Addendum to Family Luau  

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9/14/2021 2:00 pm
Addendum to Family Luau

I received a couple of private questions from site friends about our family luau, and I will try answer them here.

The first question was... "What was the drum music the girls danced when they first came into the luau circle of the adult program? Is a specific drum by the drummers, or ad hoc?"

The friend is an obvious drummer enthusiast, and has an easy answer that I will provide below.

Another site friend asked me rewrite the opening of the adult program… they said, because they know I can, and they want see in their mind's eye. So… ok then, I'll try, but I make no promises the quality of writing, etc. See the following that is an addendum the previous entry in my Journal.


Personal Journal Addendum Dec. 29, 2019
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At our family luaus the music and drums are enhanced by the big woofer speakers that we have hanging in the trees around the luau circle. For many of the music and drum numbers gets appropriately LOUD, and residents clear on the other side of the valley down below can hear us, and they can see the lights up on the mountain although they can't see what is happening even with large binoculars because the luau grounds are far enough away from the cliff and can't be seen from down below. We have more than once had uninvited guests try sneak in our luau, and that even included the news media one night. If is necessary we protect the family luaus with our teeth. My Cousin Rick, a former Rainbow Warrior (U of H) linebacker is three feet wide and has no neck… is our Corporate Security Director whose specialty is breaking thumbs, lol, and he and his guys know how to handle such problems.

The opening of the adult program is considered be very important because sets the tone for the rest of the program, so the dancers are very particular of the music and drum choices. Often times the drums of the opening are taped or played from a disk, much the chagrin of the live drummers don't like that at all, but at least they do understand the girls try technically choreograph the nonosina dancing and practice the opening because they want make a good impact and impression in an adult oriented . This is what happened at the luau I described above, see below. I will describe in more detail than I did in my original blog item.

The conch blows from up higher on the mountain a distance away, two times, three times, four times, getting closer the luau grounds each time. The drums are low, you can barely hear them, but they gradually grow louder, and louder. Something is coming. Someone is coming. Whatever is coming… is a good thing, or is bad? Suddenly the conch blows very loudly right at the edge of the trees where is very dark. And then… becomes very quiet. is no sound for several seconds, no sound even from the audience, and then… BOOM BOOM BOOM, the bright lights of the luau circle go on, and 25 beautiful Hawaiian women and girls step forward from the darkness of the trees in a V formation with my best friend Shalayo at the top of the V. The loud boomers soften and the higher tiki drums set the beat for the girls to wig wam walk a slow otea beat into the full light of the luau circle… with their arms and hands held high above their heads, their arms extended over their heads in the Polynesian sign of female submission. They are topless, bare breasted, and barefoot with the shortest of otea skirts tied at the waist, the hip bare on the knot side showing the bare hip where panties or the thin strap of a thong would normally be seen. Are they naked under the skirt as well as being topless? Yes, some of them are, and further mystery is provided by the lack of a flower behind any of the girl's ear. Are they single? Are they married? No one can tell because no one in the luau audience is looking at faces. lol The tiki drums trail off, fading, and new drums begin as the main beat of the dance begins. The dancers have all come forward to position themselves at the very edge of the luau circle, dancing to the beat, their arms still high above their heads, never allowing their arms to move down to their side. Smiling seductively they look directly at the line of luau watchers, the audience of family members standing immediately before them six feet away all along the line of 25 dancers, their hips moving the nonosina beat (nonosina means synchronized dancing). Each of the dancers are moving in perfect unison and timing with the dancer on each side of them. Their motion and movement are matched perfectly with Shalayo, the leader, in the middle of the line (right in front of my hubby, lol) makes the high pitched cry of the dolphin signaling the all clear sign her family of dolphin dancers. (Polynesians interpret the dolphin's all clear signal mean… the party is on. lol). The tempo and the beat increase, the drums grow louder and louder, and then is nothing but motion and movement with everything below upraised arms moving in all directions at once, and still the dancers move faster and faster. After very fast minutes of mesmerizing the entire luau audience they begin slow down as the drums lead them move backwards, arms still raised high above their undulating bodies, dancing as they go back into the darkness of the trees again. The girls disappear by each row of the reformed V as they bounce their hip as if shooting at the lights that instantly go dark with the beat of the drums, the luau circle becoming more dark with each girl that disappears into the trees. Shalayo is the last to be seen, and as she turns to each side presenting her profile she subtly pops the button hidden by the knot of her otea skirt, and the skirt falls to the ground as she steps completely naked from view, her arms still held high over her head. The luau lights all go dark, and the excited yips and yaps and loud whistling of the luau audience continue until the live drummers begin with their tiki drums, and the audience is suddenly very quiet again with rustling sounds of the next dancers approaching the edge of the circle. The crowd awaits anxiously for the next performance to begin. will be? Will the next performers be males or females? Will they be as good as the first performance? Will they be as sexy as the that danced right in front of their eyes?

At this particular luau the opening drums were provided by a disk that I had loaned Shalayo. They were the drums of Sandy Nelson, one of the old time ( meaning before my time) drummers was one of the best and most famous drummers of all time. Below is the YouTube version called… “Let Be Drums.” Shalayo gave the disk a techie friend washed out the twangy guitars and elongated the drums six minutes, the time took for the girls to come out of the trees and dance, and then return. I have no doubt that as you listen to the drums you can use your mind's eye to see the girls dancing as I described.

End of entry

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9/14/2021 2:35 pm

Love tradition. Thanks for sharing.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.”
― Oscar Wilde

G000dbuddy 34M  
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9/14/2021 11:03 pm

Nice promo


Luv24Q2 45M
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9/15/2021 6:44 pm

TallyCakes, what's the deal with these Viagra boner inducing lap dancing drums? You, Aly, Shalayo & I need to have a Luau pow wow about franchising this BOOM BOOM back to my room Luau concept as a new fitness phenom to suburban strip malls across America.

All this talk about Hawaiian Pimps & Ho's and NO mention of the legendary Don Ho? 🤔

Tried to respond to your email but FREAKfinder blocked your messages & massages.

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9/18/2021 4:30 am

so sensually articulate sweetie. loved it and look forward to reading the reat of them💋💋🧚‍♂️🧚‍♀️🔥

AlyTal 32M/28F  
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9/18/2021 8:42 am

    Quoting tskimmyhollingsw:
    so sensually articulate sweetie. loved it and look forward to reading the reat of them💋💋🧚‍♂️🧚‍♀️🔥
Okaaaaaaay Welcome aboard there sweetie

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9/20/2021 2:17 pm

Thanks for sharing. Very nice!!

AlyTal 32M/28F  
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10/10/2021 3:25 pm

Thank you everyone for your very nice comments.

But I'll you one thing... Mr. or Madam Site Tech Admin. in charge of QA on the Blogs.... you are really beginning to piss me off with all the words that are being left out of blog entries. It doesn't have to be this way if a tech is worth his/her salt.

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10/14/2021 1:42 am

Very interesting and informative. I love hearing about your culture. Thanks for sharing.

AlyTal 32M/28F  
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10/14/2021 5:16 pm

    Quoting  :

Thank you for trying to fix the missing words. It is so aggravating that such things are allowed to happen on what is supposed to be a genuine blog site. I suppose the site is programed to save space, but it is an atrocious practice that should not be allowed. It really ticks me off.

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