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The Philosophy of Tallie :)
Posted:Feb 12, 2022 6:59 am
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2022 1:39 pm
Hi again to my site friends. Aloha I am with you once again on the many things we all think about, and the things some of you say to me in our private communication. I've been so busy with my work lately I haven't hardly been able to turn around, and that makes me a dull girly. Going forward I will try to do better for my friends

From our own observations and experience thus far in our marriage, basically my hubby and I do not believe in a totally monogamous life. Consequently, we are involved in a nicely compatible, mutual experience testing ourselves on occasion with an open attitude that allows us to enjoy ourselves with others when either of us may meet someone who is sexy and interesting to us, an open marriage so to speak while remaining committed to our marriage. Somehow it seems to make our marriage more special to both of us. Besides the occasional hot wifing, threesomes of both kinds, and swinging together with others, he knows that I am sometimes fucking other guys who interest me from the way they touch my buttons mentally and physically. I am always honest with him as he is with me, and I tell him everything, which he enjoys immensely, and he does the same with me.

My hubby is a girly girl dancer groupie. He likes girls live on stage, which in a manner of speaking is the way I initially met him. He also likes fucking some of my girl friends just as I do with some of his friends. The world is changing, albeit slowly, and I enjoy living on Oahu that is a crossroad of the world where I can frequently meet interesting people who pass through our Pacific intersection.

Professionally I am very involved as management in the tourist industry, and I often get to meet sexy people from high rollers and celebrities who are the entertainers of the world. More often now in many cases what was once taboo no longer is. So why not max our own lives and enjoy the wonderful feelings of freedom in some of the nicest ways of all

My philosophy... live life, do no harm, eat food that is real food rather than all that crap on the shelves. Exercise vigorously, be clean, love my family and all my friends whether they are platonic or special friends, and when the time and place is right get nakie naked and fuck like Cleopatra to pass along the joy and love contained in the very word aloha

I so enjoy so many things in the games of life. I enjoy being the bait, and I know how to be my hubby's hook that can attract the other husband who brings the cutie wife that my hubby would like for both of us to fuck. I so enjoy it when my sexy thinking hubby positions me in the middle of a crowded, fun bar and turns my bar stool to aim my legs at the crowd so we both can watch the reactions. I so enjoy being the mild exhibitionist, not only for my hubby but also for myself because I love the nice feelings I get when “they” look. My hubby and I both so enjoy it when other men use their crude adjectives to comment quietly about me that emphasizes my sexuality in the way my hubby and I both enjoy hearing. When that happens… my mind drips with the sexuality of their words, and things like… “hot, sweet, wild, nice little fuck”… makes me squirm and wiggle and chirp like a little birdie in my brain, and my nipples and breasts buzz so nicely sending those very thrilling feelings to the more important parts that make me wet, and willing.

So... when all the priorities are accomplished, when everything is tidy and well, why not allow ourselves to take a time out to be who we really are for ourselves and our special friends, and enjoy our humanness mentally and physically... and raise the bar of our sexuality to enjoy the ultimate height that it can go with a special friend. My hubby and I meld the two forms... the purity of aloha love for our family, friends, and the world, and also enjoy the very stimulating dirty parts of the mainland traditions of sexuality. The taboos and kinkiness from the depth of his mainland mind as his gift to me to explore and enjoy with him and my other special friends... the same way that I enjoy teaching him the purity of aloha love that he can spread to his friends. I so much enjoy the nicely enhanced orgasms that come from the different aspects of our respective origins, mine from my island upbringing in the guidance from those who love me, and his from the mainland gutter of the more dirty parts of sexuality that make us squirm with the exquisite enjoyment our minds and bodies experience with those who understand and need what we are happy to give them in return for what they give to us.

I like meeting all different types and kinds. Older, younger, male, female, intellectuals or men with rough hands that tease and arouse my nipples so nicely from the slightest caress, including the diversity and the many differences of men. I love it because my hubby wants me to have experience, and often helps me with it. Consequently I love to help him with what he wants to enjoy... for his eyes, his mind, his body, whether it is me to watch with other men or him with another girl. I love being open for him whether he wants to fuck me, or if he wants to watch me fuck someone else. I love it because we are so solidly on the same page together, and the games of life can be so wonderful if we do it right
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I'm sowwy :)
Posted:Dec 24, 2021 8:38 pm
Last Updated:Jan 20, 2022 9:10 pm
Gentlemen, and my other friends too. LOL

I have been so busy trying to get a lot of things done so my hubby and I can depart for a little New Year Holiday at a faraway place, and I haven't been able to finish my next blog item that I indicated I would have done by Christmas Eve. I'm very sowwy

I wish all my friends the highest, nicest, best of all things they may enjoy in whatever way they may enjoy it the most. Merry Christmas to all of you, Happy New Year, and I hope you have a prosperous 2022. xoxoxo


P.S. Our very appealing, sweet little polyamorous housemate, Cassie, asked me to say... she is not sorry for anything. She is a baaad girl LOL

Try To Decide :)
Posted:Dec 15, 2021 8:48 am
Last Updated:Dec 16, 2021 10:30 am
When I got up this morning, I was feeling sort of... quite nice... if you know what I mean I am in the mood to "insert something" as a new blog item, but I can't decide on what to write about, and I am open to suggestions of what I might write about

If any of the readers would have a question, or an idea or suggestion of what I should write about, maybe something they would like to know more about... moi...I invite you to give me a question or suggestion in the comment section below, or a message about whatever the subject would be that you would like to know more about... me If you would like to offer a suggestion don't be shy, and I will consider your suggestion as it may relate to my own experience, or maybe my own fantasy, or whatever it may involve.

Don't wait long to make your suggestion because mood swings are a woman's prerogative LOL

I always wish my friends the highest, nicest, best of all things in any way they may enjoy their own happiness the most

The New, New Normal
Posted:Nov 30, 2021 4:06 pm
Last Updated:Feb 27, 2022 1:41 pm
Over the Thanksgiving holiday my hubby and I went over the Big Island (Hawaii) visit with family and friends. The thing I avoided was the mashed potatoes, but I picked, and sampled, and gobble gobbled, and I ate so much I could barely walk out of the place, which as a nutrition freak is very different for me. But at least I been running every morning since.

While the family was gathered over a couple of evenings we got into so many discussions, but there was one main subject that kept coming back up, and when we recognized we all decided schedule a time period the third day (Saturday) discuss the subject at length, in detail, and allowing everyone a chance state their thoughts on the subject. We are fortunate some smart folks in the family, ie, a CEO, a Bank Chairman, my hubby the financial entrepreneur, a construction engineer, roughly 150 otea dancers LOL, and me. Haha! We titled the discussion “The New, New, Normal.”

It's a big subject and I will try the highlights of our family discussion. In the discussion were several points that made me stop and think before answering a particular point, or a question. None of us are experts outside of our own field of endeavors and education, etc., and our discussion thoughts may be somewhat questionable over any large family room coffee table, so anyone reading this can keep an understandable salt shaker handy.

The discussion started with the recent mainstream news reports on the Omnicrom Virus, the latest dangerous Covid mutation that has sprung forth from the Covid spots of the South African countries /from which many countries around the world issued blockade warnings against travel, the USA included.

The first premise: We will assume (a dangerous thing, of course) that most reasonable minded people around the world accept the mainstream news reports as valid, and not simply fake news as is already being suggested by leaders of the bubbas further their own political ambitions… that will kill a lot of people choose believe the propaganda bullshit.

In the discussion we recognized the Omicrom mutation has already escaped the South African countries and is already peculating and fizzing in the dark spots of low vaccination from which came across Southern Africa. The lesser developed countries with the lower vaccination and availability PPE, health care facilities and doctors and trained nurses, etc., are about to blow up although it may take a few weeks for those countries to infect the higher developed countries like Western Europe, the USA, Japan, Australia, and… the areas of low intel and the uninformed like Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, et al (just kidding). I shouldn't around because it is a very serious subject with lives at stake.

Within the next year (after Omnicron has invaded the USA), are going be huge fights at local and national levels over new requirements for PPE, mask mandates, mandated vaccinations by whomever… government or large employers, etc., and with possible lock downs again, yada yada yada. The bubba class sheep following the bubba leaders are going be afflicted in big numbers… and will learn that being dead or afflicted with Covid related ailments for the rest of their lives as is currently happening… is NOT Freedom. The following year after that, 2023, will most likely still not be enough time resolve the virus with mutations continuing in the spots, and will likely be substantial migrations of people beginning will seek remove themselves and their families from areas forcing them wear a mask and vaccinate, etc., and people will be seeking remove themselves from areas of higher exposure and infection. use easy terms the migration will occur /from Red States and Blue States. The bubba class (the loud minority of U.S. Citizens, approx. 25-30% of the total population), will be seeking their so-called political phony freedom, and the super majority of people will be seeking to simply avoid getting the last version of Covid mutation. My mind explodes when I think about this happening all over the world. Countries will be closing their doors with strong military force, and with their teeth. will also likely be thousands leaving these islands simply because a continuing depressed economy will not be able sustain the current population.

My hubby, the finance guru, and our Bank Chairman, both issued a further vision of the USA beginning a couple of years in the future and even sooner depending partly on how the migrations of people occur. Our finance folks believe that when the migrations begin the big national banks will be doing their due diligence in the studies they will be performing about the state and regional markets. They are already beginning believe large industry will be protecting themselves by moving out of the high Covid states due the increased exposures the virus in their so-called enjoyment of Freedoms… because heavier industry cannot “work from home,” and without PPE and vaccination mandates they will somehow need keep their labor that serves the industry from dying off and being abnormally absent from work. Consequently, big industry that makes many of the economic wheels turn will be moving out of the bubba states. The big banks will be watching closely… the point that they will no longer be offering industrial strength loans in the bubba states on which big industry depends. The local banks and credit unions of those states are not large enough the assets and resources for large projects state wide. If such an economic condition continues some of those states might even turn banks like Deutchabank for foreign investment, and the likes of Vladimir Putin's oligarch friends will be johnny on the spot as has already been done in the State of Kentucky. Without large bank loans and cash flow those states will be dying fish flopping belly up, and the cash flow will be… cotton? (lol) In the meantime back at the ranch in the states holding the majority of Americans, industry will be moving in, the big loans will be available, and then what? The next Civil War may already started. The New, New Normal, death and continuing Covid mayhem, bad economic times ala the Super Depression, and the entire world, will be on fire.

How and why is all this potentially happening… if not from the antics of the bubba class leaders influence against vaccinations or wearing masks for the sake of their phony freedom (with many of those leaders simply faking it), the Covid simulators aka American Fascists are preying on the uninformed, the low intels and uneducated folks seldom been outside the red dirt, swampy, economically depressed county they live in? God save them from themselves, and the New, New Normal.

I hope none of that comes true, but I am afraid at least part of will. We need get people smarten up, and get the pharmaceutical industry update the vaccinations faster in order defeat the next mutation instead of the last one. After the vaccinations and the booster that many had is rather easy predict the necessity of an annual shot just like the normal flu shot, the virus that killed so many people years ago, and continues kill many of the elderly every winter.

