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Albertaheadhunte 68M
0 posts
7/15/2021 11:57 am

Reefer & freedom make a good hubby act out!

And, it makes this predominantly hetero yet undeniably bi mature gentleman get horny as fuc With the Mrs. away visiting relatives and me alone at home the next couple of weeks I submitted to an old interest and perused the local Craigslist for some M on M possibilities. There were slim pickings overall but one fellow responded to my response and invited me over to "test the waters" or, in other words, meet and find some common ground.

We are in a very rural area and the drive to his community took at least 90 minutes and was rather dangerous given that I found myself driving the entire way in a non-stop snow storm which left about 7-8 inches on the ground.

As I was driving I decided to smoke the fat joint I had brought along and right on schedule, as soon as I was high the horny thoughts just came rushing into my brain and mindset. The fellow I was going to meet had declared himself bi-sexual with a real interest in being bound and whipped but also quite willing to "top" if requested...I requested it. I have a similar curiosity but not a high pain threshold but the thought of being helplessly bound is deliciously thrilling though I have never previously actually lived that particular<b> fantasy.

</font></b>Nonetheless, I made up my mind that due to the stressful driving conditions already making this a memorable night, I was going to go the extra mile and request that he tie me up and have his way with my cherry ass. I've dreamt of this scenario so many times and that night was going to see it come to fruition.

I arrived at his home and was greeted by a rather average but not bad looking guy around my age. I slipped out of my snowy shoes and followed him directly to his basement at his request. He had the makings of a dungeon but still had a lot of work to do. He had all his whips & paddles along with restraints etc laid out on a table and there was something else awaiting me there...his wife!

Upon reaching the bottom step to his basement the first thing one saw was his table covered with all his toys...that immediately caught my eye and I naturally gravitated over to check it out. As I was doing so I picked up a particular whip and as I turned to inquire about it, I saw his wife sitting quietly and quite demurely on a couch toward the back of the basement. I believe I stammered out some inarticulate greeting or exclamation but whatever I uttered made her smile sweetly and declare me a real peach!

I looked at him and he immediately introduced me to his wife & explained that she is always there and hoped I didn't mind. Did I mind? I was thrilled...but kept my cool for the time being. Their names, believe it or not, were Randy and Rand..keep it simple, right? Randi stood up and walked over to her hubby and ordered me to go relax on the couch and enjoy the show. But she advised me, don't worry, your turn is coming up real soon.

Randi was wearing one of those dresses that buttons all the way down the front and was barefoot, no dominatrix leather or anything like that, very basic. It was too soon to know if she wore anything underneath. She ordered her husband to strip and he complied quickly. He assumed a standing position between two metal poles and she trussed him up with wrist and ankle restraints that attached to eye bolts on those poles. When she had him secured and helpless, buck naked and standing spread eagle...she got a jar of lube and moved around behind him. She liberally applied the lube then fetched an anal hook from the table of toys and lubed the ball on the end. She then worked it into his ass and fastened it by rope to a hook screwed into a beam that was overhead.

She pulled the rope snug making him stand on his tiptoes and hoisting his ass up much more than I would have liked. But, he loved it and moaned constantly.

I was absent-mindedly still holding the whip I'd picked up and Randi asked me for it. The whips and paddles were laid out in order of severity and I was holding item number one. She took the whip and commenced to flogging him methodically all over, starting with his ass, then his back up one side and down the other, all over each leg before moving to the front. She literally beat his ass (and everywhere else) red and used each item completely. Thinking back there might have been 20 different whips & paddles and she used every one, much to his delight!

When she was done beating her husband, she released him and we all had a nice cool drink while chatting. When our drinks were finished Randi told me that they, as a couple, were up for just about anything I was. Stoned, horny as hell and completely uninhibited I told them both that the weather had already made this night memorable but I wanted to make it an over the top night by being restrained, naked on my knees and having my cherry ass probed by her hubby...or her if that was how they wanted it. Bottom line, I wanted to be tied naked and helpless and fucked in my ass. They were grinning like Chessire cats and readily agreed to make this happen.

Randi told me to slowly strip and fold my clothes. Take off those socks too she demanded. Rather coyly, I stripped to my boxers and simply stood there...she smiled and motioned to lose the boxers too. There I stood, utterly naked before two relative strangers that I'd only met less than an hour before. That alone was thrilling but Randi was good at this and more or less read my mind. She directed me to kneel on the thick carpet before the couch and then instructed her husband to stand before me. We were both sideways but directly in front of Randi as she sat on the edge of the couch very close to us.

I used my hand to indicate to Randy that he should spread his legs for me and I gently grasped his sac and began massaging his swollen balls with one hand while softly stroking his stiffening cock with my other hand. After a moment of this Randi grasped her husband's now fully erect cock and guided it to my mouth. I was in a state of delight, unlike anything I can recall lately and sucked him slowly into my mouth, working my way down til his short crotch hairs were tickling my nose. Using my tongue as much as possible I began to back off his cock slowly until just the head remained in my mouth. With just the head I was able to really work my tongue and he began extolling my cocksucking skills to his wife in a raspy, horny voice.

