Looking back....laughing and leaning into new life...  

AlanaStone 45T  
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4/15/2019 6:37 pm
Looking back....laughing and leaning into new life...

So re-read my previous posts.....fortunately didn't make cringe too much lol...soooo much has changed and immensely grateful/happy now living trans and seeing the world as a trans woman. One really curious aspect is how I don't really see the world any different but the world see's me VERY differently. Everywhere I go there is not much blending in....so even the mundane tasks become more of an "event" lol. When I go out anywhere I have to be prepared and not forget this, not that I feel threatened or afraid but again just whether those I encounter are cool w trans people or not it's just you have to remember there is going to be more involved than just going about my day. There is going to be the process of seeing, then the identifying what they are seeing is not what they expect to then my fave part, when their eyes and expression reveal how they feel about what see....lil ol bad ass ME !!!!! I often seem to feel like I'm viewing things 3rd person, which is helpful and also unique. Whether they look cool with it or disgusted, I'm like.... do your thing.....'s what you better believe I'll be doing!!!!!!! Might have to pick up this blog more often. So if your'e one of the few who follow it or just randomly read it....say hi, lemme know what you think...good bad or indifferent.....

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4/15/2019 7:56 pm

" I often seem to feel like this 3rd person "

Interesting post.
So the 3rd person, is that someone who is not the 'old; you, nor the 'new' you, instead the 'transitioning' you ?
Or do you mean like a character that's created in the minds of those you encounter ?

AlanaStone replies on 4/15/2019 8:03 pm:
hey...that's a good question....I'd say it's kind of like not "me... like an observer of the situation who isn't emotionally invested in the situation... this view does slow my response to some things that have happened but it is still helpful and has stopped me from taking some hasty actions that once I'm out of the scenario I have been glad for that....

Letzplay2nite693 30M
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4/15/2019 8:37 pm


Blueyedguy823 52M  
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4/16/2019 10:12 am

Great description of how you approach your day as the "3rd person".

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