Do you think I am downright pissed off, angry, and mad at the bubbas believe herd immunity should be gained through infection? Hah! My died from Covid last year before was a vaccination. I actually do forward the nasty grams from some of the bubbas on this site that whine and moan about some of the comments in my profile… so I can click'em into the non-existence they deserve in the hell of their own creation You are damn right I am angry at such dumb asses. They are killing people.
The Class Fantasy :)
Posted:Nov 3, 2021 2:12 pm
Last Updated:Dec 24, 2021 8:15 pm
One of the nicest things of sexuality with my hubby, Aly, is the rich, descriptive fantasy life that we enjoy together. Aly is the most sensuous, sexually exciting thinker I ever known thus far in my life. We enjoy our mutual fantasies together so much I sometimes can't resist writing about them and putting them in my very discreet, secret private journal that I keep locked, passworded, and buried in the floor. Lol Sometimes they are of such subjects that are light enough I can feel comfortable enough to put them in a blog item as I will be doing with this one below. It is after all a fantasy.

As I said, my hubby Aly is a seriously, wonderful, descriptive fantasizer that has a very nice talent for verbalizing his thoughts on many sexual subjects. Additionally, our communication within our own love life together is so straight forwardly honest are practically no subjects we can't discuss in nicely intimate ways, and the effect that has on each of us is so wonderfully that together we enjoy the fantasies so much spins off like an actual story time in the role causes us enjoy together.

Aly is well educated, articulate, and speaks well, and has an appealing masculine personality that is attractive to most women. is a way about him that helps him communicate in nicely personal terms. In the fantasies we enjoy together he spins a sexual thought like a web that catches and captures you in your mind that makes difficult resist his thought. He has, after all, turned me into a willing, life style, wife that very much loves please him in nearly anything he wants me enjoy with him in the way I can enjoy what he wants for myself, and in a most pleasing individual way for myself. The things that I feel with him, and for him, are some of the most wonderful, thrilling, sexual things of my current life.

Aly often amazes me so much because his very human talent extends beyond just his sexuality into different subjects, like his business. It is like he is a story teller, and he will tell you in descriptive terms why you should employ his financial “Because however big you may be you are new in this area of business… like the train that couldn't make up the mountain, but with good planning and adequate resources you built up your steam and chugged, and chugged, and you made it the first plateau, but now you need my help get the top of your market, the top of the mountain.”

In some ways he reminds me of the business shill that cajoles in illegal ways to capture a market like the evil, crooked investment banker in the latest Hollywood movie, but Aly does honestly and strictly above board (and he does do his homework stay away from that crooked ). He is a born salesman, and doesn't much matter what the subject is, and I sometimes strain myself keep with his mind stay ahead of him far enough understand him. When the time and situation is right I do enjoy opening my legs, but I do that on my own timing and terms, and as an equal. I am not simply a sexual slave, and I deserve the respect that I earn. Aly is my partner in life, not my boss. I made sure were no such related words in our marriage vows. By the token he is not my toy. In our marriage we are fully fledged partners, equals, face the world hand in hand, and yes, sometimes we special friends, and in the various combinations and flavors of the crossroads of these quite diverse islands.

are two other special friends influenced Aly and I in the mutual fantasy that I haven't even told you about yet. One of them is my very best friend in the world, Shalayo, my old college roomie that I have blogged about before. I will explain her influence shortly, but first I want to introduce the primary friend promoted our fantasy in a quite direct way.

I will try keep this part short (no guarantees, lol). Aly and I belong a super exclusive swing club. is not exactly inexpensive, especially since its asset is an international oriented list. The list itself is super secret, and even the members are not informed of the addresses, although after meeting some of them do trade addresses stay in a closer contact, but many of us don't do that way. For the most part many of the members the center point, the lady administers the secret list, and she passes the along the party intended. That is just an example of how exclusive the club is in the way operates. is necessary operate that way because many of the couples (and singles) on the list live in glass houses, and some of them are well known residents of tinsel town, Hollywood, CA, and also the tinsel town equivalents in Australia, Japan, South America, a few from Europe, and for all I know Antarctica. Lol The club has to be exclusive because such people as movie and television personalities much lose if they are exposed in the wrong way publicly. The organization has parties throughout the year, like once a month, but not everybody on the list attends every party, of course. People are busy, especially me. Lol Aly and I joined the club at the recommendation of one of my special friends lives in LA that I met back in my DanceSport days, a former when I was in college still comes see me occasionally.

The person administers and coordinates the parties has become a good friend of ours. She lives in a beautiful home with her husband on Maui, and for the purpose of this blog I will her Vanessa. Vanessa is a literal knock down, heart attack class, beautiful woman. Her husband is haole, American-Chinese born at Hong Kong, a traveling businessman rather like Aly but in a separate business. We met them through an aol swing source three years ago. Even after we knew Vanessa for awhile it took another while to learn what she is about. I had heard about such women, mainly from certain hotel managers that I know, but Vanessa was the first I had ever met in person. Vanessa is a genuine international Class entertainer of… megabuck reside on five continents. She won't say but she is currently approximately 40ish, and she has been working worldwide since she was 18 years old from her original home base in Denmark where she was born. She is very well educated from a well known University in the U.K., and she earns tens of thousands of dollars for short duration trips visit people, ie., men, women, couples, that she won't talk about. She and her husband moved Maui from Hong Kong several years ago and are now naturalized American citizens.

Ok, now for the fantasy. Lol Vanessa has been after me “assist her” in her business since shortly after we met her. When she learned Aly and I are not just swingers, but also wifers, she started talking me seriously about letting her help me make a LOT of by doing what I do anyway (during normal times) but traveling more do . At first I didn't think she was serious, but that was three years ago and she still tries talk me into “just as an experiment upgrade your special friends contacts,” unquote. When I first whispered Vanessa's idea Aly he turned on the idea like an out of control train plunging down a steep mountain. Lol

The other person is somewhat influential in prompting the fantasy is my best friend Shalayo (not her real but close enough). Shalayo is the true Queen of Oahu as evidenced by the large billboards with her image showing major skin advertising the best commercial luau show on the island (back in the normal time, the billboards are still down now and haven't been put back up yet). Shalayo has been a feature otea dancer and nonosina choreographer in the shows since we got out of college. Shalayo has a very appealing personality and literally drips with sexuality even when she is not performing, and she has several high roller admirers go the shows whenever they are on the island just see her. Her high roller friends are the type that drop $1,000 tips the servers and cooks get her perform an extra on stage just for them, and she does because the servers need the extra cash get all over her case dance one more time, yada yada. Occasionally one or another of her high rollers will become a genuine friend and she will go out with them (again, always back during the normal time).

A short time after Vanessa began urging me assist her business Shalayo and her hubby (one of my favorite cousins) went dinner with Aly and I, and I told Shalayo about the venture that Vanessa was proposing. Shalayo responded with information about some of the ideas she has received from her high roller friends for years, but she has no interest in following through with such things that take her away from the shows for to long. Aly was all over her asking questions, and she told him she occasionally went out with her high roller friends because some of them were genuine friends, and not because of the large monies they tipped the servers. Aly asked her, “What do you do when you go out with them?” Her response was, “What do you think?” lol The end result of the conversation was Shalayo urging me to consider Vanessa's proposal, to do what Vanessa has done to get genuine high roller rich quick, and retire when you are still just because 's fun.

During our own time I whispered some of Vanessa's travel stories to Aly that she has told me, and turns him on like crazy. He understands that I am not really interested in the Class prospect just because I don't want travel far away places meet someone I don't know, but he enjoys the idea, and the fantasy has become uppermost in our mutual time mind when we are in that mood. I done some rather bold things support the fantasy, like walking directly into the arms of a man with Vanessa at the airport with Aly watching, and then making my excuses to leave Vanessa with the man and go along my merry way. I told him about Vanessa's secret trysts on a large yacht in the Med, and now Aly says, “We should a boat.” lol I told him about the ski lodges, and about the men, but never the names because she won't tell me such detail. I told him about her gangbangs on a conference table with the international high rollers and their associates. OMG! THAT was a mistake. Shouldn't told him that. Lol I told him about her knowledge of some of the richest men in the world, and I keep telling Aly, I DON'T KNOW THEIR NAMES, “but I know you . How much will you me?” Lol We a lot of fun with the fantasy. Once Shalayo even joined us in the fantasy role one night in a threesome with her telling us about a couple of her high roller friends, and before the night was over our handsome, eager, local high roller was flat broke. Lol

It is just something we with sometimes, and I admit the idea of Class adventure is something I thought about, but not seriously. I do, however, be careful, because Vanessa can be very persuasive, almost as much as Aly. Lol

P.S. After writing and blogging the above yesterday, and after receiving several requests from blog friends last night, this morning I called my two very good friends ask them if I could display their images in my blog emphasize the feelings that my hubby and I enjoy in the subject. I sent each of them a copy of the blog and they called back say they understand the intent is personal my hubby and I, and my blog friends, consequently they both approved of inserting their pics into the blog. Shalayo said, "Your friends are my friends," and Vanessa said jokingly, "I started out with high friends in low places, and over time the advertising reversed that completely, so go for it, but let them know Class is not available for low class players." LOL

I am sure you will be able to tell the difference between them. The pic of Shalayo was taken New Years Eve 2019. The pic of Vanessa was sent to me shortly after Aly and I attended our first Swing Club meeting on Maui. Vanessa is an aggressive bisexual. Shalayo is a quiet, sweet, outrageous pansexual. LOL

Incognito After The Fact
Posted:Sep 26, 2021 2:46 pm
Last Updated:Dec 24, 2021 8:14 pm
Over time, a few years, maybe several years, many of us will move our residence from one neighborhood to another, or maybe to another city, another state, or in some rare cases as we age maybe to another planet. Lol Over the first five years of our marriage my hubby and I have moved eight fricking times, and we know it is not over yet by any means. My born and raised home has always been here in Hawaii in my beloved islands, and it always will be my home, but for the typical average reasons of jobs, regional economies, opportunities in business and shinnagins, and all the reasons that people have to pick up and move occasionally… has made me think a few times about… unfinished business, if you know what I mean.

My hubby and I are in the so called life style. We enjoy our sexuality together, of course, and sometimes with others. In the sexual style(s) that we prefer, we enjoy swinging with couples (my intention is to always make sure my hubby gets enough fluff for him to be happy), and we also enjoy 3somes with both men and women (I am always supposed to say he is as straight as a plank so there are no misunderstandings, lol), and we also enjoy the rapidly growing hot wife culture. Not cuckolding, but hot wifing, there is a slight difference but of course it is mainly just semantics. The pandemic has by necessity been very disruptive to many different kinds of life styles, but especially to those of us who enjoy very personal adventures with others. But regardless of the pandemic there is another problem that often prohibits us from DOING what we might like to do with others that I call… unfinished business. Thinking about this further, our activities, our wants, yens, needs, wish we could do THAT feelings, naturally get somewhat disrupted every time we move our residence. I have more than once thought to myself, how do we overcome the disruption to our personal life that sometimes can prohibit something we feel is important to us? Is it possible to somehow speed up the process of meeting others we are curious about? I'll try to explain more about what I mean.

