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Meet number 6  

AmberCandygirl 49T
0 posts
4/7/2021 7:07 am
Meet number 6

We'd met once before (meet#5) and I'd very much enjoyed sucking his cock. The previous meet was essentially a precursor to this one. We'd already swapped a few messages and established we were both in theory free on Sunday night. I was at a gig in London the night before so it was going to be a rush getting back, shaved and ready but as my chest was already waxed from earlier in the week it was only really a case of waxing my girly bits, reacquainting my legs with a razor and douching so as long as he was happy to wait a little it should be possible.

He booked a room in China Town in Birmingham just on the edge of Hurst Street and the Gay Village so I'd already said I'd love it if he felt comfortable enough and if he felt I wasn't too hideous to go for a drink in between playing. In fact what I'd said is that I'd love to go out for a drink and sit opposite him in a bar still able to taste his cum in my mouth from the blow job I'd given him before we came out and knowing I'd get plenty more when we got back to the room. That seemed to do it for him

I got the train back from London first thing Sunday morning, a little hung over and full of trepidation but I spent the entire trip swapping messages with him letting me know what my progress was. He seemed excited which calmed my nerves a little and put me into a near constant state of arousal. I'd wandered into Soho when I'd arrived into London on Saturday and purchased some heavy duty lube so I sat on the train fantasising about maybe losing my cherry properly for the first time. I'd been close before, had a man inside of me and felt the joy (and exquisite pain) of being a real girl but it had been too much for me to bear for too long. I wanted so badly to be fucked properly and was hoping tonight would be my induction into womanhood.

The train journey took forever. Leaves, water, fairy dust, something annoying anyway on the line and causing to wait outside Nottingham for hours. I kept messaging him to let him know. He wasn't phased at all. He was running late too anyway and as he said it would give him time to chill in the room when he did arrive and... we had all night to take things slowly.

I finally arrived back into New Street Station and grabbed a cab. Not before popping into TK Maxx first though and purchasing some cute fishnet hold ups. I wanted at least one thing I wore tonight to be new.

Once home I put some wax on to warm, had a shower and generally tried to relax a little whilst waiting for the wax to melt. It was near 3pm and we were supposed to be meeting at 7pm. In my head I already knew that wasn't going to happen as I always underestimate how long getting ready takes but I kept telling myself 'we have all night, it doesn't matter what time I get there'. Cup of coffee in hand I started to pull together and pack a selection of dresses, lingerie and make-up to take along, trying to work out what he would find sexy and want to see me in. I didn't want to disappoint. The advantage was he'd already seen me once before so if he hadn't wanted to see more of me (I remained in my dress the entire time he'd come round for a quick blow job) he wouldn't be making the effort to do so now.

Bag packed, I began the always painful process of waxing my bikini line, going for the full Brazilian. In a hurry I started from the wrong direction which only added to the pain but once done and moisturised even I thought it looked sexy!

I climbed into the bath, shaved my legs and sent him a pic to show him how smooth I was for him.

I also apologised as there was no chance in hell I was getting there much before 8pm! Thankfully the picture did the trick and he replied, 'take as long as you want, it will be worth the wait'.

I finally stepped out of a cab near the hotel at about 8:30pm, douched and all ready to go.

He'd sent me his room number and the hotel had an entrance through its car park so I wheeled my bag down into its depths and got a lift to second floor bypassing reception.

I knocked on the door. He opened it and then retreated into the lounge area of the apartment so as not to see me before I'd changed. I hurried straight into the bathroom to take off the clothes I'd travelled in and slip into something a hell of a lot sexier (at least I hoped).

I wore my new stockings, matching black lingerie, my breast-forms and and a tight fitting dress with heels. I'd decided on blonde too. I took my time applying my make-up, sipping the glass of prosecco he'd left for me in the bathroom and making sure I looked as little like mutton dressed as lamb as possible (a difficult task at the best of times!).

I finally emerged and entered the lounge to find him sat watching television. He stood as I came into the room and gave me an appreciative once over. I felt so nervous and girly. He came over to me, took my hand and turned me around to look at my body wrapped up in the tight fabric of my dress.

