My history...  

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12/17/2021 8:33 pm
My history...

In some stories I the bad , in others maybe just a fool. In some memories I have horns, in others I have wings.
Try to know my history before pointing me out, try not to poison your soul with other mouths before judging me. I Am
Everything they say about me does not belong to me, it is not mine. My life belongs to me. To get better No repeat Heal my wounds For some I a nightmare, for others I am a dream come true. For me, I am just an imperfect woman who seeks to LIVE, instead of SURVIVE in this imperfect world.

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12/17/2021 9:31 pm


Shouldn't your name be amber ? with an ' e '

G000dbuddy 34  
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12/18/2021 7:20 am

Heal my wounds ,


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