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My Dream Vacation part 6  

52gettingnone 70M  
52 posts
3/21/2020 10:41 am
My Dream Vacation part 6

She Removes the cover from her waist and tells go down on her. When I look down, I see the most beautiful inches of hard cock that I have ever seen.
I look up at her and smile. I get up and go the foot of the bed so I can lay down between her legs. I lay down take her cock in my hand and stroke it. I then lick her from her ass hole up between her balls the tip of her cock then I open my mouth and swallow her cock down the base. I stick my tongue out and lick her clean-shaven balls.
I take her cock out of my mouth and tongue fuck the cum hole, then I run my tongue down her cock and suck each of her balls. I take a finger and start playing with her ass hole while I am sucking her balls.
I run my tongue down between her balls to her ass and start rimming and kissing it. I then work my way back up to the tip of her cock and run my tongue around it. I close my mouth and run my lips up and down her shaft. I again take her cock down my throat and start bobbing up and down while playing with her balls and ass hole. When I feel that she is about to cum I will stop and let her calm down. I want to get her all worked up so she will cum a lot.
After about an hour of working her cock balls and ass she is moaning and grabbing my head and forcing her cock down my throat. She starts cumming and I pull back so not all the cum goes down my throat but I catch some in my mouth and taste her sweet creamy load.
After she has finished cumming I keep sucking her cock and running my hand from the base up the head make sure I get all of her sweet nectar out.
I then crawl up lay beside her and give her a deep kiss letting our tongues dance with each other. We kiss and cuddle for a while. She is laying on her back and I am on my side next to her. I start kissing her neck and ears while playing with her tits. I do this for some time and she turns to me and says “if you get me hard again you know that I will have to fuck your ass.” I smile at her and keep up my kissing and playing. I start sucking her tits and rubbing her coc I feel her starting get hard and keep going. I run my tongue from one nipple to the other then back to the center. I run my tongue down her tunny to her belly button and tongue it all the time playing with her coc I kiss her belly and work my way down and give the head of her cock a kiss, start playing with her balls. She is not fully hard.
Mistress C says Turn over bitch you are in for a fucking. She gets some lube and puts on my ass and her coc She enters from behind, doggy stile. She is fucking slow but deep. I can feel her balls slapping mine. We change positions several times as she is making slow sweet love . We end up with on my side and her behind fucking my ass. She blows her load deep in . We lay there and both of fall asleep.
I wake up early the next morning with her arms wrapped around . I roll over face her and give her a soft kiss on the lips.
We get up and take a shower together and I wash her entire body and while I am on my knees washing her feet and legs, I let my face get against her cock and start giving it kisses and suck the head.
We get out of the shower and I dry her and myself off. We go to the bed and I tell her if She wants to lay down on the bed on her tunny that I will give her a massage.
She lays down on the bed and I get on top of her sitting just below her but. I lean forward and start massaging her neck and shoulders. I bend over and give her ear a kiss and run my tongue along her nec I work my way massaging her back while my cock rubs against her sexy ass. I move down massaging her but checks then I bend over and run my tongue down her spine from her neck down to the crack of her ass. I spread her checks apart so I can run my tongue down to her ass hole and run my tongue around it. I move down massaging her left leg all the way to her foot where I massage her foot and toes then kiss and lick the bottom of her foot then suck each toe. I take all her toes into my mouth and suck on them. I move back up to her ass and massage her right leg doing the same to it.
I have her turn over and again sit just below her waist. Our cocks are rubbing together as I massage her neck and shoulders. I massage her breast and start working my way down her tummy. I stop and lean forward, Kissing her neck, and ears. I kiss her breast and suck each nipple. I can feel her cock starting to get hard under my coc I run my tongue down to her belly button and tongue fuck it.
I then move past her cock and massage her legs down to her feet; I blow on her cock as I work my way down to her feet and suck her toes again. I kiss my way back up her legs until I reach her beautiful cock and I kiss it. I Lick her from the base of her balls to the tip of her cock then swallow it. Taking her cock down my throat. I then pull it out and suck just the head and run my tongue around the head. I am fingering her ass while is suck her coc
I keep bringing her the brink of cumming and then I stop and let her calm down. I suck her for an hour or so and when she is ready to cum, I let her cum in my mouth. She shoots load after load in my mouth and it taste great. I swallow every drop. I keep sucking her to make sure I get every drop out of her cock, I do not want any to go to waist.
