his pants. Dave’s dick is starting to throb and harden as he unbuttons his pants and pulls them down to step out of them. Amber curls her finger moving it forward and backward until he is standing in front of her.

"Aren't we forgetting something?" she says, looking at his underwear and the growing bulge in the center of them.

"No Ma'am," David said reaching for the waistband and pulling them down.

David's dick springs back fast and hard making a plopping noise on his belly. David stands before Amber naked and hard, ready for what is coming to him. She grabs him by the thigh, digging her nails into his skin and pulling him toward her. David lays over her silky lap and braces for his punishment. His dick slides up her hose covered thighs and her chest rubs his back with his knees bent on the floor.

Amber shifts her thighs so that his rock hard dick is trapped in the bend behind her hose covered knee. David feels the first whack and it stuns him like it always does. Warm heat spreads across his ass cheeks as the paddle lifts and falls again. WHACK! A shot of hot cum squirts on the back of Amber’s knee and trickles down her calf to her ankle.

After about fifty whacks, she put the paddle down at her side.

"I don't like to discipline you. You know this, but you make me," she says, her voice hitching as little moans come out. She strokes her soft hand over his burning bum, soothing it with each loving stroke.

"I, know, Amber," he sobs, feeling her hand beginning to caress his reddened ass a little softer. Her fingers slide down the crack of his bum, lightly stroking the soft hairs that surround his asshole.

"I'm sorry, Amber," he whimpers, as a finger stops on his asshole and lingers there for a moment. Her dry finger plunges into David's asshole, causing him to shoot another stream of cum onto the back of her hose cover knee. "Are you trying to ruin my pantyhose David?"

“No ma'am”

"You're a dirty boy," she scolds, shoving her finger up to the last knuckle into his tight bunghole.

David nods his head in agreement as cum streams out of his dick onto the floor at her feet. "I promise to try and be good from now on Amber," David pleads.

Her finger is suddenly gone from his ass. She presses his head back down over her lap as he tries to lift up and look behind me at his swollen crimson ass.

"I'm not done with you yet," she hisses.

David lays back down obediently and waits for the rest of his punishment.

David feels her reach down beside the chair and just knows he is going to feel the whack of the paddle across his ass again. David braces himself for the upcoming sting tightening his ass cheeks together, which only make the paddling worse. David closes his eyes tight and prepares, but no WHACK cums! Instead, he feels a hot white heat, and suddenly he feels something long and thick penetrating his asshole.

His sister's breaths are short and heavy, and her lap vibrates and rocks as her hand works whatever it is she is holding in and out of his brown flower. David starts to moan as the object violates him, and makes his dick become stone against Amber's leg. David begins to move his hips, causing his dick to jerk and fuck the back of Amber’s bent knee; the feel of her Silk Reflection hose is almost more than he can stand. Back and forth, forth and back the object plunges into and out of him. The last stream of cum jets from his dick and runs down the back of Amber’s knees, soaking them. David wants whatever she is using in his asshole to ram him deeper, harder and faster. David starts bucking his hips and moving his ass back against the object in her hand, lodging it deeper in his ass hole. David moves so hard and so far back that his dick cums dislodged from the crook behind Amber’s knee, and is now rubbing up and down the width of her thigh. Amber drops the toy as David begins to fuck her silly on the floor until David cums again and again filling his sister’s tight pussy with load after load of his creamy hot spurting cum.

Amber is so elated with her ‘O’ that she begs David to keep his stiff dick deep in her tight fluttering pussy, on just the right spot, while she orgasms a second and third time masturbating her clit and humping him madly.

Do you know a twenty year old that still gets spanked with their pants down? Would you like to be Amber’s brother, daddy, or just a surprise visitor?
Im glad Amber likes bad boys... because I am a bad boy who is a good man that cannot resist Amber’s charm.. I will excite Amb
I want to be Amber’s brother and do bad things with Amber and make her squirt, gushing Amber juice, all over my hard dick
Amber is a good girl that does delightful naughty things with Tigers and Bears - I hope she never gets caught
I’m the surprise visitor I just want to take a lovely, long time, working my tongue into Amber’s mix
I’m Amber’s secret admirer and just need Amber to fall asleep with my cock in her hot little mouth
Amber needs a good spanking for writing such a terrible crazy bad naughty story
I can and will make Amber squirt all over my computer screen
I can keep Amber happy and satisfied with multiple creamy cum loads down her quivering throat
Amber needs a swinger couple to fuck and vacation with in Florida
I am Amber’s new Daddy now
2 Comments , 29 votes
Surprise Visitor
Posted:Jul 28, 2015 8:41 pm
Last Updated:Sep 20, 2021 10:58 pm

Rod call's me at work unexpectedly, “Hey baby girl, can you talk?”