I began to warm to my task and grasping both his beet red ass cheeks I started really sucking his meat and licking him like a madman. Randi had slipped off the couch to get behind me and reaching through my legs, she began squeezing and fondling my cock and balls...and I really appreciated the attention. After a couple of minutes of her teasing me, she retrieved the aforementioned lube and began prepping my excited bunghole, reaching at first one finger inside followed soon after by two welcome invading fingers. He's ready if you are, she exclaimed to her husband. I reluctantly released his very excited cock from my mouth with a loud, very slutty plopping sound which made us all chuckle a bit. We were having a great time.

Randi and Randy eased me down until my head was touching the thick carpet, two pillows were placed under my knees and a spreader bar was attached to my ankles forcing my legs apart. My hands were pulled behind my back, not too hard but sufficient to render me truly helpless. They were then tied together with nylon rope. She then placed on a condom on her husband's throbbing cock and used a wee bit of lube to grease up his pole. I was thus on my knees, head on the floor, deliciously naked and bound facing the couch. As her hubby positioned himself behind me Randi resumed her original place on the couch and placed her pretty feet with delightfully painted toenails...right in my face. It was an unbelievable scene and being baked made it all the better.

As I was taking the initiative or maybe just picking up on her cue, I started licking her feet to the best of my ability, considering my very limited mobility. As I was reveling in my foot fetish Randy began rubbing his cock up and down my slippery butt crack and working his way to my tight asshole, he gently probed and worked until I felt his cockhead slip past my tight hole. I took a deep breath and prepared myself to the best of my ability for what was coming next.

With a smack on my butt cheek and a corny High Ho Silver, he leaned in and whispered...Here we go! Then he slowly began easing his seven-inch dick deeper into my ass until he was balls deep and I felt absolutely stuffed. The sensation and moment were too much and I took a break from worshipping his wife's beautiful feet to simply savor the sensations as he began to withdraw his meat. He stopped when just the head was left in me and after checking that all was good with me, he began to slide back down, deep into me. He repeated this process slowly several times before beginning to pick up the pace a little at a time. I was back to licking Randi's feet and sucking her toes when she stood up. Being in the position I was I couldn't really see what she was doing but there was no mistaking what she'd done when she dropped her dress on the floor right by my head.

She then bent over to untie my wrists and I was able to lift my head and move with considerably more freedom...not that I wanted to go or be anywhere else! It made me smile to see her naked body with her trimmed but still substantial red bush and great nipples on very firm and ample tits. She then resumed her place on the couch and scootched her ass to the edge, right in front of my face...once again I instantly picked up her implied signal and dove into her wet, wet pussy like a man possessed.

Being "up" a little more also changed the angle of entry in my ass and Randy's rhythmic pounding of my willing ass took on new feelings and sensations. The loving couple kept up a running dialogue throughout these proceedings but none of it mattered except the wish that they both cum at the same time...which they agreed to do. Within about five minutes both exclaimed that they were on the brink and I imagined I felt Randy's big dick actually swell even more as he grunted with each spurt of his cock, he had stopped and was flexing his spasming cock deep in my ass. At the other end, Randi arched her back, curled her toes and grabbed both sides of my head as she violently ground her pussy into my face. She wasn't a squirter but she did get very, very wet and my face & chest were drenched with her juices and my own sweat. In fact, I was covered in sweat not having noticed previously just how warm and dry their basement was.

Taking a brief moment just to catch our wind, the three of us stayed in position until I felt Randy releasing me from the spreader bar and asking if I needed help getting up. I didn't but appreciated being able to finally stand after being in that restrained position for an extended period of time. I looked down at Randi who was slowly but deliberately rubbing her pussy with a very wicked grin on her face. She announced that it was time for them to taste me and with that, she slid off the couch to her knees while her hubby assumed a like position by her side...directly in front of my coc

Regrettably, I didn't last more than a minute or so and I advised them that my excitement level was such that there was no way I could last very long. They stated it was of no consequence and that I should just relax and cum whenever. With him licking my balls relentlessly and her expertly servicing my swollen cock I took what I could before announcing my imminent that, she turned my cock toward her hubby's mouth and stroked me til I came right into his mouth. She was lightly tickling and scratching my balls all the while as he immediately trapped my spurting dick in his warm mouth and teased and tortured my swollen cockhead with his insistent tongue action.

Weak-kneed and spent I stepped back literally dragging my cock out of his reluctant to yield mouth and stepping back, I flopped down onto the couch, exhausted but blissfully sore and spent. Randi sat beside me and gently grasping my flagging dick she skillfully and lovingly squeezed every last drop out of me, licking whatever she could gather off her fingers and hand. Yes, indeed, I assured them both that yes, it was well worth the drive and I hope to reenact this scenario and many others with them in the future.

I don't know how much if any of this is real "taboo" but I appreciate finding you to tell this story to. I have been desperately seeking someone to share it with as it was a watershed moment in my life and an event I will never forget...and I made two new friends as well. Hope you enjoy the read and thanks again, I'd love to hear from you.

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