When we move into a new place it can take a little while but we do ultimately get to meet some of the neighbors. With a little time we get at least somewhat established and we may meet others in the community briefly, but we may not know them well yet for a time to come, and if we have to move before we know them better something potentially interesting can be lost to us that makes us more of a complete person… with another person. During the first year of our marriage my hubby was still in the Navy, and after we married we moved to Norfolk, VA for a year. Norfolk is a very active area with Navy and other military all around, and there is a lot of tourism with beaches nearby, colleges and universities, and local industry that feeds off of each other. It is an active place with a lot of parties going on in all directions. It is an informal society to an extent, but normal society still exists in all directions nearby. In spite of the large population nearby a lot of people seem to know a lot of other people. It doesn't take long for everyone in a condo complex to learn about the business of everybody else in the complex. Everybody goes to the same recreational areas, the same bars and clubs, the same sporting events, and in only a little while you start running into people you know at least well enough to speak and be friendly. Personalities begin to be recognized, and reputations begin to generate. You begin to learn who you are in the crowd, and who those in the crowd are to you. In so doing you can sometimes be perfectly comfortable among those around you, and sometimes you have the feeling that you need to keep your act together for possibly various reasons only beginning with the professional and community interests.

Over the time we lived at Norfolk I met a certain lawyer who happened to live right around the corner from us in the same condo complex. I also met two really crazy guys, brothers, who ran the convenience store nearby (I called them Uday and Ubay after the notorious Iraqi sons of Saddam Hussein, lol), but I didn't know them very well at all even though they sometimes teased me outrageously when I was in the store. I also met a really nice man, a gorgeous banker guy, when I ran errands to the bank for my hubby. Over several weeks I met a few people, but I didn't know many of them very well even though the process was ongoing and I barely knew them well enough to speak to them on the side walk or wherever I saw them out and about the community. Some of them were… quite interesting, and I enjoyed the eye contact with them, but that is all it was I suspect mainly because there had not been enough time to become familiar and friendly, and as an outsider I was watching my P's and Q's. Out and about the community my shorts were not to short, and my blouses were buttoned over a bra. Saturday nights were different because we made sure we were not going to the same places our acquaintances were going to.

Under normal circumstances not knowing more about people, no matter how bold we may be, you can't just walk up to an acquaintance you barely know and ask them if they would like to get naked. For various reasons involving both parties, and for community reasons, you can't just take the bull by the horny horns and invite someone to the casbah. Lol If you are going to continue living there you have to play by the rules of society. In normal circumstances both parties have something to lose if it doesn't work out right. Somebody may be married and have a family, and it is entirely possible a cautious neighbor would take a large step backwards. A financial professional like a banker who lives within very stringent rules because he has much to lose if his name becomes attached to a scandal. Married people have much the same concern. Nobody wants their name in somebody else's divorce decree. There can actually even be legal problems resulting from a spur of the moment mistake. For all the horny people who don't think about things carefully there are people who do. It is quite understandable that responsible people would be cautious, and careful, and protective. In normal circumstances their caution is quite understandable.

Because my hubby and I at least WANT to be responsible people we often talk things over as I did with him just before we left Norfolk. I explained to him how difficult it was to follow through to resolve unfinished business, and he understood and agreed. His comment was, “We want to live our lives the way we prefer to enjoy the freedoms that we like so much, but don't put yourself at risk, and most of all… do no harm.” He understood my concern perfectly, and then he made a suggestion. He had an idea. He said, “Your circumstances do have something of an advantage compared to someone who is going to continue living in the same place for a long time to come. Think about this,” he said. “What if your attitude was… they may know you right now, but after you disappear they will no longer know you at all. Unless you tell them they don't even know your full name. If you don't tell them they don't know where you have gone. If you don't tell them they won't know how to find your address. If you simply leave and they never see you again, anything they may do or say to others is moot. If they talk about you to others, you won't even know it. After you disappear they don't know you anymore, or anything about you. It's like being incognito after the fact. Think about it. Let me know if I can help in some way.” I responded to his comment saying, “And since you are getting out of the Navy when we leave Norfolk there is not a real way for casual friends to follow your trail?” “Correct,” he said. “No one has to know where we went if we don't want them too.” After he said all that my wheels started turning. I thought his idea was a very possible solution to… unfinished business.

The last week at Norfolk was really fun. I went out every night for the last week with my hubby to meet with his Navy friends, one of them being a quiet type single guy that stayed with us until the sun came up, or I went out by myself three times during that week.

On Monday I just happened to be on the sidewalk when the lawyer that lived around the corner from our condo came home from work. When he walked up to me I asked, “Are you busy for a little while?” “What do you have in mind?” he asked. “A glass of wine at happy hour,” I said smiling at him. “Is Aly coming?” he asked. “No, it's just you and me,” I said dropping the bomb and wondering if it was about to explode in my face. He looked at me for a second, and then he said, “Sure, lets go.”

A couple of days later my hubby mentioned he needed to go to the bank to close out our account since we were leaving on the next week end. I volunteered to do it for him so he wouldn't have to strain to get off duty when he was so busy during his last week at the Base. I saw my favorite bank manager coming across the lobby to speak to me like he always does, and he took me into his office so I didn't have to wait in the cashier's line. He looked surprised when I told him we needed to close our local account because we were moving out of state. He did the transaction for me, and as I was leaving his office I handed him my little pre-written note that I had prepared out in the car before coming in the bank. My note was just a little 3 x 5 card on which I had written my first name, my cell number, and I had drawn a little heart above my name in red ink. The note said, “I am leaving this week end. If you want, call me quickly. I hadn't even been back in the car 10 minutes and my cell rang. I didn't make it home until just before my hubby was leaving for the Base the next morning.

On Friday night I dressed very casually. Bootie shorts and a tank top, no bra, barefoot flip flops, and I waited until 9:30 p.m. to go to the convenience store because I knew Uday and Ubay closed the store at 10 p.m. It was just a shot in the dark, no pun intended. I bought popcorn and stood there at the counter chatting with both of them until they locked the front door. “We have to close now,” they said. “Do I HAVE to go?” I asked, and I moved to sit up on the counter and swung my legs around to step down behind the counter with them. Uday took my hand and guided me to follow him into the back room of the store while Ubay shut out the drive way lights and the lights in the store. I had never been in the back room before, and I was surprised to see a full size bed they had set up in the corner so they could take turns taking naps when the store was slow during the day. My hubby called me at midnight to ask if everything was ok, and I assured him everything was better than ok, not to worry, and that I would see him in a few hours. The guys had to get up at 5:30 in the morning to open up the store at 6:00 a.m. They took turns coming back and forth to the back room to be with me for a couple of sessions each of morner sex (sooner than a nooner, lol). I got home about nine o'clock.

On Saturday I slept a good part of the day because it didn't take long to do our last task to give all our boxed up, crated stuff to the Navy designated truckline that would deliver it to the Matson Steamship Dock at Los Angles for further forwarding to Oahu. That night we were in a nice hotel in Norfolk where my hubby's closest most trusted buddy picked us up and took us out for a last “getting out of the Navy celebration.” They got me so drunkie poo I was kissing and hugging everybody at the surprise going away party. We got back to the hotel about one in the morning, and when hubby took off my panties and pointed me to his buddy I stepped forward with such very pleasant feelings knowing that we were about to fly away to the mountain that is my beloved island home… with the natural lagoon at the bottom of the mountain where I have had luau sex more times than can remember. The next morning my hubby got me up at the crack of dawn so we could catch the early flight to Nashville where we would stay with his Dad for a few days before heading back to the islands. (Side note: Nashville has one of the best swing clubs I have ever been too.)

So anyway, that is sorta what I learned and how to be Incognito After The Fact to accomplish Unfinished Business. I used the same method when we left Las Vegas a couple of months ago. Where there is a will, there is a way. Women have certain privileges, you know, especially the strategic thinkers and schemers. LOL

Somebody give me a hand towel please. My computer chair is all wet. LOL
Addendum to Family Luau
Posted:Sep 14, 2021 2:00 pm
Last Updated:Oct 14, 2021 5:16 pm
I received a couple of private questions from site friends about our family luau, and I will try answer them here.

The first question was... "What was the drum music the girls danced when they first came into the luau circle of the adult program? Is a specific drum by the drummers, or ad hoc?"

The friend is an obvious drummer enthusiast, and has an easy answer that I will provide below.

Another site friend asked me rewrite the opening of the adult program… they said, because they know I can, and they want see in their mind's eye. So… ok then, I'll try, but I make no promises the quality of writing, etc. See the following that is an addendum the previous entry in my Journal.


Personal Journal Addendum Dec. 29, 2019
cc Sections Life, Family Luau, Sexual

At our family luaus the music and drums are enhanced by the big woofer speakers that we have hanging in the trees around the luau circle. For many of the music and drum numbers gets appropriately LOUD, and residents clear on the other side of the valley down below can hear us, and they can see the lights up on the mountain although they can't see what is happening even with large binoculars because the luau grounds are far enough away from the cliff and can't be seen from down below. We have more than once had uninvited guests try sneak in our luau, and that even included the news media one night. If is necessary we protect the family luaus with our teeth. My Cousin Rick, a former Rainbow Warrior (U of H) linebacker is three feet wide and has no neck… is our Corporate Security Director whose specialty is breaking thumbs, lol, and he and his guys know how to handle such problems.

The opening of the adult program is considered be very important because sets the tone for the rest of the program, so the dancers are very particular of the music and drum choices. Often times the drums of the opening are taped or played from a disk, much the chagrin of the live drummers don't like that at all, but at least they do understand the girls try technically choreograph the nonosina dancing and practice the opening because they want make a good impact and impression in an adult oriented . This is what happened at the luau I described above, see below. I will describe in more detail than I did in my original blog item.

The conch blows from up higher on the mountain a distance away, two times, three times, four times, getting closer the luau grounds each time. The drums are low, you can barely hear them, but they gradually grow louder, and louder. Something is coming. Someone is coming. Whatever is coming… is a good thing, or is bad? Suddenly the conch blows very loudly right at the edge of the trees where is very dark. And then… becomes very quiet. is no sound for several seconds, no sound even from the audience, and then… BOOM BOOM BOOM, the bright lights of the luau circle go on, and 25 beautiful Hawaiian women and girls step forward from the darkness of the trees in a V formation with my best friend Shalayo at the top of the V. The loud boomers soften and the higher tiki drums set the beat for the girls to wig wam walk a slow otea beat into the full light of the luau circle… with their arms and hands held high above their heads, their arms extended over their heads in the Polynesian sign of female submission. They are topless, bare breasted, and barefoot with the shortest of otea skirts tied at the waist, the hip bare on the knot side showing the bare hip where panties or the thin strap of a thong would normally be seen. Are they naked under the skirt as well as being topless? Yes, some of them are, and further mystery is provided by the lack of a flower behind any of the girl's ear. Are they single? Are they married? No one can tell because no one in the luau audience is looking at faces. lol The tiki drums trail off, fading, and new drums begin as the main beat of the dance begins. The dancers have all come forward to position themselves at the very edge of the luau circle, dancing to the beat, their arms still high above their heads, never allowing their arms to move down to their side. Smiling seductively they look directly at the line of luau watchers, the audience of family members standing immediately before them six feet away all along the line of 25 dancers, their hips moving the nonosina beat (nonosina means synchronized dancing). Each of the dancers are moving in perfect unison and timing with the dancer on each side of them. Their motion and movement are matched perfectly with Shalayo, the leader, in the middle of the line (right in front of my hubby, lol) makes the high pitched cry of the dolphin signaling the all clear sign her family of dolphin dancers. (Polynesians interpret the dolphin's all clear signal mean… the party is on. lol). The tempo and the beat increase, the drums grow louder and louder, and then is nothing but motion and movement with everything below upraised arms moving in all directions at once, and still the dancers move faster and faster. After very fast minutes of mesmerizing the entire luau audience they begin slow down as the drums lead them move backwards, arms still raised high above their undulating bodies, dancing as they go back into the darkness of the trees again. The girls disappear by each row of the reformed V as they bounce their hip as if shooting at the lights that instantly go dark with the beat of the drums, the luau circle becoming more dark with each girl that disappears into the trees. Shalayo is the last to be seen, and as she turns to each side presenting her profile she subtly pops the button hidden by the knot of her otea skirt, and the skirt falls to the ground as she steps completely naked from view, her arms still held high over her head. The luau lights all go dark, and the excited yips and yaps and loud whistling of the luau audience continue until the live drummers begin with their tiki drums, and the audience is suddenly very quiet again with rustling sounds of the next dancers approaching the edge of the circle. The crowd awaits anxiously for the next performance to begin. will be? Will the next performers be males or females? Will they be as good as the first performance? Will they be as sexy as the that danced right in front of their eyes?