“Sure Big guy, what's up?”

“I finally finished watching your videos and read all your blog stories and I think I am ready.”

“Ready for what?”, I grin.

“ I'm in town and I want to seduce you Amber! Will you let me seduce you in every sinful way tonight?”

“Sure, Daddy Now, I have wanted you to seduce me for an eternity. I am so excited you’re here for me now.”

You exit the plane and take a cab to the restaurant of my choice for dinner. I am wearing a long black tight dress, silky dark hose, and stilettos. You are wearing a nice button up shirt and a pair of dark slacks with a stylish tie.

After dinner and ice cream cake champaign I excuse myself to the ladies room where I remove my panties. With a devilish smile and seductive bedroom eyes I approach the table swaying my hips side to side and grab your hands as I place my moist wet panties in your open grasp...

Waiting for the taxi we window shop for just a few minutes. In the cab we start kissing, and as we are kissing, you start to fondle my breasts, notice I am wearing a bra with a latch to suckle. After a few minutes of passionate kissing and suckling I have a nipple orgasm from your studious suction technique. We arrive at my abode as you unlatch.

Inside the door I ask to be excused to "slip into something more comfortable" and you relax on the couch. As I'm walking away you hand me my panties and command, “Amber, I want you to put your panties back on so I can enjoy taking them off of you for myself."

I return wearing a black negligee, Hanes Silk Reflections barely black thigh high hose, and of course my panties. I stand before you and you tell me how beautiful I am inside and out as you gently caress my hose covered thighs, hips, stomach, and ass. You have me sit on the couch, as you kneel on the floor between my knees. You bring your face closer to my beckoning slit, and I can feel the warmth from your breath.

You take a long and deep breath to breathe in the wonderful fragrance of my pussy. You ever so gently touch the slit of my black panties; they are slightly wet. You gently press the silky material against my pussy, rubbing them against your lips. I sigh, and moan slightly at your exotic touch. The panties fall back into place, and now my cunt is soaking wet from my pussy juice and your tongue. As you grab the waistband of my panties and tug them down, I lift my bottom to help. My panties fall to my ankles, and I kick them off. You crawl across the floor to inhale my fragrance and lick the lining of my panties. Now I am starting to get sexually frustrated, my body is begging for release, and my clit and pussy are begging for your attention.

I softly moan and sigh with frustration as I give you a look that screams, “EAT ME NOW!" You seem to enjoy watching me squirm a little and want it to go on for longer. My hand slowly snakes its way down to my cunt, to touch my wanting pussy and clit for release. You stop my hands and say, “Not yet." I moan again, and try to free my hands, but your grip is steady.

You finally start to play with the small tuft of hair just above my neatly trimmed pussy, but never get near my opening or clit. Just when I think I am going to burst from agony, you reach down and finger my throbbing pussy, sticking your fingers deep into my wet throbbing hole. Your fingers are met with an immediate rush of juice from my now drenched pussy. You finally bend your face to my snatch and begin to lick and swirl my clit with a lovely suction technique.

I cum quickly with an intense orgasm and wrap my legs around your head. Squeezing your head slightly I begin to buck and bounce as my pussy starts to pulsate around your warm tongue. With a silent scream my mouth is left open while you continue sucking my clit into another massive orgasm I begin to slump down in the couch as you stand in front of me and begin to release my bra and free your cock.

I now kneel to the floor in front of you as you did for me. Your cock fully erect and begins throbbing as I kiss the head. I waste no time taking your whole cock into my mouth and down my throat. Slowly I suck your cock, swirling my tongue around the shaft and head, as you tell me, “Amber you are a best cock sucker!” I am slow and careful in giving every inch of you my full attention. I can feel your balls fill as you moan, “Im gonna cum Amber.” I begin speeding up my sucking and you moan, “"OH............BABY,..... IM.........CUMMING!" I stop sucking, and start deep throating your magnificent cock. You shoot several wads of cum into my mouth, all of which I promptly swallow.

