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6SluttyUnicorn9 46F  
365 posts
3/21/2021 11:34 am

I found that none of the messages I’ve been sending people are being delivered. It pisses me off because it makes me like a rude bitch. I’m not sure how long it’s been going on. If any of you have received a message (email, not ) from please let know what the date was.

Also found that after I sent a friend over 2500 points, he got about 300. I say we all ditch this shitty site and make a new one. Anybody here know how make a website?😅

The messages I’m sending have also been to friends that I’ve been talking to for months. Gold members. The last known message that someone received was December. Which is when I called them out for their shady contests. I must have pissed someone off.

all the people I used talk , I’ve tried messaging you. Now I know why I wasn’t getting any response.

MPlaz 53M  
23 posts
3/21/2021 12:10 pm

You are a true lady for saying and doing this x

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/21/2021 12:16 pm:
Thank you. I’ve made many friends on this site and to them it looks like I’ve just been ignoring them. 🙁 Also, all the people I’ve messaged to have sex with. I wondered why I had no takers. 😩

flannel_light 58F  
2773 posts
3/21/2021 12:18 pm

Good luck with making one

May the light bring peace into your life.

Massass1963 57M  
1372 posts
3/21/2021 12:32 pm

I had a discussion earlier with a woman on this site about the unfairness of how they conduct business. My complaint is the open gender discrimination against men. If a women walked into a dealership and had to pay twice the price for a car that a man walked out with for ....well half the price ...OR, if the man got a bunch of extras for no charge that the woman had to pay for, how would women feel? It is the quick analogy to what is happening on this site. It is why I refused to pay for so long, until they offered me a short-term deal at a cheap price. All kinds of functions simply don't function, such as IM.
So, does that mean you DID email me a note to ask me to meet up for fun?? LOL

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/21/2021 12:56 pm:
Massachusetts is a little too far to do lunch. 😉

69ereatwetpussy 58M
4913 posts
3/21/2021 12:37 pm

It's like the government you give they take.
Sorry for your lose.
Senior Sizzle has their ways so your right to try and find another way of meeting and contacting people b in another way.
Good luck if you do then send me a note I'll join in

ProfessorNaught 108M
1293 posts
3/21/2021 12:44 pm

For those that have been here a while, this is normal. You are right, a better site is needed - from the start. This site has always been about clicks and ad dollars with the push towards rigid payment executed very poorly by subsequent site owners. There are techs on and off the site that would collaborate on a solution but they too would need to monetize it somehow. In the meanwhile, you can setup or create a private post only you have access to that allows users to post. Then use the 'quote link' on each user post to reply directly to the users you choose to communication with.

ProfessorNaught 108M
1293 posts
3/21/2021 12:45 pm

btw: do you have any coding experience?

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/21/2021 1:01 pm:
No idea about coding.

Tmptrzz 58F
94761 posts
3/21/2021 12:47 pm

Sorry to hear your having such issues with the site, you really should contact the site and let them know what's going on..

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/21/2021 1:03 pm:
I emailed them, but I’ve emailed them about issues before and never got a response. I will call tomorrow.

ReadyKnow5 62M/62F
28 posts
3/21/2021 12:55 pm

(SLS) Swing Life Style

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/21/2021 1:04 pm:
I want to get it on that lifestyle.😛 Is that a website?

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/21/2021 1:06 pm:
I found it. Looks interesting.

notdw 55M  
33 posts
3/21/2021 1:15 pm

This site is definitely interesting that's for sure. The only thing you can do is message them again and see what happens. I'll message you and see what happens.

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/21/2021 2:21 pm:
That’s the thing, the k my way to communicate with them is messaging and I can’t send any.🙁 try to message me and I will message back.