At this particular luau the opening drums were provided by a disk that I had loaned Shalayo. They were the drums of Sandy Nelson, one of the old time ( meaning before my time) drummers was one of the best and most famous drummers of all time. Below is the YouTube version called… “Let Be Drums.” Shalayo gave the disk a techie friend washed out the twangy guitars and elongated the drums six minutes, the time took for the girls to come out of the trees and dance, and then return. I have no doubt that as you listen to the drums you can use your mind's eye to see the girls dancing as I described.

End of entry
Great News Today, the Alpha Dolphin Sings :)
Posted:Sep 12, 2021 7:42 pm
Last Updated:Nov 13, 2021 1:11 pm
I got some really great news this morning. Our family elders have consulted their crystal skulls (just kidding), and they have proclaimed the Christmas Luau this year is on. Whoopee!!! We have not had a single family luau since the Christmas Luau 2019. They caution the date is subject to change depending on what happens in the pandemic between now and then, but the luau planning can go forward, and they are sending the word out to all of the family on the many islands. I'll tell you this, if the pandemic is better, I think the response from our very large family is going to be huge.

Just as an fyi, in normal times our family luaus four times a year, timed with the four solstices, the change of the seasons, not that we have much of a seasonal change here. We plan them for the closest Saturday evening to the solstice date. A lot of planning goes into them because the family is literally rooted in the commercial shows of the islands and tourism in general. During this pandemic the economics of tourism has been real world catastrophic, and my family has felt it really hard with our privately owned family corporation opening the trust boxes of family members that really needed help.

So anyway, thinking about this, our family luau, I thought maybe I would turn another one of my private journal entries of days gone by into a blog item. Anyone is welcome to read and comment however they may wish. It starts below.

Winkie blinki at everybody


Private Journal Dec. 29, 2019
cc: Sections: Life, Luau, Sexual

Dear sweet little discreet, secret, buried in the floor journal, I have something for you today… about our most recent family luau. Please accept this from this poor waif, very novice writer, and don't tell anybody. lol

Our family luaus are considered as a very festive but also serious event.  The timing of the luaus is important for multiple reasons, ie, cultural, spiritually, family business, and just plain old fun.  The luaus are timed to match the seasonal changes, the equinox beginning each new season, but to keep it simple in this hectic busy world we simply nominate the following Saturday evening after the equinox occurs as our luau time, and perhaps that is close enough for the important things to receive attention from the mass consciousness of the family.  On the night of the equinox itself, that ceremony is closed and available only by the invitations of our Monarch Lady, the family healer who supervises the spiritual happenings, and the invitees are only women, typically the older and wiser women of the family.  I am an upstart, and I don't get those invitations, except as the first (and only) of the Matriarch I could attend if I wanted to, and I don't.  The women involved in the equinox ceremonies are far advanced beyond my understandings of spirituality, and I know my place, so... back to the luau.
The luau program is a well thought out agenda of various subjects involving various segments of the family, by age, single or married, the wee ones, adolescents, young people of culturally approved age, teachers of the culture, parents, middle aged, the older elders who are the leaders of the family, and including the entertainers and sub managers of the luau, ie, dancers, singers, skit players, musicians of all kinds, drummers, backstage managers, and in general anybody you can think of that participates has their place somewhere throughout the day and evening. 

Planning and programming the luau is a huge task, and the more family that comes to the luau the more difficult it gets.  The planning is a process, and the name of the game is... delegate.  LOL  I did a lot of it for this last luau, and I have informed my mother that the larger luau in the spring will be her responsibility, and I don't care what her business is that kept her from showing up this last time.  The timing was not good for her because of delicate negotiations occurring with the French in the Tahitian government house... as there always is.  Blech!  At least she was able to cajole Prof. Mark and his super sweet girl unit to dance at the luau in their typically aggressive way that was so entertaining it had everybody yelling in appreciation.  Anyway, for the Christmas Luau luau this next year we are expecting about 175 family members to show up, and the final count was 265.  Ugh!  We were lucky my Uncles chose to cook five  big pigs just in case, and we stretched the veggies and goodies far enough and we made it through, thank goodness.  The only problem I had was the plum wine that I continued drinking after the feast, and... I will never, ever, never drink plum wine again for the rest of my life.  It took a full 24 hours before I could eat anything, and that was only a milk shake, and then I started feeling better but didn't fully recover for a couple of days.  Lesson learned... again.  Ugh!
For the little ones and up to but not including the age of puberty, the luau begins at midmorning.  The object is to keep them going and run their little batteries down so that when it is time for them to go to bed after the first general part of the luau is over, they can be put to bed during the luau intermission, and the adolescent baby sitters make sure they stay there.  Anyway, at midmorning the story tellers begin their task, and there is usually more than one teller, elders who are both male and female.  They tell the about the legends of the old culture, and the reasons something happened in the history of the islands.  The stories are always about the high road of morality involving protection of the family, the community, and the island they live on.  They do intentionally tell a few stories that scares the poop out of the , and those are for a good purpose to explain about walking in the right path, being kind to everyone, and using positive mind to affect their surroundings and the world, and to try not to barbeque any foreign sailors unless you just have too.  LOL  Every year the stories are told repeatedly, and the good stories usually sink in to the young minds in the right way.  And then... LUNCH!!!  Blow the conch.  Little ones and everybody... run, run, run on little legs, get out the way they are hungry little morays, and the mommas are there with the goodies, little snips of the first pig that has been cooking all night, and then the ice cream and cookies and supervised games while the adults grab a snack lunch.  For the young one's it is an intentionally structured day, and exhausting.  If the boys are not on the move all the time my Uncles help out to expend energy.  "You there, little Nino, climb that tree and bring me that coconut.  I need THAT one for a dipper."  Like someone is really going to use it for that.  LOL 
In the afternoon the various groups involved with the entertainment of the luau gather, the programs are handed out, and the supervisors discuss the detail with the entertainers on who goes first, second, last, etc.  The dancers and drummers put their heads together although not much planning is needed for the dancers who are mostly professionals that dance for a living in the commercial shows.  Everybody in the first part of the luau gets their places in the general entertainment that is more milder than wilder.  LOL  The manager of the second part of the luau who is more like a coordinator than a manager simply designates the order of entertainment, but not much discussion is needed because what happens in the last part of the luau is pretty much spontaneous, except for the specialty dancers, the latest marriage dancers, divorce dances, birthing dances to announce a new family status, and the youngest dancers who have just completed their cultural training at the age of 15 and wish to announce their new status as... open for (sexual) business within the limitations and restrictions of the cultural rules.  After the young culture graduates dancers are done... it is taboo to talk to specifically about those young entertainers just because they are doing what they are supposed to do within the culture rules to learn about sex, and its rewards and foibles. The second part of the luau is not actually such a big deal... after you have been to about 10 of them.  LOL  The adult part does range from mild to wild, and is sometimes quite creative. 
About midafternoon I invited the adults who wanted to rest for awhile (or not) up to the big flat rock where I get my nudie sun that is way above the roof line in back of the house.  From that big rock you can see everything down below for several miles, but nobody can see you... except for that fricking Dole helicopter that sprays the pineapple fields down below.  LOL    Most of them that climbed up the stairs that my Uncle Lapi and my hubby installed a year ago... were naked by the time they got up to the rock and were holding their clothes in their teeth.  LOL 
The feast begins at 6 p.m.  Blow the conch, run, run, run, find your place fast or starve. The elders who are to feeble to sit on the pillows and ground cushions seat themselves at the picnic tables placed in a long line behind the wider line of all others who sit in an oval shaped line around the luau circle that contains all the goodies on tables. Each of the smaller immediate families sit on their luau cushions in front of their extended family elders.  Servers swarm like bees around the oval food space in front of the entire family, with the first servers moving to the picnic tables of the elders who get their festive food first.  Short speeches and announcements begin while everyone is eating and continues until near the end of the feast when deserts magically appear to the squealing of , and the groans of adults.  LOL  Puddings, ice cream, cookies, cakes of various kinds, with hardly none of it being related to anything of the old culture.  LOL  My Uncle Lapi, with the biggest sweet tooth on the island always challenges the to a cookie eating contest, and shortly after that the mommies step in to scold my uncle and spoil his fun.  LOL 
We do it a little differently here compared to the mainland.  When the deserts are served the first to stand up and speak is the lead Monarch woman of the family, the family healer.  She blesses the food, and the family, and she tells the story of the Goddess Laka who is believed to have been a real woman a very long time ago who paddled herself to the various Hawaii islands to teach islanders the Hula, and all things surrounding the hula, including many of the healing herbs and the natural contraceptives picked from the roots and plants of the mountains, but also with an emphasis on baby making to support the continuing population of the islands.  The culture established by the Goddess Laka was very important to the islanders in the hard times of bad years during the ancient times. Such occasions as bad storms, disease, war between the islands, and the general maladies that made survival more difficult back in those ancient times made baby making a No. 1 task on all the islands.  That is the extent of any religious tone in the luau, and it is mainly for the purpose of reminding all that we are a part of the one in the universe of many, and one family of many, to the benefit of our own well being and others that we often affect.
Next, my Uncle Lander, the CEO of our family owned corporation who nearly all of the family works for in one capacity or another, stood up to make his announcement of something he and I have worked on for over a year, and I believe this was the reason we had more family at the Christmas Luau than we generally expect.  Everybody always pays attention to Uncle Lander as the CEO because his efforts benefit everyone. He is the boss that I work for directly on a part time basis as his executive assistant during the off season of the cruise line that employs me during their tourist season. Recently when my position changed with Uncle Lander, which he also announced, and I was so flattered at the applause and woo hooing at my promotion that was a nice recognition of me finally getting my post grad degree, my brand new masters degree that with $5 might get me a cup of coffee at the Royal Hilton.  LOL 
Next, my older brother stood up, Toby, who gave the usual patriotic speech that was short, to the point, and a good enough speech to rouse the family.  "Toby! Toby! Toby! Everybody clapped and whistled.   Even though he is only three years older than me, it is a really good sign that he is already being accepted just as if he was an elder, because it wasn't that long ago when many in the family did not think much of Toby because they were convinced he was doing things in a war they did not approve of.  Toby flew F/A-18s in the Navy for six years after he got out of college, until he suffered the eye detachment caused by the G forces over that time.  When he was grounded he came home for the first time in a long time, and a lot of the family looked down on him as a war monger, but he turned that around when he started flying a small cargo jet for Green Peace, and now he fights the war for Mother Earth, and the family approves of him highly.  I am so very proud of him, and it still makes me cry to remember what he went through in the unnecessary wars for awhile, and for the injury to his eye even though he is now fully recovered. I am still worried about his eye, but he assures me the cargo jet doesn't make him suffer the G forces as he did before.
After that there was a luau intermission for 30 minutes.  in my mothers absence it was my responsibility to stand up and yell... "Intermission time!  Everybody go potty!  Get out of the way I am first at the porta potties over by the cliff!" and I take off running like a striped ape before anybody could stand up.  LOL  The intermission is timed to end at about 8 o'clock, timed that way with the sun going down shortly after.  My Uncle Lapi starts the generator in the luau shed that is out of hearing range that powers the big pole lights at the corners of the luau circle, and powers the sound system that hangs up in the trees surrounding the circle.  The appointed helpers place the microphones at the center of the luau circle that is out in front of the food area that is quickly cleared away, the musicians start warming up, the big tree and little tiki drums go tika boom, tika boom, tiki boom boom, and the dancers and other performers run to the shed on the other side of the luau grounds that is used for their dressing area.  The baggy shorts and food stained T-shirts disappear, the shoes come off, and the colorful short little otea skirts tied on the side, and the bingo bongo coconut bras go on.  The hair is brushed and fluffed, flowers are placed behind the appropriate ear to designate whether a girl is single or married, and depending on the legend part the dancers will portray the crown dressings are applied in the colorful, feathery, head dresses of turkeydom.  LOL  Jingle jangle the bracelets and leggings of seashells and pearls.  Panties go into the duffle bags and the thongs come out, because no self respecting otea dancer would be seen wearing the bloomers under the recently worn baggy shorts.  The skirts are intentionally tied on the side so that all they have to do is extend their leg slightly, and what you see is the way it is, beautiful bare skin, and the upper parts of the lowermost are thong covered for the first part of the adult luau, but often does change rather significantly among half of the girls in the second adult part of the luau, and that's all I can say about that.  LOL  The bingo bongos that cover the dancers shapely breasts are not real coconuts anymore.  They are made out of plastic but still look like coconuts, and they do seem to be getting smaller and smaller at each luau because the girls scissor them carefully to their own taste as well as for what the hooter callers in the luau audience beg for when the drums are at the loudest that encourages 100 mph tika boom hips and high pitched little tree drums that promotes carefree tiki titties.  LOL 