He refilled my glass and we sat down on the sofa together. We chatted about something, I can't really remember, my mind wasn't really on talk. As he asked me questions and spoke I watched his lips waiting for them to finally shut up and press themselves against mine. I was holding his hand and I moved it to my thigh and left it there. My own fingertips brushing his leg. As we spoke I gently rubbed his slowly hardening cock through his trousers and shuffled my body so that some of my thigh was exposed at the top of my stockings.

Even though we'd met briefly earlier in the week I could tell he was nervous but also a little cocky too. I slipped my fingers inside his shirt to feel his manly chest I'd kissed only a few days beforehand. He kissed me and I let his tongue into my mouth. I could feel his hands exploring what was under my dress and I sat on top of him to give him easier access. As we kissed I massaged him through his trousers and I felt his fingers pressing against my tight ass through my panties. I moaned softly into his ear so he knew how much he was turning me on.

After a few minutes kissing with his fingers all over me I slid down onto my knees in front of him, loosened his belt and unbuttoned his trousers. He lifted himself up from the sofa and slid them down over his thighs. His cock hard and beautifully sized sprung free from its constraints and I played with it a little with my hands whilst gazing up at him.

He didn't need to even ask. I could see what we wanted and kissed it greedily. I took it between my lips and licked and sucked and worshipped it, loving the appreciative noises he made in response.

Holding my head he stood and fucked my mouth for a while. I paused to fill my mouth with fizzy wine before letting him in again. His hot cock mixed with icy cold bubbles on my tongue. I could sense he was close to cumming and then he stopped me. He pulled his trousers back up, "We've got all night. Do you still want to go and get a drink somewhere?"

"If you don't mind being seen with me."

"Not at all."

The apartment had a balcony overlooking a courtyard. There were other rooms across from it, all with lights showing through pulled curtains. He went out onto the balcony for a cigarette. I put my coat on and joined him, standing in the cold air gently rubbing his cock through his trousers. The balcony extended to the next room, the bedroom, and after he'd finished smoking we went in through the second set of doors.

"I wasn't joking when I said I'd love to go out with the taste of your cum still fresh in my mouth."

Curtains still open, he sat in a chair at the foot of the bed and undid his trousers again. I got to my knees and took his slightly softened cock in my mouth. I loved feeling it stiffen as I ran my tongue over it and took it deep in my<b> throat. </font></b>I worked at it like a good little slut until eventually I felt him tighten and he exploded in my mouth. I swallowed every drop and kept working until I'd cleaned any of that delicious sticky cum off him.

"Good girl."

"Thank you."

I retired to the bathroom, retouched my make-up and brushed my hair. When I came back out he was stood by the door, jacket already on. I tottered in my heels to retrieve my coat from the floor in the bedroom and then we both stepped out into the hallway.

It was nearly pm so thankfully it was quiet outside of the room. We walked down the corridor to the lift.

"Do you want to go through the car park or by the front desk?" he asked as we got into the lift and the doors closed behind us.

"I don't mind", I said though secretly I hoped he would choose the former.

As we exited on the ground floor he smirked and lead me straight towards the front desk making a point of saying 'hi' to the employee manning it. The man behind the counter gave me a quick look but returned his attention almost immediately to his newspaper. I guessed he must have seen it all before but it gave me a little confidence boost he hadn't sniggered or stared. I was under no allusion I 'passed' but at least I didn't look awful enough to elicit a double take or disgust.

We stepped out of the hotel foyer and for the first time ever I was out in the open. My heart was pumping but not with fear. I was filled with nervous excitement as my heels clacked on the concrete steps which lead to the street. Where I knew I wouldn't be able to hide away in the dark.

It was a Sunday night so Hurst Street was quiet though there were still a few people sat in the Korean and Chinese restaurants at the top of the street. No-one so much as glanced our way as we walked past the restaurant windows. It was a cold night so the only people outside any of the bars were bundled up and smoking their cigarettes as quickly as they could before hurrying back inside. I savoured the sensation of wind whipping over my stockinged legs and the freedom I felt wearing a dress and heels out in the open.