How many times did we cum? What makes a good partner in crime for you to plan a long distance playdate? Share some of your new or erotic Amber desires. Do you have a specific fantasy you might want to share me?
one time
two times
three times
four times
five times
I lost count, but must suckle Amber's voluptuous breast
I want to make Amber cum twice as much
I can fill Amber up all three ways all day and night
Amber is a creative cock sucker teaser
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Doctor Orders!
Posted:Jul 25, 2015 11:30 am
Last Updated:May 17, 2016 9:05 am

Amber rushes to the car and speeds to work praying she will not be late again while masturbating. Even though she is a night owl, she cannot get accustom to her new night shift. She only agrees to try it when the Director of Naughty Nurses (DONN), Chris, ask for help. She thinks it will be less hectic so she can spend more time doing what she wants - writing naughty blog stories and camming on Senior Sizzle. As she pulls in the parking lot she hopes no one has her parking spot. Luckily, the space is free and the security guard motions for her to park. After blowing the security guards load she rushes across the street to the hospital. Amber hears and feels the vibration of a Harley going by and thinks of her favorite patient, David Dolce. The motorcycle rides they take together always make her cream.

In the elevator Amber sees her sexy Supervisor, Randy. Randy always brings a smile to Amber's face with his fun flirty desire of her. Today he pulls a pocket inside out and asks, “Will you put my elephant ear back in my pants?” Amber laughs and kindly rubs his shoulder and slowly places his elephant ear back into his bulging pants. Amber can feel his throbbing trunk and becomes dripping wet wishing Randy was not her supervisor.

Amber rushes to her department to check the schedule in her locker to make sure she is working on the non-surgical floor. When she walks off the elevator she meets sexy Evelyn the second shift nurse. “Looks like you have a quiet night Amber; there is only four patients on the whole floor.” Evelyn reports in passing. “Good!” Amber replies, maybe I can direct my care to satisfying more than just bumps and bruises she thinks to herself checking her schedule. When Amber is on days, she is always so busy, on the go, and has to wear the regulation uniform. Everything is according to a duty list or the DONN has her giving head on a silver platter.

Amber is wearing her dress uniform tonight. The dress buttons up the front and accentuates her long sexy legs in suntan silky hose and red stilletos. She is wearing her white and black lace bar and panty set with a half-slip. Amber dresses this way when she feels like a sexy naughty nurse.
Later, during Amber’s nightly rounds she saves her favorite patient for last and near her lunch break so she can spend extra time with him. Upon entering the room Amber says, “Hi little brother, I will be your nurse again tonight!”

Amber notices the tent under his sheet. She feels her breasts swell and her nipples harden, then bends over to listen to David‘s chest. She brushes her right breast against his chest on purpose. “Oops sorry, I hope I did not hurt you,” she says with a sexy smile.

“Oh you didn’t. If you don’t mind me saying it, sis, you have beautiful breasts.” His hand casually brushes her left breast and electricity surges between them making both nipples jump out. “Oh sorry Amber, I--I did not mean to do that either!” he says with a devilish grin.

“That’s OK,” she replies, letting her eyes glare at the growing bulge under the sheets. In her mind she is running her hand down his shaft grasping his cock in her fingers. She wants to strip and straddle her little brother so he can drive his cock deep inside her pussy. “You know I have to spank you as soon as you are well enough. You need to be thinking about that. I have decided to let you pick the implement, a switch, a belt, mom's paddle or my hair brush. You don't have to decide now, it will be at least 8 weeks. But it is something to think about”

David thinks of his older sister spanking him and this only turns him on even more. Amber does not say anything as she notices the bugle under his sheet growing. and begins to palpate his dick pulse with her wet slobbering mouth. Each throb sends electrical surges through her body flooding her panties. “Baby brother do you need help with your tent pole? Amber asks. “You have orders to sleep through the night by both the Doctor and mom. I want to make sure you rest peacefully little brother and get a good night sleep.”

She speaks softly, “The other patients are asleep and it looks like you need my full attention David.”

I will just have to check you over completely and see what’s wrong with you, you know, my promise to mom.” Amber then walks over and locks the door and walks toward his bed with a seductive smile on her face.

David winks at her then starts, “Please nurse see what's wrong with me, I need your help, please!”

He pulls Amber close, kissing her firmly on the lips as his free hand starts to caress her body.

“Sis, unbutton your uniform. I want to see that beautiful body of yours, especially those delicious breasts.” David could only use one arm. He broke his other arm masturbating on the stairs like an elf on the shelf.