The general part (first part) of the adult program usually lasts for about an hour or so with singers, musicians, and general dancers doing their thing showing their commercial oriented skills one after another quickly with performers rushing into and out of the luau circle. Tourism in general and especially the commercial shows are a large part of the personal economics of the family, and everyone, including the elders, watches carefully with a critical eye because the dancing and musical skills are so important to everyone. The Luau Show business is like any other, very competitive, and the family corporation cannot afford to fall behind the times, and THAT's the main reason when my family luaus we look very much like a tourist trap. lol.

The last part of the general program is for the recently promoted professional feature dancers who perform in the tourist shows (and most of those also repeat in the more adult session that follows).  A lot of times there are very special performances that are recognized by the entire family, like this time the grown up of my deceased Cousin Izzy chose to sing a solo.  It was significantly noticeable by everyone, because my Cousin Izzy was a well known famous Hawaiian singer for years before he died, and he was well loved by all of the islanders.  After he passed his withdrew from singing, and for several years she refused to sing at all.  Last Saturday night she and her mother, Izzy's wife, sang a duet, and then she sang a solo that showed all of us how she had come out of her grief stricken emotional shell so beautifully.  She sings like a beautiful bird, and knowing what it meant for her to sing made many of us cry with happy tears, including me. After her father's death and the way she took it so hard, every one of us is so happy her life is beginning again, and with so much promise for her future.
9:30ish p.m.  "Guess what everybody?!!!  Intermission time!!!  30 minutes," and I took off like a streak.  The plum wine I was drinking was causing minor pressures as a bladder effect, but I wasn't paying enough attention because I was having so much fun lap hopping and watching the luau.  LOL  The mommies scrambled to gather up the little ones to walk them over to my Uncle Lapi's house on the other side of the luau grounds where they had set up cots for the little ones to sleep on.  The assigned adolescents groaned and followed them to do their duty.  "Mom, I do this all the time.  Why do I have to do it tonight?  Yada yada yada,"  LOL  How well I remember saying that myself when I was 13.  At the time I did not appreciate my mother's response.  "Be quiet girl, or you will be a baby sitter until you are 30."  My brother always said I was good imitator of an unhappy pirate. Arrrrrghhh. lol
The second part of the adult luau started with my very best friend in the world, Shalayo, a professional dancer and now a choreographer/supervisor at one of the island's biggest tourist traps... who after being my roomie in college for three years married my first cousin Germaine, and has become a very solid female member of our family, one of the most beautiful dancers on the island... led the girls out of the darkness of the trees with the drums beating low, and then louder, and then louder, and then... BOOM!!! with hips seeming to knock the lights out with two of the big lights at the corners of the luau circle suddenly going dark.  The girls wig wam walked their way to the beat of the drums to the very front of the luau circle just six feet from the line of people who had moved forward to the edge of the circle.  Shalayo was almost within arms reach of my uncles with all of the girls all up and down the line banging it beautifully with naked breasts practically in the faces of the adults who clapped their hands with the drums and whistled and whooped in the loud teasing they enjoyed as the girls danced up close and personal.  Shalayo moved side ways to tik tok thrust her breasts at her hubby Germaine who had his arm wrapped around me with his hand under my Baby T on my breast.  Then she stepped to the side again to... entertain... my hubby who was standing with one of my female cousins.  When those standing close enough to see Shalayo smiling mischievously and pointing at my hubby's hard on everybody around close laughed, and he laughed too, a good sign that he was not being self conscious like he often is.  When he looked at me I licked my lips and gave him a thumb's up, and later after the luau I didn't see him or Shalayo for awhile.  LOL 
That is all I am going to say about our family luau.  You can use your imagination about what happens after the luau, I don't care.  LOL  We practice aloha love the same way our ancestors did eons ago, and we don't give a fig who may disagree with our way, but our intentions for everyone in the world is to learn to share the joy and love contained in the very word aloha.
I'll show you something and tell you the results that is sort of an indication of how we take the luau seriously for the way it is intended in the culture to strengthen the Polynesian families who follow or have returned to the old culture.  It is meant to be educational on various fronts. It unites the family for various purposes, including political (we are very familiar with our Congressman and lady, and we call them Brian and Tulsi, first names, and because they know where their bread is buttered best they address the family in the same way, except they call me Taliana.  Tulsi, a transplant from American Samoa is a good friend.  Brian is a wannabe special friend, but I am not going to say anymore about that because he has to live in a glass house.)  Didn't mean to digress there.
The video below has been around for awhile, but it has been purposely disguised to mislead the public shortly after it hit the internet because of the way it was initially introduced to the internet by an unscrupulous person.  The family affected by the video tried a number of times to delete it from the internet, but they were unsuccessful because various people kept putting the video back out there because of the titillation they obviously enjoyed, with no pun  intended.  Watch the video, and then I will explain it.
The video is of one performance of a family luau of another family.  It's not my family, but another family over on Maui that also practices the old Culture of Aloha, and I won't identify that family for obvious reasons.  The video indicates the biggest reason why cams, or even phones, are not allowed at the family luau.  The video was made by the husband of the young woman in the video, and it was done without her knowledge, or anyone else's.  A lot of people would understandably think that it is not a big deal for a man to make a video of his own wife... who is obviously of mixed blood, but you can tell she is Polynesian by her hair in the second segment of the video.  She definitely has the hair of an island woman although she could pass for Caucasian, sorta like me. 
The big deal of the video is... the islanders who are into the old culture understand quite well that we have to protect our culture very carefully, because we learned a long time ago what can happen when haole do good'ers become interested in the sexual activities of people, dogs, cats, worms, arrdvarks, and purple gorillas, only a small illustration of how the right wing religious fanatics have been out of control throughout history when they are allowed to get away with their shit bucket of rules for others while they do the same things as others do.
The family involved is just an ordinary family with good people who would not harm a fly, but they couldn't get the problem resolved by themselves because they didn't have the resources to make the correction.  So... after the wife divorced the mainland born bubba, their matriarch contacted our matriarch, my mother, to ask for help in fixing the problem.  The end result was the affected family was happy enough when the ex husband involved lost his job, his bank account was frozen, or that is, whoops, the bank lost the file repeatedly, his car was repossessed, his landlord evicted him, he couldn't find a job, and it was a certain lawyer that escorted him to the plane with his passport to give him a one way air ticket, and currently he  resides in Alabama from whence he initially came and hasn't been seen since.  This is only an example of things that can happen when you fuck with the Goddess Laka, the first teacher of hula, the woman who taught our ancestors about aloha love. LOLOLOLOLOL  (long wicked evil laugh). lol
FYI we do sometimes invite guests to our family luau if good friends would like to attend, but bear in mind attendance requires an NDA, (non-disclosure agreement) that you have to sign as a guest of the luau. The NDA is a serious and very legal thing, and not kidding at all. The NDA requires serious economic penalties for violation and should not be signed lightly if you are the type that is not able to keep secrets easily.

End of entry
More Breaking News On The Tallie Channel :)
Posted:Sep 7, 2021 1:19 pm
Last Updated:Nov 26, 2021 11:07 am
Just as sort of a quiet fyi to friends… Heated Affairs made me a surprise offer that I couldn't refuse, so I renewed my Gold Membership and I am an active member again. How about that! Who knew?

That doesn't mean anything else has changed. Due to my new employment that I am happy to have I am still not going to have much time available, but I will likely be chiming in on the Groups and Blog section occasionally.

I can never seem to write anything that is short, so here is a story for you.

See Jane.
See Dick.
See Jane see dick.
The End

Think I might have to publish that one. Lol

Everybody have a fantastic day Everybody go out there and whistle at a girl, or go winkie blinkie at a man (like I do, lol).