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/22/2021 8:27 pm:
Checking to see if you get this reply

Brownie202 64F
2102 posts
3/21/2021 2:02 pm

If you do start another site I know one feature that would be great. Mail controls like at a site I use. Messages from ages not interested in goes to bull mail. Same for users from other countries, females and over whatever miles I chose. My profile is clear not meeting. Not willing to relocate is also there. It is a free site so they are able to read my profile. Some ignore what is there. Others do not bother reading it. Oh and I have I do not answer messages. Deleted u reread. So many men there like here ignore or don't read my profile.

Humans are the most dangerous animals on earth.

If only animals had the ability to know when to keep away from us humans they would be better off.

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/21/2021 2:20 pm:
Yeah, I get questions or comments that make it clear the guy didn’t read my profile.

redy4passion6969 56M
38 posts
3/21/2021 2:40 pm

Even though you are a gold member, only paying members can get emails from you that can be seen. I get emails all the time from paying members but I can't read because it is shaded out.

If you use 200 points you can respond. It's just like IM and watching the Web Cam, you need to use points if you're not a paying member. That's why I set up an auto response advising people to come to my private blog to leave messages. You don't need points to blog and if you set up blog to approve responses and reply's, only you and the person leaving a comment can see those comments.

If a non paying member pay's to view your profile, they can send you a message and then they will see your response. Also some people give everyone access to their profile, or the site does temporarily, and so non paying members can again send an email and receive responses if they do it from inside your profile.

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/21/2021 3:41 pm:
The messages aren’t even going through to people that are friends that I’ve been talking to for months.

runnersoccer 48M/46F  
1 post
3/21/2021 3:00 pm

We are hoping to hear from you once tyour message issue is resilved.

lok4fun500 110M  
49411 posts
3/21/2021 3:01 pm

Messages I have sent to site support have taken at least 3 weeks before they answer....but all they say is we're looking into it. It's like a recorded message...always the same!

care to check out the blog of A NORTHERN GENTLEMAN?
Private Mailbox
come join us ~THE CAMPFIRE~~ group!

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/21/2021 3:45 pm:
I’m going to call them tomorrow

hotbod4u1234567 57M  
2 posts
3/21/2021 3:47 pm

Hi there! Sorry to hear about your Senior Sizzle issues... it doesn’t surprise me, I’ve had multiple issues with this site myself...
Back in December we were exchanging emails to set up a play day and the last email I received from you on 12/13 was “Sounds good” for a Tuesday date request, but never heard back...

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/21/2021 5:18 pm:
I’m sorry. I will have to go back through and find that message.

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/21/2021 6:43 pm:
I looked at our messages and I sent you one on 3/5 and 3/13. Before that I had taken a break from the site.

redrockrascal 62M
22688 posts
3/21/2021 3:57 pm

The most direct way to contact the tech people is via their blog > Site Problems, Bug reports, Customer Feedback and Suggestions March 2021

When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro.

The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/22/2021 10:20 am:
Awesome, thank you. I will do that.

Hopeurgood96 51M  
1 post
3/21/2021 4:02 pm

U r right I have not receive no response from u at all.

notdw 55M  
33 posts
3/21/2021 4:24 pm

Message sent.

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/21/2021 5:14 pm:
Do you mean you got the message I sent you?

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/21/2021 5:29 pm:
I responded to your message at 2:22.

boobwhisperer69 58M  
6771 posts
3/21/2021 6:31 pm

Just like FB, when things get popular.........they get big heads and fuck shit up and people over!!!!!

Eagertopleese22 48M
1601 posts
3/21/2021 8:04 pm

It seems messages i send on im aee not getting received either. Wasting pounts in members that don't even see my messages. WTF.

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/22/2021 10:22 am:
I know, the whole point of this site is to meet and communicate with people.

Miner1980Brown1 59F
103 posts
3/21/2021 8:29 pm

I do not believe you would want me involved in the program writing unless it was for this site...COBOL is what I used in the Spring of 1983 and it shut down the university's whole computer system since is was running my homework assignment...Needless to say I never went into programming computers. I wonder why?