Amber slowly unbuttons her uniform, removes her bra, slip and panties but leaves her thigh high hose on, because she knew what that does to her brother. She lets everything else fall slowly to the floor. She stands there slowly caressing her naked body, whispers softly,

“Little brother, do you mean these breasts? Do you like what you see?” She runs her finger around her protruding nipples thru the lace bra then pinched them hard.

David gasps, says, “Oh God sis, yes! Oh fuck, Amber, you're so sexy, you're making my cock throb!”

Amber walks over to the bed and pulls back the sheet and shivers. He is naked and his sexy body beckons her. She leans over and David runs his tongue over her nipples letting out a soft moan.

"Oooh David this nurse needs you. I want your cock deep inside me! Damn little brother, we need to fuck! After all I told mom I'd take care of you. she chimes with a sheepish smile " She places her fingers around his cock and strokes it slowly, “Shall I continue love, and I do not want to hurt you?”

“Oh don’t stop it! It feels so fucking good; he is so big for you sister.” He kisses her passionately. His fingers move slowly up her hose covered leg making her tingle with desire. He slids a finger deep in her wet spreading cunt.

“Oh my God, I need you, I want to shove my cock deep into your pussy, Oh baby can I--Please?” he adds with a shaky voice.

“Oh yes,” Amber whispers. She climbs onto the bed straddling his hard cock and guiding it gently into her wanting pussy,
“Fuck, oooh Damn, God, you’re huge! Yes, oh mmm yes,” she moans, pushing downward on his cock. “Baby brother, oh yes, that’s the way, Ahhh just like that. Fuck me David--fuck me hard!”

David grabs her hips and thrust his cock deep into her pussy feeling his head hit bottom, “Oh Nurse Amber, I need your help, make me cum!” He runs his finger around her clit then rubs it hard as she rocks back and forth on his cock.

“Oooooh baby brother I love the way you fuck! Ride me hard--Ahhh yes like that baby, oooh damn I am going to cum soon!” he utters.

Amber rides his cock with slow deliberate motions then begins to shake on the verge of climax.

“Pinch my clit David,” she exclaims, holding back the urge to yell, “Fuck me!”

David did as she commands feeling her vaginal muscles milk his throbbing cock. He grabs her hips harder and thrust his cock deep inside her wet squirting pussy. “Oh fuck, can I cum inside you Sis?” He ask.

“David, aaaaaah--yesssss--harder--oh fuck, I am going to cum, oh baby--I am ccumminnnggg! “David, fill me with your sweet vanilla sugar cum, come on baby brother--cum for me! "

David cannot hold back any longer, holding Amber firmly on his cock, hoping the other patients would not hear him yell, “Yesssssss--ahhhhhh--Nurse---I am cumming,” his cum explodes with such force it makes him lose his breath and nearly pass out.

Nurse Amber leans forward and kisses him passionately. “Feel better now David?” she whispers. All he can do is nod yes, with a huge satisfied smile on his face. Amber quietly dresses, blows him a kiss before she walks out of his room towards the nursing station and says, “You are still getting a very hard spanking in 8 weeks.”

Amber leaves the room feeling completely satisfied as a naughty nurse. Her little brother will now sleep through the night; thanks to her good Bed-side manner and care. Hmmm I can now tell mom I did exactly as the Doctor orders.

What are your favorite Doctor orders for Nurse Amber?

Did Nurse Amber follow all your naughty Doctors orders? Which is your favorite? Tell me what you want to do with Nurse Amber… Hmmmm, power drive, breed, or just make me your personal fuck toy!
Nurse Amber masturbates, on the way to work, while driving
Nurse Amber gives Bare back blow job to security guard in car before work
Eat Nurse Amber until she squirts cum and it is overflowing into my mouth
Feed Nurse Amber all my cum evey time all the time
Fuck Nurse Amber hard while she eats Evelyn sweet pretty pussy
Swirl Nurse Ambers clit until she is sticky sweet and good to eat
Fuck Nurse Amber without a condom and impregnate her for my personal breeder
Nurse Amber blows Supervisor Randy elephant trunk in the elevator everyday on the way to her assigned patients
Blow my load deep down Nurse Ambers throat until her throat has a silky coat of my cum flowing down into her tummy
Take Nurse Amber virgin ass from behind and bang her hard over and over again until she begs me for more
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