Tally (whacker, not ho) lol
Posted:Sep 5, 2021 10:54 am
Last Updated:Dec 24, 2021 12:13 pm
My wonderful hubby and I continue to learn about the life style that we have enjoyed so much nearly from the day we married five years ago, namely our swinging with sexy couples, and beyond that our open marriage activities, particularly what we do in the hot wife culture. Occasionally we naturally learn from others we meet, the couples we party with, and the men that my hubby and I accept in the fun activities for me when he sometimes enjoys his voyeuristic pleasures, and when I occasionally enjoy my own solo independence to have fun as an individual . We have learned from our early mistakes to the point that we now feel pretty secure in our activities, and we are confident we can figure out whatever foibles there may be in the future. We do enjoy our sexual related learning processes just like we enjoy learning other things, and as time goes by my hubby and I do discuss the things we learn to continue being on the same page together, and applying our lessons as we go forward in our life style.

My hubby has an older lady friend thirteen years older than he is (his former step mother that was married to his father several years ago) whom he has accepted as “his hot wife husband mentor” so to speak, meaning she advises him on occasion from her own longer experience. After she and his father divorced ten years ago she and my hubby had a wild fling and an ongoing intermittent relationship for four years until she moved out of state. She is a drop dead gorgeous Asian woman in her mid forties who turns heads everywhere she goes. They have remained friends through the years, and occasionally they still get together briefly. I have also met her when he brought her home with him shortly after we married, and sometimes she even copies me in on their emails.

A few days ago my hubby was cleaning out some of his old files, and he found something he had received from his former step mother after he had asked her questions about hot wifing when we first began our activities. The following was her email response to his questions. My hubby asked me to post it somewhere for others to get the benefit of if they would wish to do that. So… following is some advice to hot wife husbands everywhere from a hot wife of apparently considerable experience. (Her experience with my hubby's father is another subject, and not something for me to elaborate on.) Take it or leave it. My hubby has chosen to make it a part of his hot wife husband credo.


1. Enjoy the moment
Don’t over analyze what she and your mutual male friend may do together. 
Don’t punish her for truly enjoying her time doing what you BOTH want her to do. 

2. She will love you no matter what. 
Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts and desires with her. 
Don’t feel ashamed when you embrace your role. 

3. Make yourself Joyous to be around. 
You can’t expect her to experience the same joy with you as she does with him if you constantly henpeck her every decision

4. Quit over thinking silence. 
If you pester her for reassurance, you’ll become a nuisance. No one wants to deal with a nuisance. 

5. She knows who you are, and who you want to become. 
Trust that she has your best interest at heart no matter what. She will even stop if she feels this will jeopardize your relationship. 

6. Plan for the moment. Not for eternity. 
Sometimes things happen that you don’t expect. Embrace the challenge to accept that you have say only in if you want to participate. Not HOW you are allowed to participate. 

7. She is the best thing to happen to you. Don’t fuck this up.
The Teaching of a Friend :)
Posted:Sep 4, 2021 10:28 am
Last Updated:Oct 12, 2021 7:46 pm
About four years ago I went with my hubby on a business trip to the PRC (People's Republic of China), specifically to Shanghai. While we were there we followed the advice of our western style hotel manager to go walking on The Bund on Sunday to meet people that I was curious about. The Bund is the big concrete area that runs along the Huangpu River right beside the city center. The river splits Shanghai as a divider between East and West Shanghai. Our hotel manager told us that Sunday is a social day on The Bund when people go walking to meet friends and socialize, especially the college students who look for westerners to interview and practice their English. So on Sunday we walked the short distance from the hotel to The Bund that was only about three blocks from the hotel. We walked out onto The Bund at midmorning and only walked a short distance when about a dozen students suddenly surrounded us wanting to speak with us. We were surprised at the nearly aggressive approach of the students who were anxious to ask us questions, and we had to actually slow them down in order to speak with them in a sensible way. One at a time they interviewed us, one on my hubby and another talking to me. They actually formed a line so each one of them could have a turn speaking with us. We answered I don't know how many questions about the west, life in America, our home on the island, the effectiveness of American schools, and so many subjects I can't remember them all.

Most of the students were college age girls, but a few were boys. At the back of the line that was in front of me I noticed a younger girl standing shyly with an older woman who I assumed was her mother. After talking with the college students for over an hour the younger girl and her mother were still there, and finally the college students all had their turn and only the quiet duo was left. I smiled at them and motioned for them to come forward, and it was the mother who stepped quickly in front of me to bow, and smile, and extend her hand in a western style of introduction. The girl seemed to be very shy and stood behind her mother as the mother began to speak to me in very clipped English. The woman explained to me that it was her high school age that had taught her the little bit of English that she knew, and she apologized because she wasn't fluent… yet. I also apologized to her because I couldn't speak her language at all, and I bowed briefly to her in return.

I learned that the woman was a typical, ordinary Shanghai Chinese citizen. We stood there for an hour asking questions of each other, but not being specific because I could tell that neither of us wanted to ask anything that may be offensive. When the woman couldn't think of the words she would speak to her and the would translate her words into English, and I also used the as a translator in the same way. The main thing I learned about the mother was… she was very smart. She was not educated smart, but practical smart. She knew the city well, and local industry, and she was even able to tell my hubby where a certain factory was located across the river. She told me about the Chinese restaurants and which ones would allow you to carry your bird cage into the restaurant and hang them up on hooks close to your table. She advised us of food to try, and how to be sure it was cooked well. She was just full of information and I enjoyed talking with her. As we parted she asked me if I had “Elet Tel Fishnet Male” (her used phonic spelling to help me understand she was asking if I had email). She instructed her to make a note of my email address, and then we said good bye. My hubby and I were all talked out so we walked back to the hotel before we got trapped by more students that were eying us closely although we did regret we were tired and had to go rest for awhile.

About a month later at home an email popped in from my new friends, the obviously doing the typing for her mother. I responded to them thanking them for talking to me so freely on The Bund. I am happy to say that after almost four years now the mother types her own emails and has learned a lot more English. She doesn't write perfectly, but she does write on all kinds of subjects, and I have been able to understand she is now sort of the local wise woman in her peer group and has a long email list of friends that she actually publishes things and sends them to friends teaching them things that they can use in their own culture. As I said, she is a really smart lady.

Last week end I received something from her that is a very typical subject I suspect in many parts of the world. On the subject she sent she sounded almost like my own mother many years ago as I was growing up. The subject made it quite plain to me that people in other parts of the world, ie, individuals, families, and common groups of people, also have some of the same concerns and problems that are prevalent in America. My Chinese friend is a really good teacher that I also learn from, and respect her highly for the way she does it. She does not talk down to anyone, or shame them, or put guilt on them in a direct way. She teaches by telling stories. I have no doubt that what she sent was something she wrote for her .

The little story she wrote and sent to her many email friends follows, and I am very happy to be one of them. She did not name the story, and it is not written perfectly, and I have not changed a single word as she wrote it. I have named it for her from my own perspective of what she speaks of in her story.

“The Brats of America” (LO

A young man went to seek an important position at a large printing company. He passed the initial interview and was going to meet the director for the final interview. The director saw his resume, it was excellent. And asked, '
- Have you received a scholarship for school?' The boy replied, " No '.
-' It was your father who paid for your studies? '
-' Yes.'- He replied.
-' Where does your father work? '
-' My father is a Blacksmith'
The Director asked the young to show him his hands.
The young man showed a pair of hands soft and perfect.
-' Have you ever helped your parents at their job? '
-' Never, my parents always wanted me to study and read more books. Besides, he can do the job better than me.
The director said:
-' I have got a request: When you go home today, go and wash the hands of your father and then come see me tomorrow morning.'
The young felt his chance to get the job was high.
When he returned to his house he asked his father if he would allow him to wash their hands.
His father felt strange, happy, but with mixed feelings and showed their hands to his . The young washed his hands, little by little. It was the first time that he noticed his father's hands were wrinkled and they had so many scars. Some bruises were so painful that his skin shuddered when he touched them.
This was the first time that the young man recognized what it meant for this pair of hands to work every day to be able to pay for his study. The bruises on the hands were the price that he payed for their education, his school activities and his future.
After cleaning his father's hands the young man stood in silence and began to tidy and clean up the workshop. That night, father and talked for a long time.
The next morning, the young man went to the office of the director.
The Director noticed the tears in the eyes of the young when He asked him: -' Can you tell me what you did and what you learned yesterday at your house?'
The boy replied: -' I washed my father's hands and when I finished I stayed and cleaned his workshop '
-' Now I know what it is to appreciate and recognize that without my parents , I would not be who I am today . By helping my father I now realize how difficult and hard it is to do something on my own. I have come to appreciate the importance and the value in helping the family.
The director said, "This is what I look for in my people. I want to hire someone who can appreciate the help of others , a person who knows the hardship of others to do things, and a person who does not put money as his only goal in life". ' You are hired '.
A that has been coddled, Protected and usually given him what he wants, develops a mentality of " I have the right ' and will always put himself first, ignoring the efforts of their parents. If we are this type of protective parent are we really showing love or are we destroying our ?
You can give your a big house , good food , computer classes , watch on a big screen TV . But when you're washing the floor or painting a wall , please let him experience that too.
After eating have them wash the dishes with their brothers and sisters. It is not because you have no money to hire someone to do this it's because you want to love them the right way . No matter how rich you are, you want them to understand. One day your hair will have gray hair, like the father of this young man.
The most important thing is that your learns to appreciate the effort and to experience the difficulties and learn the ability to work with others to get things done. "
Breaking News on the Tallie Channel
Posted:Aug 23, 2021 9:56 am
Last Updated:Sep 4, 2021 2:28 pm

After having been on the Heated Affairs site for a relative short time, a few months, and after enjoying meeting a few really great people, males, females, couples, and just plain nice people who are well above average intelligence (considering what the average actually is, lol), I have some news.

Due to the pandemic I have not worked for about 18 months. I am just not the type to not stay busy and I am bored to death. Heated Affairs has helped me to stay somewhat active with all the new friends and a few of my old friends who are also on the site. Most of my friends know that in the past I worked as a feature entertainer/stage announcer for a cruise line over three seasons on five different ships. That will now continue but in a slightly different way.

I report to my new job on September 1, as Director of Entertainment for a major Pacific cruise line (that I won't be naming here). I am a very happy camper because I was able to get most of my terms. As Director of Entertainment I will be working 90% from my home island, partly from home and partly from the new office/entertainment studio that I will be opening. My travel will be limited in the beginning, about once a month to Hqs to attend meetings, and otherwise I won't have to travel out to the ships unless there are entertainment related problems. I won't have to mix and mingle with all those passengers as I did before.

My hubby and I talked it over at length, and in view of the fact that he expects to continue traveling extensively in his business for about another two years there is no reason for me to be rooted to our home base here on the island. Ultimately I will be able to travel as needed, and I look forward to doing that more as the pandemic comes under control, and perhaps I can do that sometimes to enjoy meeting old and new friends.

The bottom line is… in view of my new task to help get the line up and running again with appropriate entertainment I know I am going to be slam bang, hell bent busy, and that causes me to reduce my site activities very considerably, so I am going to be a non-member of the site until I can hopefully regain some personal time. It will likely take awhile for that to happen.

My closer friends know who they are, and if you don't already have my personal email address, if you would like to maintain contact and don't already have my email let me know. This does not mean I will be handing out my email address to those I barely know, or don't know at all.

As should be expected my hubby is always No. 1, in my life, but in our open life style I do enjoy having special friends with his understanding and approval. Hopefully this pandemic will be over sooner than later, and perhaps then we can enjoy having visitors that may like to take their vacation in these beautiful islands. The pandemic prohibits that for a little while longer, but maybe next year it will be ok to meet friends in person. We can hope.