Massass1963 57M  
1372 posts
3/21/2021 9:26 pm

    Quoting Massass1963:
    I had a discussion earlier with a woman on this site about the unfairness of how they conduct business. My complaint is the open gender discrimination against men. If a women walked into a dealership and had to pay twice the price for a car that a man walked out with for ....well half the price ...OR, if the man got a bunch of extras for no charge that the woman had to pay for, how would women feel? It is the quick analogy to what is happening on this site. It is why I refused to pay for so long, until they offered me a short-term deal at a cheap price. All kinds of functions simply don't function, such as IM.
    So, does that mean you DID email me a note to ask me to meet up for fun?? LOL
Okay, I'll acquiesce. Or better yet I will drive to New York...that's closer! Ohio? Indiana? LOL. I think I'll just have to enjoy your pics for now!

luv2kissher 65M  
7 posts
3/21/2021 10:13 pm

jglad you found something was not working..

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/22/2021 10:33 am:
Me too. I was with my friend and asked if he got my message and he said no, that’s when he showed me he had none of the messages I’d been sending. But they were all on my phone as being sent. 😕 I know we've messaged a lot, I keep all my messages so ours are buried somewhere. Message me so it will bring it to the top and I can see the last message I sent.

Lippenbalsam 60M
196 posts
3/21/2021 11:24 pm

Sex sells.
This has been true in business for a long time.

And most men are stupid enough to pay for the vague hope of fucking.
These members then pay for false promises because many features of this site do not work, even though they are chargeable.
And the alleged site support is just a mirage.
Probably a cheap outsourced hotline in India.

But many still pay for this garbage.
Why ?
GoTo Sex sells;

Nachrichten an mich>> Privater Briefkasten

profcoquin27bis 56M
3835 posts
3/22/2021 6:20 am

Hi from France, standard member can't open email and can't send too

Builder_Bob1 62M  
44 posts
3/22/2021 9:24 am

I have been trying to reach you for quite some time

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/22/2021 2:27 pm:
I know and I had been responding not knowing you weren’t getting them. It never even occurred to me that was going on.

rm_rewster22 58M  
4 posts
3/22/2021 11:11 am

I thought it was kind of strange that we were chatting almost every day, making plans to get together right around the holidays and then you just went ghost... maybe this explains it? Turn your kik back on for a second and I'll shoot you my number. Mine is rewster22 . Hope to talk to you again, it was fun...

5 posts
3/22/2021 11:37 am

Ha remember when you told me I was on your "list" in like october? I tried to see where I was at a few weeks ago and never heard a thing.. maybe you should turn on your K-K again....I had a great photo shoot idea.

naughtyultimate1 58M  
735 posts
3/22/2021 11:58 am

as ad reality i would say, as to starting a new website, it is a rather difficult problem

MrGameman64 35M  
682 posts
3/22/2021 2:15 pm

the site (after the years I have been here on and off) continue to get worse and it's beyond stupid. No need to apologize, because you're doing your part in informing us of what is going on. I wish I had the web knowledge to build something from the ground up but alas I do not.

Hoping for you this gets fixed!

6SluttyUnicorn9 46F  
154 posts
3/22/2021 5:56 pm

I’ve been responding to almost everyone’s comments in this blog. Is anyone seeing them?

5 posts
3/22/2021 5:59 pm

I guess this is just another way for any quality to get lost in the quantity on this terrible site.... oh well... he tried

notdw 55M  
33 posts
3/22/2021 6:00 pm

No I didn't receive any return messages from you. Sorry. Being blocked? Don't they realize that the more women the more men the more money they make.

eyeontheprize916 34M  
1 post
3/22/2021 6:08 pm

I've sent you a few messages. I haven't received anything back. It's hard to tell whether the recipient just isn't interested or if they never received it in the first place. I hope you get it sorted out. We pay good money for this site to be functional. I don't think it's too much to ask to have your messages work correctly.

notdw 55M  
33 posts
3/22/2021 10:16 pm

Got your test message at 8:10. I hope this cures the problem.

