You have a SEXY body!  

80sbaby71 50F
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10/4/2021 4:27 pm
You have a SEXY body!

Good evening playmates. I hope you are all well. Today I decided to laugh a at the emails I get. I’m sure many people get “those” emails.

“Your body is soooo sexy”. “Wow! Your pictures are !” Etc, etc…. But, let’s stop and think for a second. I’m a plus size woman. I’m not proud of my body. But, I am not stupid. I’m also a bitch! I at other women. I want be that sexy modelesque woman. I at some friends/family that are curvy….and they are ! Then I at obese women. And yes, are some that I judge. Minime scolds me. I don’t like looking at some “fat” women are showing a bit too much in public. I’m not talking cleavage or tight jeans. I’m talking about the short shorts that have bulges hanging out. Crop tops that need to be wash rags for the car! I hate that! We should support our fellow woman. I digress…. Anyway, those pesky emails.

I’m sure that if I was walking past you at the grocery store or pumping gas at the next spot… you wouldn’t spare me a glance. I’m ordinary. I’m plain Jane. I’m the fat in jeans and probably a rude tee shirt! But, then you need sex…. So you at the pictures on Senior Sizzle. And you start writing me that ….

I love you! I’m sending you all hugs and a real wet 💋

CleavageFan4U 65M  
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10/4/2021 5:26 pm

Actually I NEVER get emails telling me how sexy I am!

Don't be too sure I'd pass you by. If nothing else, give me credit for knowing what I like.

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J616Nsa 23M
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10/4/2021 8:59 pm

Everyone has a type

boobwhisperer69 59M  
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10/4/2021 9:54 pm

Don't be so hard on yourself!!! Sexiness starts in the mind!!! And radiates!!!

scc1965 56M

10/4/2021 10:02 pm

Honestly, the first picture isn't very flattering, ut I did look at your profile picts...and I will say I liked them. You are a real 2c

nsnguystill 70M
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10/5/2021 2:04 am

sexy is not how little you wear. rather how well you you are in your skin

there is a world of difference between insane and stupid

spunkycumfun 62M/67F  
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10/5/2021 3:14 am

Some men let their cock do the talking.
But you look sexy, especially in fishnet.

G000dbuddy 34M  
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10/5/2021 3:26 am

You are a real woman.


cyclingfool 60M  
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10/5/2021 6:58 am

As the others have said or implied. Don't be so hard on yourself.
Many of us find beauty in the person and yes the image. I've enjoyed seeing many of your pictures.
It is sexy that you put out there what you do, and it is nice also knowing, you know when, where and how to let that side show.
Don't get to down on yourself. That isn't attractive either. My ex wouldn't let me admire her even in private. It was a huge turnoff.

citizen4722 64M  
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10/6/2021 12:05 pm

I adore curvaceous women and you certainly fit that category

justskin1 70M
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10/9/2021 7:21 pm

Not everyone goes for the magazine image of a sexy body though no doubt not enough men do or will admit it. My GF is built a lot like you and she is lovely. It is not just the body but the soul that shows through. I expect when you let yourself forget your negatives you glow too and are very sexy.
Take care and have a great Sunday and next week.
Sending you big hugs. (Naked ones if you prefer as I am usually naked when home.)

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