My Current Sugar Daddy Arrangement  

AlluringAngelxo 32F
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7/18/2021 5:02 pm
My Current Sugar Daddy Arrangement

Hello there guys ,

I hope everyone has had an amazing weekend! I am going to share an interesting conundrum that I find myself in with my current SD. He is very successful, has a gorgeous home and beautiful cars. He usually dotes on me each time that I spend a weekend with him and rightfully so of course. Currently, he has become more stingy but that's okay because I'll just deprive him of my usual weekend presence and go out with my girlfriend instead. What I expect from him as a standard is- asking if I need money and then taking my<b> shopping </font></b>or giving my something pretty. He has seriously been slacking and for his age (over twice my age) to be slacking with me......he's going to get a rude awakening. I am two steps away from seeking an entirely new arrangement. It has been 10 months but who knows, let's see if it will be 10 months too long.

P.S.- I am starting an Only Fans that I will be rolling out tomorrow. Keep your eyes open for that drop.

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