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/23/2021 1:43 pm:
Thank you for helping me out. 😘

YourGoodLukCharm 61M
73 posts
3/22/2021 11:13 pm

Hearing all this, kind of mirrors my experience for the past several months also. Maybe our membership of friends needs to file a class action lawsuit against all these breaches of their supposed fiduciary duty to us as members. The old owners concept and pretense for this site were right on the money. The site was for us as a dating and hookup site and to have fun meeting and conversing with others. Now under the new ownership which has tried to monetize every aspect of use it sucks. It saddens me also to think of how many features that improved its functionality, like being able to search by zip code if you were going on a trip have been removed to where its become just a clunky experience. Sure would be nice to get all of my wasted points back from the past 4 months! Ha! When people actually chatted which I might remind you is an actual dialogue between yourself and one or more people. Not a one way dialogue with yourself. Delivered yet not Read does not constitute a chat! Especially for 17 points. It should be free again, or at least so many per day to free members, or should only cost points when they are actually read and responded to. A new site would be great. One that has a software writer that can actually code and incorporate some of the great ideas that membership brings to the fore. Thanks for the insight and the air with which to grieve mine. Stay safe, get vaccinated, make friends. Be good and do good things.

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/23/2021 1:43 pm:
I appoint you new website creator. 😉

notdw 55M  
33 posts
3/23/2021 5:35 am

Yes I got it

notdw 55M  
33 posts
3/23/2021 5:39 am

The respond button in the individual posts don't work. I don't know if there supposed to work or not but I can't respond back. It creates a new post for me.

Jakejabooboo91 29M  
1 post
3/23/2021 7:48 am

hey sorry to hear about that. I've been trying to get a hold of you for a minute now didnt know if i was one of those people or not, but I would love to have some fun together as we are both in cali and i come down to socal quite a bit for fun. DM me if interested, would love to show you a good time and think i got just what you like and crave!

Lindaannbound2 57T  
2 posts
3/23/2021 11:14 am

Im not going to say this is the problem and this is the fix. But I was having problems when I renewed My Gold Membership and I could not view Member photos or live webcams.I should of called them about the problem, but I emailed.They suggested I log out of site? I never log out of the site.I use a Chromebook and I have bookmarked the link and just close out the site that way.Sure enough that was the problem .I was showing as gold but couldn't use any of the Gold video or picture features. Im guessing that the log out/in reset the site parameters?
But also the problem You had was extremely important to be fixed.They cant fix the problems until we let them Know?And to let actual members know what you experienced, which You did.Im going to shut up now Im not helping you at all and you probably got past this issue?NEVER MIND ,lol

************Luv, Linda Ann***************
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6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/23/2021 1:46 pm:
I appreciate any feedback. ☺️ Yeah, communication and messaging is kinda the major point of this website so without that it’s just me watching cam shows, which don’t get me started on the quality of those. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Problem had been fixed. Thank you. 🥰

seems6666 50F
4317 posts
3/23/2021 12:08 pm

    Quoting Massass1963:
    I had a discussion earlier with a woman on this site about the unfairness of how they conduct business. My complaint is the open gender discrimination against men. If a women walked into a dealership and had to pay twice the price for a car that a man walked out with for ....well half the price ...OR, if the man got a bunch of extras for no charge that the woman had to pay for, how would women feel? It is the quick analogy to what is happening on this site. It is why I refused to pay for so long, until they offered me a short-term deal at a cheap price. All kinds of functions simply don't function, such as IM.
    So, does that mean you DID email me a note to ask me to meet up for fun?? LOL
What is IT with you and the female gender? ,,, you accuse us of all getting gold free.. which you were told.. we don't...now you say we get cheap rates to buy Gold.. I've no idea where you get all this from.. I've been here 20 years and they still want to charge me £15.00 a month .... is that cheap? what do you pay then?

