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Alannah_cd 65T  
195 posts
12/31/2021 6:15 am

the "farm" is looking good! xoxoxoxoxoxoxo

xDude456 60M
31392 posts
12/31/2021 6:25 am

Happy Growing

CedarsPrince 42M
1608 posts
12/31/2021 6:27 am

One of the things I look forward to when I become a home owner is having my own fruit/veggie garden

staci_19702 51T  
3767 posts
12/31/2021 6:36 am

That looks great!!
Wish we could grow more. Currently have 2 pineapples that Are still green. The avocados didn’t make it. 😞. I don’t know about the other stuff. That’s wifeys area of expertise.
The cacti thrive! πŸ˜ƒ

Have a great day! πŸ’‹

G000dbuddy 34M  
1676 posts
12/31/2021 7:53 am



pal334 68M  
45821 posts
12/31/2021 7:57 am

Well done! What a great feeling to take control

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spunkycumfun 62M/67F  
41171 posts
12/31/2021 8:30 am

Thanks. I've learnt a lot with your post. I now what heirloom seeds are and bananas have pups!
You are blogland's official gardener.

jamesn 53M
20 posts
12/31/2021 8:32 am

Happy New Year!

CleavageFan4U 65M  
69374 posts
12/31/2021 9:29 am

Very cool.

Can I look down your blouse as you bend over to tend the plants?

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crosstraining 69T  
8367 posts
12/31/2021 10:23 am

Looks like your getting a Green thump , That would be a good hair color , Happy New Year , XOXO

author51 59F  
130010 posts
12/31/2021 10:37 am

Your Papayas have sure grown my farm girl and the other plants are looking healthy and glad some are starting to produce the fruits and veggies of your labour.. Happy New Year's Eve. Continued growth to you in all areas of life my friend.xoxo

spankandsquirt20 43F  
10597 posts
12/31/2021 12:11 pm

Oh my you are doing awesome! I don't really have green thumbs but where I'm renting now I have this beautiful garden. All I have to do really is keep after the weeds. Maybe I should hire myself a gardener to do the weeding and I can just lay out there and soak up the sun Mind you right now everything is just covered in snow and ice so I guess I will have to figure out something else do do

Logan0867 54M
244 posts
12/31/2021 12:32 pm

You gotta send me a papaya LOL I never heard of pink celery.

citizen4722 64M  
74582 posts
12/31/2021 2:06 pm

You're doing a grand job so far

Paulxx001 65M  
22616 posts
12/31/2021 2:10 pm

And a happy Friday to you as well.

mc_justmc 62M  
6929 posts
12/31/2021 2:38 pm

Happy New Year Enigma!!!

pacnwlover42 53M
9808 posts
12/31/2021 9:22 pm

I love tropical fruits. πŸŠπŸ‹πŸŒπŸ₯­πŸπŸ₯ Looks like Florida is having a warm winter so far. 🌞🌴

Funny women are incredibly sexy!

PonyGirl1965 56F
22090 posts
12/31/2021 11:41 pm

I love farm Fridays!! Your plants are doing great! I had no idea how new banana plants happened.
Happy New Year!!

pagancountrygirl 64F
6466 posts
1/1/2022 9:21 am

Wait.....What?? PINK celery?
I think we're going to need pictures of that when you dig it up!

Hmmmm....I know I left that wand around here somewhere!

CleavageFan4U 65M  
69374 posts
1/1/2022 11:29 am

EnigmaInitiative replies on 12/31/2021 10:33 pm:
...Given that I usually wear a tight tank top sans bra and shorts to garden, you may not actually be able to see down it...though you'd definitely see the tatas.


Side boob views are fine too.

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