Swim Fun  

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3/2/2022 9:28 am
Swim Fun

We were at a water park last weekend and anyone that knows me knows I love big tits.

I was staring at all the other women at the water park's tits and getting very horny so I thought I'd get hubby horny too.

I'd nudge him and whisper in his ear, did you see the woman in the brown bikini's tits? Look how big these tits are. Ooooh that woman's ass is delicious.

At one point I could see him hard and grabbed his cock. We kept looking at the woman in the brown bikini with the gorgeous giant tits so I told him to follow me.

I led him back to our room, closed the door and said "I saw you staring at my tits at the water park. Don't you think you're wife will mind?"

He smiled and played along. Yes but your tits are stunning. A few moments of role playing I finally said "Well I don't think my husband will mind if I give you a blowjob as long as you cum all over my tits. And I removed his trunks.

His cock and<b> balls </font></b>tasted like chlorine but they were delicious.

Moments go by and he's screaming I'm gonna cum. A few times and then unloads in my mouth.

I show him his load in my mouth, swallow and say that was better than my husbands. Don't tell him.

Pulled up my bikini and told him to get his trunks back on.

I love dick and tits lol

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3/2/2022 3:37 pm

Which water park was that ?

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