I slowly crawl up her body giving her kisses along the way until I reach her head. I kiss her neck and ears. I then softly kiss her soft lips and run my tongue in her mouth where I tongues dance together. I lay beside her and ask if she enjoyed the massage. She says yes but now it is my turn to do you.
Mistress C tells get on my back in the middle of the bed and spread my arms up over my head and spread my feet. She ties my feet and hands the 4 corners of the bed. She opens a drawer and pulls out a bag of things. I can not see what is in it.
She starts stroking my cock and balls. I get hard and She puts a cock ring on then gets some sounds out of her bag. She lubes one of them up and puts some lube on the head of my coc She inserts the metal sound in my cock and pushes it in. It goes in very easy. So, she pulls it out and gets a bigger one a mm. It slides in easy. She says I have go a 11mm and it goes in but it is tighter than the other one. She then pulls it out and says I have a mm with groves in it that will fit good. She lubes it up pulls out the 11 mm and starts pushing the mm in. It goes in hard, is very tight and I can feel it pop at every ridge. It is stretching the inside of my coc
After Mistress has it all the way in, she starts stroking my cock and balls. She does that for a while making sure that is do not cum. She keeps this up for an hour or more. She says that I can cum and strokes my cock faster and faster until I tell her that I am going cum. I blow my load but it hurts like hell because of the steel bedded rod in my coc Nothing can come out.
Mistress slowly pulls the sound out of my cock and it again pops at every ridge. She gets it all the way out and the cum runs out of my coc She tells open my mouth and sticks the sound in my mouth for suck the cum off of it. She gets a spoon out of her bag and gathers all the cum that ran out of my cock onto my belly and feeds it to .
I remove the finger and toe nail polish ad I am going to fly home today.
We get is the sower again and cleanup. Mistress has to go to work so she is going to drop me off at the airport 5 hours early.
Mistress gets dressed and tells me to get dressed and hands me a pair of panties to wear on my trip home. She puts my Bitch collar and leash back on. I pack my bags but most of it was never taken out because I was required to be naked or wear what Mistress C told me to wear. We get it the car and Mistress drives me to the airport.
We arrive at the airport and par Mistress C leads the ticket counter where I check my suit case. We are walking toward the security check point and I thank Mistress for the great time I have had and tell her that I wish it could have lasted longer.
She Smiles at me and tells me that it is not over yet.
I hear a voice behind us that sounds familiar, I turn around and it is Officer Bell.
He says you don’t think that you are going to get out of here without seeing us, again do you?
I smile at Mistress and Officer Bell. He tells me to turn around and place my hands behind my bac He handcuffs and Mistress C had placed a lock on my collar. She gives the key Officer Bell and tells him give the key after he is finished with and that He is now my Master for the next 5 hours. Officer Bell thanked Mistress and said that he would make sure I got on the plane on time.
Mistress C departed and Master Bell took me to a secure room where his wife and 4 other couples were waiting.
Master Bell took the cuffs off of me and told me to strip all my clothes off. I did as told. He took the leash and walked me around the room, He told me to get on my knees and suck his coc I took his cock out of his pants, looked up at him and smiled as I lick his balls and up his shaft. He was not hard yet so I swallowed his cock down my throat and started licking his balls. It was not long before I felt his cock getting hard in my throat. When he was totally hard I stated pumping him in and out of my mouth stopping to suck just the head of his cock and tongue fucking the cum hole.
All of the others were cheering on calling names like bitch faggot and others. Telling me swallow his cum. I keep sucking him and playing with his balls. The more they called names and told me what to do the more turned on I got. He blew a huge load of cum in my mouth and I swallowed it.
One of the couples got naked and walked over and the guy laid on the floor and his wife got on top of him and they started fucking. Master Bell told me to eat her while they fucked and lick her ass.
