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Meet number 5  

AmberCandygirl 49T
0 posts
4/7/2021 6:56 am
Meet number 5

was a spur of the moment decision invite him round.

We'd exchanged quite a few messages on Senior Sizzle and I think it was inevitable we would meet at some point but when I'd been getting dressed and all made up my intention had been go online and on cam for whoever wanted watch. I'd let him know I was slipping into panties for probably the first time in a while but I'd also made clear in past communications I didn't 'entertain'.

However when he replied " I'm 7 miles away I could pop in and see those panties," I was already feeling horny and girly and... weak willed so I told him if he could be here in 30 minutes and be gone 30 minutes later then... he'd better get his body and cock over to me as soon as he could.

To say my heart was pounding would be the understatement of the year. I took the selfie above and sent him motivate him get quicker (at least I hoped would have that effect) and decided might be nice slide a small plug inside of me as I wasn't planning on him being here long enough for anything other than providing him with relief. So I may as well have something secret for myself going on in my panties.

I sent him my address, closed all of the curtains and waited for what seemed an age although he was good his word and arrived well within the 30 minute timeframe I'd stipulated.

I heard him approach the door and then pause. Would he knock?

My heart jumped out of my chest when he did.

I took a deep breath and, standing to one side so as not to give my neighbours an unwanted glimpse of me in a dress, opened the door for him to enter.

He was dressed smartly for work and seemed as pleasant and gentlemanly as he had in our messages.

As always I felt like mutton dressed as lamb and incredibly self conscious and so although we did talk my mind was elsewhere and I don't remember a word. I lead him into the living room and we sat on the couch next to each other. He placed a hand on my thigh and I stroked his leg, my fingers dangerously close to his crotch.

We kissed and I moved my hand to his crotch. I could feel his cock hard through his trousers and I massaged it as his hands crept up beneath my dress. I moved my legs so they were over him to allow him easier access to my legs and panties and felt his fingers explore me through the thin fabric of my tights.

I wanted his cock so badly I started to fumble with his belt but with just one hand free found it difficult. He unbuckled it for me and opened his trousers and I wasted no time in freeing his hard cock from his underwear. We kissed again as I slowly stroked it for him, paying with its head with my fingertips.

He undid his shirt and I ran my fingers over his manly chest before leaning in to kiss his cock. It felt so natural to have my lipsticked lips so close to it. To reach out with my tongue and lick it, to kiss its length and then take it in my mouth.

He had certainly been interested beforehand but now I had his full attention. He talked dirtily to me and stood up in front of me so he could rock back and forth into my mouth. My focus was his cock and being the best sissy slut girl I could be. I licked and kissed and sucked like the dirty bitch I dreamed of being.

After a short while he sat back down and I got onto my knees before him and continued the good work I had already begun. I remembered him saying in a that he liked his cock be spat on so I took him deep in my<b> throat </font></b>until I could feel myself start to gag and then spat onto his perfectly sized (not too big and certainly not small) cock before taking him fully in my mouth again, my own saliva lubricating things and making him all wet and .

I worked hard at his cock until I felt him begin tighten on the sofa. He told me was about to cum and I deliberated puling back and letting him shoot his load all over my face but decided against . I wanted his cum inside of my belly, slipping down my throat, so I worked his head just a little harder until he spasmed and I tasted his sweet and sour cum on my tongue and felt it swilling around in my mouth.

I continued giving him head as I swallowed everything he had to give. I paused for a moment to at his cock, all glistening with cum and then spent the next couple of minutes sucking and licking it clean for him.

Eventually I stood, asked him if he wanted a glass of water, hoping he would say yes because I knew my dress was still puled up around my waist and I wanted to walk into the kitchen with him seeing my ass in panties through my tights. Once again I was amazed at how sexualised and confident I felt once I'd gotten hold of a cock again.

I got him a glass of water feeling his eyes on my ass as I tottered in my heels to the tap.

He stood in the doorway to the kitchen on a slightly raised step drinking his water whilst I kissed his nipples and stroked his now softening cock through his pants. If he'd gotten hard again I would have gladly dropped to my knees right and then and sucked him off all over again. In a weird way I loved that I hadn't been in anyway sated sexually. Somehow the fact that I was untouched and still wired made me feel even more highly sexualised. And that I had been such a willing slut asking for nothing in return seemed appropriate.

I thanked him for letting me suck his cock and after a brief conversation accompanied him to the door and let him out.

I deliberately refrained from touching myself although I was hard for such a long time after he left. I wanted to enjoy feeling like I had been serve his cock not selfishly seeking my own satisfaction.
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