6SluttyUnicorn9 replies on 3/23/2021 1:47 pm:
I’m certainly not getting any discounts. $40 a month for me.😕

KyGuyBigDick10 34M
16 posts
3/23/2021 2:51 pm

Yeah there is some shadiness going on

Catgotmytongue_ 51M  

3/23/2021 3:38 pm

I just want to get a message from a beautiful woman, so I'll let you know if i do.

Happy444xo 57M
15 posts
3/25/2021 1:59 pm

Should be a little easier to do things, wouldnt mind getting easier ops to make coin or something like that

s2ndegree 62M  
9750 posts
3/28/2021 1:32 pm

With so many members and each one with their
own individual definition of what this site is or what it should provide
or the reason they're here all under the guise of anonymity.
There'll never be any solution to any of the phenomenon
that happens here.

Using more than all the road!

thenarraguy 35M  
11 posts
3/30/2021 8:08 pm

The site used to be so much better a few years ago when you could read emails when you got them but only respond if you were Gold or had points. Also you used to be able to IM anyone. It sucks now.

stcardsfan100 56M
29 posts
3/31/2021 5:02 pm

you have gorgeous cleavage

JackTinC 23M

4/5/2021 4:32 pm

Nice, I can totally see what you're saying!

Tickler1269 46M  
74 posts
4/6/2021 9:13 am


Lookingfunne2020 44M
5 posts
4/6/2021 3:27 pm

Mmm that’s odd Senior Sizzle works so well lol

Bilovers4life 38M/39F
15 posts
4/8/2021 9:18 am

Man. Had a whole response almost done. Problems for years. Kept freezing and or pages. It sucked. Had to make a lot more then we wanted. Same pics. New name. . Tried most the they just as bad. We meet more ppl. In a lil redneck bare. I give up. More sites have better pic. Oh aaaa8 c

http://Senior Sizzle.com/main/Bilovers4life

Bilovers4life 38M/39F
15 posts
4/8/2021 10:44 am

K trying this post for 3rd time. Always been not great. IM has never worked properly. We use to pay but the accounts froze up. Just died. Had to delete and start new ones. Lost several gold stats. I wont pay any more. They keep taking features away and ur message and IM might go through. Might not.

But we tried most sites. Now we getting emails we can't trace so can't block and profile got in sites we never seen before.

We do have the most respectful members by far. I hate not having pts enough to tell them. Sorry not interested. Good luck. But everyone having same problem so I can only hope they understand.

This is better than alternative sites for couples at least. We can see at least profile pick. Sucks we have to wait to çatch potentials eye by chance. When they cracked down on us sneaking alt ims in got hard. Still got a few by them. Took awhile to catch um to. Haven't figured it out this time. Best I say tho.... One hidden in user name. I was so disappointed I didn't get there first.

If y'all go to the other sights becarful if they look cheep. They probably blast ur profile. We have them all over now. Many can't figure out where the source is. No company name or anything. Poses as a personal account. We've nocked several but hiding the mass blast. And most don't have cold as owners sex. Not even an option.

Confusing to potentials and y'all know the spill. Cussed, flagged, banned. (SLS). Might be ok. Gotta check it out. Probably just as greedy though. We'll see. I try to commit on post if interested. Leave a comment on an added pic. Something. But they took even most of standard members IM messaging options. Just waiting game.

Great idea bout making ur blog ur page. Bet they wouldn't deny blog information on ur profile.

With the rest of u though. If it worked right we would pay for it in a heart beat.

Good hunting y'all. Have fun

http://Senior Sizzle.com/main/Bilovers4life

rm_1littlehose 58M
506 posts
4/9/2021 1:50 pm

I would love a new site! Precisely why I am and will remain a Standard member here!
Best of luck!

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