My hubby and I always wish luck and love to all our friends in the highest, nicest, best way you may enjoy it for yourself. Be careful out there. Wear the mask in public and get the forthcoming booster shot as long as it is necessary to protect yourself and others, and those who may disagree with that probably know where they can go… where the sun doesn't shine

Mahalo to my site friends, especially my Group friends. I appreciate all the kindness and good wishes, and the compliments that have made my hubby and I feel so nice. I have very much enjoyed having a largely positive experience here.


Another Memory From My Private Journal
Posted:Aug 8, 2021 12:38 pm
Last Updated:Sep 14, 2021 8:59 pm
Personal Journal, December 12, 2018
Sections: Life, Sexual
Tag For Review – March 1, 2019

There is something I want to put in my personal journal so I can tag it for review again later.

Since Aly got home from Australia about a month ago I am detecting some changes in his sexual personality. Aly is a very sexual person and has always had interesting and fun ideas within our married relationship. Sexually speaking we are very well matched with open minds and libidos that gravitate together in the sexual activities we enjoy the most. I have detailed our swinging activities in my journal many times and I won't do that further here. The changes I am detecting in Aly involve the more recent hot wife activities that we have enjoyed together almost from the first year we married when we had fun doing some MFM activities with his very select Navy buddies. I will explain further below.

When it began initially and Aly and I started to realize what was happening we preferred the term “hot wife” rather than the term “cuckolding.” In our research of the terms, because the term “cuckold” seemed to imply the husband in a married relationship was something less than a strong man for himself, we preferred the term “hot wifing” in what we were beginning to do more of. Aly is not currently and has never been a weaker man of any sort. He is very confident in his own sexuality. He doesn't take a back seat in any way, and he enjoys the fact that women like him. He is a strong man for himself in the way he steps forward to make new friends, and in our activities to shake the hand in an objective and friendly way with another man who is interested in me. He participates in a positive, strong way that allows him to enjoy me as much or more than another male friend may enjoy me. His only rule for himself is to not participate in any sort of contact with another male sexually. He also asks me to observe the rule, but not for any sort of anti-social reason, but only for health reasons that he strongly feels is important for both of us to always observe in our own best interest of health and welfare. In his way of thinking there is never an opportunity for an exception to that rule, and for all his very understandable reasons I agree with him completely and act accordingly.

The changes in Aly that I have detected are small, only minor incidents occurring recently that are involved with his own very personal pleasure of watching me with another man. His voyeurism has grown quite significantly in the two years we have been married. What can I say? Aly sometimes enjoys watching me have sex with other men, and with other women whenever it happens. He gets off on it. He loves it. He desires it for himself, and I love it because he does and I have no complaints because of the freedom he gives to me to enjoy my own sexuality in almost any way I want. I admit I am a bit of a mild side exhibitionist, and I do like it when he wants to watch, and sometimes participate in the 3somes, the MfM situations that allow me to be the focus of both men simultaneously, an activity that I very much enjoy for myself.

When Aly got home a month ago, after we became satiated with each other during the first week he was back, the following week we went out a few evenings to just sort of explore to seek the sexual outlets that we enjoy so much together. It was obvious that Aly wanted to get his eyes full, and I was happy to make help him make it happen. I can honestly say I love him so much there are not many things I won't do for him. Aly took me to one of our favorite tourist lounges where there are always interesting sexy people. The lounge has a small dance floor and smooth easy sexy music that is fun to dance to with the men who know how to lead me in easy subtle ways to the dark corner of the dance floor where it is fun to get... nicely acquainted. Aly's tactics always seem to work, and I also do my part to assist our exploration by dressing in a way that men always seem to like. One of my best attributes is my legs, so typically when Aly and I go exploring I wear stylish skirts or dresses that are thigh high short nearly to the max that I can get away with in public. We have been to our favorite tourist lounge many times, and when we enter the lounge Aly guides me to the bar stools at the center of the long bar that the bartenders who know us always saves for us if we call ahead. Aly always assists me to step up and make myself comfortable on the fancy bar stools with the chair arms that make it easier to relax, and then he will rotate my stool to aim my legs at the crowd in the lounge. The result is, it usually doesn't take long for the more experienced men who catch on fairly quickly to send us a drink. My legs do seem to serve us well in such situations. Aly jokes around about getting my legs insured because he says they have a life long value that has considerable savings on his bar bill. Ha ha. He is only joking.

When we went to our favorite tourist lounge the week after Aly got home we learned that certain things had not changed. Among the total of traveling men there are those who are shy, and there are businessmen or conventioneers attending their industry meetings, and other men who are restricted because they are traveling with their traditional oriented wives (that we understand and do not fault), and there are always a few men who are attractive and have the experience to catch on quickly to what they see of me at the bar. Typically those men are 40s, 50s, 60s, are well experienced in their own field and their own lives, and with a couple of drinks under their belt it doesn't take them long to pass by the bar to speak to us, or approach us directly to say… “Good evening, may I buy a drink?” That's the way it happened on the first occasion after Aly got home. After speaking with a half dozen men, we, mainly me, interviewed them so to speak, and they interviewed me. There was one man who was an obvious nice guy, and he was bold enough to subtly touch my legs, my calves and my thigh as he stood there directly in front of me very smartly blocking the view of others as we talked. I gave Aly our prearranged signal of my willingness and approval, and only moments later we invited the man to relocate with us from the bar to a very comfortable booth in the back far corner of the lounge. After getting nicely acquainted with an interesting, sexy man on the dance floor in a very nice way, I allowed the two men to squeeze me closely between them in the booth. The hem of my dress seemed to have a mind of its own, and with a little urging from both of the men it slid even higher up to the V patch, and that's when the kissing began back and forth between them. Only a few moments later the man invited us to his hotel room for a nightcap… “Where Tallie can be more comfortable,” unquote, because we were after all in a public place and I was a little nervous with the high possibility of others watching what was beginning to happen in the booth.

I had told our new friend about my experience in the competitive world of DanceSport, and when we walked into his medium sized suite with a bedroom and a parlor, and a balcony, he turned on the music of the entertainment center, and he took me in his arms and we danced to the nice beat of the sexy music. Moments later he guided me into the bedroom, and Aly followed us to stand in the doorway to watch what was happening with me continuing to move to the music as the man began to undress me. I knew what the guy wanted, and what Aly always enjoyed, so I pushed the guy back to recline on the bed with Aly in the door way behind me, and I danced to the slow sexy beat of the music and began to strip it off in the way I knew how to do it well from my own experience with Aly and others. When I turned my back to the man to take off my thong I was surprised because Aly was no longer in the doorway. I looked out through the doorway and saw him all the way through the suite to the back that was a considerable distance leaning on the rail of the balcony outside the sliding door as he watched me. I crooked my finger at him to wave him to come closer, but he just stood there nodding his head and smiling at me to continue what I was doing. His action was a little puzzling to me, but I just gave him a little wave and turned back to our new friend on the bed. In only a few more moments I was naked, and then the man was naked, and then we were on the bed together.

After the man had fucked me missionary style, getting into me really nice with my legs open and wide, after screwing me really nice we switched positions so he could fuck me doggy. I looked around for Aly and he was still out on the balcony watching from a distance. I thought to myself, it is like he doesn't want to be in the room with us. I was puzzled even more than a few minutes before and I started thinking faster as the man was fucking me doggy. My pleasure was rising fast as I was thinking… there is always a reason when Aly does something, especially when we are playing. Our new friend was about to make me orgasm again, and then I thought… ohhhhhh, Aly wants to enjoy thinking about me being alone with the other guy, and that is why he is so far away clear out on the balcony a distance away. I thought, he likes it because I am actually alone here in this bedroom with another man. I don't know why, unless it had something to do with my exhibitionist feelings, but it was a nicely pleasing thought that suddenly popped in my brain, and it splashed downward into my nipples and my pussy, and then I was cumming so reallllllly good with the guy banging me harder from behind while I was thrilling to new very sexy sensations with my hubby watching and seeming to want me to be alone with the who was inside me at that moment. The orgasm I was having so very nicely was bout to fade after a few moments, and then the thought hit my mind again with full force of what was happening with Aly, and my orgasm came back. It wasn't another orgasm. It was the same one that had not ended completely, and then I was chirping like crazy and pushing myself back on the man with and my orgasm seeming to splash throughout my body as it hit my pussy and my brain like a thrilling force that continued longer than usual. The feeling from my thoughts were so wonderfully thrilling and my sexual pleasure went to mountain high and way over my previous sexual bar. I just took it, and took it, feeling it so large throughout my body, and the man continued pounding me, and then he started cumming in me. I couldn't help it and I just started moaning, “Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me really good.”

I fucked the guy in what was actually one little session that only lasted about forty-five minutes, and then I told him we had to go. He was a nice guy and walked us down to the car. He actually did me quite well giving me a double orgasm with the help from Aly's eyes on me as I was getting what I wanted, and I believe he was happy satisfied with what I had given to him. On the way home I told Aly about what I had felt in sort of a double in one orgasm that made it last far longer than normal, but I didn't tell him why. He thought I had caused it by getting so excited with the man, but I wasn't to sure of all of it and I didn't want to speak to quickly. I did tell him that even though it was only a quickie it was really nice for me. All he said was, “You should do that more baby.” I asked him, “Do what more?” I wanted him to be specific, to talk to me. He only said, “Do more quickies. Be spontaneous. Fuck more often. Have as many orgasms as you can.” and that's all he said, and my mind was beginning to get puzzled again so I just dropped the subject and continued massaging his cock as he drove us home.

There was another incident, but this one was a little more extreme because of what we did for his birthday, what I did for him for a special birthday present.

Aly had been gone off and on over eight months, a long time for us to not be together, and not just because we missed each other, but also because of the open minded type of couple we are together. I admit the normal battle of the sexes (not that, that is what it really is) is often not fair to the male side. It is just the way of the world that women out in society have certain opportunities more often than men. It is just a force of nature that women have more opportunities for sex than men, and especially when those men are in a foreign country with a different culture and less opportunities to meet women. Aly always seems to do ok in his own scoring opportunities, but it is somewhat natural in our life style that when we are apart I get more cock than he gets pussy. That is just the way it is by no design or score keeping. Aly and I both know how to satisfy our own needs when we need it, but because Aly did get somewhat stressed during the eight months because we weren't together to allow him his voyeuristic pleasures that he enjoys so much. Because I could tell he had been stressing I agreed with him that we could do something special as another little birthday present for him, and that gave him the inspiration to make a phone call to one of his good friends over on the Big Island… and that was ok with me because I knew his friend and had actually had dinner more than once with his friend while Aly was gone. The guy is a good friend of ours, a former Coast Guard Commander who resigned his post because he didn't want to work for Bubba Trump who he said was actually killing people in the public with his ignorant budget cuts that transferred Coast Guard funds to Trump's favorite agencies that kicked back funds to Trump's pockets. Aly's friend took good care of me quite well to say the least when Aly was gone, and Doori, my sweet little South Korean girl friend also helped me to take care of him in a very fun way.