We walked all the way to the bottom of the street and to 'The Village' which was the only bar that seemed to have more than just two or three people in it. The bouncers on the door stepped to one side as we entered and it was bliss stepping into the warmth from the cold autumn air.

There were only twenty or so others in the whole place but again no-one even batted an eye as we stood at the bar and I took my coat off. Whilst my date ordered us drinks a guy standing near us struck up a conversation, asking how long we'd been together, saying how cute a couple we made. All the while running his hands over my ass and hoping my date didn't notice. I pretended nothing was happening. If I'm honest I was flattered and loved the attention.

Drinks in hand we settled into a booth at the bar and talked about likes and dislikes and what we were going to do when we got back to the room. He wasn't the most imaginative. When I asked him what he wanted to do, all he could manage was "Everything." Not that I cared though. I was on cloud nine. Out in a bar, on a date, in a dress, heels, false boobs and stockings and panties! Even tottering off to the toilet was a delight. There were a few other girls like myself in the bar too and we swapped shy smiles with each other.

The karaoke was awful, the chart music played between performers was execrable, the decor was gaudy and camp and (if I'd been in male mode and not sipping wine) the beer was dreadful but... I could have stayed there happily for hours. I'd never felt so relaxed and free. Which was perhaps why the night started to deteriorate although it would be a while before I noticed. Already drunk on freedom I slowly got drunk on cheap wine too but was too giddy to notice it happening.

I sat with my legs across him so he could slip his hands inside my panties and I could massage his cock without it being too obvious to the rest of the bar. I whispered into his ear all of the things I wanted to do when we returned to the room. Suck his cock, feel his hands all over me, lie next to him and kiss whilst he fingered me and stretched my (still pretty much virgin) ass. Be a dirty little slut for him etc etc etc.

We stayed for about three drinks (three more than I needed) before heading back to the apartment. I tottered after in him in my heels feeling much sexier than I probably was. We kissed in the lift and he thrust his hands up inside my dress. I was already feeling like a slut. And loving it.

When we got back to the room. He poured us both another drink. Like a fool I took it and sipped away at the cold fizzy wine. He told me to go and put another outfit on while he rolled a joint.

I slipped into a fishnet bodystocking with a pink thong under it. Whilst doing so my false breasts decided to detach themselves. I was feeling giddy now and so decided not to bother reattaching them. Over the bodystocking I pulled a pink skater dress. I tucked my bits away as tidily as I could, brushed my hair, slid my heels back on and joined him in the lounge.

I span round for him and he gave me his approval. We kissed for a while on the couch and again I sank to my knees to take his cock into my mouth for a while. Somehow during proceedings the dress came off and it was just me in the thong, bodystocking and heels. his fingers a little more urgent and insistent as I sat astride him and they probed and entered my ass.

"I'll be back in a second." He stood, picked up the joint and went out onto the balcony. I've never really been great with marijuana but drunk and with lowered inhibitions I followed dressed only in the bodystocking and thong. It was freezing out there but I was too drunk to really care, wobbling unsteadily on my heels. He passed me the joint and I inhaled deeply. With a small sense of my limitations remaining I only had two or three drags. God it was strong. Immediately I knew that was more than enough for me and hoped it wasn't too much already. I cuddled up to him as he smoked the rest of the joint aware that if anyone were to peek through their curtains they would see me almost naked on the balcony. Weirdly that turned me on even more. I sank to my knees and retrieved his still hard cock from his trousers and proceeded to suck him off as he finished his joint. Secretly hoping someone was watching us.

Once he'd finished smoking he pulled me up to my feet and we entered the apartment through the second set of balcony doors. Into the bedroom. The curtains hung open behind us but I didn't give a damn who might see what we were up to. Moving from the cold into the warmth again made my head spin a little but I tried to push that aside.

I lay on the bed and he joined me. I unbuttoned his shirt and slipped it off him. He wasted no time taking his trousers off too. Him naked and me clad from top to toe in fishnet we kissed passionately on top of the bed covers. I played with his firm cock while we kissed.