I got on my hands and knees and started licking her ass working my way down to her pussy and his cock licking then as he pumped in and out of her. He would pull out of her and I would suck his cock then put it back in her. I licked his balls and cock and her pussy until he blew his load in her. She got up and told me to lay on my bac I did and she straddled my face and let his cum run out into my mouth. She then sad down and told eat it all out. I stuck my tongue as deep in her as I could and started licking her. I sucked on her clit and hummed. I felt her legs clamp harder around my head as she had a very intense orgasm. It tasted really sweet. I swallowed all I could.
One of the other ladies said that she wanted to see me suck her hubby while she fucked me with a strap-on. She had one that she put in her pussy so when she pounded my ass it would be fucking her also. Her hubby laid on the floor and I got on my hands and knees. I started sucking him and she got behind me and started fucking me slow at first then she started fucking me faster and forcing me to swallow his coc I was sucking him as deep as his cock would go down my throat. She was pounding my ass harder and faster.
She bent over and grabbed my balls while she pounded my ass. She shoved her dildo all the way in my ass and had an intense orgasm and squeezed my balls and hard as she could which stent a very intense pain in my balls. I tried yell out but could not because of a mouth full of coc She released my balls and pulled her dildo out of my ass. He started cuming in my mouth. I swallowed all of his cum and keep sucking him until he told stop.
Master Bells wife said that she wanted to suck but it would cost . She tole stand up, I did. I ask her what it would cost. She walked over, put her hands on my shoulders, and whispered in my ear. I get do anything you that I want. I told her she already could do anything she wanted to . She backed up a little and kneaded in the balls. I looked at her and said Is that all you have. She smiled at and said just wait.
She got on her knees and started sucking my cock and playing with my balls. She would pull my balls hard and<b> bite </font></b>them. She sucked my cock until I told her that I was about to cum. She pulled her cock out of her mouth and stroked it until I blew my load all over her beautiful tits. When she got the last drop of cum out of my cock she stood up and told lick her tits clean. I licked all of my cum off her tits, when I was finished she stepped back and kicked hard in the balls and said take that Bitch. My knees buckled but I fought stay on my feet. I smiled at her and said Thank you Mistress. She said she was not finished with and walked around behind . She told spread my legs. I did. She kicks my balls again this time it was very hard but I did manage stay on my feet. She grabs my balls and twist them until I yell out. Tears are running down my face. Everyone is cheering her on and telling her do more. Officer Bell gives her his stun gun and she shocks my ass, I let out a yell and my knees buckle but I can not fall the floor as she is still holding my balls and pulling them back and up. She lets go of my balls and then hist them with the stun gun. I drop the floor crying as it hurt worse than anything that I have gone through. She then says “Well bitch I guess I found your breaking point”.
The other couple has been fucking and he blew his load in her. She walks over where I am laying in pain and pushes over onto my back and sits on my face. She says “Eat his cum out of my pussy you faggot cum loving bitch.” I eat her pussy until she cums in my mouth.
Master Bell says well it has been a lot of fun but it is time to get cleaned up and go to the gate to catch my plane home.
He hands me some wet wipes to clean my face. Everyone gets dressed. Mistress Bell walks over to me kisses me and then tells me to open my mouth and shoves her panties in my mouth.
Master Bell hands her the leash and we start going to the plane. She leads me through the airport to the gate. Master Bell takes me down the walk way to the plane where he hands the leash to the flight attendant along with the key. He tells him that I suck cock better than anyone.
He takes me to a seat in First class. I look at him and told him that I did not get a first-class ticket. He said the gang upgraded my ticket.
It was a very late flight so there were not many people in first class. I was sitting there with the leash in my lap and the collar on my nec We took off and was in the air for an hour or so and I was napping. It was dar The flight attendant came over and sat down in the isle seat and woke me up. He put a blanket on his lap and told me to suck his coc
I was sucking him and he was moaning. I was afraid that he would wake everyone up. He finally blew his load in my mouth and I swallowed it. He got up. I looked around and the guy across from was looking at and smiled. I smiled back at him and licked my lips. He got up and sit down beside . He took his cock out and I sucked him until he blew his load in my mouth.
The flight attendant was watching the whole time. When the guy move back to his seat the attendant came over and unlocked my collar so I could take it off.
I went back to sleep until we landed.
Cant wait to visit Mistress C again.

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