Aly and I have never done anything like what he was planning. Whenever similar things like this have happened in the past it was always just because we were on vacation or traveling for business and feeling good in a sexy place, and it happened in a spontaneous way that allowed me to just let my hair all the way down in an instant moment's happening and not even thinking about it until it was happening and we were into it, and I do mean so gloriously into it. When we did this it spontaneous ways in the past Aly enjoyed it immensely, and I admit so did I, but it has only happened a very few times, and in different ways and situations. No I have never had sex on a ferris wheel, but did think about it once. haha

So anyway, Aly called one of his most trusted buddies, our Coast Guard friend over on the Big Island, Brent. A couple of days later Brent called Aly back and they worked out a date and location, etc. I already knew Brent pretty well because of what happened between us over the summer, and I liked him, he is a good guy, one of the best, a good friend, and as trustworthy and discreet as they come. Brent is one of the few guys I can trust completely so I don't hesitate to fuck him raw, no condom. Besides that he is a female heart attack hunk, and a really good man fuck. A couple of week ends later after they talked Aly and I went over to the Big Island on Friday evening and we met Brent for dinner, and when I was not present and gone to the ladies room he and Aly discussed the brief details of expectations for the following night. We had a nice dinner, and nothing else, except after dinner Brent backed me up against the car door and for several minutes we said a very nice good night to each other. It was a pleasant evening.

Late the next afternoon, Saturday, I dressed according to Aly's wishes in very ass tight, white short shorts, my denim hip huggers that fit very low on my hips causing me to have a very breezy tummy, and with a boy button front open two buttons down and rolled down two more inches to make it really low on my abdomen. When I put them on and looked in the mirror they fit me just right with the top of my shorts only an inch above my pussy with my naval peeking boldly at the world. My shorts were more like a bikini but passed for quite brief shorts. On top I wore one of Aly's old black T-shirts. I had cut the shirt myself to be a baby T cut all the way around just under my breasts. It was cut so that if I raised my arms to high it was to much because my nipples would be exposed to whoever was looking. I wore it off the shoulder with the neck stretched out of shape to expose a shoulder, and with no bra underneath. I wore a soft satin white pair of tiny panties under the shorts, because I think thongs that stick up over pants or shorts are so tacky. I wore my new black strappie heels, and I looked in the mirror and asked Aly what he thought. He said, “Purrrrfect.” I told him I thought I looked like a Honolulu street girl, a . He said again, “Purrrfect.”

Brent lives most of the way down to the south end of the Big Island and it took us a little while to get there in the traffic because of a fender bender that had to be cleared. We picked up Brent at his little bachelor house and we went down the road a little way to get something to eat at a little place where the tourists don't go and let a little time go by. We left the restaurant and arrived the little bar just after dark about 9 o'clock. It was just a little watering hole for the locals that was owned and run by an older retired Navy guy. There were only three or four couples in the place besides a table with three Coast Guard guys in civvies at a separate table, friends of Brent. Brent directed us to the table and introduced us to the three guys who had appeared to be bored sipping their beers, but they suddenly perked up. Ha ha The guys appeared to be from late 20s to mid 40s, each of them fit, handsome, and they made me feel rocking hot the way they were looking at me. Two of them were haoles, and one of them was a black guy. We sat down, the guys ordered more beer, and I ordered a shot with a pineapple juice. Chuga lug, chuga lug, and then I had another shot.

At 9:30 p.m. the owner made an announcement from the bar for everybody to drink up because he had a late date with Malea, who Brent explained quietly was an older lady in the neighborhood that had no teeth. Ha ha Brent whispered to everyone at our table to just be cool because everybody was going to leave including the owner, and he had a key to lock up when we left. How convenient, I thought. Ha ha The owner walked out the door at 10 p.m., and Brent locked the door behind him, hung out the closed sign, snapped off most of the lights, and then he walked to the old style juke box and pushed play all. Then he walked over to me and held out his hand, and I followed him to the dance floor.

Over the next hour I danced with all the guys, including Aly. When it was 11 o'clock Brent shut off more of the lights, and the only light in the little place was a lamp behind the bar, and the light over the pool table in the back. I had a little buzz from the two shots that I had chased with my pineapple juice, and I was feeling… relaxed, and nice. Aly asked me how I was doing, and I said… “How do you think I am doing schweetie?” haha, and I gave him my best street expression. Ha ha Brent had been smart enough to not introduce me to the others by my real name. My name was now Ellie, the name I had given myself before we arrived the little bar. I was from Honolulu, of course, and it was my night off as a Waikiki waitress so I could go to the Big Island with my friend Aly, one of my nicest customers. Ha ha

The good looking mulatto black guy took me to the dance floor again, and this time his hands went under my baby T to caress my breasts and tweak my nipples with his fingers really nice. That was when the kissing started. When the song ended the next guy was there and the black guy handed me off to him, and the music started again. The second guy unbuttoned the remaining boy buttons of my shorts, and then his hand was in my panties with his other hand on my ass, and his tongue was in my mouth. I danced a couple more songs with the other guys, and then Aly was there to make sure I was doing ok. “Yes baby, I'm ok. Happy birthday sweetie,” I whispered to him as he removed the baby T over my head to make me naked on top. He put his arm around me and gently guided me over to the bar… where Brent and the other three guys were waiting. Aly sat me on the bar stool between two guys who were on each side of me holding me steady on the bar stool to make sure I didn't slip off of the stool from what they were about to do. The first guy stepped in front of me and I raised my butt so he could slide my shorts and panties off, and then I was naked except for my heels. The guy stepped forward between my legs. He was already hard, so I leaned forward and then he was in my mouth. Two of the other guys stepped around in front of me in turn, and I did the same thing and I sucked each of them on one side of me and then the other, but they each indicated they didn't want to cum yet so I released them when they pulled back.

After sucking three of the guys I looked around for Aly, but he wasn't there nearby. He was all the way across the room sitting on the pool table by himself. I looked at him and smiled and gave him a little wave, and he waved back at me returning my smile. I suddenly remembered the last time a few nights before when Aly had backed off to leave me alone in a hotel bedroom with a man, and I began to understand more about the way Aly now seems to enjoy his voyeurship from a little more extreme viewpoint of his own… to think of me, and view me, fucking other men alone by myself without him there, and again, that is when my orgasms started… with Aly and I looking at each other directly… with Brent standing behind me with his hands under my arms and on my breasts to steady me as he leaned over my shoulder kissing my mouth. Two men on each side of me continued holding me steady on the bar stool, and a forth man was between my legs fucking me really nice. With each of the four men touching me in the different ways I felt so incredibly sexy, and the orgasms hitting me so nicely soft, and then hard, with Aly and I continuing to look directly at each other and licking our lips to make our own expression to each other. Aly made it obvious to me that he loved what he was watching, and I wanted him to know I was enjoying it so much… with men all around me, and hands on me everywhere.

We had been at it for about 2 ½ hours with each of the four guys fucking me at least twice, and then Aly stepped forward and came to me. He picked me up in his arms and carried me to the back and laid me on the pool table. The three guys took that as their cue to leave, and they did, each of them coming to me and kissing my lips or my cheek. They thanked me and Aly very graciously, and then they left. With Aly's help I put on my shorts but didn't bother to put the baby T back on. Brent locked the place up and then we drove to his house with me on his lap in the passenger seat, the two of us kissing passionately with Brent's hands on my breasts all the way to his house as Aly drove. When we arrived Brent's house he picked me up out of the car and carried me inside and laid me on his living room couch. Then we were all naked, and Brent and I fucked on the couch in different positions for a long time… with Aly… omigod, actually outside the house looking in the living room windows watching Brent and I fuck… with me alone in the house with Brent. It was like I was fucking Brent by myself without Aly even being there although he was watching. It became rather obvious what Aly wants me to do, and how he wants me to do it, sort of. I was still confused. I was alone with Brent in the house, and I think Aly was only looking in the window because it was as far away as he could get and still watch in a convenient way. It appeared to me that he now had added something to his voyeuristic pleasure that enhanced his own sexuality. That's what I thought at the time, but I still wasn't sure.

So last night while everybody else in the house was asleep, including Doori in our bed, Aly and I sat up very late at the kitchen table talking quietly. I asked him a lot of questions, and he answered them in an honest straight forward way like he always does. I asked him straight out if his sexuality was changing from a hot wife husband who likes to be there to watch… to a straight out cuckold husband who may sometimes wants me to go out and fuck other men without him, and then share the detail with him later, etc. He said, “Yes, but not 100%.” I asked him what that means? He said, “Please don't misunderstand. I love you as much and more than I ever have. I can't imagine not being with you, but sometimes now I want to imagine and then to know about the pleasure you have when I was not there. I enjoy thinking of you out there doing what you enjoy doing, but… I can't explain it well. But it is like… it hurts, but it hurts in such a very very pleasant way I crave it, I want to feel the mental sensations that turn me on so much when I know you are out there somewhere getting cock, and then you bring it home to me, your hot, wet pussy full of cum, and it makes my mind explode when my own orgasms so acutely hard that I've never experienced it like this before.” I asked him, “Do you understand how this new craving came to you?” He said, “I think it was just because we were apart for so long over those months, and my mind was whirling around thinking about you being at home and having your pleasure with your friends, and sometimes my friends, and sometimes just ad hoc spur of the moment friend when you wanted a good cock. It lasted so long and I guess I obsessed on it, and now I want to add something new like this just because it makes me feel so fantastic that now I crave the feelings.” I asked him, “So are you ok in all these nice new feelings?” He said, “Yes, of couse, I am just fine. Nothing else is disturbed or changed.” I said, “Are you sure baby, you really are ok?” He said, “Yes I am, don't worry, everything is fine.” I asked him, “So… do you want me to go out more often with other men?” He quickly said, “Yes baby, if you want to do it, it's cool. I would like it if you want to, but you don't have to. I mean, it's not a demand or anything.”

I kissed him and nuzzled him and he touched me affectionately kissing me back.

I whispered to him, “I want you to do something for me right now.”

“Name it baby, no problem. What do you want me to do?

I stood up taking off the robe I was wearing, making myself completely naked except for the flip flops on my feet. I took the pony tail clasp out of my hair and I shook my hair free.

“I want you to go in and take a nap on the couch for a little while. I'll be back in a little while.”

“Honey,” he said, “it's late. Where are you going?”

“It doesn't matter what time it is,” I said. “I'm not going far.”

“Where are you going?” he repeated.

“I am going next door… over to your Dad's.”

For a moment his eyes practically glazed over, his expression was suddenly morphing back and forth between awe and complete, total lust.

“Is that ok with you honey?” I asked.

His only response was to say, “Yes baby, ok.”

“Ralph, come,” I said to my Akita, and he got up from where he was laying in the corner, and he walked out the back door with me and across the yard and across the luau grounds with me to my father-in-law's house. I could see the light of the television through the window, and I knocked on the back door, and a minute later the porch light went on. I stood there in the light stark naked, and then the door opened.

Shortly after I walked into my father-in-laws house Aly sent the link below to my phone, and to his Dad's desk top computer. When it popped into my phone and I saw what it was I showed it to my father-in-law, and then I sent a text back to Aly saying, “Your Dad and I both thank you for the very nice present.”

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