He turned me over and spread my legs. He pulled the body stocking off me slowly, kissing my smooth skin as he did so. The thong followed swiftly after it. His tongue on my thighs, ass cheeks, and then inside me. It felt amazing. I could happily never have my girly cock played with (although I do enjoy it when it is) but if I never get rimmed again I will die so unhappy. A mans tongue deep in my ass is a wonderful beautiful thing and I savoured every second wishing it could never end.

He clearly had other ideas though. He applied some lube to his fingers and started to probe my ass. Stretching me, loosening me up. As he intensified things my moans crept up in volume. One finger, two, three inside of me. "Someones watching us."

"Really," I asked.

"Yeah. Across the courtyard. Does that bother you?"

I laughed. Completely the opposite I thought. It just turned me on even more. I lifted up onto all fours so they could get a better view. It obviously didn't bother him either because he started to finger fuck me hard and really stretch my ass. It hurt a little but not in a bad way. I loved feeling the thickness of his three fingers ramming in and out of my ass.

"I want to fuck you."

"I want you to fuck me. Fuck me please."

He started to rub his cock against my asshole. Slapping it against my butt cheeks.

"Put a condom on."


He pressed the head of his cock firmly over my asshole and pushed.

I resisted. "Put a condom on."

"No. I won't be able to stay hard." He tried again with a little more force and entered me for a few thrusts.

I span away "Please put a condom on. I want you to fuck me so badly. Please just put a fucking condom on."

He was pissed off but he grabbed one anyway. I was starting to feel sick. The room slowly beginning to spin and I felt things were spiralling out of my control with it. He slathered lube all over his cock, now in a condom but for both of us something had changed and already he wasn't as hard as he had been. He tried to get inside of me but I was too tense now and feeling sicker by the second.

"I think I just need to lie down for a while. I feel sick."

"That's okay. The moments gone I think for both of us right now." Relieved he was being quite sweet about things I sank into the bed and pulled the duvet over myself and dozed for a while, the room in a constant state of spin. He retired into the lounge.

About an hour later I walked pretty much naked (except for my wig) into the lounge to get a glass of water. He was watching porn on his laptop and didn't really acknowledge me. I apologised for being such a lightweight. He said that was okay.

I went back to bed and quickly fell asleep.

I woke later to find him on top of me. The laptop was next to him and porn was still playing. I was disoriented and didn't know what to do. He was trying to get his cock inside of me. Freaked out I manoeuvred as much as I could so all he could do was fuck my thighs.

Which he did. I wanted it over as quickly as possible so I used my thighs to fuck him back and get him off me as soon as I could. I even moaned a little to try and speed things up. Finally he came. His hot sticky cum exploding all over my thighs and balls. He rolled off straight away and lay facing away from me on the bed. I lay there slightly traumatised afraid to sleep until I could be certain he was. It wasn't too long till I heard him snoring but I still lay there for a while longer. I wanted to just leave but was far too drunk and stoned to think straight. Eventually I must have slept.

I woke early. He was still asleep or at least pretending to be. I pulled all my things together and left the bedroom. I showered and washed his mess off me. I hoped he wouldn't stir because I didn't know what I would say to him if he did. Before I'd been scared, now I was angry with him. He might remember things differently, no doubt he was stoned and drunk too but all I can do is see things from my own perspective. Luckily for me there wasn't too much of him, he was skinny and probably couldn't have forced himself on me physically if he'd been more insistent.

I dressed and wheeled my suitcase out of the room. It was around 8:30 in the morning. I went and had a coffee somewhere and then called a taxi to take me home.

I had a bath and went back to bed. I felt empty and close to tears.

A little later I did cry.

I struggled as to whether should either not write about it or to doctor the account and not go into the full details but I may as well carry on as I began with these things and be truthful. I have waited till I moved house though as he knows where I lived previously and I'd rather he didn't.

So lessons learned:

1. Don't drink on meets
2. Definitely don't get stoned
3. Don't necessarily believe them when they say prior to meets they only practise safe sex. And leave when they try and get away with not using a condom.

Anyway. Onward and upward

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