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TotalAquanaut 40M
7 posts
12/31/2021 4:20 am

Yeah, I've heard that before "look up the pig's ass for a surprise", Not falling for that again.

TicklePlease 54F  
13851 posts
12/31/2021 4:59 am

This probably should win the "best blog title" for the year! Excellent bit of historical trivia there, thank you!

spunkycumfun 62M/67F  
41171 posts
12/31/2021 5:04 am

Wow, I never thought looking into a pig's arse could be fun!

zebulauno 51M  
11 posts
12/31/2021 6:08 am

Maybe that’s why Clemmie called Churchill pig.

staci_19702 51T  
3767 posts
12/31/2021 6:19 am

Ha! That’s amazing!
Not much porn to hide anymore. But my closet was the best place.

Have a great day! 💋

Mickstrike 62M
713 posts
12/31/2021 6:47 am

Wow - now that’s off-off beat.

windsjohn 71M  
798 posts
12/31/2021 6:49 am

I hide my porn on a very top shelf in my tool cabinet. Not as much as before the internet. Now I have Senior Sizzle LOL With my password in my dirty minded head

njfitguy1 60M  
555 posts
12/31/2021 7:17 am

I learned some new things today
Porn in pigs and the definition of a Stanhope lens.

G000dbuddy 34M  
1676 posts
12/31/2021 7:52 am


CleavageFan4U 65M  
69374 posts
12/31/2021 8:54 am

TOO FUNNY - leave it to you to tell us about this!

My porn, both the downloaded kind, and the more personal kind I create with friends, is all in my password protected computer - except for the ones I post on my blog.

Happy New Year babe.

The Sexual Reassignment Surgery Bowl
Doing My Own Thing, on HNW
Signs of the Times
[post 3312759] My Private Post - Tell Me ALL Your Secrets – Anything you write here is just between us

Mr_Mercedes 60M
617 posts
12/31/2021 12:18 pm

Where? Why on a thumbdrive, silly.

Looking for Mischief

CedarsPrince 42M
1608 posts
12/31/2021 12:32 pm

Talk about a pig in a poke

hidden Stanhope lens which is a microscope used for viewing photos as as the head of a pin.

Man, and people nowadays have the audacity to complain with the video buffers too much. We have advanced so well from looking up a tiny pig's ass to hiding magazines under our bed to now making it digital and password protected & encrypted.

So, where do you hide your porn?

I used to hide mine inside a shoe box under the bed.

Happy New Year, señorita

Jules1590 54F
8151 posts
12/31/2021 7:06 pm

Fascinating! Where do you find these gems? I am dying to know what you do for a living young lady.

Don't need to hide porn, but I DO need to hide my journals. Porn I watch online and try to remember to clear my history.

Happy New Year luv.

Albarn 39M
15 posts
1/1/2022 2:29 am

It’s only 2:30 am, and you win the internet today..
Happy New Year, sweet cheeks

Mouseatplay 42M

1/3/2022 9:12 pm

I love little, otherwise useless bits of interesting information. that was great!

hotdreamer1000 62M
12409 posts
1/4/2022 8:47 am

Extraordinary, but believable!

In my head, lol.

4ever1017 25M
16 posts
1/5/2022 6:12 am


midhard1 65M
325 posts
1/12/2022 10:10 am

Clever. Amazing what the mind can think of! The times sure have changed, haven't they, porn everywhere and so freely accessible.

Comments on my blog "midhard1" or on my erotic stories welcomed.

Caele 54M
57 posts
1/13/2022 2:11 am

I'LL TAKE 1000
if i ever find my porn i'll let you know where ihid it.
OI happy new year

Prof10001 62M
4094 posts
1/15/2022 4:18 am

Very clever

hightops41 45M
816 posts
1/26/2022 8:27 am


71Chuck 73M  
22 posts
2/15/2022 11:57 pm

Like most nowadays, my porn is in a folder on the computer labeled more lawn information ahhahah. But what I did hide was naked photos of my first two wives and a few girlfriends from my third (and last) wife. I had a basement full of construction materials and auto repair parts so I put them under a rag in the bottom of my paint sprayer box under the sprayer and put it in the back of a top shelf. It took her a few years but she was not to be denied the fun of taking them to the back yard where I was burning leaves and throwing them in the fire one by one. What was I supposed to do? Grrrrrr I had committed some of them to memory but evidently not all. I admit I was the sub in that marriage because no one dared to defy her. She knew no limits and had no filters. In fact, I felt extremely lucky to have left that marriage with my life.

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