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Welcome to the 4bidden Realm!  

4biddenFroot 38M/31F
6 posts
12/25/2020 10:45 pm
Welcome to the 4bidden Realm!

First off, thanks for stopping by and welcome to the 4bidden Realm ! No matter if you've chatted with us, enjoyed our pics/vids/webcam shows or absorbed our profile in any capacity, we truly appreciate your attention (ESPECIALLY if you've been kind enough to tip us with your points or liked/commented on any of our original content) and hope you visit often . More than anything else, we're mainly here for virtual fun as we LOVE to show off anonymously either through our homemade gallery or broadcasting live on cam but we're at least open to more should the "right" person(s)/situation/circumstance come along . Please understand though that we are both VERY satisfied sexually with each other putting the emphasis more on you to impress us enough to proceed with your approach (not to mention prove that your real) as far as a physical encounter goes unless somehow we're overwhelmed enough into pursuit . With that said, here's some more in-depth info about some of our FAVORITE fantasies for a better idea of what makes us tick-

Mrs. Froot is turned on by many different things (like playing with herself on webcam, voyeurism, bi-curiosity and more) but her #1 fantasy is to play with other guys sexually (performing either a no-reciprocation blow-and-go or full-on sex) while her husband watches and possibly recorded/uploads here . First and foremost, she likes dick of all varieties and enjoys the many that inhabit Senior Sizzle which is partly the catalyst for discovering this new and fun desire . Not necessarily about anything specific, she's just into fantasizing about new cock's (in addition to her husband's) and could potentially adapt to any exposed penis that was in her vicinity (at least orally) regardless of its makeup . On top of that, she REALLY enjoys pleasing and gets turned on greatly to bring erotic bliss to a man, utilizing her amazing sexual talents, making it a mutually rewarding experience no matter where your cum ends up on/in her . Of course, she's also into thinking about threesomes as well involving Mr. Froot and another guy with the sexiest fantasy highlights involving spit-roasting, leaving cream pies in her and double-penetration (if it works on a comfort level that is) . Overall though, blow and go's rank as the easiest transition as many more options become available at least from an imaginary perspective especially if any potential suitors comprehend the dynamic of her giving nature and don't feel the need to "return the favor" as it were (unless she directs you) as so much more of her enjoyment is derived from causing unsolicited sexual fun . Not to mention... she's REALLY good at it . She's attentive, erotic, sensual, a ball-licker, a deep-throater and she swallows... all the necessary ingredients required for a perfect cocksucking experience for both her and the lucky recipient ! Besides other guys though, Mrs. Froot also LOVES big tits and certainly is open to some female fun should the right combination of physical/mental attraction exist with another woman . More than just having an awesome rack though, meshing with someone on a friendship level would be an ideal prerequisite for her as she'd enjoy having a "girlfriend" to do lady things with (getting hair/nails done, shopping, etc.) in addition to sexy fun when the mood struck making chemistry vital in this sort of arrangement . No matter what though, her happy disposition and general satisfaction with her husband make all of this a simple aside in an all-too complex world and a fun escape to add spice to our already bountiful sex-life .

Mr. Froot (much like his wife) has many different intriguing thoughts running through his mind in the sex world (most notably cuckolding Mrs. Froot, foot fetishes and mm fun) but always ends up back to his favorite one of all - lesbians . His ultimate "zenith" fantasy (like many men) is to be the meat in a sexy lady sandwich (otherwise known as a ffm threesome) and it has been for as long as he can remember . Ever since he met his beautiful wife, she has effectively assumed one of the roles in this fantasy quite well and encourages him by keeping her options open to the right kind of woman which he feels eternally grateful for . In fact, at this point he'd be perfectly happy with just watching his wife have sex with another woman and wouldn't necessarily even need to be involved to still feel like he had reached his mountaintop as the sight of witnessing something as overwhelmingly gorgeous as Mrs. Froot tangled with another sexy naked lady (especially one who fits our overall criteria) seems beyond comprehension . Still, a woman who meshed with the both of us simultaneously would clearly be ideal as all of us being involved would certainly add even more fuel to the fire ESPECIALLY since he would desire for everyone (including him) to orgasm multiple times in this wonderful scenario . Besides the beyond mesmerizing thought of Mrs. Froot playing with another chick, Mr. Froot certainly has a thing for ladies feet and gets turned on when an attractive pair meets his eyesight (like how his wife's do on a daily basis) without necessarily needing to include them in any kind of sexual activity since they typically stimulate his mind in a visual way on their own pushing his erotic desires into overdrive which simply is what it is as far as he's concerned though toe-sucking and footjobs are indeed an additional turn-on to him . He's also not totally turned-off by bi-curiosity despite his VERY straight posterior and willing to at least leave the door slightly cracked here to opportunity though this does rank lower overall for him . Still, the fantasy of a taboo night with a guy remains enough of a fun thought for it to exist comfortably along with all his other sexy machinations which certainly says enough about itself quite frankly . Regardless of all this though, Mr. Froot is BEYOND satisfied with his beautiful wife and simply enjoys to stimulate his imagination while simultaneously keeping his eyes open to the world and that's pretty much the long and short of it so to speak .

So that about covers it at least as far as our biggest turn-ons are concerned . For more information about us, refer to either/both our profile and our questions & answers section which covers most of the relevant stuff or send us a message/im anytime and we may respond depending on our mood (and if you can muster up something more intelligent from a jumping-off standpoint beyond just the "hi" or"hey" initial approach . Also, PLEASE feel free to peruse our gallery of racy pictures and videos and like/comment on as many of them as possible we very much like to share . Follow our broadcast as well when we're on, we thoroughly enjoy putting on a show and pride ourselves on cutting through the bullshit (like when people artificially prolong the experience to build their user-base) and getting right to the good stuff (with a natural build-up to climax) which always ends in one or both of us cumming at least once . No matter what, we hope your stay in the 4bidden Realm is a long and arousing one and stay tuned for more sexy content from us (maybe even with you) in the future .

rusty_nail 72M
699 posts
12/26/2020 10:29 am

Thanks for starting a blog. This is a good place to build contacts and pass along thoughts.

4biddenFroot replies on 12/26/2020 2:59 pm:
Well thank you just as much for reading! We wish everyone well who enjoys our content in any variety : )

Blueyedguy823 55M  
1077 posts
12/28/2020 10:28 am

Wow! Thanks for sharing. I always love seeing her photos on here!e

4biddenFroot replies on 4/7/2021 7:29 pm:
Well, thank you for reading and glad if you enjoy Mrs. Froot's pics : )

justme51 71M

4/7/2021 6:24 pm

Awesome blog love all your blings. They are hot.

4biddenFroot replies on 4/7/2021 7:30 pm:
Thank you very much it's definitely meant to be simultaneously expressive and erotic so glad if you liked : )

funboy323232 46M
79 posts
4/10/2021 7:04 am

great blog nice to kniw what you guys like mrs froot sounds a whole lot of fun, i love being watcged on cam and watchimg if you wanted too

4biddenFroot replies on 4/11/2021 9:45 am:
We're very happy you enjoyed and glad if you think Mrs. Froot is a a whole lot of fun because... she is : )

funboy323232 46M
79 posts
4/11/2021 3:28 pm

i really do!!

craig40222 51M
61 posts
4/21/2021 10:20 am

Thank you for the friend request. I just saw it today. I kiik same as here if you wanna chat there. I m standard here so can t do much. Hope to here from you real soon!

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